1. P


    Good evening I need to replace 5 TRV valves in my flat . I would like to replace with decent quality ones. Does anybody have any recommendations Which would be very much appreciated. I have attached a picture of current trv. Thank you in advance Peter
  2. M

    Replacement toilet required??

    Hi guys. I need to replace a high level cistern/pan, for either a low level toilet or preferably a close coupled toilet. The big issue with this is that the 4in drain to it comes up through a concrete floor, which is 100mm from the back wall to the centre of the waste outlet in the floor. I...
  3. P

    Stained carpet after radiator replacement

    I have replaced a radiator and I managed to spill some of the contents of the old rad on the carpet. Is there any way to remove the black stain? It's an industrial grade carpet so I can use pretty much any chemical on it but i have no idea what I can use that will remove the iron oxide. Any...
  4. L

    Radiator Replacement

    Hi all Does anyone know if a 1270mm long radiator ( preferably designer panel type double backed in white) exists? I am replacing an existing rad 1270x600 so would like to just swap out and avoid modifying/draining the pipework if possible. I’ve looked on line and the closest I’ve seen is...
  5. B

    Main Medway replacement

    Hi everyone, I need to replace a Main Medway Super water heater, as these are now obsolete can anyone give me a idea of a decent replacement, it serves 3 hot taps. Many thanks BigJake
  6. M

    Shower drain cover replacement help

    I need some help please. I am looking for a shower drain cover for this drain. I dont know what make it is. This is in a wet room shower.
  7. G

    Advice on replacement Towel Rad on Gravity System heated by Multifuel Stove

    Hello, My current installation is an 8Kw Morso Stove, about 20 years old, connected to: An indirect coil in a vented cylinder (on the ground floor where the heater is, but raised by about 80cm), gravity fed with a bathroom towel rail upstairs also gravity fed. Once the gravity circuit is up...
  8. O

    Grundfos Pump Replacement

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a replacement Grundfos circulation pump for an underfloor heating manifold? I have a Grundfos USP0 15-65 130 Part number 96836743 which is a 1" bsp I believe. Looking to replace this and Grundfos says this is an OEM part which they cannot...
  9. B

    Boiler replacement

    Hi all. We have at present a Biasi M96.24 which has been with us since jesus was born and it's now time to replace it. We have been told that the one fitted now is no longer made so will have to have a different model. We want another Biasi as we have had no problem with it until now. My...
  10. Suedurbin44

    Sure spot as a stopcock replacement?

    The house I live in has the stopcock plastered into the wall by the previous owner. I have a mains water leak in the system after the meter( which I’ve been using to switch off water supply when needed) The waterboard wont come out to test if it’s a leak until I can isolate the house via a...
  11. J

    Flamco Flexvent replacement

    I have a Flamco Flexvent in the CH system, and it has been there for over 20 years. Now it is starting dripping from the cap location, and the cap could not be closed off. I would like to have it replaced, but not sure whether I have to drain the CH system. Advice will be highly appreciated...
  12. N

    Mira 723 EV Direct replacement

    Anyone know of a straight swop for this exposed valve
  13. James Cullinane

    Lead Pipe Replacement Questions

    Hi all So I have done some plumbing in my house with push-fit pipes. And now I am looking into replacing the lead pipe from my main water supply. In the picture you can see I have a plastic mains pipe, that runs into a 15mm pipe with stopcock. Then this is coupled to an old lead pipe. This...
  14. FredL

    Replacement shower installation advice

    Reaching out for some general advice about the smart way to go about replacing my existing shower: The main problem is that the shower tray has a hairline crack, and so the whole unit will have to come out. The shower itself is an Aqualisa Aquavalve 200: Yes, those are tiles on top of...
  15. Oldboiler

    Waste pipe replacement

    Hi I want to replace the 32 & 40mm waste pipes that connect to my external soil stack, not enough fall so not draining. Should I make a new hole lower down below the boss branch to insert the new pipe or is it best to just replace that section completely and connect to the stack a bit further...
  16. M

    Boiler replacement

    Is there anyone interested/available in the Winchester area in replacing a Glow-worm Cxi (Combi) for a retired colleague. I have been quoted £400+ to replace the PCB with a caveat that “there are other things wrong, that might not fix it”. Not sure how the “other things” were thought to be...
  17. M

    Drain off washer replacement.

    Hi all. I hope you are well. Finally got around to having a go on the new forum. Interesting. Any way, back to business. Will a standard drain off washer fit the drain off attached in the picture? Cheers
  18. C

    Replacement Shower Pump

    Good evening, We've had our second Salamander shower pump die this year (they really don't like you not using them for extended periods). I tried to get another CT75 Twin but the replacement new model CT75extra won't actually fit in the space where the CT75 Twin currently is due to them...
  19. Chris Churchman

    Replacement for TS Range Flowmax Cylinder

    Hello... Looking for advice regarding a replacement for my old Range Flowmax 140 Thermal Store combination cylinder that is starting to show its age. I wondered if anyone had any recomendation for which manufacturers to look at? I know they are not cheap anyway, but I dont mind spend a bit extra...
  20. Christopher buzzard

    Replacement WC cistern.

    Hey. Just a quick question. Are these cisterns still available today and does any1 have a link. I cant think of the make or what you call that type of cistern. Thanks in advance.
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