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Hi everyone,
Currently just me plumbing but looking to branch out
Just wondering how the employers and users of subs keep their workers working their best:
The pricework way - how do you avoid corner cutting and paying for time repairing cock ups.

On the clock workers paid for time - do you give workers an estimated time you expect it to be finished and how do you make sure they stick to it.

A mix of the two or something different?

By nature i am tempted to go on price as when i started on site i worked in a different trade and the company had 1 team that took 5-6 days to do the job while me and the other team on price did the same job in 2 1/2 - 3 days ( not cutting corners but sweat dripping off us , while they looked relaxed).

Plus any other tips on getting the best out of your workers appreciated . Thanks


i.e. pay them well and don’t “track” their movements/time too closely.

Nobody likes to feel they are being “kept an eye on”, trust your workers to do a good job and they will- providing they are good conscientious types, which you are more likely to attract if you pay well...


If it's just you, then surely the person(s) will be working along side you for a period of time.
You should be able to weed out the ones that don't suit you.

You may get into trouble if you're pricing works and then sub-contracting the works to others without any supervision
I have had staff before and paid decent money worked out at £25 per hour all min 10 years and nvq 3 yet all 3 hired i had to let go as they were not good enough and i gave simple jobs to break them in yet within 3 jobs i had to repair each ones work (so all i know is job centre may be free but didnt work for me).

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