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A tee is a stand used in sport to support and elevate a stationary ball prior to striking with a foot, club or bat. Tees are used extensively in golf, tee-ball, baseball, American football, and rugby.

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  1. J

    Sealed heating three tee rule

    Hi, So thinking about the three tee rule. I know it applies on the return (closet to boiler - bypass, hot water cylinder, heating return) so giving this some thought, does it apply to the flow (eg y plan or s plan) - are you supposed to put the bypass then hot then heating or is it only...
  2. P

    under pressure swivel tee for gas

    I have 3 of these, brand new are they worth anything, and can i sell them on?? Primofit pe sdr 11 x rs, looking forward to some advise, thanks. luke.
  3. D

    Injector tee

    Just a question I'd like to ask regarding a post I read earlier. If you have a solid fuel boiler with pump heating and gravity hot water. Would there be three pipes leaving the boiler two being the flows and one being the return? And when the return from the heating and hot water are commoned...
  4. G

    What Is the tee with spring loaded valve on gravity hot water?

    What is the tee on gravity hot water flow near boiler? It's a spring loaded valve! Is it a non return or anti gravity valve?
  5. K

    Tee into a 3.5 inch Copper soil pipe

    Hi, I am installing an additional loo downstairs that needs to be connected to an existing 90mm/ 3.5 inch soil pipe (copper) running to the toilet upstairs. Found something like this but could not find not a Tee: WC Extension Connector for 3 1/2in MKEB - Multikwik - Guttering & Drainage...
  6. S

    injector tee

    just looking to know if i am installing injector tee correctly i have 2 28mm pipes from solid fuel stove flo and ret on gravity circuit am i right in saying that my injector tee is piped in ret of coil first with then the other part of the injector tee which has the little piece of 15mm copper...
  7. M

    leak on a pushfit Tee

    I have used pushfit where before there was compression and the pushfit leaks. I intend extending the pipe using a connector (copper) and then use the push fit on the new copper. Have you seen this happen before. I only have a little copper left to play with and dont want to cut it down even more.
  8. P

    4 inch double swept tee

    Just wondering if a 4 inch double swept tee is possible to buy, as i remembber at college i was told you werent alowed anything like this as you could get flow going wrong way. in my situation i have one wc with a about 600mm length to stack and another one with a 5 metre run to soil stack, i...
  9. GQuigley67

    3" x 1 1/4" cast iron swept tee

    anyone got an idea of what they cost ? can't seem to find any prices online even a 3" x 2" tee
  10. D

    The last tee

    Help: I am an apprentice so was dissapointed at college when my tutor belittled me in front of the entire class rather than explain what id done wrong.. I drew a y plan including cylinder flow and returns yet he said i was causing reverse circulation because of the location of my last tee...
  11. A

    Connecting new WC to cast iron swept Tee

    Hi all, I've got to connect a new BTW pan through a 9" wall and into a 4" CI swept tee, circa 1936, via a 90 bend. Usual 30's semi arrangement. I can't use the existing connection inside the house as it's 4" lead and deformed, so I think a Multikwik shoved in will leak. My plan is to start at...
  12. H

    tee into underfloor 22mm copper pipe

    Hi I want to add another ground floor radiator between two existing rads on an existing CH system. The pipes have been laid into the concrete floor,and run along the edge of the room about 2" from the surface. I can hack out the concrete around the 22mm copper pipes but obviously cannot cut...
  13. D

    Printed Tee shirts???????

    Hi all, I need to get a batch of printed tee shirts sorted. I used to use a local guy, but his shop has gone under. So I tried another local firm (I'm in Kent) and the quality was rubbish. So does anyone know or use anyone locally to me (or on the internet) who are good and not too expensive...
  14. R

    3 Tee Rule on S Plan Plus

    Hi Advice needed, this is the pipe layout for a s plan plus system. Note the 3 tee rule has been broken ( The hot water should be the tee nearest on the return from boiler). In my case because of zoning the hot water return is furthest from the boiler. On my layout - looking at returns...
  15. R

    weird customers and requests.

    everyone gets some right weirdoes at times dont they?. i had a call to go and give a quote (well i opted to call around as i couldnt understand the broken english of the indian gent). when i arrived the customer wanted to know how much to change his basin taps to a monotap?. i told him that...
  16. M

    gas analysers

    anyone any ideas on whats a good gas analyser ,testo,kane etc been looking at the kane 455 anyone used one or no if there any good
  17. M

    advice please - Altech 130-5 pump replacement

    Hi, helping a friend out..he's got an Altech 130-5 central heating pump - it's stopped working. I was going to do a like for like replacement for him but can't seem to find them. Are they no longer available, changed brand name?? Can you please suggest a suitable alternative? He's probably...
  18. C


    simple Q, any one fit one , what do you think of them , :confused:
  19. A

    Choice of Boiler? Please Advise!

    Hello Everyone, I have been looking through the forum and need some help in making the right choice of boiler. I have tried to read the older posts, but still feel unsure of the best choice. I have a standard 3bed house 7 rads 1 Mixer bar thermo combi shower Current Boiler: Halstead Finest...
  20. P

    Old Worcester 24i combi boiler timer

    Ive got an old Worcester 24i combi boiler with a timer built into the unit, (NOT a digital timer). The kind you have to push the little teeth in for when you want the heating to come on and off. But Im not sure if you have to push the teeth in for the whole peroid that I want the heating on or...
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