1. S

    Advice on moving toilet from front of house to the back.

    Hi, I am wanting to have our toilet moved from the front of the house to the back. It would be moved straight back by about 4 meters but this would be away from the soil stack. Our house was built in 2006 and I presume the floor will be concrete. Is this possible? Thanks
  2. Lou

    Have you ever installed a double toilet cubicle?

    I recently visited one and was amazed! Got me wondering if anyone on here had installed one and what your thoughts are on them?
  3. T

    Off grid shower and toilet solution needed

    Hi, would be extremely grateful for any advice on the following. I'm installing a bathroom (shower, toilet and sink) in my summer house. It has mains electricity but not water. I've bought a power shower and a large Thetford cassette toilet. The plan is to use water from a refillable...
  4. M

    Help! What make/model is this toilet push button?

    Hi there, can anybody help? I am trying to buy a replacement toilet flush push button as my current one is broken? However I cannot find the same button anywhere? I have attached photos if anyone can help identify which one it is (make/model)? It is hollow, it does not contain a rod inside it...
  5. Stigster

    Does anyone know the name of this model of Roca toilet?

    Hi guys. I'm trying to identify a toilet model before ordering a seat for a customer. I went to what used to be a Roca stockist (they no longer are) and one of the guys there reckoned it might be "The Gap". I went to the new stockist and the guy there disagreed it was "The Gap" and that he'd...
  6. R

    Seal soil pipe gap/ downstairs toilet

    Hi all Just wanted to check if I can seal the gap between pipes with foam or silicone or by any other method. Thanks 😊
  7. iphone11s

    I need help finding toilet seat (URGENT)

    hi, as the title suggests i need help finding this type of toilet seat, i ordered one but completely forgot to check distance between fittings and it didn't fit. The distance between the fittings for the toilet is 260mm and its for a wall hung toilet. i can't seem to find anything similiar.
  8. B

    What is correct toilet supply line

    Hi. I need a new toilet supply line but don’t know the size type of the fitting at the shut off valve. It is not 3/8 compression. It is a plastic nut about the same size as the one going into the cistern but has a different thread. Attached is a photo. Can you advise. Thanks.
  9. F

    Toilet, sink plungers

    Can anyone recommend a toilet, sink plunger. It’s not something I do a lot of, but it will be handy to carry on the van, for when needed. Don’t want to spend a fortune, yet I don’t want something that breaks after a few uses. Thanks in advamce Paul
  10. A

    Loose toilet seat!

    Hello! We have a wobbly toilet seat… it’s a back to wall toilet and whilst one fixing is secure the other is not, and it looks like the fitter didn’t really attach it all. How do I go about fixing this please! The seat in question is from Qualitex.
  11. B

    Toilet fill valve ID please

    Hello, as the title, the cistern keeps filling. The fill valve is passing, think it’s a viva skylo bottom entry with a plastic shank but there’s not markings or identification on it. Just wondering if anyone knows what type it is? I’d rather just replace the diaphragm inside if it’s one that’s...
  12. M

    Unvented cylinder D2 pipework installation to toilet waste pipe

    Hi guys, just want to get advice, i want to replace venten to unvented cylinder, is it ok to install D2 pipe to toilet waste pipe see picture? as there is no easy options to get it outside.
  13. M

    Sealing toilet to concealed cistern unit?

    With a toilet fit to a concealed cistern vanity were the front panel slides up if you need access it at later date and fitting Is it advisable to put a small bead of silicone between were the top of the pan sits against the vanity?
  14. R

    Need advice on tapping into existing toilet drain with new sewer pipe

    60's ranch, with single bathroom. Tile over concrete slab. Toilet is about a foot from exterior brick wall. Vent pipe is in interior wall behind toilet. There's a concrete patio outside the bathroom, that extends about 10 feet from the wall. I'm considering adding an ADU in the back yard, and it...
  15. U

    Loose Toilet Seat fix

    Hi Everyone Doers anyone know how to remove this toilet seat? It has no push buttons or caps that I can see and I am trying to fathom out how to tighten it! Any help appreciated!
  16. L

    Where can I get a replacement toilet seat for a bathstore euro mono back to wall pan

    I need a new seat for a Bathstore Euro mono back to wall white pan e14. The seat was a euro mono sandwich seat white chr hinge Bought in 2007. I know that bathstore went bust and homebase bought the old stock. I’ve searched online and found some replacement seats for the euro, but they don’t...
  17. T

    Toilet temperamental

    I have an old low gallonage toilet. It flushes fine when when liquid waste is present. Every time, when there solid waste in the bowl (not a lot) it clogs. I need to use a plunger each time to get the waste to flush. I made sure all the holes under the rim are clear.
  18. S

    Toilet not flushing as it did.

    We have a 1980's toilet and it normaly works by: 1.When flushed the deposit in the bowl is sucked out 2. the bowl fills up again with clean water. This is not happening now, when flushed the water fills the toilet bowl then emptys and refils. What can I do? Is it a profesional plumber callout?
  19. S

    How do I undo this connector? (1/2 BSI)

    Hey, I've got a leaking toilet and I need to replace the filling valve device which is a Geberit 810.L3 Type 340 with a 1/2" connector. Problem I've got is the connection under the tank (image attached). The top plastic nut (yellow) is only to hold the fill valve in place - I can undo it by...
  20. E

    wall hung toilet pan poor flushing question

    A few years ago I installed a wall hung toilet pan in my last house which did not flush well when disposing of waste solids. The water would rise up to the rim then dissipate and usually required further flushing to complete the disposal. I don't recall the brand but the wall mounting frame was...

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