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A system is a set of interacting or interdependent component parts forming a complex or intricate whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by its environment, described by its structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning.
Alternatively, and usually in the context of complex social systems, the term is used to describe the set of rules that govern structure or behavior.

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  1. P

    Adding tee on feed pipe to drain system

    Hi, I have a two-pipe fully pumped S plan open vented system. When I drained it last time, I had the impression there is some sludge or dirt around it. I therefore am going to drain it again to install a magnetic filter. I was thinking of taking this chance to add a tee on the feed pipe (the...
  2. A

    Gravity system - Move Hot Water Cylinder to Roof Space?

    We've had conflicting advice from two plumbers - I wonder if anyone here can clarify. We have a gravity fed system system, currently with the hot water cylinder alongside the boiler which is in a separate 1 story room with some roof space. We're looking at moving the cylinder into the roof...
  3. milleniumaire

    URGENT F.20 after refilling central heating system

    Today I partially emptied the central heating system (1st floor and loft) so that I could disconnect an old towel rail and install the pipe work ready for the new towel rail. All went well and I have two capped pipes sticking out of the wall where the new towel rail will be fitted. Having...
  4. T

    Unable to get air lock out of Hot water system? Please help!

    Hello just wondering if any of you can help me, I’ve fit a drain off and double check valve on the CW mains at the base of a twin immersion heater I’ve refilled the cyclinder and unable to get any hot water, I’ve tried the hose pipe trick for 2 hours and still no luck l, also tried turning the...
  5. P

    Will this PVC pipe okay to use for sprinkler system?

    Hi, I insert a 20 feet 3/4 inch (internal diameter), 3cm(outer diameter) PVC pipe (2 x 10 feet pipe with coupling) underneath my driveway last year. Because there was soil sink underneath the driveway, so I was able to insert the pipe in. But I definitely used the pipe itself as a tool to...
  6. W

    Single pipe loop CH system

    Hi. Just bought a house, built in the 50's. Renovating it. Took two rads off in the lounge/dining room, for plastering work. Moved a radiator in a bedroom to an adjacent wall. Noticed that both ends of the radiator connected to the same pipe. Reconnecting the same way. Obviously drained the...
  7. milleniumaire

    Central Heating System Design

    I'm looking to expand my central heating system by adding a new bathroom UFH zone. I'm also changing the pipes feeding the loft radiators to 22mm, instead of 15mm. Early discussions with my heating engineer talked about introducing a Low Loss Header and one or more additional pumps. The...
  8. N

    Can a conventional system boiler be a closed system?

    As per the title? I've only ever seen domestic system/conventional system boilers with an F&E tank and combi boilers which are closed systems. Is there any reason a system boiler cant have an expansion vessel fitted and be made a closed system? Or Is there any reason you couldn't install a...
  9. Stants

    Trouble draining Heating system

    Hi all I have an old Vented system header tank etc.... ( im very soon replacing the whole lot ) I need to move the header tank so tried to drain down the system and the Tanks not emptying put hose on downstairs Rad to drain, and water came out but I'm pretty sure all I've done is empty...
  10. M

    Best with combi or system boiler?

    I’m after some advice. We are replacing our 21 year old Ideal Classic boiler and have been looking at the pros and cons of combi vs system boilers. House is a 3 bed detached, 9 radiators, 1 bath tub, 1 shower. Boiler is currently on an external wall and we will be looking to move it into the...
  11. Jock Spanners

    To seal a central heating system or not?

    Good morning everyone, I have a big old vicarage which needs a new regular boiler. They also want fancy mixer taps in the kitchen . They have two hot water cylinders linked together, a shower pump and curved old radiators in the bay windows. I'm agonizing over what to do. The easiest option is...
  12. D

    Is this safe? Open vented CH system has overflow capped.

    Good Evening All I have a general question - I have searched the inter web and can't find an answer, Recently I had an issue with a scalding hot header tank on an open vented system. Boiler is fairly new, British Gas advised that it is being caused by sludge. They cut out the offending pipes...
  13. T

    URGENT Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  14. M

    System dropping pressure every few days

    Posting this on behalf of my Nan who has been experiencing issues with her central heating system periodically for the a number of years, and thus far no-one has offered a solution that has provided a permanent fix. She lives in a 1970s bungalow with central heating throughout. The combo boiler...
  15. J

    combi to system conversion

    WB 12/14 Heatslave can't cope with two showers so fitted an unvented HWC on S plan, but need to shut off hot water section of combi. Boiler engineer has visited and was going to do the work, but he does not respond now, not upset him that I am aware of. Can anyone advise on the process, is the...
  16. B

    Solid fuel appliance linked by H2 control system to oil fired rayburn

    I am after advice about a heating system I am looking to put into a recently purchased house. Ideally I would like a multi fuel log burner something like a stovax Stockton 11 with a back boiler connected to an H2 control system and that connected to an oil fired rayburn 680K. I have sourced the...
  17. T

    Heating System Design

    Hello to all I am currently refurbishing and old victorian farm cottage and propose to install a new heating system as per the attached diagram. I would appreciate advice/opinion as to the validity and efficacy of the proposed design attached. To pre empt some likely questions regarding heat...
  18. G

    Fitting sink in loft with low water pressure system.

    Hi, I’m making a “man cave” in my loft and I’d like to fit a sink for making drinks and washing up etc. It’s a low pressure system with a header tank up high in the gable end and 2 water tanks on the deck. I know one feeds the hot water cylinder below and one feeds the cold water below. I...
  19. L

    Noisy Pipes on central heating system

    I'm having some rumbling and water trickling noises in radiators on my central heating system. When the hot water clicks on there is no problem and if the central heating clicks in at the same time again there is no noise - but if the central heating doesn't come on and the thermostat is turned...
  20. M

    Impartial advice on new heating system

    I am renovating an old stone cottage in North Wales and need to install a complete new heating and plumbing system. I'm looking for impartial advice on the total system design and components. I would like to have a system that is cheap and efficient to operate. However, there are some aspects I...

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