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  1. king of pipes

    Boilermate replacement

    Been to 2 jobs today where I need to upgrade the heating and hot water both have boilermates fitted with potterton suprima boilers in the kitchen because of pipework layout still a bit unsure which way to go any suggestions chaps . Cheers kop
  2. C

    Replacement Grohe mono block

    How can i buy an exact replacement as i cannot see how to open the barrel to the hot ceramic disc to replace that? Grohe About 8 years old. Thanks Chris
  3. G

    Baxi Neta Tec Problem + Pos Replacement

    Hello All, Firstly I am not in the central heating profession. We moved into a property 3 years ago and got lumped with this paper weight stuck to the wall in my loft. In the 3 years we've had it, the pcb was first replaced after error 133 code and not getting a flame. The whole manifold was...
  4. N

    Replacement Pump for Wilo Gold 50 Pump

    Hi Was wondering if anyone could advise a good value replacement for the willo gold 50 pump , looked at so many now i am confused .
  5. T

    Re-using existing connection to a replacement Cylinder

    I'm renewing my old indirect cylinder with a like for like replacement (albeit with an additional shower take off point). I intend replacing the cold feed and boiler connections with new pipe as they are pretty easy to replace. My question is about reusing the existing hot water take off point...
  6. L

    Cast soil section replacement

    Good evening, Just to see how you guys have done something I keep thinking about in my head. A job I have looked at to fit a downstairs toilet. The soil stack is all internal (boxed in) and is cast all the way up, I need to cut into the bottom of the stack for the new toilet. The customer...
  7. M

    Wilo Pump Capacitor Replacement

    Hi All, new member here. I have a Wilo Gold RS50 pump fitted to a solar thermal system. I suspect the capacitor is faulty and wish to replace it. However, I cannot see the method to disconnect one of the capacitor leads (sited between the L & N connections). It is very tight and I don't want to...
  8. H

    Did I get ripped off? - Shower mixer replacement by local plumber

    Hi guys my first post on this forum. A plumber came in to replace our shower mixer as it lost water pressure over the year from limescale blockage I believe! The plumber managed to install the new shower mixer however it looks extremely botched! Please have a look at the picture and tell me...
  9. N

    Mixer Shower Replacement

    Existing mixer shower replacement, hot water is currently fed from hot water cistern on 1st floor between floor and ground floor ceiling and then up to the shower valve. Cold water is fed from tank in loft across the ceiling and down to existing shower valve. Low pressure system so wish to...
  10. J

    Old stopcock replacement

    Hello everyone. I've got to replace this stopcock as it's leaking and almost seized up. Am I likely to encounter any problems removing it and will a standard 15mm stopcock be ok as a replacement? The old lead pipe is just visible under the concrete. Thank you.
  11. Z

    Danesmoor 15/19 oil boiler replacement, back boiler and solar collector

    Hi, At some point in the near future will replace our trusty old Oil fired Danesmoor, hopefully a new boiler will fit better in the kitchen units and lose the vertical flue. A plumber has suggested he fit a Firebird with a 10 year warranty, thoughts ? Also wondered if that would be a good time...
  12. J murton

    Thomas Crapper toilet replacement

    Hi All After some advice on a Thomas crapper toilet replacement that my customer has managed to smash. I quoted them for a like for like but they don’t like the price of the new pan (approx 400/500£. They are asking if we can put a standard pan and keep the flush pipe and cistern. Let me know if...
  13. M

    correct cartridge replacement for bristan

    Hello, I'm having a problem with my shower mixer, the hot water doesn't quite come out unless I open the flow to maximum and even then its not as hot as the other taps in the flat. I'm pretty sure its the thermostatic cartridge and I'm trying to identify the correct cart for it I've been advised...
  14. Christopher buzzard

    Replacement part for bi-fold shower door

    Morning every1. Need help with either a website or what you would call the part I need to replace on this shower door. Not even sure if yo can buy parts for it. Age unknown. 760mm door. Many thanks.
  15. D

    best replacement combi boiler ?

    want replace worcester 35cdi combi have 12 rads, 2 showers, which boiler best replacement?
  16. M

    Finding valve head replacement for filling loop?

    Hello, One of the black levers on my filling loop under the boiler has stopped working (when I turn it it's not opening the valve and no sound of water coming through). I think I just need to unscrew the black lever and fit a new one, but I can't seem to find one when I search online. I've...
  17. Ian Garbutt

    Help ! Replacement bath side panel needed

    Hi guys Your wise counsel is sought please. Ideally I need to replace the bath side panel in our house which is cracked in multiple places. I've no idea how old it is as it was fitted by one of the former owners. My wife suspects it was from B&Q, however, they and no one else I can find on...
  18. J

    Problem With Boiler Replacement

    Hi All, I have a thermal store central heating system which has 2 pumps, one for hot water and one for central heating. My boiler has been replaced and I know they had trouble with the wiring. They told me that one of the pumps wasn't calling for heat but now all is ok. However, I have found...
  19. David Gill

    Ceramic Cartridge Replacement?

    [/URL][/IMG] Any idea how to replace the cartridge in one of these taps? No top to unscrew, no grub screw in the body. Looks like it might just pull off, but don’t want to attempt it if it’s the wrong thing to do! TIA
  20. J

    Replacement Wireless Thermostat Wiring

    I am replacing my old RF thermostat (Tower RF-205) with a Heatmiser RF-Switch but just wanted confirmation on the wiring. The old thermostat has 4 terminals. Live and Neutral I'm happy with but for some reason they have labelled the other two Out 1 and Out 2. The new receiver has a ton of...