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Replacement arthroplasty (from Greek arthron, joint, limb, articulate, + plassein, to form, mould, forge, feign, make an image of), or joint replacement surgery, is a procedure of orthopedic surgery in which an arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis. Joint replacement is considered as a treatment when severe joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviated by less-invasive therapies. It is a form of arthroplasty, and is often indicated from various joint diseases, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Joint replacement surgery is becoming more common with knees and hips replaced most often. About 773,000 Americans had a hip or knee replaced in 2009.

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  1. Hashtag246

    URGENT Thermostatic valve replacement problems

    Got a porcelanosa shower mixer and i need to change the thermostatic valve. It shows that a special tool might be required to remove it. Can u advise? Thanks
  2. T

    Central heating room thermostat replacement

    Hi all, I have a simple mechanical Honeywell wall thermostat (i think you call it a 2 wire). I want to replace it as it is a bit old and unsightly and seems to have a lot of "play" between on and off. I could obviously easily replace it with the same thermostat or a very similar one, however i...
  3. G

    Replacement Wireless programmer Recommendations

    I have an LG air source heat pump which is controlled by an Optimum Duostat controller This has developed a mind of its own where it ignores the programming So time to swap it out Looking for recommendation for a unit thats easy enough to programme without having 5 time zones Basic time on / off...
  4. Lofty24

    Old Bottle type tap replacement?

    Hi all, Is there a modern replacement for an old bottle type tap with a shower attachment or do they still only do individual taps?
  5. J

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement

    Honeywell CM61 'Smart' Replacement - Hi am looking to replace my old CM61 with a smart version, any advice?
  6. DJseals

    Immersion heater replacement

    I want to replace my old immersion heater, it currently has a dual immersion with bath/sink switch, we only ever need the whole tank heated so can i replace with a single immersion? or if i am doing it a a DIYer is like for like easier.
  7. 1rtomlinson

    Replacement cartridge for Milan Modern Thermostatic Shower

    Hi I'm looking for a replacement thermostatic cartridge for this shower which was purchase in 2018 from Victorian Plumbing. The stock code was SK001. I saw another thread about this but I don't think there was ever a definitive answer. If not a replacement cartridge then if anyone has...
  8. T

    Brittony 2T replacement

    Replacing elderly Brittony 11T multipoints,I have three bathrooms ,two kitchens (heating by baxi wallheaters,preferable to the cost of central heating options). I have three options replace with the main multipoints ,refurbish the two ageing Brittony or replace withtwo condensing multipoints. A...
  9. B

    Atag One replacement

    Hi, I have an Atag iC Economiser 27 boiler from 2017, not the more recent "plus" model. It came with an Atag One controller which is hooked in with a 2 wire OpenTherm bus connection. The controller is about to pack in and I'm looking at Tado instead. The controller battery is on its last legs...
  10. J

    Shower replacement advice needed

    Recently moved into a house and have been told that a shower needs replacing as it has water coming out of the fittings when on and is increasingly hard to turn off. When looking for new showers we ideally want one that will fit into the current holes, and have noticed that some shower valves...
  11. S

    Radiator replacement - measurement clarification.

    I have removed a radiator and wish to replace using existing pipework and valves. The old radiator itself was 1290mm in width with a total width tail to tail of 1330mm. The pipe to pipe measurement is 1350mm. The height of the old radiator was 430mm however I could go to 500mm with the new...
  12. 0Duke0

    Boiler loses pressure after TRV replacement

    Hi, the other day I had a plumber over to fit a new TRV to a radiator on the ground floor. During the process I noticed the pipe connecting the valve to the piping under the floorboards was not properly clamped and was turning first counter and then clockwise. When the valve was fitted the pipe...
  13. S

    Issue fitting replacement door & frame

    I have a Neo-Angle shower tray, … imagine an oblong with corner cut at 45 degree It’s 1.2m x 0.9m The ‘Roman’ shower door has failed, the only shower door that fits this tray is a now a ‘Roman’ glass frameless style. Ordered it and I have hit a problem Installation is by fixing the vertical...
  14. bobster316

    replacement shower mixer valve thermostat

    Can anyone please advise which replacement shower mixer valve thermostat I need foe this shower control
  15. R

    [Please Help]Cold Water Tank Replacement Cost-Am I Being Ripped Off?

    Hello Everyone. I humbly come to post needing your advice on a rather urgent issue I have regarding my cold water tank in the loft. Basically, a few days ago I noticed a patch of yellow in my bedroom ceiling. I then went up in my loft to find that the water tank was leaking. I called a plumber...
  16. J

    Identify WC for replacement seat

    can anyone help identify this WC for a replacement seat. The seat is wider at the rear than at the front so does not match anything I can find online. inside the cistern is the code C0232, but a search does not return any results.
  17. V

    Can I oversize a new combi for DHW flow rate?

    I have to replace my combi (Vaillant ecotec 35kw) and installer has suggested Ideal Vogue 32kw. Happy with his advice regarding the model but I see that the DHW is only 13 l/min whereas on the old Vaillant it was 15 l/min Therefore I was wondering about getting the 40kw Vogue as this is...
  18. C

    Sink tap replacement

    Hi I am not sure whether I have posted correctly earlier today, if so please forgive me as I am trying again just in case. I have a sink that has the basin plus another smaller basin next to it, think it is a 1/4 of the size of the main basin. The unit comes up through one hole, has 2 taps...
  19. G

    Dudley Niagra replacement

    Morning all, I have another problem I’d like some advice on please. wifey has a concealed cistern with a pneumatic Dudley niagra flush mechanism. I changed this a few years ago because the pneumatic mechanism failed and it’s failing again. I recall that the whole mechanism simply untwisted from...
  20. I

    Qualification needed to replace an electric shower in a customers home

    As a plumber what qualification is needed to install a replacement electrical shower in a customers house?
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