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Hi all, Just purchased a new low profile 1400 x 900 shower tray but the waste hole is 160mm wide, never seen one that big before but are these available to buy. Think my tray is a cooke & lewis eclipse, see attached image.. Hope someone can advise me on where to purchase a tray waste. Thanks..


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Where did you buy the tray? I’d ask them and if no joy then ask for a refund as the tray is useless.
As above the waste should have come with the tray. There are ads on the interweb showing the complete shower, glass, waste, etc with that tray, as it was originally all sold as a complete kit.
Was on sale a few years ago, and all the reviews if you follow the link in the above are from France and not very good!

B&Q themselves don't carry it any more

If you bought it through B&Q, Amazon, or another agent, I would send it back 🤔
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With something like a shower tray that gets fitted then tiled over then a screen on it, If you then have difficulties you're looking at a lot of money to have it put right. The tray you should buy should always be a decent quality and time spent installing it properly because its so expensive and time consuming to put right.

I didn't know Cooke and Lewis made shower trays. There taps seem to be the most popular as customers go into screwfix or B&Q and buy one but they are all a load of rubbish. They leak from the O-rings, the cartridges let by or the handles of the taps become incredibly stiff after a short period of time. They have done the absoloute bog standard to sell a product which is disposable and only offer warranty past 1 year on the chrome not the components. While they are cheap its not economic to fit because it is almost guaranteed to be changing it within a year or two.

For ÂŁ75 I would take it back or write it off. ÂŁ75 is an absoloute tiny cost compared to ÂŁ500+ it would cost to remove the tray and fit a different one at a later date if it failed
Any pictures of the actual hole ?
I didn't know Cooke and Lewis made shower trays.
They don't.
It's B&Q's own brand name, they use various suppliers for different products in the range, but badge them all Cooke and Lewis.

The tray will be made by one manufacturer and the waste made by another company specifically for the first if it's a non standard outlet.

This one has a similar sized waste hole by the looks, just smaller dimension tray.
If you look at the middle photo it shows a flange plate as would be used on a vinyl floor, probably as an adapter for a fairly normal 90mm waste

Maybe something like this would work,

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Picture attached of the tray hole at 160mm, other surround is 200mm.


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Bin the tray that you I’ll be hard to find a waste for
I believe these are the instructions (link at bottom of here) for fitting the oversized waste, note it has MX Group in the title,
Here's their contact details, don't if they are still around but the website looks up to date.
Google maps image is 2011 but company House show Marleton Cross Ltd trading, with a registered office recently (April 2023) changed from the below address to Northampton.

Marleton Cross Limited Trading as The MX Group
Alpha Close
Delta Drive
Tewkesbury Industrial Estate
GL20 8JF

Telephone: +44 (0)1684 293311
Fax: +44 (0)1684 275125

Helpline 0845 5052211

Email: [email protected]

There was a thread on this forum in 2011 about a very similar or same waste and complaining a leak through the screw holes, so if you do get a waste from MX and use it DON'T drill the tray for the 5 holes, just use silicon to hold the flange in place.
And buy a spare waste in case any part of it fails.

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MX are one of the biggest tray manafacturers in the country and make good quality trays. Unsure why they would deviate to making trays with unconventional waste arrangements.

Looking at those instructions i would still change the tray for something more conventional.
Could 210mm be the right size for the drain cover - fitting the outer recess?

Shows pics and dimensions of the cover and removable pot, but unfortunately no overall dimensions of the plastic trap!
If the pic showing the white trap and its cover at 210mm are both to the same scale, ie both together in the same photo, this might fit?

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