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  1. R

    Wall mount toilet frame or not.

    I can buy a Geberit Rapid Wall mount frame ( with cistern ) AND plate for a good price. Less than buying a concealed cistern and plate separately. Apparently it's a pig if not impossible to remove the cistern from the frame. So here'e the thing I *might * want a floor standing back to wall pan...
  2. L

    Aquasource dual flush toilet

    I need a manual to an Aqua source dual flush toilet. It's not flushing properly.
  3. L

    Loo leak (from inlet)

    Hi all. I noticed today that some stains have appeared on my downstairs hall ceiling, just beneath the en-suite - there is a large sort of brownish or rust-coloured patch just about where the shower tray is and then a much paler patch over to the right, roughly below where the toilet pan sits...
  4. M

    Connecting toilet help

    Hello. I need to connect wc and sink waste to soil pipe inside vanity unit but have a few issues 1 limited space for flexi pan connector 2 toilet poor shape so pushes connectors off 3 vanity unit against an already tiled bath Can I drill and attach a strap boss to elbow? Or, trim elbow by...
  5. S

    Adding toilet to soil stack

    Hi, I have an old cast iron pipe that needs replacing and I want to remove it completely and divert an upstairs toilet to the second soil stack I already have a few meters across the wall. the second soil stack already has a downstairs toilet on it. I would like to know more as I’ve been...
  6. S

    Could anyone please help me source a particular toilet seat in the UK?

    Dear Community, Could anyone please help me source a particular toilet seat in the UK? Is there a UK supplier that specialises in toilet seats? Many thanks in advance for your help. The existing Valadares toilet (see 3 images attached for style of Valdares toilet I have). The measurements are...
  7. S

    Non standard shape toilet seat.

    My toilet seat has literally snapped off and the wife mistakingly put it in the bin last week. I’ve been looking for a replacement and cannot find the shape anywhere. I’ve put a picture below of the shape of the toilet itself and where the fittings are. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  8. J

    Manufacturing fault in the casting of a pan of a toilet

    Hey Guys just wondering if anyone on here has had this problem with a toilet pan before, this is the 3rd toilet pan I’ve had this problem with in the past 18 months lol, also each pan is a different make from a completely different supplier hence why it’s so bizarre, I think it’s just bad Luck...
  9. R

    Is this the Toilet Flush Button I need (image inside)?

    Hello. My current toilet flush button is the one in the pictures. Please. could you advise me of the following two, which one could replace it?
  10. F

    Occasional Vibration noise after toilet filled

    Hi I have an occasional noise from the toilet. The toilet is less than a year old and sometimes after the toilet finishes filling back up there is a vibration noise. It doesn’t happen all the time. Just wondering what this could be. Thank you
  11. M

    Do I need a vent for a basement toilet 24" away from the bottom of the stack?

    In the below picture the purple pipe is a 3" drain (soil stack) the grey one is the bottom of the vent stack which I intend to relocate and reconnect to the white pipe via either the green pipe or the orange pipe The grey pipe was connected to the toilet drain as in the picture for two possible...
  12. V

    toilet bowl cardboard boxes wanted in coventry..not broken down

    hi i am after quite a few boxes which usually contained toilet bowls in them. they are very strong and ideal for my uses. i will collect them from anywhere in coventry please ring me on 07851070182 i would like the them left made up as they still have the strength with the foldaway lids...
  13. P

    Unused toilet with sewer gas smells

    Hello. I have an unused toilet in my house that I need to sort out. It hasn't been used for a couple of years, and the bowl has dried up. It is emitting sewer gas smells. Is there anything I should be aware of before I flush it to refill the trap? For example, could anything have happened to...
  14. R

    Fitting cistern back on the toilet.

    Hi people. Having a bit of a nightmare here. Trying to fix the toilet myself. It’s a closed coupled toilet. I replaced the valve and the flush for it but did a massive schoolboy error.. when I unscrews the cistern from the toilet the wing nuts fell, and there is zero access to them with taking...
  15. Cliff CE Black

    Is it normal for a (just fixed) toilet cistern to drip after filling please?

    Hi, I am new here and so I hope this is an ok question to ask. I just had a plumber come to fix my toilet cistern which was dripping slowly after filling. he changed a rubber seal which was worn and then made some adjustments to the water fill level and water fill speed. The new level is much...
  16. H

    Non standard toilet seat?

    My toilet seat has seen better days and I was going to replace it. Of course, nothing is that simple. It is not the standard type with the two bolts that go directly through the ceramics. The seat and cover are held on to a plastic strip by two screws (Pic1) and then the strip (pic2) is screwed...
  17. D

    When i empty sink water goes in toilet bowl

    When I empty the sink in my ensuite bathroom, the water goes into the toilet bowl. The toilet water when flushed comes up to the rim and slowly goes down. Some of the water comes up through the shower. All other toilets and sinks in the house are fine. The shower and bath in main bathroom are...
  18. bmbouter

    Strange smell downstairs bathroom, strange draining toilet upstairs...

    I live in a 2-story townhouse, and here's what I'm experiencing. # For a several years now The upstairs toilet slow-drains to the point where after being out of the house with no flushes for a day or two, you come home and there is no water in the bowl. Because of that it smells. Meanwhile the...
  19. N

    How do I connect to this ground toilet pipe.

    Underfloor pipe. How do I connect? The pipe is made of pot I think and it’s broken. My flexible toilet pipe won’t go into it properly. It’s 10cm in diameter. Thank you in advance.
  20. S

    Toilet not filling up enough

    Hi everybody, nice to be here. The toilet is maybe flushing 1 in every 10 attempts and it looks like it's the amount of water in the tank. If I pushdown on the float to fill the tank up further, it usually flushes OK. I understand there is a screw that regulates the amount of refill water but I...

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