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Central Asia is a region in Asia which stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to China and Mongolia in the east, and from Afghanistan and Iran in the south to Russia in the north. The region consists of the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is also colloquially referred to as "the stans" as the countries all have names ending with the Persian suffix "-stan", meaning "land of".Central Asia was historically closely tied to the Silk Road trade routes, acting as a crossroads for the movement of people, goods, and ideas between Europe and the Far East.In the pre-Islamic and early Islamic eras (circa 1000 and earlier) Central Asia was inhabited predominantly by Iranians, populated by Eastern Iranian-speaking Bactrians, Sogdians, Chorasmians and the semi-nomadic Scythians and Dahae. After expansion by Turkic peoples, Central Asia also became the homeland for the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tatars, Turkmen, Kyrgyz, and Uyghurs; Turkic languages largely replaced the Iranian languages spoken in the area, with the exception of Tajikistan and areas where Tajik is spoken.
From the mid-19th century until almost the end of the 20th century, Central Asia was colonised by the Russians, and incorporated into the Russian Empire, and later the Soviet Union, which led to Russians and other Slavs emigrating into the area. Modern-day Central Asia is home to a large population of European settlers, who mostly live in Kazakhstan; 7 million Russians, 500,000 Ukrainians, and about 170,000 Germans. Stalinist-era forced deportation policies also mean that over 300,000 Koreans live there.Central Asia (2019) has a population of about 72 million, in five countries: Kazakhstan (pop. 18 million), Kyrgyzstan (6 million), Tajikistan (9 million), Turkmenistan (6 million), and Uzbekistan (35 million).

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  1. B

    Ever had Central Heating Water leak INTO Cylinder fresh water ?

    Hi, Vented system, F&E Tank etc. Cylinder about 10-12 years old. Just running some x800 through to try & improve radiator heat. (another story) Been in a couple of hours. Just run a bath & the water has a slightly odd brown'ish tint to it. never had before. does not smell. Is there anyway it...
  2. T

    Central heating room thermostat replacement

    Hi all, I have a simple mechanical Honeywell wall thermostat (i think you call it a 2 wire). I want to replace it as it is a bit old and unsightly and seems to have a lot of "play" between on and off. I could obviously easily replace it with the same thermostat or a very similar one, however i...
  3. M

    Central heating switches off

    Boiler is working but out the blue is goes off. Controller is working, receiver is working, can see it clicking and red light flashes when I move thermostat up and down. If I override hot water, boiler fires up but nothing for heating. Boiler is Worcester Greenstar, 2 yrs old. Brand new...
  4. D

    Grundfos noisy oil central heating

    Hi. We have a wolf oil central heating system, with a grundflos alpha 2 circulation pump. Sometimes it makes a tinkle noise ( like metal to metal) and sometimes not. With and without burner running. I removed pump and impeller is ok and clean. Bled system through. Nothing helps.
  5. J

    Central heating in winter when on holiday

    Hi all, I am thinking to set boiler when we are on holiday soon this winter. First, I want to turn off the cylinder (hot water tank) handle (please see attached photo arrow pointing), this way the house will no water flow at all, this is to prevent water/pipe leaking/burst which happened last...
  6. dilligaf

    Grundfos Central Heating Pump Weak?

    Do central heating pumps lose their strength over several years and is it worth taking it apart and servicing it? Are the two seals either end 1 1/2 inch or 1 1/3 inch? What's the latest central heating pump should I need to replace mine (photo) like for like?
  7. Chris-H1711

    nest thermostat not activating central heating

    Good Morning. I've been having an issue for a couple of days, that my nest thermostat is demanding heat, but the boiler does not activate. However, when using the heat link manual button, the heating works fine for around 2 hours. I have recently replaced the pump from a wilks gold rs50 to a...
  8. dilligaf

    Central Heating Filter??

    Can anyone tell me if I have a central heating filter? I have a glow worm micron 30ff with a tank in the airing cupboard and a tank in the loft. I know there is a Grundfos pump but I cannot see a filter?
  9. C

    Temperamental Central Heating

    When putting our CH and HW on, it’s sometimes a lottery as to whether the central heating will come on. The HW works every time with no problems. Furthermore, when the CH does come on, sometimes only half of the radiators in the house come on - when this happens, we switch CH/HW off and switch...
  10. J

    Boiler and heating question

    Hi, I have a question about my s plan heating. I have a Worcester 35cdi erp boiler connected to 2 heating loops and an unvented indirect cylinder via 3 switch values. If I have the radiator heating on and water heating on the system doesn’t close the heating or water switch values. So doesn’t...
  11. D

    What is the reason for having a soldered drain cock?

    The majority of joints on my central heating system are threaded, apart from a few that are push fit. However, the drain cock is a soldered fitment, so the question is - why is this soldered (unless on some older BSP systems) when a threaded joint is suitable for everything else? Just seems...
  12. ronnierome

    Hi All, needing help on my daughters central heating.

    Hi thanks for letting me join, if someone cant point me in the right forum area to try help my daughter out in her first house before the cold weather hits too bad. cant seem to get anyone to visit and sort it as its an electric boiler, so electrician wont touch it as its water and plumber wont...
  13. A

    Is there a disadvantage in fitting to many pumps

    Is there a disadvantage to a central heating system if there’s too many pumps added?? Thanks
  14. E

    Central Heating circulation issue

    Hello i recently converted heating system from old stove to grand vortex b house 90 , boiler runs and works fine . How ever i have issue with water circulation have installed new pump but for some reason water don't circulate at all . what are the possible cause ? i have pump installed on return...
  15. J

    Problems with small bore pipe and an old central heating system

    The small bore pipe to 4 radiators was completely clogged up. One radiator stone cold , others barely luke warm. Those plumbers that bothered to quote said ‘power flush’ but would not guarantee any success. So I tackled it myself, ripped up the floor boards and traced back the small bore that...
  16. J

    Heat and hot water suggestions

    Need suggestion for heat and hot water. New 1300 sf,2 bed 2 bath, 2nd home that will have daily and weekly renters.
  17. O

    Budget central heating off grid.

    Hi, sorry this is so long. I have tried to give all relevant info. We are building a new, small, two-storey house that is off grid for power. There are only a few companies that do central heating systems locally, and they are aimed at the very top end of the market. We are at the lower end of...
  18. W

    Oil Central Heating Switch

    I have an oil heating system, and also I have an open coal fire , the coal fire also heats the water through a back boiler and a neutralising tank , when the coal fire is on the water starts boiling, the only way i can stop it is to put the oil central heating on to circulate the water, is their...
  19. P

    Can you use a heat battery for central heating?

    Hey all, Excuse me if I get some facts wrong, I'm a complete noob when it comes to anything other than replacing radiators. We're about to get PV Solar Panels (~6kw) and a large battery storage array (2xTesla Powerwalls for ~27kwh storage and ~10kw output). I'm looking to replace my old...
  20. S

    Central heating pump

    Wondering if someone can answer my queries. We have a firebird C35, downsized to 26kw condensing boiler. 2 Ufh manifolds and rads. When the boiler runs the rads and manifold 50m from boiler the boiler runs perfectly. When the boiler runs the closest manifold 15 m away from boiler heating approx...
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