1. D

    Another LIDL good buy

    My local store was having a plumbing special in their centre aisle section and I found a nice wee black bender for microbore pipe for £5.99 It's solidly built and pulls really nice bends, so was well worth the punt.
  2. G

    advice please on which column/vertical rad to buy

    the wife has decided she wants one of these in the kitchen size approx 24" wide by 72" high, all measurements imperial as per Mr Mogg. Flow rate not a problem as all pipework copper 15 and 22mm put it in myself. just need recommendations as to which manufacturer
  3. J murton

    Tall style concussive tap where to buy ?

    Hi Wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a new tap for my customer. They currently have lever taps that are tall and look really nice but want concussive taps as someone left the tap running flooding the bathroom. The pictures of the tap is below. I have thought about sensor taps...
  4. B

    Where to buy a 1inch butterfly valve

    Hi All. I'm trying to source a 1" butterfly valve? I can only find ball valves. (if your interested why)o_O Its to make a throw line launcher, I'm a tree surgeon and we use a small line and a throw bag to pull up our main climbing rope into a tree. For bigger trees it takes time to hit the right...
  5. D

    What tools for apprentice plumber?

    I am an appentrice plumber and want to buy my first set of tools - Advice please on what I need.
  6. CorgiDirect

    12 Days of Christmas (Day 8) FREE Pair of MukGuard's when you buy Footwear

    Choose footwear here - Footwear - CorgiDirect Choose your required MukGuard size here - … Use Coupon code "FOOTPRO" at checkout (limited to 1 pair per footwear ordered)
  7. B

    Impluse Novice Purchase - Did I Buy The Right/Best Filter?

    Hi All, We have a older Version Worcester Bosch 35CDi Boiler (probably for about 15+ years). We have never had any protection on it & Bosch usually come round every year to either put new parts or service it. Limescale is a major problem for us in NW London & everything scales up pretty badly...
  8. J

    Best online sites to buy Eastbrook products

    H. I've decided to buy an Eastbrook 1200 X 800 shower tray. Be been asking and researching trays and Eastbrook have come up a number of times. Cheapest site I can find is Bathroom Anyone had experience of buying from them, or any other suggestions where to buy Eastbrook. I've...
  9. quality

    Where to buy ?

    Standard Yorkshire 15mm x 1/2" bsp
  10. C

    Can I buy a stainless steel WC close-coupling kit?

    The siphon on our 1980’s close-coupled Armitage Shanks WC has failed. I found a very helpful YouTube video advising replacing it with a serviceable Thomas Dudley Turbo 88 Syphon. I’ve got as far as checking the coupling wing nuts, to see whether I should be able do the job myself, or need to...
  11. M

    Buy or scrap pipe bits and pieces

    any buyers for these Pipe bits or shall i just scrap the whole lot Clearing the garage, bought from a liquidated hire shop Call or txt if interested 07522964554
  12. moonlight

    Where can I buy a rubber bung

    Anyone know where I can find a rubber bung, suitable for plugging a 28mm outlets on a cold water storage tank. Thanks
  13. D

    Which portable pump to buy?

    Hello all. I'm aheating engineer and as such need to drain cylinders and cisterns on a fairly regular basis. As most of you will know it can be a nightmare, especially when drain-offs are knackered, if they were ever fitted at all. Ground floor cylinders and back boilers can also be...
  14. M

    Old Trianco 35/50 boiler parts

    Hi Folks, As the post title suggests I have an old Trianco gas back boiler with a problem. The boiler is fine but the thermostat is not. I've tried everywhere I can think of to get hold of a replacement but everyone tells me it's obsolete - highly likely given the age of the boiler. the...
  15. D

    flood level of new bathroom?

    Hi Intend to install an AAV for soil vent pipe in new bathroom. This must be above flood level, so above sink overflow. What's the point in that if the shower outlet is at floor level? Surely if the system gets blocked somewhere, then the waste water from the sink or toilet will come out the...
  16. C

    Flues in voids

    Oh dear, seems Gas Safe & the HSE have been a bit busy over the last couple of days. New TBs released saying that after 31 Dec 12, flues in voids with no inspection hatches, that are otherwise working safely, become AR.
  17. W

    Invoice Pad Template

    Does anybody have a good invoice layout they don't mind sharing? Looking to get a few pads made up with my own logo etc on there. Ideally with tick boxes for services, fuel types etc.
  18. T

    Viessmann Think hard before you buy

    I am posting this to warn potential purchasers of Viessmann boilers. It may be that these are good boilers, it may be that they are fairly reliable. But in my recent experience getting parts can be a NIGHTMARE. No stock in the UK is the likely response. Advise a 7-10 day lead time to bring...
  19. E

    1/2 inch nylon tap washers

    does anyone know where i can buy the tough nylon washer that comes with the conex tap extension, i have a stash of plastic washers but they dont seem to be man enough for the job, the washer in the picture is white nylon and about 2mm thick. Thanks for looking
  20. E

    RHINO 3m pipe tube

    Looking to buy a rhino pipe tube 3m
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