1. M

    Waste water heat recovery thoughts?

    Has anyone worked on / installed one of these?
  2. CitizenErased

    Bossing shower waste into soil pipe vs. separate shower waste

    Hi, We're in the process of upgrading 2 bathrooms in our house: the ensuite and the family bathroom. These adjoin one another. The ensuite is largely done so has all piping in situ. The ensuite required that we feed its soil pipe through the wall into the family bathroom, where it angles...
  3. K

    UK Advice on waste water pump in first floor flat

    Sorry if this is stupid question. We have waste water pump in our first floor flat (not sure what it is called)? It failed and wouldn't drain waste water from shower, we found out too late and the water had drained through the ceiling into the property below us. Probably a bit of stretch but...
  4. MLR

    Is this drip boiler waste? Is it normal?

    Hiya - posting in this forum as I'm guessing this relates to my neighbour above's boiler, but I may be wrong so please say if so. Basically the attached pix and vids show my issue. I've got a small copper-looking pipe protruding from the wall above my rear tenement bedroom. It's dripping almost...
  5. R

    sink waste

    can i buy a rod for moving the plug up and down on a pop up stopper on its own or do i need to buy the whole thing ? , i mean the rod with the ball swivel fitting thing that conects from the stopper to the rod for moving the plug up and down , if so were can i get one ta .
  6. A

    Should I Join sink waste to existing washing machine waste?

    I am installing a sink in utility room. Washing machine waste already exists and is the verical pipe with the flexib pipe from the machine poked down the top and a with a u bend at the bottow going directly to outside drain. Is it OK to put a tee joint into the verical pipe and join the sink...
  7. M

    Unvented cylinder D2 pipework installation to toilet waste pipe

    Hi guys, just want to get advice, i want to replace venten to unvented cylinder, is it ok to install D2 pipe to toilet waste pipe see picture? as there is no easy options to get it outside.
  8. P

    Gasket/O-ring kitchen sink waste trap

    My parents have a leak from kitchen sink. My dad removed waste trap and since refitted it leaks, but there wasn’t any kind of seal on it, I got a rubber/plastic gasket that seems To fit the trap but with it, I can’t get it to screw and lock back on (has lugs so locks after quarter turn. But...
  9. DIYwilling

    25mm outflow to 50mm waste pipe converter

    Hi, grateful for any advice I need to connect a dishwasher waste water outflow pipe 25mm to 50mm waste pipe. Is there a joining piece anyone can recommend? Maybe with some appropriate tape. The waste pipe is in the wall but was trimmed at some point (unnecessarily) to only 10mm extruding from...
  10. O

    Cast iron toilet waste pipe. Needs to be cut down?

    Hi I need to this cast iron pipe back as my new back to wall toilet won’t fit otherwise. Cutting it back i am going to lose the collar. So what fitting can I get for it I would like a flex as it will easier for me when installing the new toilet
  11. P

    Shower Tray waste not draining quickly

    Hi, I am trying to clean out my Merlyn Truestone slate shower tray waste unit. I cannot see anyway to remove it to clean underneath. I'm stuck trying to fish out debris which isn't working great. Could anyone please advise if I can remove this or a better way to clean the debris? Thanks
  12. L

    Toilet Waste pipe leak!

    I removed the tile floor in my bathroom to fit vinyl and I noticed that the loo now leaks slightly when I flush it. I haven’t put the vinyl down yet, so I can build up the floor under the loo if needed to put it back to the level it was, but maybe I can re-seat the big plastic flange slightly or...
  13. D

    Can I connect my washing machine waste pipe to this standing pipe?

    I have moved our washing machine into the garage but there isn’t a drain for the waste pipe. The attached image is of the waste pipe with the condensate pipe from the boiler, can I use a tee join and connect the washing machine pipe? The pipe leads outside and is saddled to the main waste pipe.
  14. back2thefuture

    Duravit space saving waste and vanity unit

    Hey everyone, I have a Duravit vanity unit and was recommended to buy the Duravit space saving waste: 005076 But im unsure how this connects to the waste pipe in the wall. The plumber has fitted a standard waste, but he had to cut a hole at the back of the vanity. There is another to install...
  15. Zach054

    Toilet waste cemented.

    Hi Anyone seen this sort of setup before? Not sure if it will be like a clay connector but cemented up ? Never come across it before Any advice be appreciated before I chip away at it.
  16. T

    Identifying waste pipe type

    How can you tell if a white 30 or 40mm waste pipe is pvc or abs?
  17. Zoe100

    Waste pipe problems in new build

    Hi could anyone give advice please ? I went to look at a new build for sale they are apartments/ one house on top of another all properties will be privately owned by individual buyers, a guy on-site pointed out that the plumbing is wrong on the properties as a perspective buyer I’d like to know...
  18. T

    Waste pipes for bathrooms and kitchens

    Hello, Can you use uPVC for bathroom and kitchen waste pipes. Or should it always be mupvc? Regards Tezzer
  19. T

    Is my plumbing layout okay? Please help

    Hello, I am fitting a new bathroom, and changing the layout. I've fitted one bathroom before, but I did have issues with smells occasionally, that makes me think I might be fitting the waste system wrong. Does anyone with experience know, does the below look okay? I've read on some places...
  20. C

    Identical complete shower waste required

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