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A tee is a stand used in sport to support and elevate a stationary ball prior to striking with a foot, club or bat. Tees are used extensively in golf, tee-ball, baseball, American football, and rugby.

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  1. G

    How to prioritise flow at tee

    I have a water pipe (unpumped) from a stream in to my shed that houses a water tank. I require a continuous flow of water along pipe A in the photo. At the tee junction water can also be fed in to the tank, pipe B. I want Pipe A to run continuously (it heads straight in to another stream) but...
  2. Robjolla

    Tee off primary Flow and Return

    Hi new to the forum here and after some advise please. I have done a garage extension and need heating in the room. I am in a town house with no Rads on the ground floor. (Underfloor heating). My boiler (not combi) is downstairs, but megaflow tank is upstairs along with rads upstairs. I have...
  3. O

    Tee 15mm pipes from 15mm pipes for CH

    Hi all, I need to fit a new rad but the location of it has an obstruction. I initially wanted to tee from the 22mm pipes but right beside them and in between my new rad and the 22mm pipes are two 15mm pipes heading to another rad. I'm a DIY'er and trying to keep my joints to a minimum, I'm...
  4. BulkWorkwear

    Cool down with our Summer Tshirts Range

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  5. I

    Can i connect waste pipes into soil pipe tee on a horizontal run? I

    Obviously I know the boss parts on a soil pipe tee are there to be cut out to connect waste pipes and I have done this when it is not a horizontal run but i was wondering if i can connect the soil tee horizontally and still connect waste from it? I have attached the part and rotated the inage on...
  6. ShaunCorbs

    3 tee

    What’s your thoughts on this I’m thinking it’s going to gravity circ maybe down blue arrow upstairs rads return Up blue arrow cylinder return Tee below up blue arrow left heating return right cylinder return even if I install another tee to the right just for the boiler return so that the...
  7. U

    Tee basin into shower waste?

    Hello, have a 4m run of 50mm pipe for the shower. The layout of joists, closeness of corner walls etc mean that it would be very helpful to be able to add the basin waste to a swept tee in the shower waste and this could be between 300-800mm from the soil stack . I've read elsewhere very mixed...
  8. M

    Why tee before tub spout?

    While changing the posi-temp cartridge in one of our Moen shower faucets, I noticed a tee between the control and the tub spout. Can't see where it goes but I'm curious. Can anyone suggest why this exists? Thanks in advance. Mike
  9. H

    45 degree take off Tee

    Hi folks, I need a 45 degree take off from a horizontal pipe, I can get a 28mm x 28mm x 15mm Tee but that's a 90 degree elbow. Does anything exist that gives a 45? I guess it would look a bit like a Y branch or Y Drain/Strainer, otherwise I'll just go for the 90 Tee with a 45 degree elbow. Cheers
  10. J murton

    Drip on very tight tee

    Hi does anyone have any ideas on how to get round this. the 15mm tee is leaking. no movement in pipe coming through the wall. This is very tight and can only think to try and sweat tee off. All pipework is between joists.
  11. P

    Adding tee on feed pipe to drain system

    Hi, I have a two-pipe fully pumped S plan open vented system. When I drained it last time, I had the impression there is some sludge or dirt around it. I therefore am going to drain it again to install a magnetic filter. I was thinking of taking this chance to add a tee on the feed pipe (the...
  12. J

    Leaking washing machine tee valve

    Hi, Recently moved into a house and the valve on the washing machine tee does not close properly and is leaking. I do not want to remove the whole tee section if possible, I just want to screw an extra section onto the end of the tee with a working valve - but I can't find the right part...
  13. B

    Adding a valved tee to existing plumbing?

    I need to add a new water point for our plumbed in fridge freezer, only had one quote (based on pictures) but seems very high so just wanted to see if it's something that's pretty easy to learn andDIY or am I just missing something and should get a plumber in anyway. Trying to avoid using a self...
  14. U

    Anyone ever seen a 15mm fitting like this?

    I've lifted up some floorboards in a house and found a Y shape tee joint on the central heating piping. It looks like two pipes sliced and jointed together rather than using a normal tee. The image below (on the link). Has anyone seen or can name this joint? or how/why or what the rationale is? is?
  15. M

    Connecting to cast iron tee

    What's the best way of connecting 110mm plastic to a cast iron tee after removing the lead? Is it to just clear out the flange on the tee insert the 110mm pvc. Then rope and plumbers mate or silicone?
  16. M

    Rules governing where you can tee off existing radiator

    Hello guys, I absolutely love doing stuff in my house and just joined the forum to get some help from you all on troubleshooting a rad issue. sorry for long winded explanation, want to be clear on my situation. I have a conventional setup, with hot water tank in airing cupboard in second...
  17. L

    Broken 8" drop drain tee

    Hi guys, I'm not a plumber but I am in the trade so I do have some knowledge, but this one is a bit tricky. I have an old concrete manhole with an 8" clay pipe drop drain going into it from approx a meter up. Now someone in their wisdom has joined into this pipe with 6" plastic and just sat...
  18. R

    Question on plumbing spanner

    Been plumbing a while now using Footprint Grips and a selection of spanners. Is there a spanner available that will easily hold a Tee compression fitting while tightening centre nut ?
  19. C

    Unvented Cylinder Tee Off

    Just a quickie, should i tee off for an exp vessel before a balanced tee off or after? Or does it not really matter?
  20. G

    Polyplumb elbow to a polyplumb tee

    Can I do a straight swap with a polyplumb elbow fir a polyplumb equal tee in order to extend the heating system
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