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A system is a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex or intricate whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by its environment, described by its structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning.
Alternatively, and usually in the context of complex social systems, the term is used to describe the set of rules that govern structure or behavior.

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  1. elvis80

    PEX-AL-PEX for hot water return (manifold system)

    (Bear with me this is my first post on here...) We're putting in a manifold system for the H+C in the bathrooms of our new house (self-build). What are everyone's opinions on using PEX-AL-PEX pipe for our hot water return system, please? Good or bad idea? The pipe says: Tmax 95 degrees C / 10...
  2. R

    URGENT Zero water pressure on boiler gauge

    Gas boiler shows No Water Pressure. The water feed to feed the system doesn't move gauge. Water dumps overboard. A banging noise starts when the valve to top up the system is opened.
  3. B

    New Unvented lpg system

    Hi there, looking at installing a new lpg system boiler servicing an unvented hot water tanks and heating system in what will be a 6 bed 4 bathroom holiday cottage. Merging two cottages together, both currently working independently from two Combi lpg boilers. Would like to be able to tune down...
  4. S

    Flame failure after draining system

    Hi I drained my heating system to replace a radiator and now ive got flame failure on the boiler (potterton promax fsb he). I've repressurised it and bled radiators. Any ideas?
  5. P

    France - British CH system help sought!

    Sometimes in life you kick yourself, I bought a house in the Lot area last year, had been owned for 30 years by a british builder. Turns out that all aspects of the C/H system are British, including boiler and pipe sizes. It's unvented with a very basic control (old landis & Gyr unit), there...
  6. C

    Companies who descale and flush an unvented water system wanted

    Need help? So just been told by my plumber that it looks like my unvented got water tank, Santon 300 litres is lime scaled up causing the pressure to be getting lower on the hot water. Are there any plumbers or companies out there that can do a descale and flush through or otherwise I need...
  7. siricosm

    How to reduce corrosion in vented heating systems

    Some vented heating systems seem to sludge up, and yet other remain remain remarkably clean after many years service. Why? Corrosion is caused by oxygen. Eliminating leaks and inhibitor helps, but the F&E tank is open to the air, so oxygen can freely get in there. Is it possible to design a...
  8. S

    Clunk when switching on hot water heating system - non vented system

    Hi, about 5 years ago I had a new boiler fitted. The location of the boiler was moved so new pipes fitted. No problems. About 2 years ago I then needed to have my 3 way valve replaced, this is when issues began. Initially there was no heat and the system was drained several times, this...
  9. Kittyg

    Replace TRV4 valve on a gloworm system

    Hi guys, So sorry if this has been posted hundreds of times already! I need to change a broken TRV4 valve on an upstairs bathroom rad. Do I need to drain the whole system to do this on a Gloworm Ultimate boiler system? If so, is the pipe in the pic (above the boiler) the drain off...
  10. K

    New Oil Central Heating System

    Hi. I have a new oil central heating system having had solid fuel previously. It’s stopped firing up and I’m not sure if it’s because the oil is low or if there’s a problem. Plumber not answering (I understand, it’s that time of year). He hasn’t been back to “flush/clean” the system. It was...
  11. P

    New unvented system - ground floor losing pressure

    Hi there, wondering if anyone has any pointers, in the middle of a stressful refurbishment that was meant to finish a week ago! I am completely in the dark about boilers, but we agreed to the recommendation of a new pressurised unvented system that would feed direct off the mains (Vaillant...
  12. K

    Not happy with with new unvented system, although it works fine. Shower pressure issue

    Old setup. Vented system - indirect x2 Cold water tank in the loft. x2 80L Hot water tanks, regular boiler and stuart turner 4bar twin shower pump for the master bedroom shower. Worked pretty good, although the tanks were manky and old. The shower though was epic and used to blast water out...
  13. B

    Vortex Circulators in open vented system

    Has anybody experience with installing a vortex type central heating circulator? Because of back pressure on stopping the motor on a Grundfos, I'm looking at this alternative design which doesn't seem to interfere with the free flow of water. However, I can only find a German manufacturer...
  14. T

    low pressure/cut-off after 2 mins >> been told to replace/upgrade entire system!

    Have attached short video link to make explanation easier View: 646 sqft apartment 1 ensuite bathroom 1 large(r) bathroom 150L(ish) boiler/water tank Grundfos Amazon STP-2.0 B ( AP030) (i think) 00:00 Water pressure upon opening is fine with hot...
  15. G M

    Mallusk, Northern Ireland - Leak in pressurised system soon after oil boiler install

    I recently got an external condensed boiler installed that was about a year old. No more than a few weeks after, my system is losing pressure. It is now losing about 1 bat every 12 hours or so and seems to be getting worse. I've been all round the house including crawling through the attic, but...
  16. G M

    Help - System losing pressure after oil boiler was replaced

    Hi folks, About a month ago, I replaced my oil boiler/burner with a used one that is about a year old. All seemed to be well after it was replaced however, within a week or two, the whole system has started losing pressure - approximately 0.2 bar every 2-3 hours. It seemed to happen a week or...
  17. A

    Help with a two zone system

    Hello all, I'm a keen and competent diy'er in need of some help and advice, i have installed underfloor heating in our extension, i have laid the pipes, and fitted the manifold, now it gets more complicated I would like to create a 2 zone system in our house, one zone for UFH and one for the...
  18. P

    Air getting in to sealed system . !!

    I am collecting air in one downstairs radiator which requires bleeding once per week and a small amount on the auto bleed valve on the hot water side of the system. However, there is no pressure drop until I bleed the rad which then drops about 0.1 bar. The system was flushed couple of months...
  19. C

    Grey plastic pipe in heating system.

    Doing some decorating I discovered that some of the central heating pipe work is grey plastic. System installed 20 years ago by previous owners. My question is was that normal practice back then and is it likely to cause any problems in future? All exposed pipe work to rads is copper.
  20. flapajack

    Boiler advice - can you use a system boiler on an open vent system?

    Hi I have a boiler problem I hope someone on here can help please. I currently have an open vent gravity feed system and a 10yr old boiler which is showing signs of terminal "kaputiness". The boiler is dripping consistently now (although not to bad yet) although it is still working. I am...