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A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole. A system, surrounded and influenced by its environment, is described by its boundaries, structure and purpose and expressed in its functioning. Systems are the subjects of study of systems theory and other systems sciences.

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  1. Peter Mago

    How to add water to system- Vaillant Ecotec Pro

    How do I let water into the system? Tap is connected to water tank and there is a black inlet connected to the water tank? Thanks for any answers
  2. Learning Plumber

    Hot water system plan

    Any experienced plumbers out there kind enough to take a look at my hot water system drawing? You can be critical - I'm learning! It’s designed to supply PV solar preheated water to an electric water heater and then on to small bathroom (daily light use). At the end of an ‘average' day, I...
  3. K

    Going mad about system boiler efficiency - HELP!

    I'm a Worcester man. Hello! Anyone still there?.... I tried viessmann to up the efficiency and altho the boiler was nice, I couldn't live with their stupid vicare stat and lack of control and I'm a big believer in matched controls. I like the Worcester easycontrol (in essence) and the ability to...
  4. P

    URGENT Do I need a expansion vessel fitted to my system

    I have just had a water meter fitted and since been told I need a small expansion vessel fitted to my domestic hot water system as the meter will have a NRV in. I have also been told no I don't as my boiler is over 10meters away from the meter and any expansion will be taken up within the...
  5. D

    Ferroli DOMI Compact F24D

    Looking for a replacement system flow pipe for the Ferroli DOMI Compact F24D listed as number 10 in the user manual. If anyone has a pipe from an older boiler they can let me have please let me know asap
  6. S

    S Plan heating system, heating coming on with hot water

    Hi Guys, Had a question about a S plan system. When customer turns on a hot water tap the boiler gets demand for heating as well and radiators heat up, the heating radiator sign (Vaillant Boiler) flashes on the boiler display screen. Customer has said it has been like this for a year. I have...
  7. N

    Heating and water system

    Hi I am trying to get my system as efficient as possible but am a bit baffled by how my system operates. I have a regular boiler, nest control and an unvented water cylinder. So a few days ago I noticed my boiler had an F1 message and the pressure had dropped so basically I guess it wasn’t on...
  8. D

    idea logic +30 system s30 boiler

    why does my idea logic +30 system s30 boiler stopped heating my water??
  9. I

    Baxi system boiler and Opentherm

    Hello Does anyone know if its possible to connect an Opentherm thermostat such as a Nest to a Baxi 800 System boiler. I know its possible with a Baxi 800 Combi but I cannot find any information on achieving this with a system boiler. I wondered if its possible to control the radiator flow...
  10. F

    system drain two halves in inverted U

    I have a CH system where the downstairs is divided in two connected by pipes upstairs. One half has a drain valve downstairs that allows me to drain the upstairs and that half of the downstairs. How to drain the other half of the downstairs that does not have a drain valve ? I saw something...
  11. I

    Gas rates on lpg system?

    Can somebody tell me how to gas rate on a lpg system longhand on a metric meter? On a condensing boiler open hot tap so boiler operates at max Two minutes test 2nd meter reading - 1st meter reading X 30 = m3/hr? Correct? Then converting this to kw net? M3/hr x propane calorific value 95...
  12. B

    Grey water flowing back into toilet at the end of the system?!?

    help/advice required... two toilets on the ground floor, when the toilet furthest from the soil stack is flushed, the toilet nearest the soil stack (right next to the soil stack) collects waste matter in the toilet bowl. Neither toilets are low flow (modern systems) both ball cock old school...
  13. U

    Drained CH system, boiler won't fire

    I drained the system to replace the pump with a WIlo, and to add Fernox system cleaner. I will confess that I forgot to drain it in an organised way (ie I didn't open the radiator bleed screws as the level dropped). I had a helluva tussle with the old pump - the valves wouldn't undo, no space...
  14. Jarrvo

    Combi or System boiler advice

    Hi all, I'm after a little advice for my elderly parents. They have a Ideal Classic RS240 that is probably 20 years old which has seen better days and a hot water tank that has started to leak. It's a 3 bed house with 1 bathroom (shower bath with a pump). Plus an ensuite which has an...
  15. J

    Can it tell if system flush done or not?

    Hi, I had my new boiler and 13 radiators installed in July last year, but since installed all the radiators always top half hot and bottom half cold or warm. I know that if radiators top half hot bottom half cold/warm, it indicates there's sludge in there. But as the radiators were all new, so...
  16. S

    Slow leak on my pressured central heating system

    Hi, new to this forum. I hope someone experienced out there can help me find the fix. We recently finished a building project and had a major re-design/move of all of our hot water (megaflo), boiler and central heating system. I am not a plumber nor do I know much about plumbing but I know...
  17. P

    Troubleshoot UFH PLUS radiator system

    Need a heating engineer in Central London I currently have an old worcester boiler. Since its original installation I've had many upgrades to my flat which now has 3 bathrooms and 7 zone underfloor heating plus 3 towel rail radiators. The greenstar I currently have is no longer sufficient...
  18. 3

    New W-UFH how to combine with old system to avoid old rads coming on?

    Hello, I’ve had some work done in my house to redo a kitchen and replace damaged floors and while doing this I was convinced to install W-UFH since the floor was coming out anyway and there were some joist issues in the Victorian property. Previously I had about 9 radiators in my house, 2 of...
  19. G

    How to fully TRV'd an S PLAN CH/HW system

    S Plan CH, unvented, system boiler, hot water plus 2 additiional zones ( zone 1 (landing, bedrooms and bathrom), zone 2 ( downstaris livig areas) I am thinking of 1. removing the automatic by pass 2. adding TRV's to all rads using apple home kit /cloud connected. 3. rewiring the pump to the...
  20. J

    Major issues with New Boiler system and radiators

    Just had new Worcester Greenstar 8000 Lite Boiler and all radiators replaced. We upgraded to a combi Boiler. Had issues during and now after installation. Radiators are based over three floors with Four on the ground floor, Four on the First floor and three on the top floor. Issues...