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Hello there I live in a very hard water area I need some help to what I can use to prevent limescale build up etc. I looked around so many on the market and also mixed messages. I live in a one bedroom ground floor flat with wet room and toilet etc. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you William


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Water softener will sort you out


I live / work in a very hard water area (440 p p m) after trying various water conditioning devices fitted a proper softener at home 4 years ago.
Should have done it years ago ! Use far less soap/ detergent no salt in dishwasher clothes fell softer.
Even better no tap ball valve etc maintenance dueto scale build up! On balance I would say cost neutral to run .


Ditto - we live in a very hard water area too and fitted a softener when we refurbished our house 7 years ago - so no limescale for 7 years.

If you do go ahead, get a unit that senses the amount of water you use or your salt costs will be high
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king of pipes

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The only real option is a proper water softener, there are other devices but they reduce the scale and it still forms to a degree. Kop


Another vote for a salt based water softener, nothing else will sort it for you.

However, there are lots to choose from and the danger is that, being a noobie, you might go for one of the cheaper ones. Buy cheap and you buy twice!

Do some research, buy the best that you can afford, and with care it will last a lifetime.


1. Agree with the others. A proper salt based, ion exchange type, water softener like a Harveys or Kinetico is the only real solution.
2. However, with a one bedroom flat, you may be short of space. An ion exchange water softener takes up about the same amount of space as a small dishwasher, and you need somewhere to store the salt unless you buy it as needed.
3. You could look at a polyphosphate type "softener". They don't really stop the limescale, but do stop it sticking to heating elements (e.g. kettle). Might be a second best solution.

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