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Replacement arthroplasty (from Greek arthron, joint, limb, articulate, + plassein, to form, mould, forge, feign, make an image of), or joint replacement surgery, is a procedure of orthopedic surgery in which an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis. Joint replacement is considered as a treatment when severe joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviated by less-invasive therapies. It is a form of arthroplasty, and is often indicated from various joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Joint replacement surgery is becoming more common with knees and hips replaced most often. About 773,000 Americans had a hip or knee replaced in 2009.

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  1. O

    Ceramic Valve replacement search

    I need to replace 4 ¼ turn ceramic valves for a second hand kitchen tap set - two taps. The current ones are dripping. These are marked X17C, and have a threaded collar. I've been to two local reputable plumbers merchants with the old valve and the head and cover to assist in fitting. No-one has...
  2. M

    Intergas 2030-3 0/0 replacement hinge?

    I have an Intergas 2030-3 0/0 dual fuel burner; circa 1998, connected to a strebelwerk chamber. The burner hinge had a crack in it and was thrown away. turns out intergas no longer make the part... does anyone know where i might be able to get hold of one?
  3. T

    Boiler replacement advice

    Hi i hope i can explain my situation so that you can understand, i'm not a plumber but need advice. I have a 25 year old gravity feed wall mounted boiler that runs perfectly as we have a log burner we only really use it for hot water. The boiler is mounted on an internal wall with the flue...
  4. M

    Replacement for Stuart Trevi 45 automatic shower booster

    17 year old Stuart Trevi 45 twin automatic shower booster pump serving two showers. Leaking and heavily corroded externally. Assuming this model is now obsolete, what would be a suitable like for like replacement?
  5. H

    Which fitting for trite on shower replacement?

    Hi there, First time changing a shower or any sort of plumbing work really. Previously had an old Gainsborough shower unit which packed up yesterday, so I’ve bought a tritron easi fit today with the hope that it would require minimal effort haha. Only issue I have is the water pipe on my...
  6. T

    Unvented Expansion Vessel Replacement - what else needs changing

    Potable water unvented expansion vessel needs replacing - water is coming down the tundish. What else needs to be replaced. Does the enginneer need a G3 unvented certificate to do this work and what are the consequences if he does not have one
  7. B

    [Chemical] flush of existing pipework after lead pipe replacement?

    Hi there, Have bought an old house and am having the old lead water mains pipe replaced and a new stopcock location/piping installed after massively high readings from water testing by the water company. Also buying new plastic water tank to start afresh so to speak. Pipework/joinery looks to...
  8. M

    Rusty tank valve/connectors replacement?

    Been in property about 10 years and the valve on the (round/bunded) Balmoral tank has always been in pretty rusty state. Tank is 5,000 litres but only got about 300L left at the moment. Please see picture. Looking for opinions on whether to get valve/filter assembly replaced due to rust or if I...
  9. B

    New Boiler Replacement - Clarification/Advice Required

    Hi, I have a Y plan open vent system, boiler 30+ years old, and requires replacement. My plumber is recommending fitting a new Viessmann 11kw System boiler in the current boilers position. The problem is he plans to run two new separate pipes fro the boiler to the hot water cylinder. Once this...
  10. blellum

    Replacement for this old shower...

    Hello forum, We have a leak in a 28 year old shower, and decided it should be replaced. However, after getting the cover off, it seems the entry pipe is more or less fixed in place!! Any advice on a replacement? I was looking at Mira Sports, but the entry is on the left - the multifits are ok I...
  11. Andrew Garrett

    Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar PRV and Expansion Chamber replacement

    Hi all What kind of time is required to replace the Pressure Relief Valve and the expansion chamber in a 6 year old Worcester Bosch i30 Greenstar? Is this a 3 hour job? Also what kind of price would be reasonable? I am using a new gas engineer and I want to verify that his bill is fair. I am...
  12. R

    Help with replacement boiler options please

    I am looking for some basic advice please My house is on two floors, approx 240m2 and a spacious loft with good headroom and access. Glow Worm 30HXi boiler burning LPG housed in a ground floor attached storage room running 16 radiators including 6 doubles and a standard low output shower on the...
  13. Hashtag246

    URGENT Thermostatic valve replacement problems

    Got a porcelanosa shower mixer and i need to change the thermostatic valve. It shows that a special tool might be required to remove it. Can u advise? Thanks
  14. T

    Central heating room thermostat replacement

    Hi all, I have a simple mechanical Honeywell wall thermostat (i think you call it a 2 wire). I want to replace it as it is a bit old and unsightly and seems to have a lot of "play" between on and off. I could obviously easily replace it with the same thermostat or a very similar one, however i...
  15. G

    Replacement Wireless programmer Recommendations

    I have an LG air source heat pump which is controlled by an Optimum Duostat controller This has developed a mind of its own where it ignores the programming So time to swap it out Looking for recommendation for a unit thats easy enough to programme without having 5 time zones Basic time on / off...
  16. Lofty24

    Old Bottle type tap replacement?

    Hi all, Is there a modern replacement for an old bottle type tap with a shower attachment or do they still only do individual taps?
  17. J

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement - Hi am looking to replace my old CM61 with a smart version, any advice?
  18. DJseals

    Immersion heater replacement

    I want to replace my old immersion heater, it currently has a dual immersion with bath/sink switch, we only ever need the whole tank heated so can i replace with a single immersion? or if i am doing it a a DIYer is like for like easier.
  19. 1rtomlinson

    Replacement cartridge for Milan Modern Thermostatic Shower

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement thermostatic cartridge for this shower which was purchase in 2018 from Victorian Plumbing. The stock code was SK001. I saw another thread about this but I don't think there was ever a definitive answer. If not a replacement cartridge then if anyone has...
  20. T

    Brittony 2T replacement

    Replacing elderly Brittony 11T multipoints,I have three bathrooms ,two kitchens (heating by baxi wallheaters,preferable to the cost of central heating options). I have three options replace with the main multipoints ,refurbish the two ageing Brittony or replace withtwo condensing multipoints. A...
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