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We’ve purchased a 1920’s bungalow that’s been unoccupied for a long time. I’m in the process of trying to sort the water supply at the moment.
The water meter was submerged and when drained would quickly fill up again, we had south west water take a look, they said it was a leak on the service side connection and replaced the bottom part of the meter.

I’ve isolated the incoming main at the house. When I cut the pipe it was pressurised but quickly lost pressure, I guess because it’s stopped at the meter.

right now if I turn the meter on, we get nothing. The meter doesn’t spin, we get no leak dial spinning and I can’t feel any pressure when it opens.
I need to contact south west water again but it feels like it’s been isolated before the meter. I’ve checked with the neighbours and they all have normal supply with their own meter + stopcock.

I found this under a cover at the roadside, can anyone tell me what it is and if it could be the source of the issue?

i started this process with southwest water back in November and this is how far we’ve got, hence why I’m asking here. any help appreciated!

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