1. D

    Pop quiz, does anyone recognise this radiator valve?

    Hi Does anyone recognise the make/brand of the radiator valve. It leaks when closed and Iam hoping I can replace a seal etc?
  2. T

    I have a mixture of radiators range between 25 & 60 years old

    have a mixture of radiators range between 25 & 60 years old.Im having a new boiler fitted, do I change all the rads or just the old ones? Cheers
  3. alanmcm

    Moving into a new home and boiler system is 17 years old

    My daughter bought her first home and was hoping to convert to gas but its not available in the area, so thinking a boiler upgrade is the better way to go. Just after some advice and rough costs involved, is it worth getting a pressurised system installed and a new boiler and oil pump? Heating...
  4. K

    Problem with shower - old style electric hot water

    Hoping someone can please help. I have an intermittent fault with my electric hot water. I have an older style electric hot water service that heats on controlled load over night. The large tank is in roof space of 60s built villa unit. Every few mornings, no hot water will come out of...
  5. I

    Old gas pipe - what material is this?

    We have an old gas pipe in the understairs cupboard. The previous occupants had the gas meter moved, but this old pipe remained. This pipe goes behind the electrical CU which I'm due to have replaced soon. We are looking to cut the old pipe out, but trying to working out what material it's...
  6. Zig168

    Replacing a 22 Year Old Boiler any recommendations?

    I've got a non condensing Glowworm Ultimate with gravity tank and hot Water tank in a 4 bed house. 11 radiators 1 double 1400mm length 1 P+ 1400mm length 2 P+ 400mm length 7 singles 400mm 1 mains shower average water pressure Any recommendations on combi boiler and KW? Boiler budget...
  7. M

    Water hammer advice?? (I’ve checked old posts)

    Hi all. Just had a neighbour knock the door regarding a water hammer issue. My own house developed this issue sometime last year as well which is when the neighbours roughly started. Severn Trent were doing bits and bobs out in the street back then but this is probably a coincidence. Our water...
  8. C

    Service old boiler vs buying new

    Hi everyone! Parents not used the boiler since 2013/2014, since installing a new wetroom for them they have now decided its worth getting the boiler running again. The only reason it has not been used i so long is the the zone valve kept getting stuck (would have fixed this myself if i knew!)...
  9. T

    Isolation Valve Old Leak

    Hi, Throughout our house there are numerous isolation valves which are on almost every plumbing fixture. Clearly whoever plumbed this had a thing for using them but I have heard elsewhere that they cause problems and are prone to leaking, especially when used after long periods. I noticed a...
  10. mattgriff88

    Old gas pipe? Can it be removed?

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a house and in one of the kitchen units where I want to put a intergrated freezer there is a small pipe coming out of the wall. Assuming it's a old gas pipe for the cooker that's been capped as the kitchen no longer requires it. Can this be removed by a...
  11. S

    Old back boiler question?

    Hey there I'm looking for some advice on a potential issue I'm having with an old back boiler. So just moved into my parents' old house with my partner, it's a terrace with back to back chimneys in the kitchen and the sitting room. The fireplace in the kitchen is the old back boiler that hasn't...
  12. W

    Old radiant heater system bleed valves

    Hi, I'm in New Mexico US... I have a fifties boiler with floorboard radiant hydronic heating. The old valves are corroded and not working. I have found a bushing valve combo that has same threading but different profile. Please anyone knows of source for old valve types... Or, can the new...
  13. Zach054

    Toilet waste cemented.

    Hi Anyone seen this sort of setup before? Not sure if it will be like a clay connector but cemented up ? Never come across it before Any advice be appreciated before I chip away at it.
  14. M

    New, old member - welcome again.

    Welcome again! I'm 45, a Registered Adult nurse working in busy, acute medical wards. At work, I almost constantly deal with fluids and tiny pipeworks: IV, subcut, veins, ports, midlines, cannulas, oral, and nasogastric.. Yay.. Yet, after Covid19 something started to slowly break down at me...
  15. S

    Replacing old regular boiler

    Hi I seek some advice on replacing an existing regular boiler. I currently have an old Potterton 10-16 Netaheat electronic, which is around 35 years old and still working OK. It is fitted to a std 'Y' plan system with boiler in utility room and separate hot water tank, pump, valve etc in...
  16. S

    Living in a OLD House

    I live in an old house in the Yorkshire dales, it is known as a typical dales house, as its one room wide and long over 40m. The house has been extended over the years and the boiler moved and heating loops added. This is giving me problems as the boiler is now at one end of the house (first...
  17. S

    Old Hunter soil pipe socket O-ring woes :(

    Hi all, Have got an old 60/70s PVC soil stack, the Toilet is going into a Hunter branded socket which has an old O-ring design (quite flat with 3 or 4 ribs on it). It's painted in a fetching pink/purple colour in the photo. Tried to revive it with some grease before inserting a short length of...
  18. O

    venting question - using old empty outdoor SVP as air vent

    Hi all, I have an old toilet on the top floor (to be removed) which empties into an outdoor vertical SVP and into the ground. The pipe is straight with a vent terminal on top. Another toilet on the ground floor empties through the suspended timber floor into (what I suspect) a drain. I wish...
  19. A

    Removing old radiator pipes, do I need to drain the system?

    Hi All, I have two sets of radiator pipes that need removing. Although neither set of pipes have radiators on them anymore they are both still connected to the system and contain water. A plumber I have spoken to says to remove them he'll cut the pipes vacuum out/up any water and then cap them...
  20. A

    Connecting To Old 3/4" Copper Pipe That's Smaller Than Usual

    Hi, I'm trying to connect 3/4" copper to 22mm copper in an old house. However it appears that the 3/4" is actually slightly smaller (measured at 21.1mm) than it normally is. This means I've been unable to use the special 3/4 to 22mm compression fittings as the olive is just too loose...

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