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  1. P

    UFH Noises

    I have some strange noises coming from the system, the majority are caused by the flow meters, the clicking noise. But there are other noises, ive managed to capture these on a video, keen to see what everyone thinks..
  2. J

    UFH with Capillary Type Mixing Valve

    Do people with this type of mixed flow temperature control have any problems with achieving the required manifold flow temperature? The one below I think is similar to the TIO Mixing unit. In the unit below, the hot (boiler) water enters from the bottom left, red arrow, up through the "mixing...
  3. N

    Wet UFH design advice

    Hi, I have a seaside apartment in Azerbaijan, currently a bare core & shell, not even internal walls yet, and am intending to put in wet UFH with ceramic tiles on top. Although we will get someone to do this for us, in my experience here it's always best to have a pretty good idea of what needs...
  4. A

    Choosing UFH pipe for screed

    Hello I'm looking at the different pipes for UFH, the prices vary a lot and I'm not sure about the differences between the products. I'm doing two zones, one 127m the other 70m, both will be under screed. JG barrier pipe will cost £400 but Pert-Evoh-Pert is only £170. Both say they are 15mm...
  5. S

    New boiler to be fitted and low level UFH system

    I recently purchased the ground floor of a detached Victorian property in Dorset. As part of the refurb, I will need a new boiler and about 94m2 of low level UFH. The flooring is currently very solid floor boards.
  6. S

    Backer / Cement board for low level UFH

    Hi. We have recently bought the ground floor of a Victorian house, about 100 m2. The floors are all laid to very solid floor boards and the ceilings are 3m high. I've had some quotes from a couple of UFH firms, one says they'll lay their product directly onto the exisiting floor boards and the...
  7. J

    UFH with high Output and high dT

    Two loop UFH system heating 24M2 with lots of glass. Loop lenghts 90M each X 16MM OD piping UFH output 9.52kw. flow/return 55C/34C, dT 21C fowrates, 3.0LPM & 3.5LPM = 6.5LPM total Boiler Vaillant Ecotec plus 438. flow/return 65C/59C due to high recirc rate required to get the boiler away at...
  8. G

    UFH seems to have a problem

    I have two adjoining cottages, each with an identical UFH system downstairs. Both been going fine for around five years. But for the last few weeks, one of the systems doesn't seem to be running most of the time. Essentially the UFH does "work", in that I can turn the thermostat right up, and...
  9. M

    Pipes going to UFH cold

    bit of an odd one. UFH been working fine for about a year or two now. today the pipes going to it before the zone valve are stone cold. its a very basic system with Hive thermostatic valves controlling the rads upstairs and the zone valve downstairs. Could the pipe be blocked?
  10. thebobli

    Uponor C35 controller (red.dot version) is dead again

    After 4 replacement C35's, uponor in 2015 sent a red dot version, in 2023 it also died. No power to the unit. Is it time I should replace it with a controller from a different manufacturer? I don't want to rewire or buy more stuff. 4 wired wall thermostats, digital timer, 8 actuators are fine...
  11. D

    UFH fed by heat pump in 120 year old red brick

    Hi, I have a 3 storey house built in 1904. We put UFH in the house about 20 years ago. Works well with newish gas boiler. Just curious... I know heat pumps are meant for tightly insulated modern house ... but.. Question: Given that my UFH is always at a low temperature - Could I feed UFH with...
  12. G

    installing a wet ufh system from a 15mm CH leg

    HI folks, is it possible/feasible/reasonable to insatll an ufh manifold and system (for a 17m2 room) from a disused CH 15mm flow and return? I would install a 15 to 22mm reducer into a pump then a 2 port manifold then into the floor then. back into the return of the manifold. Its an old...
  13. W

    Boiler keeps short cycling with only UFH is on

    Good morning, wondered if anyone can advise please on a resolution? My set up at home is that I have a 4-bed detached with 21 radiators (includes 4 towel rails), a 6m x 4m orangery/conservatory that was built last year with under-floor heating, and a Megaflo for storing hot water. The UFH...
  14. B

    No power to Manifold

    Hi folks, hoping someone can help with a problem that's been perplexing me since just before Christmas..... I have a wet underfloor heating system installed in 2003 and manufactured by Underfloor Direct in NI - Now out of business. It's one of their triple tube systems and hasn't given me much...
  15. M

    Wet UFH and engineered wood

    Evening all, I’m currently in the process of refurbing my house, and have opted to wet UFH for the whole of the downstairs. The upstairs will be radiators. The flooring I’ve chosen is 14mm thick engineered wood and I just wanted to know the best way to do things. At current, the builder was...
  16. S

    Connecting radiators to UFH Manifold?

    Hi Everyone I wasn’t sure whether to post this in here or UFH but hopefully I’m posting this in the correct group. I’m in the throes of a full renovation and am currently designing the central heating system, I’m installing radiators (11 or 12 in total) and am going to run each rad from its...
  17. A

    Wiring UFH system help

    Hi guys, I have a set up with rads upstairs and UFH downstairs. I have installed the manifold for the UFH along with 2x Honeywell 2port values, one near the manifold and the other on the radiator side. I will be using Nest 3rd gen thermostats to control both the upstairs radiators and...
  18. T

    Condensing boiler with rads possible? (no UFH)

    Hi, I have an 20yrs heat only potterton 50e boiler with 196x old house - suspended floor - designer radiators, open vent system and hot water cylinder on first floor with two motorised valves and stat. I want to replace the boiler with minimal cost and max efficiency so thinking of replacing...
  19. G

    Identification of UFH Pipe Fitting

    Morning, Doing some work on our UFH manifiolds and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to let me know what the T-fittings in the picture are, thought they might be some kind of tektite fittings? Many thanks.
  20. G

    Initial fill of UFH circuits

    HI, we have replaced 3 manifolds (1 upstairs 2 downstairs) with new Warmup units. The installation manual from Warmup states that to fill the system you have to fill each circuit in turn using the fill / drain points on each manifold. However, my plumber said that he always uses the filling loop...
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