1. P

    New boiler location and ultimate setup recommendation please

    Thanks anyone for reading Looking for peoples views of best setup, location and any points to consider that I don’t mention please 2000 built home, 4 bed, family bathroom, en-suite, downstairs toilet, radiators Currently set up with gravity fed system. Showers are a terrible. Want to rip out...
  2. A

    Unvented System vs Combi Boiler

    Hi folks, new member to the forum here. Me and my wife are in a bit of a dilemma with our hot water/heating system we currently have. We are planning to do a kitchen extension at the back of the property (currently the kitchen is at the front, with the boiler in a cupboard), + add one more...
  3. gingalig

    Non return valve on unvented

    Hi, thanks in advance for any advice, I've come to change a manifold for the ufh, I have noticed a non return valve on the main dhw outlet on the unvented cylinder Is this acceptable ? 1570704464 My thoughts are no it's not.
  4. S

    Unvented system services

    Hi, I've moved into a flat which has an unvented hot water system and have been told by 3 different plumbers (only 1 has g3) that there's no need to service it. Is this correct? I've also just noticed water leaking from underneath the expansion tank and been told this isn't a serviceable part so...
  5. K

    Which unvented indirect HORIZONTAL cylinder?

    Hi all Need to install a new horizontal indirect unvented hot water tank that's 300L in capacity. Looking for recommendations on best brands/models and the best place to purchase them from. I've been researching online and have seen these 3 so far: What would you guys recommend out of these...
  6. A

    How to Replenish Air Gap In Unvented Cylinder?

    I have noticed water dropping intro the tundish of my Megaflo Unvented cylinder. I believe I need to replenish the air gap. Do I need to switch both the levers/valves off in the pictures attached before starting the process? Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    Unvented cylinder shower.

    Hi all We live in a 2006 3 story semi/town house Living room and kitchen with downstairs cloak. First floor 2 beds and bathoom with bath and shower from the taps. Worcester bosch 18i system boiler on this floor too about 2 years old. Lastly main bedroom on the top floor which is at loft area...
  8. L

    Am I ok to install a shower mixer myself on an unvented system?

    Hello... My ancient manual shower valve is acting up so I'm looking to replace it, thinking of using a thermostatic bar valve to do so which seems a straight forward enough job. However... I'm aware that my system is an unvented indirect solution and I'm nervous to touch anything that may...
  9. M

    Waste pipe on unvented blow offs??

    Hi all. I’m not G3 qualified but I’m sure I heard that the waste pipe should be push fit plastic rather than solvent due to temperature? Is this correct? Most cylinder installs I see the discharge is in solvent. Cheers
  10. P

    1st fix pipework for possible cylinder upgrade

    I'm renovating a property which after works are complete will be 5 beds, 4 bathrooms. All 4 bathrooms will have rain head showers and one will also have a bath. Incoming CW supply is in 25mm MDPE to internal stopcock and then 15mm to CW outlets. Pressure is 3.5bar Boiler is 32kW system boiler...
  11. C

    Descaling unvented cylinder

    Hia guys I have a 300l unvented hot water cylinder not getting up to temperature. Primary Flow into the coilis coming in at approx 70deg but water temperature is not getting above 40deg. Cylinder is over 10years no scale reduction so Im guessing the coil is scaled or sediment build up is...
  12. H

    Unvented pipe work

    Hi all Have recently had to service unvented cylinders and came across a few minor problems, like tundish over 600mm away from PRV etc. How do I categorise these as I don’t think I could ncs them as in gas work. Plumed them in but first time inspecting. Thank you Huw
  13. P

    Unvented tank drip trays..

    I’ve never seen an unvented tank (or any tank) in the UK installed on a drip pan. This is pretty common in the US though. As someone who’s unvented tank in the loft leaked (through a cracked immersion element unit) and flooded a bedroom below it seems like a simple safety precaution... Is...
  14. A

    Concerned about fix made to pressure on Heatrae Sadia Megaflo unvented system

    I already posted a question about this to the MyBuilder.com Ask a Tradesman section but I'm unable to post follow-up questions. Someone has kindly replied that the fix made to my system is dangerous and should be replaced and I'd appreciate it if someone here could validate this advice. I have...
  15. L

    Unvented Cylinder Query

    I’ve recently moved into a property which currently has a combi boiler, two bathrooms, one power shower and one electric shower. I’m wanting to change this out for an unvented system with two showers operating from the cylinder. Both showers would run at 20 LPM. My current water supply is 15MM...
  16. P

    Heating system ? Vented? Unvented?

    Hi, I had my heating upgraded a few years back by my housing association. I had electric heaters before now I have hot water radiators. I still have a tank in the loft and a hot water tank in the cupboard. Cold water comes from the tank in the loft. Hot water also has low pressure too...
  17. D

    Advice please - unvented system - before I call another G3 engineer!

    Hi there, I hope you can help please! I wanted to check whether the following seems reasonable before I spend more £ calling a G3 engineer out. Any help would be really appreciated. I have an Albion unvented system (hopefully the pictures help). Over the last week or so, almost 12 months to...
  18. C

    Unvented Cylinder Tee Off

    Just a quickie, should i tee off for an exp vessel before a balanced tee off or after? Or does it not really matter?
  19. J

    Combi or unvented, which is cheaper to run

    Interesting thought I currently have a 28kw combi, 1 bathroom, 2 up 2 down semi. I'm g3 and gas safe. I fit unvented and replacement boilers all the time. I'm thinking about replacing my combi with a small 120 litre unvented cylinder in the loft. An unvented cylinder usually draws about...
  20. S

    Mainsboost for unvented system

    Hi all for a loft conversion I’m renewing my heating system to an unvented one ( new boiler , Mega flo or similar ) all located in the new loft space , I’m on the cusp regarding pressure and flow rate so was going to upgrade mains into house but it was suggested to me to have another tank that...
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