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WASTE is a peer-to-peer and friend-to-friend protocol and software application developed by Justin Frankel at Nullsoft in 2003 that features instant messaging, chat rooms, and file browsing/sharing capabilities. The name WASTE is a reference to Thomas Pynchon's novel The Crying of Lot 49. In the novel, W.A.S.T.E. is (among other things) an underground postal service.
In 2003, less than 24 hours after its release, WASTE was removed from distribution by AOL, Nullsoft's parent company. The original page was replaced with a statement claiming that the posting of the software was unauthorized and that no lawful rights to it were held by anyone who had downloaded it, in spite of the original claim that the software was released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Several developers have modified and upgraded the WASTE client and protocol. The SourceForge edition is considered by many to be the official development branch, but there are several forks.

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  1. N

    Can a waste cap be unscrewed?

    Can anyone advise - can this type of cap be unscrewed? (one end of a kitchen waste pipe) If so, is there a tool to unscrew or should it be able to be unscrewed by hand? Similar to the following...
  2. M

    Bathroom renovation - waste pipes

    Been researching as much as I can and think have a good gist about recommended waste pipe sizes, types of bends etc so now just looking to fit the most efficient system (but also looking to minimise drilling through stone work). Essentially the old setup had the shower and bath running...
  3. S

    5" to 4" Waste Reducer?

    Hi, Does anyone please know if there is a 5" to 4" reducer? The old toilet in this first floor connects to a 5" internal plastic stack. It was leaking as a standard pan connector and a few tubs of plumbers mait were used. It needs to sit inside the existing 5" Elbow as I'm restricted by depth...
  4. B

    Neighbour's Waste Pipe Runs Under my Backyard

    Sorry this is a bit long but I need to explain the scenario. My neighbour's soil pipe runs underneath the backyard of my house (where my son, his wife and his 6 year-old daughter now live). It then joins our soil pipe and goes on to the main sewer. They are both 3-storey 5-bedroomed terraced...
  5. O

    Notching joists for 1” 1/2 waste bath/shower

    Guys I have read the labc advice on notching and I’m all ok, I have calculated a max 38mm notch allowed but that isn’t going to allow for my 1” 1/2 pvc.. what an earth do I do? Notch really needs to be 42mm deep Thanks!
  6. O

    Shower waste fall advice

    Help guys, on with the waste first fix and going to sol weld everything, clean up existing etc and go from there. The lhs boss I am going to use for a bath but I need two showers to go into the one facing us. Can I do this? Do I need to add any anti siphon bits in? Also shower 1 is only a 80cm...
  7. L

    Waste Water Drainage Issue

    My dish washer and washing machine are installed next to one another per the attached picture. After using the washing machine waste water per the attached picture fills the bottom of the dishwasher. In the attached picture this the waste water after 2 washing machine loads. Attached is a...
  8. J

    Washing machine pumped waste

    Hello Installing washing machine in remote location under stairs/ no drain near by here’s what I’m proposing but never done before so thought I’d have an ask, Fit washing machine with hose into hockey stick trap then connect to Grundfos sololift C-3 lifting station, core through the wall to...
  9. B

    Do I need a P Trap for new shower waste?

    Hi, First time doing a bathroom remodel - took out bath to replace with shower but the bath waste is too high and I want to do a wetroom style. I have 7cm of aggregate / screed over the top of the ply sub-floor so my plan is to lay the new shower waste pipe into a channel cut through that and...
  10. M

    Waste for 100 flats?

    Hi guys. I’m on a job at the moment where the building has 100 flats over 4 floors. The problem is there’s no mechanical supervisor on site or any drawing in regards to the waste pipe work. One of the issues seems to be, there’s only 5 vents going out to atmosphere. today we’ve been told to run...
  11. F

    Shower waste cap end leaking

    Ordered a Mira flight level shower tray and it has come with a shower waste with markings "Pivotal Kohler". It has two compression outlets, one on the side, one on the bottom - for different uses. The side that connects to a pipe seems to be fine but the capped end just has a rubber ring to...
  12. V

    How to open up toilet waste pipe please

    How to open this toilet pipe please? I need to retrieve a key I dropped down here. I think its sitting in the grooves of the flexible pipe. Will this pipe unscrew easily, I can probably untwist it OK. But then after is it easy to reconnect and ensure its water tight? Any advice gratefully...
  13. D

    Waste pipe connection from basin

    I have a bathroom basin that had a flexible waste pipe leading from the sink into a fixed waste water pipe. The Flexi-pipe had perished away and I can not find a replacement to fix onto the basin to the waste pipe. I have tried numerous flex pipes but none fit onto both.
Im probably being stupid...
  14. G

    Waste pipe too high to fit toilet unit.

    I am in the process of replacing my wc and sink from close coupled/ free standing with built in sink and wc . The old toilet waste fed into an internal stack pipe - out the back of the wc thro 90 degree coupler into a large waste pipe approx 30"which connected to stack pipe running in a box in...
  15. P

    Remove sink waste stuck with silicone

    My bathroom was installed a few years ago and the sink waste has been glued in with silicone. Doesn't seem like just a bit, even the overflow holes are completely blocked with the stuff. It has become a bit corroded and I have a new one to put in but all the silicone means I can't get the old...
  16. S

    Shower waste on door side of tray

    The shower tray needs to fit in a three-sided recess that is 900 x 760 in size - see attached picture. It seems logical to place the waste at the front for access (where the rubber seal is), but the thing that slightly concerns me is whether it is a bad idea do you have it on the same side as...
  17. I

    Can i connect waste pipes into soil pipe tee on a horizontal run? I

    Obviously I know the boss parts on a soil pipe tee are there to be cut out to connect waste pipes and I have done this when it is not a horizontal run but i was wondering if i can connect the soil tee horizontally and still connect waste from it? I have attached the part and rotated the inage on...
  18. P

    Leaking sink waste pipe replacement?

    Hi, the waste pipe under the sink is leaking at the push fit connection. Is there an easy way to seal, or should I replace with a compression fitting? Leak in yellow circle in grey pipe. Thanks
  19. M

    Kitchen Sink Waste Overflow Connection

    Hi I was wondering if someone could please tell me how to connect the flex pipe from sink overflow drain in to waste trap below? It is the Cooke & Lewis Waste Kit ‘B’ If I can add pictures then I can show?
  20. P

    Fall rate in waste pipe

    Hope someone can help, currently have a new build property (was Kier now Tilia) 18 months old and it looks like there is no fall rate between the cloakroom toilet and the vertical waste pipe. I have checked with a spirit level and the pipe is level. Feel free to advise on whether there should...