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  1. J

    replacement for superjet 202

    please can you advise of a replacement for a superjet 202
  2. A

    Replacement controllers...

    Hey all, need to find a replacement control unit for my air/water heat pump. Does anyone have have any links that I can try? Thanks for any help
  3. A

    Thoughts on quote of boiler replacement

    Hi guys, been quoted 1550 for direct replacement of baxi combi 105he with a baxi 830, I know the engineers.. So paying roughly 500 for Labour. What do you think? Plus this is with thermostat fitting etc. I thought about 1300/1400.
  4. M

    Could anyone advise me what this is, and a suitable like for like replacement.

    Could anyone advise me a suitable like for like replacement, ideally one that bolt into exact same pipework..? It is "pumped" Many Thanks Matt
  5. quality

    Replacement boiler .

    I am heat pump chap as regulars may know. How many gas men have a new boiler in the box sat in the corner for when the times comes? Ps I am in Dorset all next week if anyone fancies a pint
  6. N

    If I replace CM927 will it work with the existing Relay box?

    Hi. CM927 Wireless programmable Thermostat and Relay box were fitet in my house Sept. 2008. Now the CM927 seems to misbehave, If I buy a replacement CM927 will it work with the existing Relay box?
  7. AtomXL

    Does anyone recognise this radiator/valve? Need a replacement

    Hi all Does anyone recognise this radiator or the valve at the bottom of it? The valve is leaking and my plumber is off to try to find a replacement... Thanks Graham 1578312877 Sorry, I should have been more clear. The valve says Drayton TRV4 on it. The leak is coming from the back of the...
  8. R

    Franke tap valve replacement

    I'm trying to change a dripping cartridge in a Franke Panto tap. I have a new cartridge and after a fight involving a decent hammer I've managed to remove the relevant lever. Inside, there is no hex head, double flat or anything else recognisable on the valve - there is what seems to be a...
  9. M

    Toilet Siphon diaphragm replacement?

    Hi guys. One of the in-laws has an issue with her toilet not flushing. I’ve had a very quick look and it seems the plastic diaphragm has split in the siphon. It’s an older siphon but luckily it does split in to 2 so I don’t have to replace the whole thing, but that’s only if one of you good...
  10. I

    Smart thermostats replacement of old

    Hi I have a 5 year old combination boiler it doesn’t have a thermostat anywhere, it only has a small electric display next to the boiler for the on and off for the boiler . I have been looking at buying a wireless smart thermostat so I can control the boiler temperature from my phone and Alexa...
  11. ian.

    Honeywell Valencia VT117 Replacement Insert

    Hi, I have Honeywell Valencia VT117 TRV with Hive Heads fitted, the TRV insert pins on a number of rads are sticking and I've tried differing lubricants to try and resolve the problem, but to no avail. Do you know of a replacement insert, Honeywell have confirmed they don't sell the part...
  12. A

    Leaky kitchen tap - what is this replacement part called?

    Hi, my kitchen tap has been dripping. What is this replacement part, below images? Thanks :)
  13. Teebag

    Help me understanding my heating installation and replacement

    Hi all, I just joined the forum as I couldn't find help just being a lurker. :) I just bought my first house (yay me) and it's a new one. The installation has been done my a bunch of different people and the plumber himself couldn't explain fully what he's done (yes, you read it right). I...
  14. LouiseSJPP

    Replacement for Grundfos circulating pump

    I need to replace a broken circulating pump, Grundfos UP20-BXUT. I'm struggling to find one (I live in France) and wonder if there's another make that would fit into the existing plumbing? Alternatively, as it's the motor / pump rotor that seems to be sticking, could I buy a basic Grundfos...
  15. M

    Installing a replacement basin/ped?

    Hi guys. What's the preferred method of installing hot and colds to a basin on a ped? I know a lot are piped up inside of the ped but with monabloc mixer taps on flexis I'm thinking it may result in the pipes knocking about? Any advice you guys have would be great, thanks.
  16. plumb_know

    Boilermate boiler pump replacement

    Hi Everyone, Replaced boilermate boiler flow/return pump yesterday as old one was fried but just used a standard grundfos ups3 as seen people say standard pumps are ok to use for boiler & heating circuit of boilermate, customer says heating demand is constantly on now. I just wanted to check...
  17. P


    Good evening I need to replace 5 TRV valves in my flat . I would like to replace with decent quality ones. Does anybody have any recommendations Which would be very much appreciated. I have attached a picture of current trv. Thank you in advance Peter
  18. M

    Replacement toilet required??

    Hi guys. I need to replace a high level cistern/pan, for either a low level toilet or preferably a close coupled toilet. The big issue with this is that the 4in drain to it comes up through a concrete floor, which is 100mm from the back wall to the centre of the waste outlet in the floor. I...
  19. P

    Stained carpet after radiator replacement

    I have replaced a radiator and I managed to spill some of the contents of the old rad on the carpet. Is there any way to remove the black stain? It's an industrial grade carpet so I can use pretty much any chemical on it but i have no idea what I can use that will remove the iron oxide. Any...
  20. L

    Radiator Replacement

    Hi all Does anyone know if a 1270mm long radiator ( preferably designer panel type double backed in white) exists? I am replacing an existing rad 1270x600 so would like to just swap out and avoid modifying/draining the pipework if possible. I’ve looked on line and the closest I’ve seen is...