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Several developers have modified and upgraded the WASTE client and protocol. The SourceForge edition is considered by many to be the official development branch, but there are several forks.

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  1. back2thefuture

    Duravit space saving waste and vanity unit

    Hey everyone, I have a Duravit vanity unit and was recommended to buy the Duravit space saving waste: 005076 But im unsure how this connects to the waste pipe in the wall. The plumber has fitted a standard waste, but he had to cut a hole at the back of the vanity. There is another to install...
  2. Zach054

    Toilet waste cemented.

    Hi Anyone seen this sort of setup before? Not sure if it will be like a clay connector but cemented up ? Never come across it before Any advice be appreciated before I chip away at it.
  3. T

    Identifying waste pipe type

    How can you tell if a white 30 or 40mm waste pipe is pvc or abs?
  4. Zoe100

    Waste pipe problems in new build

    Hi could anyone give advice please ? I went to look at a new build for sale they are apartments/ one house on top of another all properties will be privately owned by individual buyers, a guy on-site pointed out that the plumbing is wrong on the properties as a perspective buyer I’d like to know...
  5. T

    Waste pipes for bathrooms and kitchens

    Hello, Can you use uPVC for bathroom and kitchen waste pipes. Or should it always be mupvc? Regards Tezzer
  6. T

    Is my plumbing layout okay? Please help

    Hello, I am fitting a new bathroom, and changing the layout. I've fitted one bathroom before, but I did have issues with smells occasionally, that makes me think I might be fitting the waste system wrong. Does anyone with experience know, does the below look okay? I've read on some places...
  7. C

    Identical complete shower waste required

  8. T

    Belfast sink waste kit only has a single washer

    Hello, I'm installing my first Belfast/butler kitchen sink. It came with the waste and stainless steel drain. To my surprise the kit only has one washer in which the instructions clearly state that it should be placed underneath the sink. My question is, shouldn't there be a washer between the...
  9. C

    Basin Waste and Piping and Not Aligned - Causing Weeping of Connectors

    In my last posting, I requested assistance in exchanging a waste that had been fitted using silicone, without actually removing the basin. Mission accomplished. However, I now have a further issue for which I would welcome any suggestions or advice. I decided to replace the McAlpine Pedestal...
  10. C

    Removal of Basin Waste - Secured with Silicone

    My bathroom Basin was installed some years ago by a professional plumber. For whatever reason, the waste was fitted using silicone rather than plumber’s mate. The floor was originally tiled, but I replaced it with high quality vinyl, when fractures began to appear in the grout. As part of this...
  11. K

    How to paint/cover a waste pipe

    I have just moved into a flat and the water waste pipe from the flat above goes through our bathroom. Whoever lived here before had painted it but I’m guessing with normal paint and the paint is flaking off, presumably due to water heat. The pipe is about 7ft tall and about 15cm wide. Would it...
  12. JackyBailey

    What sort of shower waste is required for this tray?

    Hi, Just looking for some advice as seen a few different things online. I'm installing a shower tray in our bathroom but this one has a square inlay to it first. Is this just a standard wet room square plate and then a normal shower trap underneath? I have seen some mcalpine ones but they are...
  13. T

    Waste pipe -does this exist?

    Think I know the answer is no but asking just in case. I have a solvent weld bathroom waste with lots of connectors in it that disappears into the wall with a right angle connector. There is no place to break into it to connect up a new arrangement for a new sink. So does anyone make a...
  14. B

    Connecting new toilet to waste

    As part of a slow DIY bathroom refit I've removed the old toilet from the original location next to the soil pipe (and obviously capped off the branch) and plan to place it the opposite end of the room. I was pretty lucky to find a 110mm sewer waste pipe below the old sink which is the new...
  15. J

    Unusual Washing Machine Waste Drain

    Hi All, I'm plumbing in a washing machine into our new house and rather than a normal waste pipe this house just has a hole in the ground. It looks as if the hole used to be a 40mm pipe but it has been sawn off at ground level such that the top of the pipe is flush with the floor tiles. This...
  16. M

    Where to buy oversize tray waste

    Hi all, Just purchased a new low profile 1400 x 900 shower tray but the waste hole is 160mm wide, never seen one that big before but are these available to buy. Think my tray is a cooke & lewis eclipse, see attached image.. Hope someone can advise me on where to purchase a tray waste. Thanks..
  17. M

    Oversize Shower Waste

    I have bought a shower tray and it has an extra large hole for the waste trap. Its a cooke and lewis think its an eclips 1400 x 900 tray. The hole is 160mm and has a lip around it for the cap at 200mm. Cant seem to find one in the correct size, hope someone can help.
  18. F

    Advice on waste connection for bowl sink

    Hi, I need some advice connecting my bowl sink to the waste. There was a Insinkerator installed that I have replaced with basket strainer waste (Viva PP0011). I need to connect the waste but I find myself going around in circles in regards to selecting the correct parts. Thanks FrankW
  19. L

    Can the bottom section of this soil stack be turned?

    I'm a DIYer and have a problematic toilet setup to fix: The waste pipe was installed too high for waste to flow out from a standard toilet spigot, so I want to install a wall-hung toilet on a frame to get some extra height. To put it where I want it though, I'll need to rotate the bottom...
  20. Marky22

    Old waste pope size help

    Hi, came across this old push fit waste pipe. Stripped out the old shower and it was a 40mm waste pipe siliconed in the fitting. The fittings at floor level so I’d be looking to bend (90 degrees) straight away so I can get the lowest possible shower tray. Could someone advise what I could...
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