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hi, i have a gravity system in my house. non-pressurized boiler and i have no space to lift my
cold water cystern or hot water tank, i also don't want to buy or run an electric water pump.
due to a leak in the housing, i had to
change my old dual lever monoblock mixer tap, which run beautifully with good warm water flow ( it also came
with these small tails to connect to warm and cold it was a non ceramic tap).
now bought one advertised to
work from 0.5 bar ( i realise this is quite a lot of pressure, my HWT is 2 meters higher but on a 5 meter horizontal run with bends, the CWC is half a meter higherrom the HWT) the new taph is a modern looking single lever mixer tap with pull out spray 1 meter+ with 50cm tails with 5mm connectors. now i only get a
trickle of hot water, cold water fine of course. i did change the connecting tails just in case, but they are the
same. i also did take out all the reducers from the new tap. the
hot feeds from a 22mm pipe, the isolation valve is
a 22mm full bore one. there is no air or dirt in the system and the other
warm tap in the house works fine. it is the bathroom tap, a single
lever monoblock mixer.. without me knowing i must have been sold a large-bore
version, although it has these tails, with 5mm connectors and not much bigger pipes to
fit into hot and cold ( unfortunately unbranded, the
shop i bought it from, has closed
years ago, and being a bathroom tap it wouldn't fit in the kitchen anyway)
do i have to install an old style 2 lever tap with 15mm connectors?
has anybody run into the same problem and found a solution?
is there a a "single lever mixer tap" that would work ?
ps is my problem: high water resistance, low hight of feeder tanks, modern tap not meant for uk gravity system or else ?

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