1. S

    Closed system top up fed by domestic storage tank.

    I know of multiple estates built during the celtic tiger where the closed system heating is topped up by teeing into the cold feed to the copper cylinder using a check valve and expansion vessel left permanently connected. Recently went to one of these houses just to fit a new tap, but...
  2. S

    Toliet takes ages to fill up in system

    Wonder if some can help our toilet once the toilet has been flushed it takes ages to fill up before you can flush again any help please tks
  3. T

    Air inside ideal Logic 24 boiler system

    Hi All, Anyone know the best way to get air out of an ideal Logic 24 boiler please, I have bled all of the radiators successfully starting at the bottom of the property, and also utilised the two bleed valves at the highest point above the boiler (photo attached) but there is still air bubbling...
  4. M

    1 pipe system, 2 downstairs rads not heating up properly.

    I have had a problem where 2 downstair radiators are not heating up the same as the rest of the radiators around the house, now previously i had an electric boiler which heated all the radiators just fine, but around a few years ago i had a gas one fitted and the radiators in the living and...
  5. K

    Understanding heating/water tank system

    Hi, We moved into a new property yesterday and are a little baffled by the heating/water tank situation. The previous owners unhelpfully left any kind of instructions/manual and therefore trying to figure out ourselves. We have what looks like a boiler/water tank system (coming from a standard...
  6. F

    Replacing an installed megaflow system with a combi-boiler when current boiler needs replacing

    Home owner looking for some advice pls. We have a megaflow system which we are considering removing as the tank takes up a lot of space and we don’t find we are using more than one shower or bath at a time. Our plan is to do this when the current boiler needs replacing (probably in the next...
  7. alanmcm

    Moving into a new home and boiler system is 17 years old

    My daughter bought her first home and was hoping to convert to gas but its not available in the area, so thinking a boiler upgrade is the better way to go. Just after some advice and rough costs involved, is it worth getting a pressurised system installed and a new boiler and oil pump? Heating...
  8. S

    Repiping Central Heating System Advice

    I am repiping my whole house and changing from combi boiler to a 30kW system boiler & 250Ltr or 300Ltr unvented indirect hw tank. Can somebody give advice on my rough plans/sketches for repiping my radiators using 22mm & 15mm. I have only shown the flow line as the return line will just be a...
  9. E

    gravity fed upstairs shower pressure question

    We have a gravity fed hot water system in our the house we have just recently moved into. It works fine with the downstairs shower, however we are about to upgrade the upstairs bathroom and are considering installing a shower bath. My concern is that although there is more than sufficient...
  10. J

    Old un-pressurised heating system - top up valve

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I have old un-pressurised heating system and I need to top up the water but I cannot locate the bloody valve. Where is it? Is it in the attic? I also have this valve with black screw on top. Should this be opened or closed? Thank you
  11. Zig168

    Combi Boiler vs System Boiler

    I think the last discussion was back in 2021. A few questions to guide any discussion. Which are the cheapest to heat over the year, system or combi in an average 3/4 bed property? Which will be the more reliable and cheapest boiler type to repair over the next 10 years? Is there a better...
  12. chloeradhsaw

    One Pipe System Ideal Mexico 2 Boiler

    Hello friends - I really struggle to understand my heating and hot water system I posted my question on Diynot but it ended up being five pages and couldnt get to the bottom of it and I thought worth asking the elders on here for their view - Hot water temp is 40 Degrees - Ideal Mexico 2...
  13. C

    Ideal 32 system efficiency level

    I’ve had an Ideal Vogue 32max/gen2 system boiler to a Megaflo fitted a week and running it at Flow temp 73 degrees to getting a return temp of about 55 degrees C, I’m seeing the LCD screen saying the efficiency level is only 25-28%. Has anyone else seen such a low percentage? I know for a fact...
  14. P

    Is a fast recovery HWC a benefit for PDHW system?

    I am looking into a new Main eco compact / Baxi 618 system boiler set up for PDHW (if its possible) I was hoping to use the EPH controls priority hot water pack I currently have a 15year old HWC around 900mm tall by 450mm dia would I benefit from a new fast recovery HWC for the system (I...
  15. H

    can this be done in a pressurised heating system

    Hi all , on a pressurised heating system is it ok to take a flow and return up into the loft and down again to install new radiator also would it be prudent to put AAV at the high point , thanx in advance . Howy
  16. mattgriff88

    Flushing/Cleaning central heating system?

    Hi I have recently bought a house which is 17 years old. There was a small leak from one of the radiators So I took the pipe off and drained the radiator and the water was black/brown. I took the radiator off and flushed it out with a hose pipe out the garden but it's got me thinking and I...
  17. lollino

    Measuring Hot Water Consumption in Shared Recirculation System

    Hello everyone, I'm facing a rather complex situation and I need your expert advice. My neighbor and I share a boiler for hot water, and we have a single recirculation pump serving both of our homes. However, after the pump, the recirculation circuit splits into two separate branches, each...
  18. P

    Changing a system fill valve

    Hello, I want to change the system fill valve, but I’m struggling to dismantle the existing toilet to access underneath the tank, I’ve added some pictures can anyone advise of the steps? Thanks!
  19. T

    Vaillant eco plus 837 System loosing pressure.

    I have a Vaillant eco plus 837, year installed 2008. It works well. We have one large zone for the house with 13 rads running off it. We also have an UFH zone in the kitchen. Near the boiler I have 2 port valves which control this part of the system. The boiler has been loosing pressure...
  20. D

    There must be a better system design than this

    This is a picture of my sons sink plumbing. The yellow arrow goes to the dishwasher and the red arrow goes to the washing machine. There is a problem with waste water going from the sink, into the washing machine I guess because the pipe, right on the elbow isn't high enough. I have tried to...

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