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  1. R

    Ufh in timber ground floor

    Hi all I'm building a single story rear extension and would like to use UFH It's going to be a timber joist for with 22mm chipboard flooring running from a combination boiler What is the most effective way of installing the UFH? 1) spreader plates. 2) celotex between joist with a biscuit mix...
  2. S

    Underfloor heating pump and manifold choice

    Having a load of work done at the moment, part of which is to have wet UFH installed, just looking for any thoughts around the best system to use. There seems to be lots of choice, looking for 3/4 zone system. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  3. J

    UFH Pressure Test Length / Pressure Dropping

    Hi All, My wife and I our renovating our first house together and have become a little stuck installing our wet underfloor heating system. Before we end up phoning around local plumbers I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone has any bright ideas. We've laid the pipes (2 zones).
  4. M

    Location of secondary return pump and return pipe for underfloor heating.

    I am fitting a secondary return on a system, tank will be in the loft. All the pipework goes up to the loft at the back of a cupboard, I would like the pump to go on the return pipe in here so it is easily accessable for maintenance. My collegue says he thinks it should go to as near to the tank...
  5. B

    Low profile overlay wet UFH - screed, grooved gypsum or insulation?

    Hi folks, my first posting and hopefully it's a sensible question. I'm doing a renovation and intend to heat with wet UFH supplied from an ASHP. I have to go for minimal build up because of head-room, so I'm looking at the various low profile systems. Insulation of the property will be OK...
  6. M

    UFH Pump - Always on?

    Hi all, I've had a Polypipe UFH solution fitted and I've got a query about the water-pump. I've asked the plumber but he's passed me onto the spark - who fitted it this way. Kinda think between them I've not got a definitive answer...so here I am asking the plumbing gurus... In a nutshell -.
  7. B

    UFH Water quality and possible valve leaks

    Trying to solve a little mystery to do with minor leaks from manifold valves. Attached image shows the valve (new) and the arrow shows the point of leakage. It seems the internal seal of the moving pin has deteriorated over time. May I add that the valve is not stuck, its moving freely. Its a...
  8. N

    Underfloor heating question - Heatmiser

    Hi all I have underfloor heating downstairs and radiators, plus two towel radiators upstairs. I have a Heatmiser UH8 and the radiators are connected to the the 5th zone and the towel radiators are connected to the 8th . Now, if I remember rightly from manuals, if you want to hook up a towel...
  9. A

    UFH thermostat issue

    Hi - got an aqualec UFH system with aqualec thermostats in each room displaying the temp, with a ESI programmer in the utility room in my flat. The plumbers have just recently changed the install so that when the heating programmer is off, the thermostats go off and don't display the...
  10. A

    New Member: Underfloor Heating

    Hi, Thanks for having me. I own a B&B in the far NW of Scotland in the village of Durness on the NC500 route. I have an Encompass underfloor heating system connected to a Grant oil burner and associated with a Santon Premier Plus unvented hot water system. I keep losing pressure in the hot...
  11. M

    Underfloor heating zone getting warm with system turned off?

    Hi Guys hope you can help, I have a wet underfloor heating system and have 6 zones, the problem I'm having is one of the zones is getting warm even though the master thermostat/controller is turned off, the pump is not being switched on so is not circulating through the system. I have an 'Ideal...
  12. L

    run pipes for underfloor heating?

    Hi I have an installation for CH half way installed (first fixed) I want to tile all the floors.. and have realised it will be too cold so I thought about laying pipes in the floors instead of having radiators and simply using the flows and returns that are already there for the radiators to...
  13. T

    Whistling UFH mixer valve & cycling boiler - no ABV?

    Hi all, New to this forum but hoping you could give me a hand with some issues I'm having with my UFH. I bought a house in Nov last year that has wet UFH in a kitchen extension. It's a relatively small area with only 2 loops, total 90m piping and 2-port manifold. Manifold model is Wunda...
  14. M

    Polypipe underfloor heating

    Hi I have a polypipe multizone underfloor heating system (Gas) that stopped working a few weeks ago. It had been making some screeching noises and my hunch in that the Grundfos pump has died as the screeching has stopped - along with the heating! I may be wrong of course. The LED's on the side...
  15. H

    UFH issues - Anyone recognise this symbol?

    Hi all, Just looking for some help. Moved into a house last year that already had UFH installed, but I have no information about the system and one of the air flow caps has spring a leak. Managed to cap it for now but trying to find a replacement part. The manifold has nothing written on it...
  16. P

    zoned system, pressure drops when cold (but goes back to normal when i manually open valve)

    Hi all! Sorry if this has been asked before but i haven't been able to find anything out there... We made our CH system zoned when I laid some UFH in the kitchen. (2 zones total: kitchen + rest of house) each zone has a Honeywell 2-port zone valve. The boiler is a Glowworm combi. All is well...
  17. P

    Ufh problems temp control and radiators temp

    Hi guys Our recently installed UFH system is causing us trouble and we are struggling to get the fitter to help, problem one is we have to slowly build up the heat as the new floor is tiled but the only way to do this is by turning the boiler heating controls down as low as it goes, 30 degrees...
  18. S

    UFH and skirt heat issue - Wits end

    Hi All, I have failed in my journey and I now need some advice. I have been trawling this site and the Internet for over 1.5 years to find the answer to my problem. I have reached out to three plumbers and the fitting company of the system but unable to get anyone through the door. I am a...
  19. C

    Wet underfloor heating

    Hey guys Ive carried out some rough calculations as to how much of my concrete floor I'll have to break out to fit a UFH system and I'm concerned about the amount of work involved and the number of skips I'll need and was wondering if I can reduce the amount of digging I need to do. I was...
  20. P

    High gas bill - Vaillant 637 - UFH and Alu Rads - Help

    Hi, Following a full refurbishment of an house and a new build rear extension we had a brand new heating system installed. Give you an idea of what it is: Vaillant 637 system boiler 300l Water tank Wet UFH (floor area 15x4m) in new rear extension (family area, kitchen and dining) - used all...

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