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  1. M

    Gazebo for external work

    Any body use a gazebo type thing for external work? More thinking of oil installs. I want something fairly hard wearing as it's got to with stand cornish wind and ideally have sides to it.
  2. A

    How can we block off an unused external boiler flue?

    We had a boiler in an old shed adjacent to the house. The flue is encased in a brick chimney stack that runs up the outside of the house. Some years ago, the boiler was moved inside, but the old flue remains. It looks like a chimney but is open at the bottom and unsightly. I am not sure...
  3. K

    Clicking sound from external stop tap

    Hello I am hoping someone can help with a very frustrating issue. I have noticed a clicking sound in the water pipes when the cold water is used. It is especially when the washing machine is going or when the toilet is flushed - the clicking noise vibrates through the pipes in the whole house...
  4. P

    Options for tidying up external waste pipes

    I'm looking to tidy up the external waste pipes in my property, I've attached a photo which should make it a bit easier to explain. I have a 50mm cast iron down pipe with a hopper at the top collecting waste from the bathroom. This pipe ends just above the drain. There are also 2 waste pipes...
  5. C

    External pipework for Outside Tap

    Hi all Just after a bit of advice. I work on site and don’t do much domestic work. But a neighbour has asked me to install an outside tap and I’m unsure how acceptable this would be. She wants the tap in the back garden and there is absolutely no pipework at the back of the house. Kitchen...
  6. N

    Grant vortex pro external 36e poor hot water

    Hi, I’m new to the forum but thought I’d sign up to try and get some help with a customers boiler. Bit of background on the boiler first. The house was renovated extensively with new bathrooms kitchen etc and the above boiler fitted 4 1/2 years ago approx, with no other work done inside or to...
  7. Ben Slade

    Garage internal wall insulation options

    Hi there excuse the mess in the pictures i am currently doing a lot of garden work. I am looking to insulate the garage wall internally. the garage is my little get away for my DIY jobs, guitar and soon to be gym. Any ideas how i can go about insulating the internal wall (right hand side) and...
  8. L

    External condensate pipe size

    Hello, I have a rental property and had a new combi boiler fitted 2 years ago. No problems at all with the boiler, my only niggle is that the external condensate pipe is 32mm and fully covered with black insulation. This pipe runs almost 3 metres across the outside wall of the kitchen and then...
  9. C

    external condensate pipe to sink or not?

    I have had some helpful comments elsewhere on how to minimise the chances of the condensate freezing in an external pipe so thanks to all. Trace heating is probably going to be too expensive but I am considering a pump though it doesn't help get to a point internally because of layout. Because...
  10. S

    Question about Combi Boiler external expension vessel

    Hello. We have a Heatline C28 combination boiler that has been leaking water & going over pressure. It was recently diagnosed that the leak was coming from the 3 way diverter valve & that the pressure problems was been caused due to problem with the expansion vessel. The person who looked at...
  11. G

    Greenstar heatslave external 26/32 not starting

    Hi, Recently moved a radiator so drained the system to do this. I turned the power off on the boiler. 4 hrs later refilled the system and re-pressureised the boiler. Turned the power back on, circulating pump starts and then a minute or so later the burner fan starts. Fan keeps running for...
  12. N

    Boiler seal collar on external wall

    Hi, Looking for advice as noticed today that the rubber collar seal with sits around the flue of my condensing boiler is coming away slightly on the top part from the external brickwork...is this something which needs to be looked at? Think the birds have been pulling at it! Thanks
  13. S

    Positioning of boiler Flue on external wall

    Hi, I’ve bought a new build that’s just had kitchen installed (due for completion in 8 weeks) I went to see house this week and saw my house differs to others on site. (They are semi-detached and mirror each other, with flue on the side) my semi detached is different, they put my flue on front...
  14. S

    Fitting a Gas Fire on an external wall.

    Hi all. My mother has a large lounge with central heating. Because the layout forces a sofa to block a rad she also uses a portable gas heater in the winter months. She now wants to replace this with a fitted unit. The lounge has a faux surround on an external wall with no obstructions outside...
  15. M

    External Pipe Insulation

    Can anyone point me to a product that provides waterproof insulation for an external buried condensate 32mm pipe ? Non of my local building suppliers appear to have such an item in stock
  16. D

    External kitchen drainage - (large) leak

    Hi - first time poster so apologies if this isn't in the correct forum. A couple of days ago I noticed that my kitchen drainage pipe is overflowing if the water is run for more than 10-20 seconds. I'd assumed the chamber it flows into (grease trap?) was blocked and just needed clearing, but on...
  17. D

    Pipes and taps in external wall of timber frame house

    This house has a brick skin over a timber frame built in the '80s. I do not know exactly how the external walls are constructed but I believe they will filled with insulation and either a vapour barrier sheet on the internal side of the insulation or foil backed plasterboard. The bathroom...
  18. M

    External warm water dog shower

    I am currently looking into putting a cold/hot water supply to the outside of a property to then fit a dog shower and some sort of tray. My question is: Is it feasible to put a hot water supply from the interior, through the wall to an outside tap? What kind of fittings would you recommend to...
  19. finchy01

    Grant vortex pro external

    Went to a customers today, there boiler is coming on and heating a single radiator early in the morning and in the evening. My thoughts were does this have a pretty heat function? If so could be a dodgy divert or valve, she says it seems to be at the same time that the heating is due on though...
  20. M

    Plumbing advise

    Good Afternoon, Just purchased my first house, It's a 1910 cottage. The current "Stop Cock" for the water supply does not work and even when turned completely off the taps still run. The amount of water coming through is much lower. I obviously need to replace the stop. How do I do this...

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