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  1. T

    Thoughts on the Hive thermostatic valves ?

    I’ve been asked about installing some Hive Thermostatic heads to a combi system. I wondered what’s people’s opinions on them, firstly from an installation point of view and secondly from a users view ? The customer has a two up two down type of house with a ideal logic 24kw boiler just been...
  2. B

    How to drain down to remove towel rail AND valves?

    Towel rail needs to be removed so that new flooring can fit over pipes. Therefore the whole thing needs to come off valves and all so that the pipe ends coming up from the floor are exposed. The bottom compression nut and olive can stay on each pipe as there will be big enough holes in the...
  3. M

    Manufacturer of ARCO MINI STOP VALVES.

    I am trying to find out who the manufacturer is for ARCO MINI STOP VALVES. Does anybody know this?
  4. A

    Giacomini motorized valves

    Hi all, does anyone have experience in Giacomini motorized zone valves? Are they reliable?
  5. H

    Bye-Directional Electronic Rad/Stat Valve Installation

    Is there an optimum position for them on a radiator - meaning position them on the Flow or Return side. I mean by this - is there a technical argument - If you have a choice (new installation) to say that mounting an Electronic TRV ( more sensitive) on the return side is better due to the...
  6. D

    Disconnected water inlet valves

    Hi, I recently had a new kitchen fitted and it appears that the old cold water inlet valves (one pipe with 2 blue T valves connectors for old d/w and w/m) have been left in situ without being capped off. I’m very worried that they’ll leak, especially as they don’t have a cap on them. Problem...
  7. R

    Can too much antifreeze effect radiator valves

    Hi there, we are having issues with Mitsubishi ASHP Pre Plumbed cylinder. we have 2 zones. UFH and radiators on the first floor. Feeds come off the low loss header at the tank. Both pumped. UFH works fine. It’s the rads that struggle. We always seem to get loads of heat to the rad valves but...
  8. davidw

    Thermostat and valves configuration seems odd

    We’ve just moving to a new house. I’m puzzled with the central heating system and its controls. None of the downstairs radiators have thermostatic valves fitted, all of the upstairs rads do. There is a thermostat in the hall which it seems controls all the heating ? So the only way of...
  9. C

    Location of pumps and valves

    Is there any reason why the pump and valves need to be located in the airing cupboard? We have Gravity HW and pumped CH, but the boiler has been condemned and needs replacement. 4 pipes come down to the boiler room, as do all the hard wiring from room stat and timer. The HW gravity pipes are...
  10. N

    Polypipe Underfloor Heating with 3x 2-Port Zone Valves???

    I am currently trying to find out which is the best way to wire up my underfloor heating. I have attached a PDF of what my system is currently like. I've been advised to install 3x 2-port zone valves so that when the UFH calls for heat it can do so independently of the radiators, which is...
  11. J

    Thermostatic Rad Valves, odd size Tails

    Hi first post here😀 I want to replace a couple of rad valves with TRVs but as you can see from the pic, the existing tails are bigger than it usual. All the valves I can find have 1/2” bsp Threads both sides, but I either need TRVs with one side to match the tails, or a reduced for the rad. Any...
  12. C

    Flush valves for hidden cistern

    Hi. Wondering if anyone could help me. I've had my WC sitting like this for a year now. After having this fitted while I was at work I'd purchased a toilet with cistern and thought the flat flush Valve I'd ordered seperately would fit it but it never. So Ieft with the gap for a flat flush...
  13. Jimbob1973

    Replacing radiator and valves on open vented system.

    Hi, I have a hot water tank, 3 header tanks in the loft and so I am assuming I am on an open vented system. I wish to replace a bathroom radiator with a wider one so will need to extend the existing pipework. I also want to tile around the pipework by drilling the tiles (for a neat finish) and...
  14. L

    Leaking Basin Mono Mixer Tap & Valves

    My basin mono mixer (model No: ME00101) is 10 years old & leaks at the bottom base of the mixer stand & underneath the hand lever. Water is running down the LHS hose pipe as a drip. I closed the ball valve on the hose but water still leaks. (A) What is wrong with the mixer? (B) Is the mixer...
  15. Stigster

    What size are the connections on these valves?

    From a thread where I've been helping someone with radiator valve problems. Looking at the pictures of thes towel rail valves I'm not 100% certain what size the connections are. Pretty sure it's 15mm coming in to the valve but is the rad-side connection 1/2" with a fat nut or 3/4"? If anyone...
  16. C

    Do I have to bleed air out of the water in the boiler?

    Hi.Drained the system today after running for a week or so with radiator flush in. Turned water supply back on but,stupidly only bled upstairs radiators...Now system is not getting warm and boiler only kicks in for short stints. Bled complete system and opened valve by the 3 way / pump.lots of...
  17. B

    Single/Double/NRV Check Valves Query

    Good morning, I have a query about single check valves/double check valves/non return valves and their purpose. I moved into a flat built in the 1960s and I think the bathroom was last upgraded around 2007 perhaps even before. I am going to get it completely redone next week (new suite/.
  18. M

    Life expectancy of header tanks and ball valves, relocate or replace.

    I am going to move my central heating header tank and started to think about the life expectancy of various plumbing items. The tank is polypropylene and has a brass ball valve with plastic float. It’s 40 years old. With the issues of sustainability etc, it’s it likely that these items will...
  19. S

    Swapping handles Pegler Lever ball valves

    Quick question. I installed some Pegler lever ball valves (22mm, water) and because I was tired I messed up my red/blue hot/cold colour code. Rather than swap the valves over (which I can do) can I just swap the handles over?
  20. falable

    Is it possible to use jg speedfit pipe and fitting, to replace small section of copper?

    hi, so we had tried to fit an isolation valve into copper pipe that came close from the mains supply, but i'm not proud of it. we had to leave the mains water valve at half pressure or else the fittings would leak/pop off. It was my first attempt at plumbing and i assumed i could easily move the...