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Trying is a drama by Canadian-born playwright Joanna Glass that premiered at Chicago's Victory Gardens Theater on March 29, 2004. The two-act play depicts the final year in the life Francis Biddle—the United States Attorney General under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Chief Judge of the Nuremberg trials—as it was seen through the eyes of his then twenty-five-year-old assistant, Sarah Schorr. As the young woman relates to the audience, she is merely the latest and coincidentally the last in a long and unsuccessful line of personal secretaries, all of whom have disappointed Biddle in some way. Much of the story revolves around issues of aging and the breakdown of communication over divisions of age and class. The work is derived from Glass's own experiences as Biddle's assistant from 1967-68.

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  1. N

    How to connect honeywell t5+ to viesmann vitodens 100 boiler.

    I have viessmann vitodens wb1b 100 boiler and im trying to install a honeywell t5+ wifi thermostat. I currently have a 2 wire thermostat with no c-wire. Can anyone help me with directions and or pictures?
  2. J

    Toilet fill valve - trying to identify part

    Hi I have an old style toilet and the valve has failed but it's so old I can't find a replacement and don't know what to ask for. Can any professional plumbers help me identify what I need to source? Photos attached. Thanks Neil
  3. A

    trying to post a question

    hi all Im trying to post a question in the heating forum but it tells me only 5 tags allowed, Ive added and deleted various words/letters but it still wont let me post, can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?
  4. A

    Trying to pinpoint problem with boiler condensate pump

    Hi there, I am not a plumber, but wondered if any plumbers out there could help? My dad is also not a plumber by trade (although has plumbed plenty) and is a bit stuck with this one. Basically, there was a leak coming from underneath our floor-standing Worcester Greenstar CDi boiler, which...
  5. J

    Trying to balance 4 radiators one has no TRV only one hot

    We just moved into a new build house two months ago. Haven't really had to use the heating upstairs until now. Downstairs has a thermostat in the living room and 5 radiators it controls that all work fine. Upstairs has a thermostat and 4 radiators and only one of them is getting hot. This is...
  6. M

    Trying to balance our radiators .

    Now its got cold again I'm having another attempt to get our system re-balanced and have found this "lockshield": Presumably all I need is an allen key to adjust it? Also, using my new infra red thermometer, this rad is getting a lot hotter than most of the others in the house - is this...
  7. W

    Customer trying to claim against me

    Back in November 2016 I fitted a bathroom suite for a couple then four months later they messaged me to say there was a damp patch on the kitchen ceiling under the bathroom, but stated that it was discovered that it was an old leak, nothing to do with the bathroom I fitted. A month later I...
  8. M

    Trying to balance system

    Hi I've been trying to balance my Central heating system to solve a long running issue with 3 down stairs radiators taking a long time to get hot. The system is an open vented system with 12 Rads ( 4 upstairs and 8 down) At the same time, in our living room we have one of these heaters ( Pls see...
  9. C

    Awkward customer trying to use someone else to sign off work

    Hi I’ve got a awkward customer who’s playing silly buggers with payment after using breach of trust to kick us off the job now it’s at second fix stage. The boiler and cylinder is installed by me and was running and tested before he kicked us off the job. My question is Is another gas safe...
  10. P

    Trying To Identify Extra Pipes Into Boiler

    I have a fully pumped s-plan vented system, with hot water cyl. and 6 rads. I'm trying to understand the layout and am confused about two extra pipes that go into the top of the boiler - a Thorn Olympic. There are 5 pipes in total, as follows - 15mm gas pipe to bottom of boiler 28mm flow to...
  11. R

    Need help trying to make a two zoned system

    got a Worcester system boiler and unvented tank got two runs coming from the boiler flow and return 28mm pipe .flow aiming upstairs through three port valve to radiators and unvented .the flow then is going into two directions going upstairs and downstairs as the flow pipe feeds the whole...
  12. P

    People cannot use their phones when trying to show you something

    Have you noticed that people are a total whizkid when it comes to using their phones but when they want to show you something they suddenly turn into a illiterate caveman, bashing at the screen with a finger "ooh no ive opened up my caluculator, ooh no I've just turned off screeen rotation...ooh...
  13. D

    Help needed taking a tap apart

    Hi all I've got a dripping tap but can't figure out how to take it apart and don't want to damage it by trying incorrectly. I can't see anyway to separate the tap to get inside and there is nothing to pry off that I can see. any advice gratefully received. cheers Drw ps sorry pics are...
  14. T

    Which trusted trader

    Anyone on it? I just paid my money, got there list of things they want to see and it seems very intrusive and a bit deep for a plumber, I change taps, fit toilets, fix heating, put baths in, unblock drains, do power flushes. I don't build extensions and loft conversions
  15. M

    Re Leak from combi boiler.

    Hi I am reposting my questions because someone unhelpfully assumed I am trying to fix my own boiler and has had my thread closed, even though it is obvious from my post that I am not trying to fix it myself. So please can someone give me an opinion on my post. So here goes again: I have a Baxi...
  16. wattsie1987

    Close coupled back to Wall pan

    Hi got a job where a customer would like the above. Have fitted several before and are a bit fiddly however the existing waste comes out from the floor can't move the pipe as will cost too much. Has anyone ever fitted one this way and what was your way round pipping the waste? The existing pan...
  17. U

    Worchester 350 Boiler problem

    Hi Everyone. I have a 14 year old Worchester 350 boiler and is recently having some problems. Basically my shower is not running hot water anymore, it alternates between cold and luke warm. The boiler itself keeps trying to fire but not really seems to heat the water? I am with Npowers...
  18. S


    please can any one help, we had our oil fired boiler installed in nov 1998, we are now trying to sell house and the solicitor has asked for oftec number of person who installed, cannot find it, was it a legal requirement in 1998 to use only oftec registered fitters, and if we now have boiler...
  19. L

    Multi Meters

    Hey guys, Whats a good multimilter to get for fault finding? cant seem to find any good auto ranging ones in screwfix What do you use? Thanks!
  20. M

    gas ran out now boiler wont light

    Hi,I have a main combi 24 he won't light after I ran out of gas.I have reset it but still won't work.this has happened before and my llord sent someone out and he had it going in 2mins.can't get in touch with my llord.can anyone help please? Many thanks