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A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole. A system, surrounded and influenced by its environment, is described by its boundaries, structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning. Systems are the subjects of study of systems theory and other systems sciences.

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  1. H

    Problem with unfamiliar CH - embarrass me by how simple it really is!

    I am generally a decent handyman, can usually make 2+2=4 and take care of most things to avoid troubling experts with just the basics, but know also not to bumble around blindly beyond that. We moved house last week and with the glorious hot weather we weren't bothered about the heating, more...
  2. J

    Cylinder System not running heating and water at the same time

    Hello, Newly moved into a house with a mains fed cylinder system. I've never had one before and struggling to get it working. When I turn either heating or water off at the timing unit, the other works fine. Eg, with heating off, water works and vica versa. The indicator lights are solid blue...
  3. T

    Oil Boiler and System upgrade

    Hi All, We have finally decided after a bit of a persuasion to have installed a utility room in our garage that currently houses our oil boiler. Initially we thought the boiler may stay in place but after discussions with the builder we would have to move the boiler to replace the floor and...
  4. M

    How to design a domestic plumbing and heating system

    I am starting a large victorian renovation and it will involve, (amongst everything else) installation of an entirely new heating and plumbing system. Plumbing, like most trades, seems to have two main aspects; design and installation. The installation part on my last two projects was painful...
  5. Zig168

    Should you powerflush a microbore system

    The system is about 20 years old and has never been cleaned. The radiator water looks like tar and several radiators are warm at top and cold at the bottom. What would be the best steps to clean the system? I have spoken to several engineers. One only recommends a magnacleanse due to being a...
  6. J

    Nightmare airlock in F&E system

    Hi all, Got a nightmare situation with a central heating system I recently adopted. It's an open vent system with a combined F&E pipe, with a Worcester greenstar danesmoor 18/25 oil boiler. Covers 10 radiators mostly large double panels, some towel rails and smaller rads too, as well as an...
  7. K

    Converting single to two pipe system

    Hi All I have a single pipe central heating system which was extended 20 years ago when we had an extension. The heating upstairs has never been great particularly in the extended part with only a few of the original radiators getting very hot. We replaced the downstairs radiators with UFH...
  8. S

    System Chemical Flush Best Practice

    My first post here, looking for some advice. I've just had my boiler replaced with a worcester 4000 combi boiler. The engineer put chemical flush and inhibitor in when filling up, ran the raditors hot and then tested using a strip. And has left both in saying this is safe, and standard...
  9. A

    Wiring UFH system help

    Hi guys, I have a set up with rads upstairs and UFH downstairs. I have installed the manifold for the UFH along with 2x Honeywell 2port values, one near the manifold and the other on the radiator side. I will be using Nest 3rd gen thermostats to control both the upstairs radiators and...
  10. Inverness

    How is a 2 zone heating system suppose to be piped

    Hi. A new house regulation for a 2 zone heating system because it's bigger that 150sqm. I'm I right in saying zone 1 should be all of the downstairs radiators and zone 2 all of the upstairs radiators ? I have thermostat room programmer down the stairs and another one upstairs. I think the two...
  11. B

    Refilling system - Greenstar 4000

    I have a Greenstar 4000 30KW combi boiler, and am planning to partially drain down the system to move a radiator. There is a blue lever ("keyless filling link") underneath for gradually topping up the pressure after bleeding a radiator, but I suspect this would be a very slow way to refill the...
  12. M

    New Boiler advice - System or Combi?

    I am currently in the middle of a complete rennovation of my house and need some advice on what kind of boiler to get. The house will have 4 bathrooms in total. One on the ground floor (shower), two on the 1st floor (en suite has a shower and family bathroom has a bathtub and seperate shower)...
  13. F

    Water heater venting system

    Water heater venting issues. Need someone to look at my pix of the set up and let me know if it's a proper and efficient set up.
  14. M

    Sealed system grabbing air

    Any ideas why a sealed system with a combi could be grabbing air. The upstairs rads have air in and the system reads 3 bar cold. When the air is bleed out the system returns to 1 bar or less. It's an ideal instinct boiler basically a logic.
  15. Desktop987456

    System Boiler reviews

    Hello, I am looking at Zanussi Ultra System 18kw. Does anybody has any experience with this brand. I have heard about thier other appliances like hobs and dishwasher but not much on boiler. https://www.freeboilermanuals.com/assets/pdf/Zanussi/zanussi-system.compressed.pdf A brand new unit is...
  16. J

    Worcester greenstar 4000 refill system

    Hi guys just wondering how to top up pressure on this Worcester boiler after draining system down Also an unvented cylinder upstairs and solar panels Many thanks
  17. L

    System boiler issue : rads very Hot middle of night .

    Boiler was serviced 2 months ago by Vaillant . Timer /control seems fine. Thermostat looks less than 3 years old .Timer turns off heating /water at 10pm due back on at 5 am . Friend woken up by warmth from rads .All rads too hot to touch almost . where could the issue be ? cheers
  18. G

    Initial fill of UFH circuits

    HI, we have replaced 3 manifolds (1 upstairs 2 downstairs) with new Warmup units. The installation manual from Warmup states that to fill the system you have to fill each circuit in turn using the fill / drain points on each manifold. However, my plumber said that he always uses the filling loop...
  19. chloeradhsaw

    Gurgling Noise From Rad When System Drained F&E Empty And Boiler Off

    My heat only gas boiler is drained from the boiler drain valve - There is no water in the F&E tank. The hot water vented cylinder is removed. So far so good Twice this evening I heard radiator gurgling noises which frightened the life out of me I cant seem to reproduce the noise and I cant get...
  20. P

    System losing flow/pressure

    Hello everyone, I have a problem that has stumped two plumbers so I thought i'd come to a forum to see if anyone out there has had a similar problem. I live in a top floor flat with its own water supply. The tap in the kitchen has 12litres per minute flow (near where the water enters the...
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