1. T

    looking for some ACS mock/past paper, can anyone help?

    I will take my first ACS in a couple months of time and want to make better preparation for the theory test, really nervous as the theory test is challenging to me, I have a couple tests in the class and didn't do well. Could you point me a direction how to get the study materials? thanks
  2. Stigster

    Does anyone know the name of this model of Roca toilet?

    Hi guys. I'm trying to identify a toilet model before ordering a seat for a customer. I went to what used to be a Roca stockist (they no longer are) and one of the guys there reckoned it might be "The Gap". I went to the new stockist and the guy there disagreed it was "The Gap" and that he'd...
  3. E

    Anyone know how to get into this tap?

    Hi. Can anyone help me get into this tap? I have them on the bathroom sink and bath and 2 out of 4 are dripping. I've have had two plumbers in to replace the washers and neither could get them open. The gold coloured ring under the top unscrews on two of them but won't budge on the ones that...
  4. T

    Anyone know if this is a gas supply?

    Hi everyone, I’m just DIYing a bathroom refurb and came across this blanked off pipe in the wall that protrudes out about 2cm. The previous owners tiled round it and left it exposed which makes me think that it was left in situ on purpose. We don’t actually use gas in the house and don’t have a...
  5. benj987345

    Can anyone help an idiot diyer with a shower tray?

    I've got an issue with the shower tray not being totally flat. As you can see from the photos, it is about 7mm out at one side. It's leaning towards the waste end though. The shower tray is pushed underneath the tiles. My mate did the tiling and I now realise that we should have put the shower...
  6. B Mann

    Anyone familiar with a Woodford wall hydrant?

    I am not a plumber, but very fluent in residential plumbing. My Daughter has a building in town. There are 2 Woodford wall hydrants. Neither one work. They are both the same. This one is missing the vacuum breaker. They may have never been turned on (or even opened) since the building was built...
  7. D

    Can anyone help me identify this valve please

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me identify this type of valve please. Thanks
  8. D

    Does anyone recognize this UV filter?

    I can't get the glass tube out. There's no maker's marks on the filter. It's at least 10 years old, and the UV bulb is 33" long - that's all I know about it. In all of the videos online, there's a bit you unscrew from the bottom. There's nothing to unscrew on the bottom of this one. It's not...
  9. IMRS250

    Anyone work for Octopus? Airsource heat pump upskill role

    Hi all, I have recently returned to the industry and have applied to Octopus for the upskill role into air-source heat space installs. Does anyone work for them on here? Just wondered what people's thoughts were on them as a company and if anyone is fitting air source what they think of this...
  10. F

    does anyone know the saunier duval opalia c 16?

    I have a saunier duval opalia c 16 gas water heater. It is not functioning and it may be a sensor, temperature or flow. I am looking for advice and possible parts. Snohomish County, Washington state.
  11. E

    Anyone know what kind of shower trap/flange this is?

  12. J

    Does anyone recognise this boiler?

    Anyone recognise this boiler How old could it be? Is it condensing? Ta muchpppl
  13. B

    Anyone fitted an Ideal Standard S Basin & Full Pedestal?

    Has anyone fitted an Ideal Standard S 50cm compact washbasin with a matching S & B full pedestal? The basin is T518501 and pedestal is T519901. I have a problem with the pedestal boxed and packaged as the T519901 (but marked T2839 inside as below) - it does not fit and from the...
  14. R

    Can anyone help me identify these bathroom taps please?

    Hi Can anyone identify the make and model of these taps please? We have one dripping bathroom sink tap but the plumber we had couldn't find a way to undo the tap / take it apart to get to the cartridge. So he's saying the only way to fix it is to replace the sink taps which would mean also...
  15. M

    Anyone know what type of nut is needed for an Irwin pipe bender?

    My Irwin pipe bender has lost the retaining nut for the central bolt and the 12mm we have on site aren't the right pitch. Does anyone know what type of 12mm nut to get? Irwin don't, I've asked. No replaceable parts on their benders.
  16. A

    Does anyone recognise this bath filler?

    This bath filler/overflow is supposed to turn to divert water flow to a shower above. It’s not clicking across anymore. Does anyone recognise it? Fitted in 2014. It was installed together with this Bristan inbuilt thermostatic controller.
  17. T

    Anyone miss phone calls?

    Anyone miss phone calls from potential customers? I'm looking to help 1 plumbing business answer their calls and take messages for free, in exchange for a case study. Message me if you'd like some more info.
  18. T

    Can anyone identify this tap please??

    Hello everyone, One of the hexagonal pieces on the head of one of these bathroom basin mixer taps (Heritage Watersmith) has been lost and I am looking for a spare. Does anyone recognise the model? Many thanks!
  19. J

    Is anyone clever enough to figure this out?

    Most of you are probably familiar with the timers on central heating systems but it's hurting my head. In a nutshell, there's no heat coming off the central heating and we think it's something to do with the timer. I'll attach a photo that was taken at around 6:10 pm this evening. Obviously...
  20. L

    Does anyone know the make of this UFH?

    Hello All/ Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. We have electric underfloor heating in our bathroom and the controls are not straightforward and we have not been given a manual. I can't find the make/model listed on it to look the manual up online. Does anyone recognise what make it...

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