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  1. M

    Most reliable underfloor waste connectors?

    I am in the process of building a shower in a loft room. The Shower Waste water pipes have to pass beneath the shower tray and will be totally inaccessible once the shower is complete. Which connectors are likely to be the most reliable long term, compression or push fit? I have had solvent...
  2. Grabags

    PVC bath pipe work and waste

    Hi All, I’m in the process of fitting a bath and have just finished solvent welding the 40mm waste pipe up to the bath. Now I’ve put the bath in situ, the pipe work is slightly out, about half an inch. I can pull it into place but this will put a bit of tension/stress in the pipe and on the...
  3. N

    40mm waste Connection issue

    Hi Everyone, I am doing some diy and need to figure out how to connect a 40mm waste pipe to a very large round plastic water-tank, i have no idea what the best connection method would be and can't seem to find a connector available, I have tried google but came up with nothing so far thanks...
  4. B

    Identify a waste pipe part and how to plug it off

    Weve just bought a 1930s house and the previous owners appear to have just ripped out the washing machine waste pipe and inlet valve as the waste pipe was a mess leaking everywhere, they switched off the isolation valve for the hot water thinking it was the washing machine isolation valve which...
  5. John Wagstaff

    En-Suite waste modification.

    I have to alter the waste from my en-suite, currently the sink has 1 1/4 waste and the shower had 1 1/2, I was looking to plumb all in the larger size, I need to know if i can use 40mm solvent weld as supplied by screwfix as it will make a much neater job or should i stick to 40mm compression...
  6. J

    Shower waste pipe

    Hi all, I'm due to do a first fix for an ensuite. WC is going back in the same position. The basin can use the vertical 32mm pipe. But what are my chances of replacing that cut-off section of shower pipe? Just wondering how you'd all approach it? Thanks everyone for your advice, Jennie
  7. R

    [SORTED] Under kitchen sink waste pipes

    Hi all I wondered if someone could help me please? Cannot for the life of me work out how these go back together. I know that one of the small L shaped pipe can only go on the large diagonal pipe at back of cupboard. But the rest is a puzzle... Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. M

    Floplast waste pipe sizes help

    Hi guys im wanting to move some of my floplast solvent weld pipes in my bathroom i though the shower was on 40mm and the sink on 32mm which i thought was all you could get however when ive looked at fittings some say 36 on them which i presume is 36mm is there really so many different sizes of...
  9. M

    Waste pipe on unvented blow offs??

    Hi all. I’m not G3 qualified but I’m sure I heard that the waste pipe should be push fit plastic rather than solvent due to temperature? Is this correct? Most cylinder installs I see the discharge is in solvent. Cheers
  10. G

    shower waste

    morning, I can’t get the right fall for my shower waste and I’m in top floor flat. Can anyone recommend what I could do? I did think about a pump? Thanks
  11. Oldboiler

    Waste pipe replacement

    Hi I want to replace the 32 & 40mm waste pipes that connect to my external soil stack, not enough fall so not draining. Should I make a new hole lower down below the boss branch to insert the new pipe or is it best to just replace that section completely and connect to the stack a bit further...
  12. E

    40mm waste to 110 horizontal soil

    Hi. Just about to put joists in new part of the house but got the basin and shower waste exactly where I need to go. (Ignore the top waste in the photo) By far the easiest way for me to change them round is to drop them straight down and use two strap bosses to go into the top of the horizontal...
  13. M

    Best way to hide a high waste bath/shower pipe?

    Hi guys. So at present in my bathroom I have a bath and panelling that runs for approximately 2.5m along the wall. This hides a high waste pipe (one that doesn’t go under the floor of the bathroom) which runs along the wall. Next to this is my toilet, and this same pipe that is hidden by the...
  14. A

    toilet pan waste pipe

    I hear flexible waste pipe is better than non flexible one as the flexible one sits tightly into the soil pipe. Does one know whether one should apply glue onto the flexible waste pipe when inserting it into the soil pipe?
  15. P

    Concrete toilet waste pipe

    Evening everybody I've seen a few threads on this topic but was hoping for some specific advice if possible. We've recently moved in to a 1930s semi that was a half completed project for the previous owner. The downstairs cloakroom is our first job - we were hoping to box a new toilet cistern...
  16. N

    Waste pipe size query

    Hi, I have a basin trap that has a 35mm chrome waste pipe supplied. I was wondering if this can converted to standard 32mm pipe as the chrome isn't long enough. I seems odd that the Chrome pipe isn't a standard size? Thanks
  17. I

    cast iron waste issue

    hi guys, I have a customer that has a downstairs loo that is too close to the wall for their comfort. They would like me to angle the loo to give them more leg room. Went round with a 4" flexi to find an ancient 3" bore cast iron pipe connected with a macfit. I have spent ages trying to find...
  18. J

    Dishwasher, Sink, Washing Machine to the same waste outlet?

    Currently the Dishwasher has it's own waste outlet to the outside, the sink and Washing Machine share one. Designing a new kitchen we will have all of them sharing one waste outlet - is this do-able or full of problems?
  19. D

    Washing machine waste comes up kitchen sink?!

    Looking for some opinions on whether something is wrong with our plumbing under the kitchen sink plumbing. Basically, whenever the washing machine drains we get a flow up into the kitchen sink of the waste water along with dirt from inside the pipe. We've had Homeserve plumbers out and they...
  20. P

    Replacing toilet with waste pipe on side

    Im re-tiling the floor in my toilet and at the same time am replacing the toilet. The old toilet had the waste pipe come out from the side of the toilet and connected to the pipe that runs through the side wall of the toilet. From what I can see, new toilets with the waste on the side are a...

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