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I've lifted up some floorboards in a house and found a Y shape tee joint on the central heating piping. It looks like two pipes sliced and jointed together rather than using a normal tee. The image below (on the link). Has anyone seen or can name this joint? or how/why or what the rationale is? IMG_0914.jpg is?
Thanks SJB060685,

I take it that I'm correct in assuming this isn't normal. The tee is at the end of a return circuit of the radiators in the house. Since this is a 1950's house I guessing it been there decades and survived multiple boilers changes.

Do you think it worth or must be replaced?

I suspect its a crude form to prevent reverse circulation, although I could be wrong, definitely by someone who understands fluid dynamics though. Is it a combi or boiler and cylinder and rads? If its not a combi is it a sealed system?
If i was to see that I would probably cut out and replace, it may have lasted multiple boiler changes but the integrity looks like its seen better days.
Cheers SimonG, Gasmk1, king of pipes & SJB060685

I will arrange for someone to cut out and replace. I traced one of the legs and it been capped off next to pipes that go to the back ground-floor Rad. I moved into the house in March and its currently a Combi but based on the state of the airing cupboard in the landing It must have been a boiler and cylinder at some point.

But I think SJB060685 you hit the nail on the head! :)

Thanks again!

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