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I have a Wirsbo (Uponor) underfloor heating system installed in my bungalow in 1999/2000 using two Wirsbo area packs. This was later upgraded by installing electric actuators and wireless thermostats in each room. However I have noticed recently that two of the rooms are not getting warm although the thermostats are calling for heat. This appears to be because some of the valves are sticking when the actuators open.
Zone Pack Manifold.jpgManifold Valve.jpgIMG_2233 (Large).jpg

After numerous enquiries to online UFH suppliers Wotjek confirmed that this is likely a TA 11/4” Manifold and that the manifold and parts are now obsolete. (Pictures of the manifold and valve for further information).
I have spoken to Uponor technical services department and the chap I spoke to said the parts were obsolete and I would have to change the manifold. The problem I have (apart from the time of year to drain down the heating) is that the pipes coming up through the floor are only about 250mm long so there is not much movement or slack. If the centres of the replacement manifold are different then they won't line up. Also I suspect the new terminations are different meaning Ill have to cut 25-30mm off the pipes to put a new termination on.

Do any of the tradesmen on this site know of anywhere that may have old stock? Even an old manifold sitting in someones garage or van with a number of the pin valves might help as I could remove them and see if they can be serviced.

Also can you tell me if these valves contain a spring that opens the valve and against which the actuator works or does it reply on the pressure of the return flow to push the valves of the seat?

I have tried gently lifting the pins with a pair of pliers but they don't appear to have any resistance and fall shut again. Either the springs have got weak or the rubber washers have stuck on the seat.

Any information would be great fully received, either about the valves or where I might find some old stock


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