1. C

    How to identify dripping tap.

    Our kitchen mixer tap has started dripping. Like so much of the plumbing in our almost new build bungalow, it is lacking! The plumber didn't install any isolating cocks in the H&C feed to the tap so how can I identify which of the valves is passing? Shut the whole H&C water system down?
  2. Spinball

    Repairing a dripping tap - what’s next?

    Hello folks, I’m trying to fix this slow leaking tap myself and I’m stuck here. How do I dismantle it further to replace whatever needs replacing to fix the drip? (The chrome ring round the top will not unscrew by hand.) Many thanks
  3. M

    How do i stop caple knightsbridge tap from dripping

    This is probably obvious but I want to replace the cartridge to stop dripping. I have done similar before but I cannot work out how to remove the tap head! i thought the hot/cold circle would pop out but no such luck and don't want to damage. can anyone help? Thanks Martin fix the caple
  4. B

    Dripping tap in my kitchen

    I have a kitchen mixer tap with quarter turn levers and the cold side started dripping. I took out the ceramic valve and replaced it with one from Screwfix but it hasn’t solved the problem it still drips. Could it be a dodgy valve or is it something else? Thanks
  5. Bettyboo

    Megaflo , pressure relief valve and shower dripping

    Morning All I have a Megaflo unvented cylinder . Water had been dripping into the tundish so I tried to recharge the air gap, but when I went to turn the pressure relief valve it would not turn at all, as it usually would. My shower has been dripping in the bathroom next door , could in anyway...
  6. S

    Dripping tap despite valve replacement

    I have a Bristan Manhattan mixer tap in the kitchen. Five years ago, it started to drip. I replaced the valve in the cold water side and the dripping stopped. Recently it began to drip again and I replaced the valve again. But, it still drips sometimes. I’m trying to replace the valve on the...
  7. M

    Internal pipe leak - could dripping continue after water turned off?

    I have a growing damp patch on my ceiling, I initially assumed it must be from the empty flat above (and therefore cannot gain access), and have since used emergency cut off for that flat. I'm now wondering if it could a problem in my own flat, so cut a hole in the damp patch to investigate -...
  8. S

    Dripping tap. Can’t access cartridge.

    I have a dripping bath tap. Seperate to the spout. Quarter turn level tap from the wall. I need to change the cartridge as it’s dripping lots but can’t seem to work out how to remove the housing. Has this been installed badly behind the tiles?
  9. J

    MLCP Fittings dripping

    Has anybody had any experience of MLCP fittings leaking? I’ve used tweet top fittings on a few decent sized jobs and had zero issues, however I’ve just been to a job I’ve done and 3 fittings had a very small drip on them, crimp gun has been calibrated etc and pipework has been correctly...
  10. Ivington

    Dripping tap cartridge replacement but problem eventually returns

    I have a dripping tap that was getting progressively worse over the period of about 4 to 6 weeks and have replaced with a brand new cartridge on 2 separate occasions, but after 4 to 6 weeks the problem returns.
  11. S

    Weird tap started dripping

    This tap is dripping through the spout, just a bit see photos, robf shows when closed, robo shows when open and rob3 shows a side view I don't think it can be the washer. We've given it a good vinegar soaking and scrubbimg. Any ideas please Can anyone identify the type or the maker. It's...
  12. D

    oil boiler overflow dripping

    Hi, We have a Grant oil combi boiler. Only 3 years old. Been a right pain. Already had expansion vessel replaced and the 3 bar PRV and another thing that I have forgotten name of, but it has a load of copper mini pipes is a square loop. Then when it was really cold the overflow started chucking...
  13. J

    RD532i Boiler over pressurising - on 3 bar - help!!

    Hiya - we noticed our boiler was on 0 bar so the gentleman who came to fit a smart meter said to repressurise it and not to leave it. I googled it and left it on the green triangle (while the boiler was not in use) The heating has come on this morning and we noticed it's at 3 bars but there's...
  14. F

    Dripping single lever basin tap only when shower mixer is turned off

    Hi everyone, I recently had a Hansgrohe wall mounted single lever basin tap and a Hansgrohe thermostatic concealed bath/shower valve installed (full bathroom renovation). The basin tap started dripping a few days after installation. But it stops dripping only when shower is turned on. Any...
  15. P

    Water dripping through tundish and not draining away

    Hi, complete novice here. The other day we noticed a brown stain on the kitchen ceiling. We have an unvented hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard upstairs and when checking this, I noticed that every time the central heating is on, there are some drips of water coming from the nuts/bolts...
  16. R

    Overflow from Expansion tank Dripping

    I hope someone might explain to me why the overflow from the expansion tank drips in the morning for about an hour after the heating fires up, it then stops and does not drip again during the day. I have a fully pumped "Y" system as show on the accompanying drawing the dripping occurs on the...
  17. M

    Pressure booster - dripping sound

    I have a Grundfos Home Booster 3.0 in my rental property. Was installed 3 years ago, I've never been at the house since it was installed and nothing was every reported to me by tenants so don't know if this has been the case since day 1 or an issue.... ..but I hear a constant slow drip from...
  18. D

    How to fix dripping tap

    Hi, my tap is dripping. It’s not constant. Sometimes if I try that extra tighten it stops but most of time slowly dripping It’s dripping from the tap where water comes out. Not below or near where turn off. Can anyone advice how I fix this? Or do I have to replace the whole tap Thanks in advance
  19. K

    Dripping overflow not ballcock

    Hi hopefully someone can advide me on this matter . I got new complete new bathroom refurbished ths next day overflow outside started dripping. As usual company said not there problem to check ballcock which i have by plumber nothing wrong with this . I am really looking for a different answer...
  20. B

    Mira shower dripping.

    Hi, I wonder if any body could shed some light on my problem? I have a Mira Atom ERD. Which had never been amazing with temperature, I have to have it turned right to max for the temp to be warm enough now it has developed a drip form the temperature control side of the bar mixer, i though the...

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