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  1. A

    Plumber Qualifications Query

    Hi. I have an elderly neighbour getting quotes who has asked for my help and opinion, I don't really have a good one as it is not my area of expertise but I am trying to help. The quotes are all similar prices but She seemed to like one person and quote more than the others and I noticed that...
  2. R

    £1,000 for BPEC Domestic Gas Portfolio Mentor (South West Scotland / ***bria)

    I've started a Domestic Gas Foundation Course at Clyde College. I need a mentor for the gas portfolio. I am an NVQ 2 qualified plumber, with 11 years experience predominantly in commercial and industrial settings. I have also completed some industrial gas training. I plan to complete training to...
  3. B

    Bpec portfolio help!

    Hello people, Trying to find anyone that’s done the Bpec qualification here? And done there portfolio bit? I understand you have to upload pictures and do write ups but would like some help on how to fill it out properly?. Any one that takes the time to help would be much appreciated.
  4. A

    bpec gas safety course require help

  5. R

    Wanted BPEC Books Especially on gas

    Hi all, I have been out the industry for a little bit but am getting back into it again. I was wondering if anyone had any BPEC books they can sell me, especially on gas but also on renewables etc. I know there are other make books out there but BPEC books for me are what i learn best from...
  6. R

    L3 NVQ - City & Guilds or BPEC - much difference?

    Looking at courses at L3 NVQ courses and wondered if City & Guilds is viewed better than BPEC / makes no difference? Anything else to think about when choosing a course? Ta. Radkey
  7. D

    Acs certificates bpec

    Can anyone tell me how long bpec take to send out your acs certificates once they receive your paperwork?
  8. D

    HELP....i need a mentor!!! Bpec portfolio...

    Afternoon ladies & (mostly) gents, I need help (yes it has been said on numerous occasions!!!).... I am struggling at the min to build my Bpec gas portfolio up as the lad I was out and about with previously has jacked it in and gone and got himself a job! I am in need of a knowledgeable kind...
  9. Z

    Bpec Domestic gas saftey book

    Like new. Latest edition £35 delivered
  10. spanner

    Vaillant un vented BPEC

    Had a wonderful day today. Attended the unvented BPEC course and all went perfectly well and truly felt like a day of relaxed atmospheric recoverable achievement Must get another break sooner than ever to attend one of those boiler fault finding courses. Lovely atmosphere and the food was...
  11. spanner

    BPEC Unvented hot water systems questions

    Hi there It's been ages since I've been here on the forum due to my plumbing 6129 technical certificate exams Just wanna say I've got an invented hot water systems course coming up as this is not covered at level 2 and would like to know who's attended one find out more information on the...
  12. M

    Viper Gas or Bpec training manual?

    Hi, I will soon be starting a Gas foundation course and would like to do some homework before starting the course. I am wondering if anyone knows if the Bpec manual or The Viper Gas manuals are better? Or Maybe someone can recommend something else?
  13. hammers4spanner

    bpec certs

    does anyone know how long it takes for bpec to register a cert for gas safe ? I had done another element couple weeks ago and its not up on the gsr website as yet nor have i had nothing through the post . considering they charge £55 for reg fee think its a bit pants to be honest.
  14. C

    advice on the cpa1 bpec requirements

    hi there does anyone no what the bpec requirements are for this as im needing to do it very soon
  15. S

    BPEC domestic Unvented lost certificates!

    Has anyone ever had to get replacements for their originals?? and if sio how long did it take?? cannot for the life of me find mine in the house, the only thing i can think of is they've been left on a photocopier by agemcy staff when i've registered with them, both card and certificate are gone...
  16. T

    bpec test

    hi am new to the trade am just about to sit a bpec test for entry into collage just wondered if i was was allowed to use a calculator.
  17. C

    Just completed BPEC Heat pump course.. now what??

    Ok, I thought Id bite the bullet and get involved with renewables before I get left behind, so I enrolled in the BPEC Heat pump course which I completed yesterday. Its MCS accredited and I know that there will be a huge outlay coming up, but what is actually the best course of action to take...
  18. K

    Excess boiler water out of flue or back into boiler?

    I have a Remeha combi boiler and was wondering if anyone on here knows if a boiler can be damaged if the surplus water that it produces comes out of the flue. The flue is in the loft and has brackets to support it to the front of the house, while the boiler is in the back of the house. Should...
  19. GQuigley67

    Solar Panels

    hey guys i was wondering if there is a market out there for solar panels ? ive seen a course at my local college for £275, which is only a 2 day course.. and at the end you are an approved BPEC installer. Is this enough ? I want to get into this as I think it is the future, and why not...
  20. R

    ACS training!

    Alright guys Well its been Nearly 5 Years for me so ive got to go ahead and do my re-acs, so im ****ting it basically and wanted to know if any one had some hints and tips for me, and could let me know of any useful training material that might be of use. thanks guys
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