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mixer shower

A vortex mixer, or vortexer, is a simple device used commonly in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. It consists of an electric motor with the drive shaft oriented vertically and attached to a cupped rubber piece mounted slightly off-center. As the motor runs the rubber piece oscillates rapidly in a circular motion. When a test tube or other appropriate container is pressed into the rubber cup (or touched to its edge) the motion is transmitted to the liquid inside and a vortex is created. Most vortex mixers are designed with 2 or 4-plate formats, have variable speed settings ranging from 100 to 3,200 rpm, and can be set to run continuously, or to run only when downward pressure is applied to the rubber piece.

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  1. W

    Mixer shower - mains cold - gravity hot

    Hi, I've seen a few posts about not using mains cold with gravity fed hot. Ours is only about 0.1 bar for the hot. The reasons given vary from possible backflow into hot cylinder to hard to get a good mix. In that case how does the kitchen mixer tap work - that mixes gravity hot and...
  2. 2

    Electric shower and mixer shower together

    I am revamping my ensuite sometime this year and going to be getting the materials in now. What I want to know is, is there anything I can get to use a thermostat shower and electric shower together so it doesn't look to busy on one wall with 2 showers. I already have an electric shower on...
  3. J

    3/4" connection for concentric mixer shower?

    Does anyone know of a concentric mixer shower valve that will fit 3/4" threaded connectors coming out of the wall @ 150mm centres? I would like to replace a bar mixer valve (3/4" threaded connectors @ 150mm spacing) with a concentric mixer valve, but concentric mixer valves all seem to fit onto...
  4. M

    Electric to Mixer Shower

    Hi All, I currently have an electric shower fitted which gets extremly hot and is forever burning out the fuse switch outside the bathroom which I reguarly need to replace. That combined with fact that the pressure is OK but as we would like a good powerful shower, we are considering a mixer...
  5. stuartfung

    Grohe Mixer Shower Leak

    Hi folks, I have the Grohe Grohtherm Auto 1000 fitted with the Grohe Freehander double shower heads. If the shower head is slowly leaking, does it mean I have to replace the cartridge on the mixer? I'm finding it difficult to locate the right cartridge to purchase. I'm thinking it be best to...
  6. G

    Mira Excel (circa 2002) mixer shower no hot water flow

    Hi all, my 2002 Mira Excel mixer shower is only putting out a dribble of hot water, the cold flow is fine and hot water flow to the bath tap is fine, I fitted a new cartridge to this shower around 3 years ago but the temperature ring is noticeably easier to turn on the faulty shower than on the...
  7. P

    Bath mixer shower head height changes temperature

    Situation: Had a boiler system conversion. From Potterton boiler with Gledhill storage tank with on demand hot water to Veissman Combo with on demand hot water. 2 bed semi with only myself and wife living here. Unfortunately used iheat service which has no real customer service. Have had the...
  8. T

    replace thermostatic mixer shower valve (mains pressure unvented system boiler system)

    With a thermostatic mixer showers, can you replace the unit, in a mains pressure unvented system boiler configuration, by just turning the cold mains off at the stopcock when the water supply enters the property? Will the hot and cold water stop flowing if you turn the mains water off?
  9. Reddwarf4ever

    Intermittent NO flow from Milano thermostatic mixer shower

    Need a section on here that covers showers..... have a Milano Elizabeth shower mixer, often when I open the flow valve fully there is no flow at all, it is fully pumped, but a flow is possible without the pump on, if I move the temperature control slightly back and forth the flow returns...
  10. J

    Bar mixer shower replacement issue

    My mixer bar shower gave up the ghost on its thermostatic mixer valve, so the water wouldn't heat up. I was advised to replace the mixer bar so I got a Briston Frenzy. It requires me to screw in a mounting plate over the existing pipes. However, the previous installed mounts are directly...
  11. J

    URGENT Mixer Shower Fitting Advice

    Hi All, I am having a problem with fitting a mixer shower in our spare bathroom, I live in a new build flat (6 years old) and the shower that was originally on there was forced on, which is why it always leaked on the left side because the threads never truly lined up. I took the shower...
  12. D

    Improve Gravity Fed Mixer Shower Pump Pressure?

    Hello All, I believe that some time ago I may have replaced the Shower Pump that stopped working after approximately 3 to 5 years or more with the wrong Shower Head Pump type. The Shower is Gravity Fed from the Cold Water Tank in the Loft above the Bathroom where the Hot Water Tank is within...
  13. A

    Mixer shower inlets

    My mixer shower connections in the wall have Hot to the left, Cold to the right. My Triton mixer bar has been mounted upside down to comply with the Triton inlet instructions. which means that the sprayhead hose is on the top. Is this a problem ? How important is it which way round the...
  14. T

    URGENT Mixer Shower and Gravity Fed System

    About 10 years ago we had a new mixer shower fitted. However, the most we ever got out of it was a trickle - even from the beginning. At the time I looked up the manufacturers installation instructions and it says that the showerhead needs to be at least 1 m from the bottom of the water tank we...
  15. T

    Advice please about fitting mixer shower from Worcester Bosch 25/ 32 heatslave oil combi

    Hello everyone. Looking for comments/advice please about my wife's latest request... Which is to remove the existing bath from an upstairs bathroom (apparently we don't like it anymore!) and replace it with a shower. The hot water is from an external oil combi also feeding a second bathroom...
  16. J

    Shower cartridge replacement

    I am replacing a new shower cartridge on a Alterna Amala concentric thermostatic mixer valve I was sent the wrong part , so i am awaiting the replacement .However when i reassembled the old one i was unable to move the shower lever ..So my question is when i fit the new one is the cartridge...
  17. smodkins

    Thermostatic Mixer Shower

    Hi all, I’ve just removed a Triton mixer bar shower I had fitted ten years ago to replace it with a Mira shower. The instructions suggest I should have 25mm of pipes sticking out so that I can put the wall brackets over them, then the olives and then the nipples. I don’t have this setup. If...
  18. J

    Why is my hot water cutting out on waterfall tap mixer shower?

    Hey. Thanks in advance for any help. We have a set of waterfall mixer taps on our bath with a shower connection. Occasionally the boiler would cut out when we were showering. Now, of we have just hot water on, the shower is fine. If we add the slightest amount of cold water, the boiler cuts off...
  19. M

    Thermostatic mixer shower drilling spindle

    Hi I have a concealed thermostatic mixer shower with three control knobs. The one that changes the temperature of the water (middle knob) just slips around and around and having removed it I can see there is no grip on the spindle and it's just created a groove all around. I'm aiming to drill...
  20. M

    Bar mixer shower - unable to adjust temperature

    I have a concealed 3 valve thermostat mixer shower which is around one year old. I realised that the middle mixer that sets the temporary is just going around and not changing the temperature. I’ve removed the knob and found the grub screw has created a groove all around the spindle and the...