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A boat is a watercraft of a large range of types and sizes, but generally smaller than a ship, which is distinguished by its larger size, shape, cargo or passenger capacity, or its ability to carry boats.
Small boats are typically found on inland waterways such as rivers and lakes, or in protected coastal areas. However, some boats, such as the whaleboat, were intended for use in an offshore environment. In modern naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard a ship. Anomalous definitions exist, as lake freighters 1,000 feet (300 m) long on the Great Lakes are called "boats".
Boats vary in proportion and construction methods with their intended purpose, available materials, or local traditions. Canoes have been used since prehistoric times and remain in use throughout the world for transportation, fishing, and sport. Fishing boats vary widely in style partly to match local conditions. Pleasure craft used in recreational boating include ski boats, pontoon boats, and sailboats. House boats may be used for vacationing or long-term residence. Lighters are used to convey cargo to and from large ships unable to get close to shore. Lifeboats have rescue and safety functions.
Boats can be propelled by manpower (e.g. rowboats and paddle boats), wind (e.g. sailboats), and motor (including gasoline, diesel, and electric).

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    Canal boat shower mixer

    Hi, Need some help, Currently fitting a new shower mixer into my shower on my boat. The walls are un even ( not surprised) but this means that with the shower mixer central piece pushed flat the washers of the in out pipes do not lie flat on the wall, See picture attached. Is there a smart way...
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    2nd pump for boat system with low pressure

    Hi. I got a 12v water system that feeds a kitchen tap, another tap and a shower. Kitchen is fine, but the other two dont have pressure enough to bring good hot water. Was thinking if installing something. Any advice what? Due to someone else's input I have another pump was wondering if I...