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WASTE is a peer-to-peer and friend-to-friend protocol and software application developed by Justin Frankel at Nullsoft in 2003 that features instant messaging, chat rooms, and file browsing/sharing capabilities. The name WASTE is a reference to Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot 49. In the novel, W.A.S.T.E. is (among other things) an underground postal service.
In 2003, less than 24 hours after its release, WASTE was removed from distribution by AOL, Nullsoft's parent company. The original page was replaced with a statement claiming that the posting of the software was unauthorized and that no lawful rights to it were held by anyone who had downloaded it, in spite of the original claim that the software was released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Several developers have modified and upgraded the WASTE client and protocol. The SourceForge edition is considered by many to be the official development branch, but there are several forks.

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  1. S

    Waste to trap loose fitting

    just put a new pop up waste into my basin to find the trap does not fit correctly.. the trap fits just inside the waste thread opening and butts up against the plastic shoulder ensuring the rubber seal is pressed against the end Face of the waste. im able to screw the nut up but even when its...
  2. R

    Connection for 40mm waste to flexible 30mm bath hose waste

    Hi, just hoping someone can advise on best option to connect 40mm waste pipe to a flexible bath waste hose of approx 30mm, I assume some form a spigot to will needed but not sure exactly what to search for. Many thanks in advance!
  3. G

    Connecting Bath waste pipe to hose outlet

    Hi Folks, I want to connect a bath waste outlet to a hose, but I'm struggling to configure it. It's for a temporary rainwater collection system that's being installed on a remote farm. I need to get from the plughole to a connector that will fit a hose. But I keep drawing a blank, but I'm...
  4. P

    Washing machine waste arrangement problem

    Hi, I have just moved the washing machine into the garage and it will not drain. I wonder if it's something to do with the way I have installed the waste? The washing machine is only a month old and was working fine this morning before re-positioned. I put an 1100mm hoorizontal run at around...
  5. B

    Ikea sink to waste problem

    Hey guys! I'm no DIY'er but have managed to replace our kitchen sink with a bigger one from ikea. I've done everything I can and now have the main grey ikea pipe into the pipe that leaves the property. The problem is that the connection between the grey ikea pipe and white...connector part leaks...
  6. J

    Shower waste water configuration

    Hi I'm currently doing the pre-planning for my next DIY project fitting a shower tray and enclosure from scratch. I'm confident of being able to do the job but not being a plumber not sure the best way to go about it so would appreciate any advice. The current upstairs room has a black waste...
  7. N

    Pop Up Waste Suits Overflow & Non-overflow Basins

    Hi Everyone, I recently brought a replacement Pop Up Waste from Argent K316-DL & the spec states it suits both overflow & non-overflow basins. However it has no slotted waste opening. How could this be used with sinks with an overflow hole & still prevent sink overflow? Thanks Natalie Argent...
  8. F

    Shower waste slipping

    I had a shower waste today which was supplied with the tray and wouldn't tighten up, just kept slipping threads. I've had a few of these before, they're always the ones in a white box and don't fit on the larger trays with thicker casting around the waste. I spoke to another plumber about it...
  9. Barisk

    Replacing waste pipes

    I needed to change waste pipes because they were just crumbling into pieces, but i am not sure how can I connect the new pipe to the one inside the wall. Many thanks
  10. G

    New toilet waste question

    Hi all, I had this installed by a plumber the other day and if I’m honest, I’m not happy really. All in flexis when i think it could have been rigid and solvent welded . Then a dodgy installed clip at the bend. I kinda went with it at the time but it doesn’t seem right and I’m going to call...
  11. P

    Leaking pop up waste from bottom side

    Hi guys, I have just installed a pop up waste on new basin. I have siliconed the top with the washer, and the water holds inside the basin with the waste closed but when I pop it up to release the water down the drain it leaks out from the underside of the sink where the backnut nut washer are...
  12. exedon2

    Condensate waste thought's,?

    Picture of boiler with a 15 year service record by same company Thoughts on condensate waste?
  13. Teleri

    Kitchen sink plug hole/waste pipe leak

    Hi there Could someone help identify the waste pipe (think that's what it is) coming from the bottom of the basin/plug hole, feeding into the other pipes? It has a leak where it connects to the bottom of the basin, so I'm thinking about replacing it if it's a standard part. If so can you tell...
  14. Alexob1

    Back to wall toilet with side waste

    I’d like to replace the toilet in my house with a back to wall one. The plan is to build a panel on stud work to conceal the cistern and then use the existing soil pipe which goes out to the right. All the back to wall toilets on Victoria Plum have a cross through the side waste which has...
  15. C

    Bath and shower waste into same pipe?

    Total refit of of bathroom. I've got a 40mm waste from the shower running beneath the floorboards to an external wall and out. Just above where the pipe exits is where the obvious place for the bath waste to exit as well. Should I use separate waste pipes for the bath and the shower or can the...
  16. T

    Getting a long kitchen sink waste across and out to main waste stack

    I have a project where we'd like to put a kitchen in the living room to create an open plan. The would mean the sink waste running the length of the kitchen circa 3m and then circa another 3m to get out to the waste stack. Most joists run the right way ( subject to any noggins) however we'd need...
  17. H

    Waste water drainage for 2 baths and washing machine

    Hi, Installing 2 new bathrooms, property only had 1 bathroom and the waste went into a cast iron soil stack which has now been replaced. I really don't want to notch the joist to get the waste out. I was thinking can I run the waste connected together to the outside in 40mm? So the bath...
  18. P

    Least worst way to plumb in new sink waste

    Morning All, Just after some advice as I have been asked to plumb in a sink and washing machine waste for a new kitchenette. The other side of the stud wall shown is the bathroom, with the toilet attached to the soil pipe bottom right and a small basin attached to the 32mm waste. The wall is...
  19. P

    Convert vertical toilet waste

    I currently have a floor standing pan in a downstairs cloakroom. The waste is vertical about 10mm on the inside of a 2- brick external wall. As I'm completely retiling the room, can I fit a connector that runs horizontally behind the current waste below floor level( by cutting off some of the...
  20. K

    Waste pipe connection for freestanding bath

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of first fixing the waste pipe for my freestanding bath. I've created a mock version out of plastic to determine where the waste enters down through the floor - see photo. I was just wondering is there any minimum length the pipe has to run after the trap...
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