1. B

    What do you think of this price for fitting gas-fired central heating?

    Hi folks, I would be super-grateful if you could let me know what you think of the price below: Convert from Economy 7 to gas using Worcester Greenstar 4000 30kw high efficiency combination boiler positioned in hotpress and flued horizontally through wall, with extended flue, system to...
  2. K

    UK Running central heating pipe past electrics?

    Hi all I need to run this CH pipework to a radiator located beyond the electric wiring in the image below. Just to be safe I was wondering if there are any rules / distances, etc I need to be following when avoiding the wiring? Many thanks. P
  3. SnosRap75

    Boiler losing pressure only on central heating

    Hi, I have a Worcester 28i junior boiler that has started to lose pressure, only when using the central heating. When using hot water I have no issue, however, when running the heating the pressure drops. Im looking for some ideas on what could be causing this. I have no sign of pipe leaks...
  4. M

    Central heating losing pressure all the time

    Every two weeks or so I have to go and top up the system because the hot taps are running cold. Boiler display is flashing 0.6 bar and I fill up to 1.3. I've had an engineer look inside the boiler and he can't see anything wrong. I've checked the pipes all over the house and cannot see any...
  5. G

    Central heating pipe routes

    I need to extend my central heating from my newly built extension in to the old part of my house. I need to feed 3 rads in separate bedrooms on the first floor and then to feed a towel rail in a bathroom a rad in the utility and a rad in my lounge on the ground floor. Can I run my 22mm flow &...
  6. S

    Repiping Central Heating System Advice

    I am repiping my whole house and changing from combi boiler to a 30kW system boiler & 250Ltr or 300Ltr unvented indirect hw tank. Can somebody give advice on my rough plans/sketches for repiping my radiators using 22mm & 15mm. I have only shown the flow line as the return line will just be a...
  7. Johnny1973

    Weird, nonsensical radiator problem. Out of ideas...

    Hoping somebody can help, So, in a nutshell… Standard 90s Westbury home – condensing boiler, pump, wall thermostat, etc etc... Normal, common or garden, run-of-the-mill British housing estate CH setup. Downstairs radiator, 1 of 2 in our living room, went cold one evening mid-November last...
  8. P

    Should I insulate vent pipes in loft (from DHW cylinder and central heating)

    Hi I recently did some pipe insulating in my loft. The only two I didn't do were the vent pipes. Not sure if that is the right term for them? They are the pipes that feed water back into the top of the tanks when there is excess, presumably from steam, expansion, etc. The one going to the cold...
  9. ericmark

    Google Nest Central heating control how to improve?

    I have a home with an oil boiler in a garage turned into a flat, heating both flat and main house, running c plan with two pumps, two motorised valves simple bi-metal thermostat on wall in flat with 4 standard TRV's rarely used so not worried about the flat, and main house has Nest Gen 3 in the...
  10. mattgriff88

    Flushing/Cleaning central heating system?

    Hi I have recently bought a house which is 17 years old. There was a small leak from one of the radiators So I took the pipe off and drained the radiator and the water was black/brown. I took the radiator off and flushed it out with a hose pipe out the garden but it's got me thinking and I...
  11. B

    Central Heating T up & downstairs, valve to restrict upstairs?

    Hi, I have 3 port value for HW & CH. Loft extension added many years ago so they added a T to go upstairs, only 2 rads up but 11 downstairs covering at leave twice the floor area As per diagram has free flow Up or Down, no way to balance. Works pretty well but last few Rads (in kitchen) are...
  12. J

    Banging noises in central heating - Help!!!

    Desperate for some help! Be a life saver of someone can help as suffer from a high intolerance to noise. Moved into new house 1940s (copper pipes) and having serious issues with banging pipes only when central heating is on. Not when running taps We have a wall in living room that has stop tap...
  13. Dan

    My Central Heating Doesn't Work - Master Thread

    I thought I'd create a master thread to move all of these similar threads into, over time like. If your central heating doesn't work boiler doesn't work radiators not working radiators or heating system is cold thermostat wont work or respond Then post a reply in this thread. Rather than us...
  14. A

    14,15mm pipe for central heating

    Hi guys. A couple of things. 1 am I better fabricating bends in 14 mm copper for my ch or are 90 degree elbows fine, ref flow, friction ect. 2 my ch boiler, non condensing is playing up, I can get hot water, but when heating is on pipes only get hot for 1st mtre or so? I can hear feel the...
  15. B

    What is the problem with my oil central heating system?

    Context for issue: Last winter the temperature switch on my boiler shorted somehow, the boiler was then running WAY too hot and ended up blowing/melting a hole in one of the pipes. I repaired this by putting in a new stretch of pipe in and just connecting it to the existing pipes with two...
  16. B

    What is the problem with my central heating system?

    Context for issue: I'd like to start by saying I'd rather not read 100 "Hire a professional comments", I will do that when/if it comes to it, but I'd like to do it myself if possible. All images for system here: https://*********/a/ngPQkre Last winter the temperature switch on my boiler...
  17. R

    Strange central heating

    Hello its my 1st post hope im in the right place We brought a new house a medium-large 3 bedroom semi, we moved in the summer. Now coming to winter we started putting the central heating on. The central heating has a mind of its on it’s really strange iv never experienced this We put the heating...
  18. W

    Can I have single zone central heating when pipe installed for 2 zone?

    A bit of clarification - I have extended a 3 bedroom semi detached and at the time central heating pipes were going in I told the plumber could I have 2 zones - one for bedrooms upstairs and another for the living areas downstairs. Now the plastering has been finished and I am costing the combi...
  19. K

    What could be wrong with central heating?

    Hoping for some advice as I seem to be hitting a brick wall. Moved into a house last year, radiators down strairs (4 of them) never really got warm, replaced the combi boiler this year as it was loud and leaking (its in the loft which has been converted into a room). Since turning the heating...
  20. J

    Blockages in 10mm plastic central heating pipes

    Our house was built in 2007 and we are the second family to live here - moving in in 2017. The central heating has been working fine - although the gas boiler is perhaps nearing the end of its life. But the boiler is not our current issue. Last winter two of the radiators did not heat up and...

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