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Army of Anyone was a rock supergroup formed by Filter frontman Richard Patrick with two members of rock band Stone Temple Pilots. In addition to Patrick on vocals, the band featured brothers Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo (on guitar and bass respectively), and Ray Luzier, formerly of David Lee Roth's band, on drums. The band released one self-titled album in November 2006, which was well-received, but sold well short of the members' multi-platinum selling releases of their other bands, even despite the success of their first single, "Goodbye", which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. After releasing a second charting single, "Father Figure", and touring in support of the album, the band went into hiatus in mid-2007, with members returning to their respective bands, except Luzier, who joined Korn. Despite being relatively inactive since 2007, all members have stayed in contact, and have independently shown interest in working on a second album if the logistics and scheduling of their commitments to other bands ever aligned.

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  1. L

    unknown shower makes

    hi has anyone got any idea who makes this shower and where i can get parts?
  2. mouldy

    Can anyone identify this substance/mould?

    Has anyone seen this type of mould before? It's dark reddish/brown and seems to be seeping through the concrete and the skirtboards. Its predominantly in the bathrooms but has started to appear coming from the carpet after it rains heavily.
  3. J

    Anyone know the make/model of this shower valve?

    Hi all, My customer has a dripping shower. Does anyone know what make/model this shower may be (so I can order a new cartridge) Thanks everyone, Jennie
  4. C

    URGENT anyone know what this is called

    anyone know what this is called i need a new one that is longer
  5. N

    Does anyone know what this valve is called?

    Got a leak on this valve but can't nail what it's called. Could anyone please help? Best, Neil.
  6. A

    Plumb thumbs does anyone use them?

    hi does anyone use plumb thumbs when taking a radiator off? Do you use them for the obvious spillages or is it aswell as you don’t have to top up the system because the water is still in the radiator ?
  7. J

    URGENT Anyone able to help with what this make is please

    Does anyone have any idea what make this is? .... Many thanks in advance.
  8. D

    Anyone using online ads and if so, what's business like?

    I have recently got an ad with a well known ad company beginning with Y, for some reason I cannot use the word here. Can anyone tell me what custom is like if using the same?
  9. M

    Does anyone recognise this TRV head?

    Does anyone recognise this make of TRV head? Cheers Martin
  10. C

    Good morning all, has anyone come across this type of back boiler

    trying to identify this back boiler for safe removal?
  11. T

    Hot water working, but radiators not. Can anyone solve please?

    Hi all, I really appreciate any help here - I’m not a plumber and live alone. Two days ago everything was working fine, but then someone came to do my gas safety inspection and since then my hot water is still normal but my radiators aren’t working. I have made sure the gas pipe is turned to...
  12. Mckennzie

    Hi has anyone got a digital copy of the level 2 portfolio criteria?

    I'm in the process of finishing my level 2 course and want to get started on my portfolio but after asking my theory teacher many times he has still not provided it
  13. G

    Grohe Sense Guard (automatic valve) - Anyone installed or use them?

    Hi Folks, Has anyone got any experience of the Grohe Sense Guard? It's been on the market for several years but seems that there is virtually no feedback on it for the UK. So either it's so wonderful that nobody feels the need to complain - or maybe nobody has installed one........ I'm in a...
  14. G

    Can anyone identify this pipe?

    Hello, I have a pipe running up my kitchen wall and I am wondering if anyone can identify it and advise if I can just cut it away. I know it isn't the current gas pipe as I have had a new boiler installed and re located to the kitchen from an upstairs bedroom. I am also in the process of...
  15. M

    I have a Swash 1000 bidet that's dripping/leaking at the center nozzle. Does anyone have experience with this?Thank you.

    I have a Swash 1000 bidet that's dripping/leaking at the center nozzle. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you.
  16. L

    Gasqet.com washers? Anyone used them?

    I've found this website called gasqet.com. They make 3D printed washers made out of a different plastic that is higher spec apparently, so it's a lot stronger, and recyclable (though why you'd want to, I have no idea). But they are the same price as normal washers. Has anyone tried them out...
  17. P

    Mira electric dual head shower - Anyone know if they’re any good?

    I have a customer with an existing electric shower ask if they can have a dual head shower with a rainfall head as part of their bathroom upgrade. My initial thoughts were that electric showers aren’t powerful enough and we’d need to investigate what can be done from the gravity fed hot water...
  18. R

    anyone have a front cover for potterton profile 60E for sale

    Hi - Long shot, but I need a new or good condition front cover for a potterton profile 60E (41 605 42) boiler. Anyone have one for sale?? Not available at the usual spares outlets.
  19. D

    I passed my city and guilds level 3 gas course and need to complete a portfolio to work with my local council is there anyone that can help me?

    I passed my city and guilds level 3 gas course and need to complete a portfolio. I have a job waiting for me with my local council, but need to complete this in order to work for them. It has been soooo stressful I've been let down so many times and keep having to tell my job that I have been...
  20. Kimmoth

    Anyone know what those ceramic half pipe gutter section things are called?

    Dunno if they're still a thing at all, could be old school only, but I remember seeing these gutter sections about 16" long, maybe 4"ID, 6"OD or something like that, maybe a bit bigger. Ceramic like bricks, but maybe glazed I guess. Is there anything like that available these days, and if so...