1. M

    Expansion vessel size unvented hot water

    I think I looked into it a few years ago. That a modern 200litre unvented cylinder would need a higher litre expansion vessel then one that was saying 10-15 years old. As they are made of thinner steele now?
  2. M

    Unvented discharge at high level current regs

    Hi they used to say as a last resort you could discharge the D2 pipework at high level and turn it back to the wall. Similar to a combi boiler. I have just looked back through the regs this seems to have changed and it isn't mentioned now. It now mentions if at high level it should be discharged...
  3. B

    Unvented hotwater cylinder

    Fitted unvented hotwater cylinder building control looking forms signed it off job was in england i am qualified northern ireland send out a form to fill in what do u need to sign off in england as building control said they dont give out forms like they do in northern ireland
  4. T

    Shower Pump on air to water Unvented Cylinder?

    Hi, I'm in my new build 2 years and the shower pump has died. I have an air to water unit downstairs is in the utility which I've been told is unvented and pressurised. The cold water feed into this cylinder is from the attic tank, not the mains as I turned off the mains stopcock to see if hot...
  5. M

    Unvented cylinder D2 pipework installation to toilet waste pipe

    Hi guys, just want to get advice, i want to replace venten to unvented cylinder, is it ok to install D2 pipe to toilet waste pipe see picture? as there is no easy options to get it outside.
  6. C

    Ariston Classico HE STD 150 unvented cylinder leak

    Good evening, I'd like your opinion on something that is worrying me please: my landlady's plumber replaced the bottom/night element of my 20-year-old unvented cylinder (an Ariston Classico HE STD 150) 5 days ago and I hadn't noticed that it was leaking. He fixed the leak today but now the...
  7. N

    Unvented water heater

    Hi, I have an unvented water heater which for some reason every year causes me issues. At the end of 2023 I noticed that the pressure valve gauge was going up when the water tank was switched on. My local plumber came and re-pressured the expansion vessel as it was flat, afterwards we tested...
  8. D

    OSO unvented hot water cylinder - Wi-Fi / programmable control

    Hi all, I have an OSO Direct 210 hit water cylinder installed in my home, with 2 switches (on/off; and boost). The boiler is for hot water only (rads are electric). In the 5 years that I’ve lived at this property, I’ve never once turned the boiler off; however, with soaring energy prices, I’m...
  9. M

    Composite valves unvented cylinder

    Do most composite valves now for unvented cylinders have a tee on them For the expansion valve connection? The ones I used to fit just had the balanced cold connection coming of it. Them I tee'd off downstream of the composite valve for the expansion
  10. P

    Where to find a replacement cylinder for Ariston 150L unvented

    Hi my daughters Ariston Cylinder has started to leak around the Emersion heater. She has never used the emersion heater so I was wondering if there was anyway to take it our and fil the hole with a blank? Or if anyone knows where to find an Ariston cylinder 150L unvented??
  11. P

    Change shower mixer. Invented hot water cylinder

    I need to change my shower mixer and I have a unvented hot water cylinder. Is it sufficient to turn off the mains? Do I need to drain the cylinder? Thanks
  12. S

    Sporadic Hot Water - Unvented indirect

    Good Afternoon all, I am hopeful someone may be able to offer some guidance on the following. In the home we have a gas boiler (serviced annually, October time) providing hot water to the CH system which is split into 3 zones (Honeywell 2-way valves) and it also heats the HW tank (Tribune...
  13. monkeydust

    Unvented System - Noise Issue

    Anyone know what might be causing this situation please? We have replaced the EV and non-return valve but still happens. Normal static pressure on that gauge is 2.5 but it builds up overnight to 3+ and then the problem occurs. Were a bit lost and had a few engineers look at it. At this...
  14. P

    Unvented ( pressurised ) Hot water tank lost pressure

    Hi, We have a large Heatrea Sadia unvented hot water tank, not sure of the size in liters but its about 1600mm tall. The tank is around 3 years old now and was amazing when it was first installed. Around a year ago we had a problem with water dripping from the overflow pipe outside and we ended...
  15. S

    hot water not staying hot in an unvented system

    hello we have an unvented system. we have an issue where the hot water is hot for 10 seconds and then luke warm, turn off taps / wait and turn back and it repeats itself. had boiler checked and told it was the expansion vessel. Had the expansion vessel drained and recharged. plumber told me...
  16. P

    Unvented Cylinder Single coil heat pump vs twin coil solar

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a 300L unvented indirect cylinder to work with a standard heat only boiler. I may have solar panels in the future, but likely the PV kind rather than the thermal kind, and won't be having heat pump in the future. So the cylinder would be connected to the boiler at...
  17. B

    Santon Unvented Direct PP120E - Help Please

    Hi everyone, I have a Santon Premier Plus PP120E (unvented direct immersion heater) fitted with two thermostats, which provides hot water to taps and shower. The central heating runs from a separate system. On the PP120E: Bottom thermostat is set it to 4 out of 5 (approx. 60C), and connected...
  18. S

    central heating unvented losing pressure

    Can central heating / gas engineer expert help me with below issue. During winter time only, I have been having issue with low pressure or pressure dropping with unvented hot water cylinder system. During summer time there is no usage of central heating so the pressure at unvented system is not...
  19. nashant

    Vibration when first opening hot tap after u/v cylinder heating cycle

    Hi all. As the title says, I have a problem with an unvented cylinder I had installed last year where the first time I turn a hot tap on after the cylinder has been heated I get what sounds like a vibration. It generally starts about 1s after I open the tap and lasts for about 1.5s. I've...
  20. S

    Unvented cylinder/shower valve

    Hi All I had an unvented cylinder fitted about 6 years ago. It only supplies hot water to my shower. I was hoping for a much better flow rate from the shower but it seemed no different from the original combi boiler hot feed. There is (unusually) a lever that lets me select the combi or the...

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