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Hi and thanks for the welcome to the forum.

I am a DIYer and need to take off and reinstall my Aqualisa Aquastream to remove the tiles before putting splash boards up.

The question I need to ask is will the shower pull off of the hot and cold water supply or is there a technique like with a push fit fitting?

Obviously I will be isolating the hot and cold water supply and disconnecting the electric power to the shower prior to attempting this job.

Thanks in advance

As I have had no replies I hope it is simply a matter of pulling the shower from the wall.
Sorry you haven't had any responses. I don't know the answer but a quick Google suggests:
"Should it be necessary to remove the unit from the wall at any time, pipe release tools are located in the inside of the front cover. These should be inserted into the locking collets and depressed as the pipes are withdrawn."
But see:
He didn't get an answer either !
You’ll see when you come to it, I have no idea how whoever fitted your shower did it!
However, that particular shower comes with a gripper ring that looks a bit like a pair of spectacles (with no arms) to keep the pipes at the correct spacing and to stop the pipes pushing back as you attach the shower.
If the person lubricated the pipes then the shower should come off easily, leaving the grip ring in position.
The grip ring pushes on ok but is designed to not pull back off - this means it is difficult to remove and especially if you want to keep it in a state where you can reuse it ( I have done this in the past).
This all assumes that you have rear entry pipework.
I can sell you a spare grip ring if you have to break it to remove!!
Good luck with your project.
Also don’t forget if your putting the boards over the tiles the pipework will need extending further out

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