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Hi folks

I much appreciate you help.

Please see the attached pix of an old style kitchen tap. Can you tell me the name of the type of tap? And/or what type of washer I will need for it, and where I could get one?

Many thanks!

Many thanks! You are a star. :)

Indeed, that is the tap, and I have just read up on it. And thanks for the link for the new washer, you are so helpful.

Apparently, you don't have to turn the mains off for this tap. Which is totally tragic, because I did just that, and now my stopcock has jammed shut, and I have no water... :(
Prob just stiff try a pair of pliers for some extra leverage

They don’t normally stick shut

But be careful


Also don’t start projects this late at night start in the early morning eg 9am then you have a whole day if anything goes wrong
Thank you once again. It's a bit strange. The stopcock is a regular compression type — the one with the bulge in it. The tap on it can be opened or shut no problem. But when it's now fully opened, only a little water flows. It's not been touched for many years, and I suspect the rubber washer has come off the end, and jammed in the seat somehow. I've tried to heat it with a hair dryer etc — but no result.

Any ideas?
Red handle / round
If you have any spare old type ball valve washers, you could use one to put into the brass seating as a good temporary repair for your tap.
Edit, - re the stopcock - it is probably jammed closed and worth trying to turn it full off and on a few times. If that doesn’t work then it will need your water mains turned off at road and stopcock works removed
Like this one ?

The one you’ve posted normally get very little wrong with them might drip but normally don’t get stuck / won’t turn back on

Normally have no bother with them very strange sounds like the spindles gone inside for no water

Should open / turn the handle around 5-6 full turns anti clockwise to open
Yes. It is strange. I have fully opened it. And tried opening/closing. Also tried a hairdryer. And some percussive maintenance. All to no avail. I guess I'll have to call someone out on Monday and fit a new one. You have been fantastic. Thank you so much.
Sounds like the rubber washer has stuck and the water is passing through the hole in middle of washer.
Or the brass jumper part has come free (which normally wouldn’t matter) but washer is stuck, so jumper remains in closed position
Turn it off in the street and remove the works, you will see what’s wrong and either easy to fix or just replace works.

I had one recently where the metal disc holding the rubber washer had broken up into pieces and these were jammed in the tap body giving the exact symptoms you have - replace works from a new tap into the old body is usually the easiest.

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