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  1. C

    Unvented immersion stat playing up

    I’ve got a stelflow 250L with 2 immersions fed by a change over stat so when top is hot bottom starts heating. anyway the bottom stat recently tripped so I reset it. All was well but today it’s playing up again. I can hear it click if I mess with the casing. it’s a cotherm TSE. I’m going to...
  2. E

    Should I do NVQ 3 or stick with nvq 2 and do acs, unvented

    Hello all, I wanted a bit of advice. i have done the level 2 diploma in plumbing and also the nvq 2. I will be completing the level 3 diploma this year. My question is this. Do I do the nvq 3 which takes 2 years and includes gas and unvented or do I stick with nvq 2 which makes me fully...
  3. S

    Unvented Cylinder loses pressure when I bleed radiator

    my unvented cylinder system has been losing pressure. So I started the investigation as to whether it is losing pressure due to hot water or heating. So waiting for spring / summer when I don’t run heating much. I can see that only one of the radiators which I need to bleed as it is always cold...
  4. Q

    Valliant Unvented 300l- Water constantly running through pipes

    I have an unvented pressurized plumbing system (Valliant 300 l). It seems as though the water is constantly running excessively through the pipes from the water tank. It's not coming from the tundish side, i think its coming from the pressurised tank. What can be the cause? How can i verify...
  5. Lumen

    Unvented Cylinder. Does this guy know what’s he’s doing?

    Hey guys, Quick question for all you central heating experts out there. I’ve had a guy lowering two expansion vessels and installing additional zone valve for a new extension. As the result he’s re-done most of the plumbing in the airing cupboard. Nice guy, but he was rushing to get the job...
  6. J

    Another leaking unvented system!

    My unvented system is losing pressure. I have been checking to see exactly when this happens and it seems to be losing quickest when washing machine or dishwasher are in use. Pressure drops from just above 1 bar to almost zero over a period of a few hours. I have to bleed the towel rail (highest...
  7. C

    Leaking/Whining Unvented Cylinder

    Howdy, We had our loft tank removed and our cylinder replaced with a Worcester Greenstore unvented cylinder and have a few issues with it. Firstly, it is leaking pressure. We were advised it should stay around 1.2 bar when cold but have had to refill it semi-regularly. We cant find a leak on...
  8. N

    Help!! Unvented water heater

    I moved into a property last month and the unvented water immersion heater has been the bane of my life. I noticed hot water was coming through the tundish so called a plumber out. He replaced the heating element and also pumped up the booster cylinder as it had no charge in it. 2 weeks later...
  9. davidw

    Is this cylinder vented or unvented?

    Hi, I have this cylinder in the airing cupboard. Is it a vented or invented system? There is no water tank in loft. thanks for any help.
  10. T

    Baxi Burnall with back boiler connection to Unvented /Mains pressure water tank ??

    I have a Baxi Burnall open fire with wrap round back boiler connected via a Dunsley Baker Neutaliser to the vented hot water tank. I wish to update my older vented system to an unvented twin coil indirect water tank with two immersion slots. I want to use one immersion slot for my recently...
  11. townfanjon

    Hive on a direct unvented

    Guys as above , customer has a apartment and spends a lot of time abroad ( obviously not at the moment lol ) Heating is run by a electric flowboiler and a direct unvented . He wants to run it through Hive or similar . I think the heating side will be ok but cant see how the HW will work without...
  12. M

    Temperature relief unvented cylinder

    What can be causing a temperature relief to drip. I have recharged the expansion vessle that had totally lost its charge. I am g3 registered. Thanks
  13. Lumen

    Lowering Expansion Vessels on Unvented System

    Hi Chaps, Wife has been nagging me about having shelves in an airing cupboard for about a year now. We've had unvented cylinder fitted last year and both expansion vessels are very high to fit a towel shelve (as it will be just below the top of door frame). Can the expansion vessels be lowered...
  14. S

    unvented clyinder losing pressure when system is ideal

    when my unvented hot water/heating system is losing pressure when it is ideal. i have got Advantage Cylinder is manufactured in the UK by RM Cylinders and MAIN 15 HEAT boiler. we have set the central heating and hot water turned off from 10 am to 5 pm. when I come back and look at the...
  15. R

    unvented cylinder thermostat

    does any one know the difference between an ordinary immersion thermostat and one for an unvented cylinder, they look identical (both have overheat cut outs) but paperwork says not suitable for unvented cylinder, cannot get through to manafacture for advice, even one i got from online supplier...
  16. gingalig

    Unvented registration

    Hi Just wanted to clear up an issue, I'm G3 qualified and register my installs through gas safe, I have been told that this is now only applicable if the property has gas. I'm oftec registered as well and can add this to my scope but it seems a bit of an nonsense. Can anyone clarify. ?
  17. gmartine

    Unvented cylinder in loft - terminating tundish

    What would folks usually opt for easiest route to soil stack?
  18. M

    Unvented cylinder in loft with open vented heatinf

    I have a job putting an unvented cylinder in loft, (I’m G3) but they have open vented heating. I’m wondering if this will be possible as flow into cylinder will be higher than f and e tank. Worries about pumping over, any thoughts? Convert heating to close system first?
  19. B

    New Unvented lpg system

    Hi there, looking at installing a new lpg system boiler servicing an unvented hot water tanks and heating system in what will be a 6 bed 4 bathroom holiday cottage. Merging two cottages together, both currently working independently from two Combi lpg boilers. Would like to be able to tune down...
  20. M

    Pump for unvented discharge pipe

    Hi Can anyone recommend a compact pump that could take the water from an unvented cylinders discharge pipe? I’ve got one that needs to go in a basement but there isn’t a great deal of room to locate it. cheers

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