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WASTE is a peer-to-peer and friend-to-friend protocol and software application developed by Justin Frankel at Nullsoft in 2003 that features instant messaging, chat rooms, and file browsing/sharing capabilities. The name WASTE is a reference to Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot 49. In the novel, W.A.S.T.E. is (among other things) an underground postal service.
In 2003, less than 24 hours after its release, WASTE was removed from distribution by AOL, Nullsoft's parent company. The original page was replaced with a statement claiming that the posting of the software was unauthorized and that no lawful rights to it were held by anyone who had downloaded it, in spite of the original claim that the software was released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Several developers have modified and upgraded the WASTE client and protocol. The SourceForge edition is considered by many to be the official development branch, but there are several forks.

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  1. H

    Waste water drainage for 2 baths and washing machine

    Hi, Installing 2 new bathrooms, property only had 1 bathroom and the waste went into a cast iron soil stack which has now been replaced. I really don't want to notch the joist to get the waste out. I was thinking can I run the waste connected together to the outside in 40mm? So the bath...
  2. P

    Least worst way to plumb in new sink waste

    Morning All, Just after some advice as I have been asked to plumb in a sink and washing machine waste for a new kitchenette. The other side of the stud wall shown is the bathroom, with the toilet attached to the soil pipe bottom right and a small basin attached to the 32mm waste. The wall is...
  3. P

    Convert vertical toilet waste

    I currently have a floor standing pan in a downstairs cloakroom. The waste is vertical about 10mm on the inside of a 2- brick external wall. As I'm completely retiling the room, can I fit a connector that runs horizontally behind the current waste below floor level( by cutting off some of the...
  4. K

    Waste pipe connection for freestanding bath

    Hi all, I'm currently in the middle of first fixing the waste pipe for my freestanding bath. I've created a mock version out of plastic to determine where the waste enters down through the floor - see photo. I was just wondering is there any minimum length the pipe has to run after the trap...
  5. H

    Geberit cistern waste into 110mm soil pipe

    Hi I’m trying to find something that will connect a geberit 90mm toilet waste pipe into a standard 110mm soil stack. The geberit cistern came with an adaptor that increased the outside diameter of the pipe to 110mm. However this is the same diameter as the soil stack pipe. Is anyone aware of...
  6. A

    sink waste problem unscrewed

    Hi, please can you advise The sink in the kitchen has started becoming blocked and the sink keeps filling up. I have poked things down it to try and make the water go down and the sink drain became completely unscrewed. Is this possible to become unscrewed this way ? And how do I stop this...
  7. B

    ADVICE-40mm waste leaking ceiling. Pipes at angle/undefeated pressure?

    Hi I fitted a bath/shower 12 years ago and a few months ago it developed a leak. It was basically at a coupler on 40mm solvent where my new white PVC joined the existing grey PVC. I cut a hole in the ceiling and could also easily view it with the bath panel off but not access it from there...
  8. J

    Neighbour's Waste Pipe

    Hi Looking to 'crowd-source' some public opinion on this one. I bought a studio apartment on 30th September 2022 and I'm currently working with contractors to refurbish it. I'm 39 and it is my only property (I'm no property tycoon). Next door's bathroom is on the other side of the wall to my...
  9. Muskopia

    Sink waste routing issue

    Hi! (Please see the attached terribly technical drawing of my layout!) I'd like to know how I may route the waste pipe from my vanity. The waste pipe from the bath runs along the back wall of my bathroom, above the floorboards to an outside exit point (also above floorboard level). The old...
  10. D

    Might have cowboys in my house

    So I've changed pedistall toilet for a wall hung Abacus toilet in my WC. The water connection is what I'm worried about as the two builders have different skillsets. The washing machine waste pipe in the next room also comes through the wall to the toilet waste (you'll see in the pic but this...
  11. Wellss

    Replace / repair bodged sink waste

    Morning All After some advise on repairing a sink waste that goes into the toilet pan, which goes straight into soil stack. Had bathroom done 2 years ago, and then needed a new basin waste fitted recently. Plumber who fitted basin waste discovered a bodge from previous bathroom fitter, where...
  12. S

    Sink waste pipe unable to get water tight

    Hi, Noticed a leak in my sink and the pipe collapsed down for the P trap. So I was going to replace it all. However, i've been stuck because this starting part from the sink isn't forming a good water tight seal. The rest of the pipes kind of insert into each other nicel and have a grove in the...
  13. M

    Condensing dryer waste connection

    Does anyone know of any adaptor you can use to fit the waste of these into an appliance trap? Cannot seem to find anything online. There is one but pretty bad reviews. Thanks
  14. O

    Long Sink/dishwasher waste pipe

    Morning all, A diy'er here. I'm installing a new kitchen in a room on the opposite side of the house and need run the sink and dishwasher waste under the floor to the opposite side and go out where the existing kitchen is, around 9m. The driveway and garage are outside the wall in the new...
  15. I

    1"½ waste pipe going uphill?

    I need to connect a 1"½ kitchen waste pipe to a drain but it will have to go at a slight uphill. I have never had to deal with this before and I like advice on what best to use and model. I am aware that a macerator pump can be used? any help welcome t. T
  16. P

    Toilet waste pipe under floor

    Hi guys after a bit of advice .... An old close coupled pan will be replaced with a new close coupled pan. With the waste line been quite far from the wall, the old one was attached to the waste using a really long flexi pan connector , bent at an awkward angle backwards then up through the...
  17. B

    Bath waste pipe install?

    I’ve removed a shower tray & have installed a bath. I’ve got the trap ready to go on but how do I go about connecting pipework up to this? Obviously I will unscrew that old shower waste off.
  18. P

    Shower waste hole not quite big enough for 90mm shower trap

    I attended a customers house to fix a reported leak from their shower waste. Turns out there was a split in the trap. Straight forward I thought and got a standard 90mm trap from the van. Turns out the hole in the shower base isn't big enough to fit the top section by the width of the thread on...
  19. I

    How to join washer waste onto another existing horizontal waste

    Hello, I have a question that is essentially how best do I join a washer waste onto an existing horizontal waste? I have attached a drawing which hopefully shows better than I can explain!? The location is a garage where the washer and tumble dryer will be relocated to. The existing horizontal...
  20. P

    waste water diverter valves

    Is there such a thing as a 45mm waste water pipe diverter please? Looking to split a 45mm waste PVC external pipe to pass water to a container for watering the garden.
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