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Curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints. Curve fitting can involve either interpolation, where an exact fit to the data is required, or smoothing, in which a "smooth" function is constructed that approximately fits the data. A related topic is regression analysis, which focuses more on questions of statistical inference such as how much uncertainty is present in a curve that is fit to data observed with random errors. Fitted curves can be used as an aid for data visualization, to infer values of a function where no data are available, and to summarize the relationships among two or more variables. Extrapolation refers to the use of a fitted curve beyond the range of the observed data, and is subject to a degree of uncertainty since it may reflect the method used to construct the curve as much as it reflects the observed data.

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  1. A

    Sink installation quote

    Quick one, How much do you roughly think is reasonable to pay to have a similar sink (see attached) installed? I have gotten a new sink but I need a plumber to remove the existing and install the new one. Easy access to inlets and outlets from cabinet below. I live in central London. Thanks...
  2. M

    Anyone identify this fitting?

    Hi Any idea what make these fittings are? Thanks for any help Martin
  3. E

    Bath/shower screen fitting

    Hi, I am about to fit a bath screen and was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the screws that hold the screen in place, go on the outside or inside/bath side? All the YouTube videos are inside, but wouldn’t that make it easier for the screws to get wet? Any help would be much...
  4. L

    Slow hot water after fitting new immersion tank

    Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong. Fitted a new tank exactly as old one recently but since then the hot water pressure up and downstairs has been really low. (E.g. A good 10/15 mins to fill kitchen sink) It is a gravity fed system. No gas. So far tried to clear any airlocks...
  5. Ray Stroud

    Fitting a PRV in a tight space.

    I'm about to replace my house stopcock (gatevalve) with a new one (Pegler Lever Ball) and thought I'd take the opportunity to add a Honeywell D05F Pressure Reducing Valve and a Fernox Electrolytic Scale Reducer. However, 'the book' says the PRV must be followed by a straight length of pipe...
  6. I

    Bathroom Basin fitting

    Hello, Is it a must to fix the pedastal to the sink and the skin to the wall? I didnt really want to screw into my tiles, but knowing silicone is a good adhesive is it sufficient? Should the Sink be level front to back all, or should it have a tilt backwards to allow the skin to empty fully...
  7. M

    Awkward bath waste fitting help

    Hi , I looking for some tips on fitting this awkward bath waste. The waste does not line up with the drainage waste, what would be the best way the fit this out. I enclose photos . Thanks Keith
  8. N

    Steel pipe fitting without thread.

    Hi I've got a steel pipe that's snapped off in the wall (see the photo). It travels through the wall and into a screeded floor. Is there a fitting suitable for gas or a way to thread the pipe without chopping half the wall away?
  9. B

    Grohe tap fitting 15mm flexi vs 21(?)mm valve thread

    Hello, I’m trying to fit a new Grohe tap. Flexi hoses are 15mm and don’t fit the 21mm (guessing it could be 22mm?) existing thread on the water feed valves. See pictures attached. Is there an adapter I can buy? Or do I need to replace the valve for a 15mm one? The copper pipework itself for...
  10. P

    which fitting? radiator 15mm pipe to central heating valve

    HI! i am a new member and only a DIY'er i have had to replace a radiator with a smaller one i need to extend the outlet of the radiator by 6" using 15mm copper pipe...what fitting do i use to connect the pipe to the system valve (which has the original radiator fitting connected ) regards
  11. A

    How to remove gas fitting from wall

    Dear All, We have this (see attached) pipe fitting next to an old brick fireplace that seems to be a gas fitting. We want to remove it but don't know how. The screws holding the bracket to the wall are behind the silver fitting and are difficult to get to with a screwdriver. Ideally we would...
  12. P

    Fitting a small undersink water heater

    Hello Everyone I will be fitting a vanity unit into a downstairs shower room, there is only a cold water pipe and I need to fit an undersink water heater for the hot water. The vanity unit will be occasional use, and I need to fit it within the vanity unit as the client does not want to see...
  13. Y

    Fitting a whole house pump.

    Hello I'm trying to fit a whole house pump. There seems to be two inlets. One is called a pressure port. Any ideas what it is?
  14. M

    New Stopcock Fitting

    I am going to be replacing the toilet & sink in our under stairs WC. Whilst I'm there I want to tidy up the plumbing. I want to move the stopcock to a horizontal position (just the one, the other one will be removed). Is it ok to put fittings before the stopcock or should the stopcock be fitted...
  15. D

    Fittings needed for freestanding taps

    Bought this discontinued bath and freestanding bath taps from Wickes. The taps were quite discounted mainly due to the fittings that couples the unit to the hot/cold water pipes have been misplaced. So I'm trying to find/buy the correct fittings so I can connect this to the hot/cold water...
  16. R

    Plasson fitting pipe liners

    Does anyone know whether Philmac pipe liners are compatible with plasson fittings. I've got a repair later today and the fitting coming off is a Philmac and I've only got plasson on me. I'm not convinced the current pipe liner is going to come out and can't cut either
  17. C

    Average price for fitting kitchen tap

    Just want to get a idea what other plumber would charge to replace a existing kitchen tap with a new one obviously new pipe work would increase Labour and price etc. I think £40 is cheapest you should do it with it going up to £70-80 depending on the job sound fair
  18. B

    Bathroom fitting advice

    Hi guys just after a bit of advice from any one else who provides a full bathroom refurb service, so at the minute I have a mate who is a great chippy and a really good tiler. I myself am a plumber now I'm not mega into electrics but I am tempted to do a plastering course to help me offer the...
  19. D

    Leaf from replacing outside tap fitting under sink

    Hi there, In an effort to improve the flow rate to our outside tap, we've sprung a leak . From the beginning, the flow rate from the outside tap has always been, so I replaced the tap, no improvement. The flow was still poor without the tap on. I checked for a blockage, there was none. I...
  20. S

    Unknown fitting is this a valve????

    Evening all, Can anybody shed some light on the below? It’s on an incoming 4” main which is supplying a large commercial site. Found where the stop cock should be. Thanks in advance

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