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Curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints. Curve fitting can involve either interpolation, where an exact fit to the data is required, or smoothing, in which a "smooth" function is constructed that approximately fits the data. A related topic is regression analysis, which focuses more on questions of statistical inference such as how much uncertainty is present in a curve that is fit to data observed with random errors. Fitted curves can be used as an aid for data visualization, to infer values of a function where no data are available, and to summarize the relationships among two or more variables. Extrapolation refers to the use of a fitted curve beyond the range of the observed data, and is subject to a degree of uncertainty since it may reflect the method used to construct the curve as much as it reflects the observed data.

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  1. D

    Options for Soil Pipe/Toilet fitting that conceals the pipe?

    Options needed for Soil Pipe/Toilet fitting. Hi Everyone. - I'm planning a bathroom remodel, and my wife would like a solution that covers the soil pipe up if possible. However, the toilet pipe sticks out from the wall 23cm, and raises from the floor to the mid point of the pipe 21cm. The...
  2. M

    URGENT My t valve seems to be too thick for my shark bite cylinder

    I cannot get my shark bite fitting to fit over the white supposed to be a half inch copper T valve is it because it’s corroded just seem to be too thk
  3. J

    What fitting is this? Shower

    Novice here - Looking to switch out the arm and head on an existing over-bath shower. The old head seems to have been a push fit however the new is a 1/2 screw fit arm. I've attached a picture but wondering whether the whole bracket/fitting needs to be replaced or if the outermost nut will...
  4. G

    SP140B vent pipe adaptor fitting

    Hi, ive recently purchased a Sp140b adaptor for cement pipe to 110mm plastic. When I've looked the vanes end is fine to put into cement pipe but where it has described the other end as push fit I was expecting to see some kind of o ring or seal for 110mm plastic pipe to slot into. Would I be...
  5. M

    Power flush before or after fitting new boiler

    My plumber's quote for fitting a new boiler (Ideal Logic Max Heat only 24kw) says he will "use a power flush machine that will flush all the black dirty water once the new boiler is installed and add heating inhibitor" Is that correct ? will it send the sludge etc into the new boiler or should...
  6. L

    Fitting shower base help

    I’m about to install a shower base onto a wooden platform that sits about 4 inches high so as to allow the trap to sit under. The instructions calls for 8mm of soft cement to be laid for the base to go onto. I’m concerned on a number of issues including:- The U space cavity the shower base...
  7. N

    Type of fitting to use

    Hi I have been to look at a leak just below there stop tap..they have had the stop tap changed in the last couple of weeks and the fitting below the stop tap is leaking and the plumber won’t come back … I haven’t seen this particular arrangement before it appears to be black alkathene with a...
  8. C

    Fitting bathroom towel radiator fitting questions?

    Hi there, i’m in the process of remodelling a new build home and have a towel radiator i will be fitting soon to replace an ugly traditional radiator in the bathroom that was fitted by the builders. The fitted radiator has been removed, the pipes are “polyfit” brand 10mm plastic...
  9. S

    Fitting a shower in place of sink

    Bathroom is downstairs, combi boiler upstairs, in the bathroom their used to be a bidet, we are toying with the idea of moving the sink to where the bidet was as the piping is still there and then using the piping from the sink to fit a combi shower. Is this feasible?
  10. R

    Freestanding bath fitting

    I have a freestanding bath with claw feet. The overflow pipe, low level u bend and waste pipe are all chrome and above floor level. How do I connect this waste pipe to the pipe work under the floor as obviously the floor needs to be finished before the bath is positioned. Thanks Roy
  11. B

    What is this Lp fitting called?

    When I disconnected my natural gas cooktop this part was split in two. I have been to big box hardware store and they don't know what it is. Any help naming it and where can I get one. See part and the cooktop attachment. Thanks for any help!
  12. R

    Freestanding bath fitting

    I have a freestanding bath with claw feet, the overflow, shallow waste and outlet are all exposed and chrome. The pipework will then go under the floor which will be tiled and finished before the bath is fitted. How do I connect the chrome pipework that is above the floor to the pipework that is...
  13. Rooo77

    L shape bath fitting advice.

    I've been doing the whole bathroom up and about to fit an L shaped acryclic bath, i'm going to baton each end of the wall and the against back wall to support it, will i need to frame / uprights the front of it, or will the gloss finished mdf panel be enough? The bath itself has wooden blocks...
  14. A

    Franke Atlas tap pull out 15mm hose fitting tail

    Hello: obsessed with trying to resolve a Franke (Atlas kitchen tap ) pull out hose issue: the hose seems to be 14mm - the tail standard 19mm? Seems a connector missing (now lost). If anyone knows how or where to bodge or find spare - ideas all gratefully received :cool:
  15. O

    How many turns when fitting compression isolation valve?

    I've never done one before and, as usual, Google is offering conflicting advice. I'm fitting one of these (from Screwfix, 15mm). I've read that ... Over tightening is the commonest cause of leaks. Once you've got it finger tight, you need to tighten a further half turn / full turn / one and a...
  16. B

    fitting a shower pump

    I am pricing for a new bathroom the possible problem is the the customers water supply is a borehole which is pump to a tank in the roof then supplies the house from the tank by gravity can i fit a shower pump or power shower on this type of system its the first time I have seen this type of...
  17. K

    Fitting a 52mm chrome spacer on 44mm hole?

    Hi folks, Purchased E1486AA Ideal Standard Luxury pop up bath waste and overflow as recommended to fit Ideal Standard Tempo Arc straight bath 1700 x 700. Website advises it will fit both a 52mm and 44mm overflow hole but the chrome spacer is 52mm and as such won't fit through the 44mm hole to...
  18. S

    Shower tray waste pipe fitting

    I am really struggling with how to do the waste pipework from a shower tray and would appreciate any advice on the best approach to take. The tray will be sitting in a three sided recess which really complicates things. A further complication is that the soil pipe is very close by and so there...
  19. H

    Pressure loss in Heating System post fitting new Expansion Tank

    Hi, hope someone can help me with a heating pressure loss problem. My valiant boiler has been loosing pressure over the last few months, resulting in me having to top up the water every week or so. Managed to get a boiler engineer to visit who diagnosed a faulty expansion tank. (Water evident at...
  20. M

    Polypipe fitting unwinding itself

    Hi has anyone had an issue with polypipe fittings unwinding them selfs over time?