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  1. B

    Isolation Valves Query

    Hi what is the purpose of isolation valves on pipes? All of my tap pipes have isolation valves and should they be fully turned for the water pressure? Thanks
  2. D

    hot water secondary return check valves

    I,m about to change from plastic fitting to copper and want to add a check valve into my secondary hot water return line what prevents the hot water sucking the water out of the secondary return line the plumber that fitted it is no longer here so I cant ask why a check valve wasnt installed...
  3. R

    Failed motorized valves

    I have now had both my Danfoss HPA02 valves fail (hot water and central heating on an S plan). It is easy enough to replace the heads, but the failure mode in both cases has been the micro switch failing to open once the call for heat was removed. With the heating, we were away and came back to...
  4. L

    Would you fit additional isolation valves on boiler pipes?

    Hello everyone. This is a general question, so not linked to any jobs Iv done or 1 particular scenario. The question is would you advise fitting isolation valves on the hot, cold, gas pipes of a new boiler install? Just asking as Iv not seen any boiler installs with isolation valves on these...
  5. L

    Non-return valves for mixer tap

    Hi all, I'm planning on fitting my new sink which has a mixer tap. I'm using an unvented system, will this still require non-return valves fitted to the taps connections?
  6. S

    Standard thickness for recessed shower valves

    I am looking to steal a few inches from my bedroom, to slightly enlarge the en-suite and make the refurb job easier for a whole host of reasons. In undertaking this task i can go either with a 3” thick stud wall, or 4”. I am thinking of fitting a recessed shower valve fixture and hence my...
  7. ShaunCorbs

    .. Pump valves ???? ..

    Anyone use these ive used the silver with red handles before and they seemed ok but a tad on the expensive side around £22 they look An ok brand as I’ve seen the logo before maybe flowflex etc
  8. J

    Where to place water stop valves for shower ?

    Having a straight bath fitted and going for taps to the bath and an Aqalisa shower above. So the hot/cold pipes that supply the bath taps will they be different to the ones that supply the shower? I mean do I need separate pipes to the shower with their own valves or can the pipes that will...
  9. L

    Wanted; S Y & W plan valves and wiring centre - Used or Faulty

    Wanted; 2 zone valves, 1 midpoint valve, 1 3 port diverted and wiring centre - Used or Faulty Hi, I'm after the above so that I can a mock CH/HW setup to add to my electrical play rig (see link) I'm usually found on EF but figured here would be the more suitable place to ask if anyone has any...
  10. whatsthenews

    Recommended/avoid brands/retailers please?

    Over the next few months we're redoing cloakroom,main bathroom and converting current toilet room to a small ensuite. So, 3 toilets, 2 possibly with concealed cisterns. Cloakroom will be with Grundfos macerator and due to modern toilets (slim cisterns) not having adequate space behind for the...
  11. Neville Hillyer

    Are B & Q 15mm isolating valves reliable and full bore?

    Are B & Q 15mm isolating valves reliable and full bore?
  12. J

    Plumbers paste on immersion heater compression valves

    So did a job for a friend yesterday and made (i hope) a small muckup.. Installed a unvented heatrae sadia multipoint 15 but i used plumbers paste on all my compression elbows about 10 of them i only put it on the male threads. The instructions state that it should not be used as it may...
  13. Bbarclays

    Help to find Radiator beteween valves 1350 mm

    Hi there I already removed old radiator because repainting room. I would like to change radiator to new one, also I would like not to drain system. Space between valves 1350 mm. Not sure wich radiator fits in new place. Return valve ends 20 mm male, inlet ends 15 mm male. Anyone with experience...
  14. S

    Which valves do I turn to top up boiler with water?

    Hi, here is a photo of the valves. Which ones do I need to open in order to top up the boiler please? I presume it’s the ones connected to the braided hose. But why does it have 2 taps on each end? thanks
  15. K

    Dripping tas despite new valves

    Th single spout over my bath provides both hot and cold water. As the tap was dripping I replaced the valves on both the hot and cold water taps with good quality valves which are supposed to be particularly good for people with arthritis. Much to my disappointment the spout still drips, but...
  16. M

    Magnaclean professional 2 valves advice

    I have just been given a magnaclean professional2 (secondhand) and before fitting it I watched the youtube video on servicing it that showed it should slip off the valve pipework by pulling the trigger back once the red wheel is screwed fully in. My trigger did nothing and the unit wouldn't pull...
  17. CorgiDirect

    EPH Controls and Valves Now Available - Best Prices Online

    VIEW RANGE HERE EPH Controls and Valves
  18. L

    Ladder radiator valves

    Am about to change my standard bathroom rad for a ladder type rad. However I need a little advice. I have pictured my current valve which runs from the side of the rad into walled in pipes. As the ladder rad has valve outlets at the bottom I don't know the best way to connect. Any help...
  19. pauldee

    Replacing exposed 3/4" 143mm shower valves

    My shower valve is playing up and the easier thing might be to replace it. Most seem to have a pipe centre distance of 150mm specified, but mine seems to be 143mm. Is it likely that a 150mm will be adjustable and fit? I notice some have a range but the ones I've seen that do are quite...
  20. I

    Help with thermostatic radiator valves

    Hello, My understanding of these valves is you set the room thermostat (dial type on the wall in the hallway) at a comfortable temperature, so i set mine to 20 degrees. I then set all my thermostat on the Rads to 3 and adjusted until I got correct temp in rooms. After that they open and close...

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