1. M

    Replacement toilet required??

    Hi guys. I need to replace a high level cistern/pan, for either a low level toilet or preferably a close coupled toilet. The big issue with this is that the 4in drain to it comes up through a concrete floor, which is 100mm from the back wall to the centre of the waste outlet in the floor. I...
  2. M

    Leak from toilet waste pipe from floor

    I’d be grateful for some guidance on the best way to fix a leak from my toilet. The leak doesn’t come from the toilet so presuming it’s the seal next to the floor and involves the 4inch waste pipe. I am replacing the toilet anyway and presume I need to replace some kind of flange at the base...
  3. T

    Loose toilet seat cannot get it to tighten

    Just bought a property and having problems with a loose toilet seat. There are Allen screws keeping the seat in place but if I try to tighten them it’s still loose. Is it a toilet that needs removing to gain access to the underside in order to tighten the seat?
  4. B

    Accidentally fixed toilet - advice

    Hey guys So I got back to my flat last night and noticed my toilet kept overflowing from the cistern into the bowl. So a constant very slow trickle of water flowing into the funnel circled in blue (photo attached) Anyway - I took the top off my cistern and started fiddling around with...
  5. N

    toilet leaking

    Hi, My toilet is leaking. After flushing there is water flowing. It is clean water so I wonder what that is. Please, can you advise further? thanks, Naveen
  6. B

    Replacing a toilet, but don't recognise this soil flange in the floor to join a pan connector?!

    Hope someone can identify what I need to connect my new toilet pan to the vertical soil pipe in the bathroom floor. The old toilet's pan drained vertically into the soil pipe. I now need to fit a new toilet + pan connector, but the flange in the floor doesn't appear to be catered-for when it...
  7. S

    Struggling to dismantle top fixing toilet seat

    I’m trying to replace a top fixing toilet seat but can’t figure how to dismantle the existing one. There’s no brand name found anywhere including for the main toilet. Photo attached. It’s not the easy push in/pull out type and not soft closing. The tiny screws (circled) won’t turn - knackered. I...
  8. M

    Question about bath, sink, toilet distances

    Hello all, I have a question about the distances between and around sanitary appliances, namely bath, toilet and sink I am replacing a bathroom with the position of the appliances not changing. I have been looking at BS 6465-2:2017 and cannot understand the distances between appliances and...
  9. C

    Help identifying a toilet brand/model

    Hello, I have a toilet with a broken flush button and the toilet has no brand name on it anywhere. Could anyone identify this by the photos provided?
  10. O

    Push toilet flush not working

    The push button on the wall for my toilet no longer works. It pushes in but does not flush the toilet. I can flush manually by pushing down in the cistern - photo attached. I have checked the tube from the button leading to this and there does not appear to be holes. Anyone know what the fix may...
  11. L

    Toilet doesn’t fill up

    Hi, over the past few weeks my toilet has a constant running water sound. No water running into the pan just the tank. After flushing the toilet tonight the water is now hardly coming through like it was before. It’s taking about half an hour to fill up why could this be?
  12. leesparkykent

    Wall hung toilet and frame/stud

    Hi, I’m looking for a little advice in regards to a wall hung toilet. I’m currently refurbishing a bungalow and having a wall hung toilet installed. I’m going to get the chippy to build a stud wall to conceal it etc. I’m just wondering what’s best to use on the studwork like moisture board...
  13. M

    Toilet seat screws won’t tighten

    Our toilet seat screws are hidden in the pan and are self tightening, however they just spin around in position and won’t tighten. Any advice please
  14. C

    Changing fill valve on toilet

    Hi everyone, the fill valve on my toilet is broken, i know how to change it but the isolation valve under isn't working. I've got a back boiler with a cold water tank and cylinder in loft. Would simply isolating the cold water, opening a bathroom tap and waiting for the cold water tank to drain...
  15. R

    Stubborn Toilet Deposit

    Hi All, Had a badly limestone scaled toilet - especially and under the rim. Removed most with Killrock and Spirit of Salts no problem. Now left with a very hard rough thin pale grey deposit between the holes and the inside edge of the rim which I cant shift. Any suggestions on what it is...
  16. G

    Toilet seats

    I inherited a one piece toilet with hidden connections for the toilet seat. There are no release buttons or even openings in the casing allowing to expose the screws. The toilet is mounted against the wall. How do I get to the screws to either tighten or remove the seat?
  17. D

    Push button toilet: water leaking continuously from the cistern into the bowl

    Common problem but difficult to rectify because the cistern is within a vanity unit and the top of the cistern is less than 1 inch from the underside of the surface above. So full access from above only possible by removing the sink in total. Big job involving extensive plumbing and possibly...
  18. A

    toilet pan waste pipe

    I hear flexible waste pipe is better than non flexible one as the flexible one sits tightly into the soil pipe. Does one know whether one should apply glue onto the flexible waste pipe when inserting it into the soil pipe?
  19. Y

    Cant undo toilet seat nut

    Hi, I need to change a broken toilet seat but cannot get one of the nuts of the screws beneath. I cant get anywhere near horizontal access to it - Ive tried holding it at 90 degrees to it and turning but it wont grip properly, Ive also tried holding it and then turning the connector on the top...
  20. E

    fog horn noise from cold water pipes into toilet after flushing

    Hi When I flush my toilet the cold water pipe feeding into the toilet has a very loud noise sounding like a fog horn which you can hear in other rooms an I can feel the pipe vibrating. It I push on the pipe slightly it stops but as soon as I let go it starts again. Anyone know what this might...
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