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Political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct; commonly abbreviated PC) is a term used to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage to members of particular groups in society. In public discourse and the media, the term is generally used as a pejorative with an implication that these policies are excessive or unwarranted. Since the late 1980s, the term has been used to describe a preference for inclusive language and avoidance of language or behavior that can be seen as excluding, marginalizing, or insulting to groups of people disadvantaged or discriminated against, particularly groups defined by ethnicity, sex, gender, or sexual orientation.
Early usage of the term politically correct by leftists in the 1970s and 1980s was as self-critical satire; usage was ironic, rather than a name for a serious political movement. It was considered an in-joke among leftists used to satirise those who were too rigid in their adherence to political orthodoxy.The modern pejorative usage of the term emerged from conservative criticism of the New Left in the late 20th century. Commentators on the political left in the United States contend that conservatives use the concept of political correctness to downplay and divert attention from substantively discriminatory behavior against disadvantaged groups. They also argue that the political right enforces its own forms of political correctness to suppress criticism of its favored constituencies and ideologies. In the United States, the term has played a major role in the "culture war" between liberals and conservatives.

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  1. S

    Boiler bypass pipework – correct design?

    A plumber recently told me my bypass pipework is poorly designed as it’s offering a low path of resistance v the motorised valve T junctions, and therefore is passing water constantly. I have noticed that, some minutes after the CH starts up, this bypass pipe gets hot along its entire length up...
  2. L

    not sure this is the correct forum but...

    we have an ambirad heating system in our place of work. one works perfectly. if you set it to above room temperature it comes on and works fine. the other is as if it's in reverse. you have to set it to below room temperature for it to come on. which as you can guess is pointless. can anyone...
  3. L

    Dodgy landlord /house seller not having correct certs

    In Brief !! About to purchase a 2 bed apartment that was let out for the last 2 years and the landlord has done a full refurb . During a visit a neighbour came over as we left and informed us that The previous tenant had complained no Gas safe landlord cert was issued to her during her...
  4. S

    Correct installation of PRV, and requirement for NRV?

    Hi Guys, Dyno have fitted a PRV under the kitchen sink in an attempt to resolve a H/W cylinder popping noise and issues with mixer taps, which unfortunately hasn’t cured the issue. I am concerned with the installation of the PRV (and the removal of the NRV) and would like to hear your comments...
  5. B

    Altecnic Eres automatic bypass valve correct setting number

    Dear Sirs, I was wondering if someone could possibly inform me of the correct setting for my Altecnic Eres automatic bypass valve numbered from 0.1-0.5 bar.I have a conventional Ideal ff 350 Classic boiler .The central heating pump is a Grundfoss ups 3.15--50/65 set to speed setting...
  6. B

    Can't find correct sink pivot rod

    Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm in the UK and really struggling to find a replacement sink waste pivot rod with a 12mm diameter ball on it. The ball is too big on all the "universal" ones I can find. Does anyone know where I can buy one please?
  7. R

    Is this a correct meter installation?

    Have had low water pressure for years. I just removed an old water softener and found this odd(?) fitting next the the water meter? See pics. Is this correct? Could this be the problem for low pressure?
  8. R

    Is this a correct configuration?

  9. J

    Correct way to connect two compression fittings

    Apologies for the stupid question, I'm just a newbie playing under the sink. I have an isolation valve and an elbow, both of which have compression fittings that would normally fix to copper pipe. I need to connect both together directly. What is the correct fitting to do this? Surely I don't...
  10. C

    Advice on correct sized spigot to connect washing machine to waste pipe.

    Hi All, I recently moved house and the waste pipe in my new home is significantly smaller than my last. It measures 25mm. I am having trouble decifering which sized spigot to get and I'm also having trouble finding anything smaller than 35mm (which bought and is too big).Pics attached. Advice is...
  11. P

    Correct way to measure fitting allowance and angled fitting offset

    Hello, running pipe isn’t a standard part of my day to day as a power generation engineer but occasionally install inch fuel pipe for fuel delivery systems. I am now about to take on a more in dept installation and was after some advice regarding the maths and industry methods of measuring the...
  12. I

    Plate Heat Exchanger - Correct orientation

    Hi all. Looking for an opinion; on the correct orientation of a plate heat exchanger. I had a discussion in passing about installing a plate heat exchanger on its back so that the connections are face up, standard orientation is that the platte exchanger sits on one end and the connections...
  13. Y

    Can't find correct replacement kitchen sink waste basket/plug.

    Our kitchen sink waste basket plug is broken and I can find one that looks the same type anywhere. I've attached pictures of the half sink plug for illustration, as it's complete and works the same way. This plug twists and drops to make a seal, or pulls up and turns slightly to stay in drain...
  14. S

    Correct Expansion Vessel Pressure

    Evening all, So I've been losing pressure from my boiler on a daily basis and having to top it up. The pressure gauge is up at around 3.5 bar when the boiler is on so I assumed the expansion vessel has either failed or is low on pressure. I had a look on both the Cimms website (the EV is a Cimm...
  15. M

    Looking to find the correct radiator valve type

    Hi, looking to replace a leaking radiator valve onto an existing radiator. Pipe coming up from the floor is 15mm and then the bit connecting to the radiator looks to be 22mm. Can’t seem to find the correct fixing? I thought maybe a reducer would work onto the radiator for a more standard valve...
  16. B

    Is a professional engineer correct to install a non recommended PCB in my boiler?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help as I am clueless about boilers. I want to know if it is ok and correct for a professional engineer to install a non recommended PCB in my boiler? It is not recommended by the manufacturer and has invalidated any further boiler insurance i have on it. The...
  17. D

    Is this the correct water pipe to install an electronic water descaler?

    I'm looking to install an Eddy Electronic Water Descaler in on home and want to make sure I'm installing it in the correct place. In the garage near the water heater, there's a copper pipe coming out of the wall that loops back into the wall with another copper pipe right below it that's just...
  18. D

    Correct type bath plug?

    Hi - can anyone help? I’m trying to find a replacement plug for my bath (plug hole in pic) but have no idea of the type needed. Other pop up plugs don’t appear to fit. Thanks
  19. K

    Correct way to add a towel radiator

    I am in the process of fitting a towel radiator to our bathroom. We have a conventional system boiler. Header tank in the loft, hot water cylinder with coil running through. Should i be teeing off the hot water circuit or the central heating circuit or is it literally down to preference...
  20. M

    Need help finding the correct fittiments / reducers

    Hi I have a water pump with a 50mm fitting and I would like to reduce it so I can fit a 10mm hose to it, it's difficult to explain so I'll try and show it in pictures: Water pump: On the left side you have the connector I need to work off, I need to add a tee piece and then reduce both ends...
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