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Army of Anyone was a rock supergroup formed by Filter frontman Richard Patrick with two members of rock band Stone Temple Pilots. In addition to Patrick on vocals, the band featured brothers Dean DeLeo and Robert DeLeo (on guitar and bass respectively), and Ray Luzier, formerly of David Lee Roth's band, on drums. The band released one self-titled album in November 2006, which was well-received, but sold well short of the members' multi-platinum selling releases of their other bands, even despite the success of their first single, "Goodbye", which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. After releasing a second charting single, "Father Figure", and touring in support of the album, the band went into hiatus in mid-2007, with members returning to their respective bands, except Luzier, who joined Korn. Despite being relatively inactive since 2007, all members have stayed in contact, and have independently shown interest in working on a second album if the logistics and scheduling of their commitments to other bands ever aligned.

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  1. IMRS250

    Anyone work for Octopus? Airsource heat pump upskill role

    Hi all, I have recently returned to the industry and have applied to Octopus for the upskill role into air-source heat space installs. Does anyone work for them on here? Just wondered what people's thoughts were on them as a company and if anyone is fitting air source what they think of this...
  2. F

    does anyone know the saunier duval opalia c 16?

    I have a saunier duval opalia c 16 gas water heater. It is not functioning and it may be a sensor, temperature or flow. I am looking for advice and possible parts. Snohomish County, Washington state.
  3. E

    Anyone know what kind of shower trap/flange this is?

  4. J

    Does anyone recognise this boiler?

    Anyone recognise this boiler How old could it be? Is it condensing? Ta muchpppl
  5. M

    Anyone know what type of nut is needed for an Irwin pipe bender?

    My Irwin pipe bender has lost the retaining nut for the central bolt and the 12mm we have on site aren't the right pitch. Does anyone know what type of 12mm nut to get? Irwin don't, I've asked. No replaceable parts on their benders.
  6. T

    Anyone miss phone calls?

    Anyone miss phone calls from potential customers? I'm looking to help 1 plumbing business answer their calls and take messages for free, in exchange for a case study. Message me if you'd like some more info.
  7. T

    Can anyone identify this tap please?

    Hello everyone, One of the hexagonal pieces on the head of one of these bathroom basin mixer taps (Heritage Watersmith) has been lost and I am looking for a spare. Does anyone recognise the model? Many thanks!
  8. J

    Is anyone clever enough to figure this out?

    Most of you are probably familiar with the timers on central heating systems but it's hurting my head. In a nutshell, there's no heat coming off the central heating and we think it's something to do with the timer. I'll attach a photo that was taken at around 6:10 pm this evening. Obviously...
  9. I

    would anyone have one or more of these that they want to sell

    uponor thermostat control 1000502 needed drop me a email [email protected]
  10. L

    Does anyone know the make of this UFH?

    Hello All/ Apologies if this is posted in the wrong area. We have electric underfloor heating in our bathroom and the controls are not straightforward and we have not been given a manual. I can't find the make/model listed on it to look the manual up online. Does anyone recognise what make it...
  11. Bettyboo

    Does anyone know a Bristan / ex Bristan shower engineer plse

    Does anyone know a Bristan / ex Bristan shower engineer plse working in London ? Thanks Betty
  12. T

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Hi, could anyone tell me what this is and what function is serves please:
  13. R

    Anyone know the kW rating of a screw-in coil?

    Anyone familiar with those nasty cylinder coils that screw into an immersion boss as a cheap and nasty way of turning a single coil cylinder into a twin coil (well, sort-of)? A customer has a slow-heating cylinder that is using one of these (surprise, surprise). Just wondered what sort of rate...
  14. J

    Can anyone identify this flush valve

    Hi all, Can anyone identify this flush valve? Thanks everyone Jennie
  15. T

    Anyone know what flush valve this is please?

    Got to change this flush valve!
  16. A

    Can anyone help? We have a dangerously corrupt landlord

    Have any engineers on here purchased their gas certificate booklets from screwfix? Our landlord has been trying to evict us throughout the pandemic as we eventually had to report him to the local council for disrepair as well as lack of gas safety check throughout our tenancy. They initiated...
  17. D

    Has anyone seen this in a gas box before?

    Hi everyone, I hope someone can help as I'm very worried and help is taking a while. Around 5am this morning our fire alarm went off, we now think it might also be connected to the carbon monoxide alarm. Got up, checking everything, no smell, no fire etc, assumed maybe the battery is running...
  18. B

    Anyone been or going Southampton for course ?

    I’ve been invited on my course through ntc and need someone to stay in Southampton any ideas ?
  19. L

    unknown shower makes

    hi has anyone got any idea who makes this shower and where i can get parts?
  20. mouldy

    Can anyone identify this substance/mould?

    Has anyone seen this type of mould before? It's dark reddish/brown and seems to be seeping through the concrete and the skirtboards. Its predominantly in the bathrooms but has started to appear coming from the carpet after it rains heavily.
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