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kitchen sink

  1. chucka

    So .. I bought this new kitchen sink mixer tap..

    Don't laugh... (too much) We have a white mixer tap (20yrs old now) it needs replacing and I bought a very similar one yesterday.. it came with the flexible hoses as you'd expect but most don't seem to like.. anyway looking at it I couldn't see how it was piped in the first place. .all soldered...
  2. R

    Is this plumbing under the kitchen sink normal?

    hi, I was hoping for some advise? the picture below is off the plumbing my builder has done under my kitchen sink. Apparently he seems to think this is ok but I have a few concerns and would like others views so I am better armed when I go back to/query him again?! Thank you for any advise
  3. D

    Washing machine waste comes up kitchen sink?!

    Looking for some opinions on whether something is wrong with our plumbing under the kitchen sink plumbing. Basically, whenever the washing machine drains we get a flow up into the kitchen sink of the waste water along with dirt from inside the pipe. We've had Homeserve plumbers out and they...
  4. RobG

    Kitchen sink pipe work - plastic nut sheared

    Hi, still very new to this forum - this is my 2nd posting. Please help if you can. I am replacing round head taps with lever taps (am recently retired and have too much time on my hands!) and have fitted a new hot tap no probs. The cold tap has slightly different pipework - a white plastic...
  5. D

    Kitchen sink backing up and no cold water in bath

    Hi guys, I returned from holiday yesterday to find that my kitchen sink started filling up with water when we put the washing machine on a spin and drain cycle. I had to manually drain the sink and pipes and took all the pipes apart to check for a blockage but there wasn't one. I tried the...
  6. D

    kitchen sink fittings

    I've just moved into my first property and I'm clueless when it comes to plumbing, I'm tight on cash right now so I'm looking for some advice please. I'm looking for general advice on what I will possibly need to connect a trap to my sink. I have no idea what the white modified connection is...
  7. S

    Kitchen sink overflow help please

    hi - my kitchen overflow is leaking and I’ve discovered the connection has come loose but there is no space to get my hand up at the back to reconnect it. Is this a simple reconnection job or should it be fixed better. I’ve circled in red the two points I need to connect. Unfortunately the...
  8. D

    Kitchen sink feeds from bathroom

    My kitchen sink and dishwasher are connected on the end of the hot/cold feeds from bathroom above it. The pipes run down a corner of the kitchen wall and I'm thinking of having it rerouted. We are having a new kitchen so the opportunity presents itself to fairly easily reroute so the...
  9. N

    New kitchen sink taps brushed copper/gold?

    Hi guys I like the look of the antique gold/copper taps but not sure of the practicality/durability/maintenance etc - have you had any problems with these taps- are they just aesthetics only? I will be having a black quartz worktop and maybe black granite sink.Also any brands in particular I...
  10. Bettyboo

    Leaking kitchen sink

    Hi All I have a white 1 1/2 plastic sink that is leaking where is appears to have corroded at the bottom. Is there anything I can do to fill it?It leaking from the half sink outlet, so unsure why it would have degraded more as is not used as much Cheers Betty
  11. L

    Eggy smell downstairs when kitchen sink used upstairs

    Eggy smell downstairs when kitchen sink used upstairs. This happens only when the upstairs kitchen sink hasn't been used for a while (i.e. 8 hours/a working day). It goes away after about 15mins or so. What is the cause and what can be done about it? Specific advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. A

    Advice please. Overpowering cigarette smell coming from pipes underneath kitchen sink.

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some advice please. I have just moved into a property that has an overpowering smell of cigarettes coming from underneath the kitchen sink. It is really strong and making me fill unwell. There was a leak previously apparently and the neighbour below is a heavy...
  13. L

    Blocked kitchen sink

    The kitchen sink in my second floor flat has always been problematic. It's finally given up the ghost. The setup is the main sink, rinsing sink and dishwasher. I'm guessing the grey flexipipe is the actual waste pipe? I can't see as it disappears down the back. I've tried plunging both...
  14. B

    10mm plastic to feed kitchen sink

    I concentrate on boiler and heating repair but I'm doing a first fix on a kitchen to keep a landlord sweet. The kitchen is a total rip-out and is back to bare bricks. I'm fitting a new combi boiler. Just want someone to confirm if it's ok to run the hot & cold in 10mm plastic to the kitchen...
  15. S

    Strange sewage smell coming from behind kitchen sink cupboard

    any help would be gratefully accepted. We’ve had a single storey extension to the rear with toilet. Now we have a strange sewage like odour coming from behind the kitchen sink but not this side of the trap. The sink waste along with the new bathroom waste all now go into the soil pipe which in...
  16. M

    Plug waste pipe hole - kitchen sink

    Hi - looking for something suitable to simply cover the hole for the sink overflow. I don't need it connected up to the waste so just want to use somehing to fill it and make it look nicer. Could anyone recommend something? The hole is approx 30mm wide. Many Thanks
  17. P

    Kitchen sink waste fitting - can't find the part

    Hi So it would be fair to say I'm a real novice when it comes to plumbing but I fitted a new sink in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago which went fine until it came to connecting the waste pipes. I've been trying to connect to the existing trap but can't for the life of me find a part that will...
  18. G

    Clipping pipes under kitchen sink

    Afternoon, First post here so please go easy.. I'm fitting a kithen (DIYer) and wondering if it is ok to clip 15mm copper pipe to the hardboard backing under the kitchen sink. I'd like to bring the pipes up through the bottom of the unit and have a nice layout on the backing board to serve...
  19. A

    Cost of fitting a new kitchen sink.

    Hi guys, Hope this post is appropriate, if not I will remove immediately. Just had a new kitchen fitted by the Housing Association. Unfortunately, the sink that was fitted isn't very good. It's stainless steel, but the basin side seems to be untreated and dull, and after a few days has marked...
  20. I

    Standard size for the cut out on a kitchen sink

    I was wondering if anybody could possibly confirm if 35mm is the standard size for the cut out hole for a kitchen sink tap? Any help would be appreciated.

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