1. F

    screw in direct cistern valve replacement

    Leaking toilet - needs replacement flush valve but existing screws direct into cistern not fixed with nurt and seal. How do I get this type of valve or is the thread size the same as the spigot and nut type so I get one of the latter and dispose of the nut & seal?
  2. A

    help identifying clip on TRV head for replacement

    Hi I want to replace my trv heads on my radiators. However I am trying to find what the current ones are as they seem different to the typical screw on ones. These ones clip on with a spring loaded thumb turn. There is no thread on the inlet fitting to the radiator either. Any idea what I need...
  3. M

    Daryl Shower Head replacement (possibly over 30 years old)

    First of all I have to confess I am not a plumber so please bear with me! I have a Daryl enclosed shower in an ensuite bathroom. It was already installed when I moved into my house in 2006 and was probably around 10 years old even then. The other shower components work fine, but the top shower...
  4. L

    Replacement British Gas TRV head

    Good afternoon, I am after a replacement British Gas TRV head. I have found a direct replacement on Ebay, however they are £39.99 + £3.99 postage. Does anyone know if there is a different TRV head that will work? Kind regards, Laurence
  5. E

    Lockshield replacement advice

    I'm redecorating the front room and have found one of the radiator trv leaking when adjusted, so I have decided to replace the trvs on all three radiators given there age, should I replace the lock shields also?
  6. Luca

    Internal cistern flush valve replacement

    Hello, I have to replace the flush valve and/or the washer but unfortunately it's inside the vanity unit. The only way is removing the toilet. I turned the screw on the cistern pipe to stop the water. I removed all the silicon around the toilet, now I can easily lift up the Front panel but...
  7. L

    Where can I get a replacement toilet seat for a bathstore euro mono back to wall pan

    I need a new seat for a Bathstore Euro mono back to wall white pan e14. The seat was a euro mono sandwich seat white chr hinge Bought in 2007. I know that bathstore went bust and homebase bought the old stock. I’ve searched online and found some replacement seats for the euro, but they don’t...
  8. B

    Shower drain cover replacement

    Please see attached pic. . . . I would like to replace the drain cover in my ensuite shower. Also, I am hoping, if possible, to replace the top part without taking the shower basin out (is that possible)? How / what with?
  9. E

    Water Heater Replacement Questions

    Hello, I have a tank Bradford White 50 gallon gas hot water heater for a 1700 sq ft home with 2 1/2 baths, HOWEVER, I am only one person living there. It was installed in March of 2015 so it is 8 years old. I believe life expectancy for a typical hot water heater is around 10 - 12 years so I...
  10. C

    Grundfos Alpha Pump replacement

    Hello, my Mothers heating failed in the recent UK cold snap. I found the pump was stuck. I have a question about pump orientation. The existing pump flows downwards. The manual for the proposed replacement recommends that it should pump upwards. This would involve rearranging the flow &...
  11. B

    MT10RF replacement on greenstar junior24i combi mk3

    The clock timer on the Mt10rf transmitter does not work, but it can be used in day mode to get the heating on. Is Drayton LP10RF a suitable replacement? I guess the receiver from this would need to be used rather than the existing Worcester one?
  12. FRAM777


    I need to replace a 3/4 or 22mm blending valve on a Telford Trident electric hot water boiler. see attached picture of the original part. Telford asked me 100£ for the part and refused to provide the technical details. I am pretty confident this is not a proprietary part and similar parts...
  13. Daviddickson

    Boiler Replacement in Glasgow - Discussing Options and Recommendations

    Best boiler replacement in Glasgow. At Xpress Boiler Solutions, we provide the best & most eco-friendly, affordable boiler options in Glasgow
  14. K

    NK Porcelanosa WC Syphon seal/washer replacement

    Hi. Water is slowly leaking into the toilet bowl from the cistern. I suspect that it's the rubber washer at the bottom of the tube that's the problem but I can't figure out how to get to it. I can feel it when I put my hand down to the bottom of the tube and it seems flexible but it's 16 years...
  15. P

    Where to find a replacement cylinder for Ariston 150L unvented

    Hi my daughters Ariston Cylinder has started to leak around the Emersion heater. She has never used the emersion heater so I was wondering if there was anyway to take it our and fil the hole with a blank? Or if anyone knows where to find an Ariston cylinder 150L unvented??
  16. W

    Replacement Collector Circuit Pump

    Hi, I’m looking to find a replacement Collector circuit pump for a ground source heat pump. This is the pump on the brine circuit. The pump I have is no longer supported by the manufacture. It’s a Wilo TOP-S25/7.5 Any recommendations would be very welcome.
  17. W

    Radiator replacement

    Hullo everyone its a while since I posted on here basically because i have had no plumbing issues however I have one now. My son recently moved into a house which has cellar within which is a radiator which is part of the central heating system. The rad looks old, rusty and horrible as does the...
  18. W

    Wilo RS25/6-3 P Replacement required?

    Hi all, I'm trying to source a replacement pump for my heating system, I suspect the current pump is an older version that has been superseded, could anyone advise what the latest model would be or an equivelant? Wilo Type: RS25/6-3 P No: 4511050 Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks
  19. S

    Dripping tap despite valve replacement

    I have a Bristan Manhattan mixer tap in the kitchen. Five years ago, it started to drip. I replaced the valve in the cold water side and the dripping stopped. Recently it began to drip again and I replaced the valve again. But, it still drips sometimes. I’m trying to replace the valve on the...
  20. P

    3 way valve replacement

    Hi I'm going to replace the 3 way vale on my open heating system. Hoping someone can advise. In the picture, to isolate the valve I am going to turn off 1, 2 & 3. However as you can see I can't turn anything off between the valve and the hot water tank. If I use a bung in the header tank, will...

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