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  1. S

    Faulty Aqualisa Quartz Digital Diverter

    Hi, I thought I'd share my experience of dealing with Aqualisa about their Quartz Digital Diverter. When selecting the slider rail handset the water would also constantly drip \ stream water from the overhead rain head. When selecting the rain head the pressure was very reduced and the water...
  2. L

    Aqualisa Aquastream

    Hi and thanks for the welcome to the forum. I am a DIYer and need to take off and reinstall my Aqualisa Aquastream to remove the tiles before putting splash boards up. The question I need to ask is will the shower pull off of the hot and cold water supply or is there a technique like with a...
  3. E

    Aqualisa Quartz 9.5 - Intermittent constant running water.

    Hello all, So been having somewhat of a time with my Aqualisa Quartz 9.5 electric shower. A few.month ago I put up with a few problems it was having and in the end I replaced everything, new engine and new front cover . This was working great for a month or so, but now noticed an intermittent...
  4. E

    URGENT Aqualisa Quartz 9.5kw Electric Shower - Only getting cold water?

    Hello All, New to the forum so apologies if do any faux pas. But I have an Aqalisa Electric Quartz Shower 9.5kw (8 years old) and currently it is only giving out cold water regardless of where the temperature control is placed, the only difference is the more you move to the dial to the cold...
  5. C

    Any idea as to what’s happening

    Gone to use my shower tonight and this is happening? Any advice on what to do/what’s happening? I’ve attached a video.
  6. R

    Replace Aqualisa power shower to mixer shower

    Hi - I want to replace Aqualisa power shower to mixer shower to a std. mixer shower, however, the centres for the hot and cold are only 65mm. I’ve tried finding something that would be compatible but no joy. Ideal would be a mixer head with the same centres. Does anyone have any idea as to...
  7. R

    How to remove Aqualisa Rise Rail

    We had an Aqualisa rise shower fitted about 4 years ago - the rail has no screws - there is a locking mechanism and a tool provided to remove it. Unfortunately the fitters fitted our rail upside down so the locking mechanism is at the top so difficult to see (and against the wall). The aqualisa...
  8. P

    Replacing AquaLisa Q Pinch Grip Holder

    I own a Aqualisa Q shower but the pinch grip holder has broken but how to do get the bottom part off (see attached) so I can feed the new replacement part on to the shower rail? Any help or advice would be most appreciated.
  9. veearrsix

    Aqualisa Vs Triton Digital showers

    I have an old Aqualisa A2 processor and am doing a refit. I would like to add a digital diverter, but not sure if they are compatible. So first question... Is a digital diverter compatible with an Aqualisa Quartz A2 (pumped - gravity fed). I have a feeling it's not, and I don't have the funds...
  10. D

    Aqualisa Quartz not hot enough

    Hello all , So, very recently had an unvented cylinder put in inplace of the old gravity emersion tank we had, which fed our pumped quartz shower . We had a new digital processor installed to suit the unvented system but kept the riser rail, showerhead and control unit which we connected to the...
  11. D

    URGENT Help with aqualisa shower

    I have an aqualisa shower that has developed an issue, doesn't have the usual flow and 'grumbles'. Help please?
  12. Christ22

    Turning off Aqualisa Visage during day

    If anyone can answer this query: I have fitted a smart switch to my Aqualisa Visage Processor Pump unit. I want to set a schedule for the unit to turn off during the hours when not in use. It is attached to a combi boiler and is set to combi. Does anyone know if the unit is okay to turn off...
  13. A

    Aqualisa quartz with diverter

    I have just installed a brand new Aqualisa and diverter. Have a great flow to the hot and cold inlets, which I flushed thought, connected to the supplied iso valves(2) the processor unit, iso valve (1), 90° bend, iso valve(1), diverter, iso valve(2) and then the outlet feeds. All iso valve are...
  14. T

    Aqualisa Aquastream 03 Problem

    Bought this shower in 2015 and it has been excellent. However, recently a problem is occuring intermittently. Sometimes, when I turn off the shower the motor continues to run even though the water flow stops. Eventually by fiddling with on/off dial we manage to stop the motor. Any advice on what...
  15. A

    Aqualisa Thermostatic Shower Dilema

    Bought an Aqualisa thermostatic shower in the Black Friday sales last year. I only started yesterday to rip out the en-suite. The en-suite had a electric shower with a 15mm cold water feed, but the hot water supply is a 10mm plastic pipe feeding the basin. Do you think I can “t” off the 10mm...
  16. Efchutchy

    Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kw no hot water

    Was wondering if anyone could help please. I've got an Aqualisa Lumi 10.5kw shower at home and it's no longer producing hot water. I've had it 4 years and it's now started doing this. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of this shower and how to fix the issue? Warranty ran out after 3...
  17. F

    Aqualisa Colt- on/off control come off & can’t turn off.. help please

    I have an Aqualisa Colt shower, the on off end end part has come off and the shower will not turn off… water is gushing out and the only way to stop is to turn off the water for the whole house… really appreciate any DIY fixes please, so I can use the water, heating (combi boiler) until plumbers...
  18. M

    Aqualisa Quartz shower - reduce pressure and mild splutters

    We have an Aqualisa Quartz shower that was installed three years ago. Recently, the pressure seems to be lower than it used to be, and you can almost feel it starting to splutter. We descaled the shower head and have also followed advice on the Aqualisa FAQs to run the shower cold and gradually...
  19. C

    Aqualisa shower

    Anyone know anything about these? I spoke with guy online and he said it's a commercial mixer that aqualisa don't sell anymore and recommended a bristan alternative at an eye watering 490£. The commercial aqualisa shower mixer was feeding a 28mm rail that has about 8 lever valves that have...
  20. D

    Hydramax (Aqualisa) mixer - thoughts on this?

    Having only really dealt with bar mixers and electric showers this would be a first for me. So my mixer shower started going hot and cold every now and then, and eventually started to leak frequently from the middle, so replaced the cartridge, which has solved the 2 issues. This is the bit...
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