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Replacement arthroplasty (from Greek arthron, joint, limb, articulate, + plassein, to form, mould, forge, feign, make an image of), or joint replacement surgery, is a procedure of orthopedic surgery in which an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis. Joint replacement is considered as a treatment when severe joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviated by less-invasive therapies. It is a form of arthroplasty, and is often indicated from various joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Joint replacement surgery is becoming more common with knees and hips replaced most often. About 773,000 Americans had a hip or knee replaced in 2009.

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  1. D

    Frost Stat replacement?

    My boiler suddenly seems to come on at random times for a few minutes throughout the day and night. It is a Potterton Suprima in garage. I suspect the Honeywell Frost Stat has become faulty, it doesn't currently seem cold enough for the frost stat to kick in. I'm guessing the pipe stat is...
  2. R

    Baxi 105e instant replacement

    Hi all. After some advice before I get some quotes. I have a 19 year old baxi 105e instant that needs replaced for something more efficient. I’m looking for suggestions for another baxi combi boiler that can be changed over with minimum work. My flue is side exit from the boiler (approx 1m to...
  3. K

    Awkward ideal classic boiler replacement - help pls

    Hi, I'ts been a while but its time to call on you guys for some help and payback with a peppering of advice across the forum. I've got your typical ideal classic replacement: side exit flue small high cupboard Etc. I'm looking at regular boiler replacement and would normaly go for a baxi 600...
  4. C

    Is there a suitable replacement connection for this flexi-pipe?

    I'm struggling to post any words here. Apologies for the brevity - can anything be done with the attached to save me having to replace the full flexi-pipe which is inaccessible at the far end? Thanks Regards Carl
  5. O

    Outside tap replacement

    We have a outside tap that's dripping. We have bought another to replace it. The stopcock does not cut off the outside tap only internal taps
  6. B

    Shower tray replacement?

    So I'm looking to replace my current shower tray as it has cracked. It is one of those long rectangular low profile trays as the ceiling is sloped so not too much height to work with & is in a downstairs bathroom & I believe it is a concrete base. I'm just looking for some advice as to any...
  7. L

    Shower valve replacement help please

    Hi all, Bit of a plumber novice that’s for sure, so apologies if my question is very basic or I haven’t made it too clear. In essence, shower isn’t very warm, boiler and that is fine. Suggestion was thermostatic valve or mixer valve may need replacing. I have stripped the turners back along...
  8. B

    Replacement thermostatic radiator valve heads

    I installed central heating in my house about 22 years ago using bog standard Screwfix 15mm angled thermostatic valves marked E.C.A. where needed. The plastic has become brittle with age so the lugs which are clamped by the retaining ring have snapped off. I'd like to just replace the head but...
  9. gmartine

    Honeywell syncron motor replacement

    Is there a decent third party offering out there as OEM are pretty expensive?
  10. C

    Toilet replacement - need advice

    Might be a very silly question, but have an old cistern toilet. Connects to the pipes as follows(see pic) - want to know if I can do a like for like replacement with any toilet type, or I'm limited for options. Reason for changing is that toilet is getting blocked every 2-3 months - no issues...
  11. M

    Smart TRV and room thermostat replacement

    Hi, A bit of background first I have a air source heat pump, downstairs is all underfloor heating and controlled by individual room thermostats. I am happy with this setup and can control this centrally (a heatmiser solution which I may add smarts to later). For hot water I have a simple...
  12. S

    Kitchen Tap Replacement - Nut Size and Adapter

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help - does anyone know the size of this nut/joint and if it will be compatible with the following kitchen tap once I've removed the old one? It seems to have 1/2 and 3/8 Inch Adaptors - will it be a case of unscrewing/removing the the existing pipe and then...
  13. C

    Redring California shower - like-for-like replacement?

    Hello all, My Redring California electric shower (Model no. 53-553540) is no longer working and I am trying to find a replacement that will mean my plumber has minimal work to do in terms of pipework etc. Does anyone have any suggestions please? The plumber has quoted me £80 labour to replace...
  14. T

    Best direct replacement for old Landis & Staefa Room Thermostat

    We have a very old Landis & Staefa room thermostat which I would like to replace with a simple like for like model. I cant see a model number on this so just have this image. Can someone recommend a suitable replacement please?
  15. S

    Baxi 100 HE Replacement

    I have a Baxi 100 HE boiler and it's been good over the 20+ year lifetime. But it's at the point where it requires major parts. I'd like to replace it with something similar. I'm thinking that a boiler from the same manufacture might have connections in the same place (easier for the engineer to...
  16. S

    Replacement for Baxi 100 HE

    I have a Baxi 100 HE boiler and it's been good over the 20+ year lifetime. I'd like to replace it with something similar. I'm thinking that a boiler form the same manufacture might have connections in the same place (easier for the engineer to fit a replacement). Question: Are some ranges of...
  17. Taffy292

    Shower unit Replacement

    Hi all, New here, just taken a shower unit front off defunct en suit. It has hot and cold feed. Can I blank off hot and connect a Triton cara or perloso please. Brother in law had given me a Triton as2000xt, but the manual says not with Combi boiler unless guaranteed flow 14 ltrs (although last...
  18. J

    Grundfos Replacement UPS3 V Alpha 1

    I want to replace the three 11 year old Grundfos UPS 15-60 130 pumps as a part of trying to reduce the electricity consumption of my heating/DHW system. The pumps circulate the water in i) the UFH, ii) the first floor rads and iii) the mains pressure DHW cylinder primary circuit. The Grundfos...
  19. N

    Kitchen waste pipe replacement costs

    Hi, a plumber has been out to my rental property as my tenant reported a blockage causing water to flow back from the washing machine into the dish washer. Both were disconnected and their drainage hoses cleared out but the plumber advises that there is more of a blockage further down the waste...
  20. I

    Low cold water pressure after vented boiler replacement

    Hello, I have a had a gravity boiler replaced from a Potterton 80e to a more recent Valliant ecoplus boiler. The cold water tank is in the loft space directly above the 1st floor bathroom and the hot water copper immersion tank is in the 1st floor bathroom cupboard space. A fairly normal...