1. J

    Instructions say to apply glass cement to rubber washer. Can I use silicone?

  2. C

    Mixer bar fitting solutions?

    The fittings below are for a mixer bar attached to a self contained shower. i.e not a wall. The attaching screws have snapped. I could get two new brackets, dismantle that existing one and start again or I could try and re attach via those screws, removing the broken ones from the plate and wall...
  3. S

    Fitting new soil pipe to access chamber

    Hi all. Not sure if it's a plumbers job or another trade but thought I'd ask. I am installing a new toilet downstairs next to an outside wall. There is a 3 way inspection/access chamber about 1.5 metres outside this point which I plan on going into. It has one inlet in use from the upstairs WC...
  4. E

    Fitting an air admittance valve to 32mm push fit elbow problem

    In the photo there is a grey 32mm push fit elbow between the sink trap and down pipe. I want to replace the elbow with a "male" push fit tee attached to an air admittance valve to stop gurgling noises. I can't find a tee fitting that description, can anybody offer a solution as you can see space...
  5. M

    Clay to 110mm plastic soil pipe fitting

    Has anyone seen this fitting before clay to 110mm plastic
  6. G

    Mystery fitting type?

    Does anyone know please what kind of fitting this is? I have hot cold wallmounted faucets for a bathroom basin. The original taps (pictured were not gripping and slipping around the pipe)I was told by a plumber that he couldn't find any similar taps with a fitting like this (some sort of...
  7. F

    fitting my shower bar mixer practice run questions

    hi all i hope you are all well i'm planning to install my shower mixer on Saturday. today i was doing a dry fit and i wanted to show you some photos and questions. i'm using fast fixing brackets. i was wondering what length do i cut the pipe to? also my shower bar mixer has these cone shaped...
  8. B

    Water meter fitting problem

    Can I fit a water meter to this, and if so would anyone know what make and what I would need to do to fit it, picture attached
  9. D

    Soldering poorly fitting joint - pipe not round, good fill, how?

    Hi, Short version: I have about 4" of pipe sticking out of a concrete floor in a cupboard. It makes a 45-degree bend as it exists (bent, not with elbows), the last cm before the open end is pretty much straight, but as a result of the bend it is not perfectly round. I mean it is pretty much...
  10. B

    Compression fitting advice

    Hello, I'm considering fitting an isolator valve to 15mm feed to my toliet cistern. It would require cutting off an existing compression fitting for a flex hose, after which I'd only be left with maybe an inch and a half of pipe. I've never fitted a compression fitting before, can someone...
  11. A

    Compression fitting loose on the pipe

    Hi, I am replacing a leaking push fit flexi tap connector under the bath with a compression fitting flexi. The problem is that the old pipe seems to be slightly smaller than 22 mm compression fitting and when I tighten the compression nut the whole fitting is easily sliding off the pipe and...
  12. S

    Unsure on how to fit the TRV to 15mm copper pipes

    Hi, I need some advice. I am trying to replace the manual radiator valves on a towelrail with a TRV: I ordered a Myson 2TRV15SN, and the tail seems to be identical with the current setup, however I am not sure who to attach the copper pipe at the bottom. This doesn't seem like a standard...
  13. J

    How many 3" copper fitting can you do with 1 rod of 56% silver solder

    I don't live near a city and need to figure out how many rods of 56% I need to solder 3" copper to copper and come copper to stainless steel. I thank you for your time.
  14. C

    Fitting European shower trap to 40mm waste pipe

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help? I have been searching but with no luck. I am trying to fit a Duravit shower trap which has a 50mm outside diameter euro pipe size outlet. I need to attach it to a 40mm UK size waste pipe and would prefer to solvent weld it as the pipe will be under a tiled...
  15. Robooo

    Fitting new radiator

    Hi, I'm studying plumbing and my work mate sized the opportunity to help him installing a new radiator. I'm looking for general advice which might eliminate mistakes. It'd also help me to build a portfolio before getting a job in trade. The house is old built and the rad goes into the kitchen...
  16. P

    Soldering veiga fittings on gas

    Is there any clause that says I cant remove the rubber rind on a viega fitting and solder it on my domestic gas installation? Thanks
  17. fango7

    Pipe fitting from bathroom sink

    Hi all, Bit of advice needed. Waste water pipe from bathroom sink came loose last night caused some water damage to ceiling below. My question is the brown pipe seems to have came loose, but seems to have just been pushed into thread above.There is nothing holding it in place, is this...
  18. M

    Council bathroom fitting

    Anyone worked for the council installing bathrooms/kitchens possible adaptations?
  19. A

    How to convert a 15mm tap tail to a 3/8" fitting

    Hi, I am trying to fit a replacement tap to a mini-sink that's built in to the top of a toilet. The original tap isn't made any more by the manufacturers - the nearest equivalent is apparently this one: GoodHome Lazu 1 lever Mini Contemporary Basin Mono mixer Tap | DIY at B&Q -...
  20. D

    What’s the name of this fitting

    This fitting is used on a glycol system. It’s cracked and need to find a replacement.

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