1. J

    No vent pipe from cylinder? Help would be appreciated.

    Hello, I thought I’d try fitting a shower pump today. Every thing works, other than the pump just fires water up the vent pipe and into the tank in the attic. i don’t know where this vent pipe has come from as there isn’t one coming off the top of the cylinder.
  2. T

    cylinder with blanked heater socket

    I have a copper twin-coil heating cylinder with a blank brass fitting on its top where the immersion heater normally is. It has an internal thread of approx. 61mm, but below the thread is a solid brass plate. My question: is the brass plate designed to be cut out with hacksaw etc, so an...
  3. K

    Which unvented indirect HORIZONTAL cylinder?

    Hi all Need to install a new horizontal indirect unvented hot water tank that's 300L in capacity. Looking for recommendations on best brands/models and the best place to purchase them from. I've been researching online and have seen these 3 so far: What would you guys recommend out of these...
  4. A

    How to Replenish Air Gap In Unvented Cylinder?

    I have noticed water dropping intro the tundish of my Megaflo Unvented cylinder. I believe I need to replenish the air gap. Do I need to switch both the levers/valves off in the pictures attached before starting the process? Thanks in advance.
  5. M

    Horizontal Vented Hot Water Cylinder

    Is a horizontal cylinder (indirect) as efficient as a standard vertical cylinder? No choice but to use use a horizontal but just asking the question to those who have experience .
  6. R

    Unvented cylinder shower.

    Hi all We live in a 2006 3 story semi/town house Living room and kitchen with downstairs cloak. First floor 2 beds and bathoom with bath and shower from the taps. Worcester bosch 18i system boiler on this floor too about 2 years old. Lastly main bedroom on the top floor which is at loft area...
  7. P

    1st fix pipework for possible cylinder upgrade

    I'm renovating a property which after works are complete will be 5 beds, 4 bathrooms. All 4 bathrooms will have rain head showers and one will also have a bath. Incoming CW supply is in 25mm MDPE to internal stopcock and then 15mm to CW outlets. Pressure is 3.5bar Boiler is 32kW system boiler...
  8. P

    Hot water cylinder making squeaking and running water noise.

    Hello, I am in South Devon and have a Daikin monobloc air source heat pump with HW cylinder which provides CH & HW. Currently CH off and just supplying HW. Once a week (SAT) the system heats up to 70c for sterlistion etc. It has been doing this in almost silence for 3 1/2 years until today...
  9. C

    Descaling unvented cylinder

    Hia guys I have a 300l unvented hot water cylinder not getting up to temperature. Primary Flow into the coilis coming in at approx 70deg but water temperature is not getting above 40deg. Cylinder is over 10years no scale reduction so Im guessing the coil is scaled or sediment build up is...
  10. Chris Churchman

    Replacement for TS Range Flowmax Cylinder

    Hello... Looking for advice regarding a replacement for my old Range Flowmax 140 Thermal Store combination cylinder that is starting to show its age. I wondered if anyone had any recomendation for which manufacturers to look at? I know they are not cheap anyway, but I dont mind spend a bit extra...
  11. B

    Cylinder pipe sizing for new hot water system

    Current system: Combi boiler with direct cold water all on 15mm pipes. 28mm outside diameter lead pipe from supply converted to 15mm copper to kitchen tap and then onwards to bathroom. Proposed new system: No more instant hot water from combi. Replace with hot water cylinder with 2 heat...
  12. S

    Blocked cylinder circuit?

    I’ve not come across one of these before and I’m after a heads up on what lies beneath if anyone can help. This is the flow and return pipework and is connected into what would otherwise be a blanking cap or immersion element. There’s a few possibilities of course but I’m wondering if it’s...
  13. B

    Cylinder Stat replacement cord

    Howdy Gents Where can I get replacement cord that holds the cylinder stat in place? Many thanks,
  14. L

    Unvented Cylinder Query

    I’ve recently moved into a property which currently has a combi boiler, two bathrooms, one power shower and one electric shower. I’m wanting to change this out for an unvented system with two showers operating from the cylinder. Both showers would run at 20 LPM. My current water supply is 15MM...
  15. C

    Unvented Cylinder Tee Off

    Just a quickie, should i tee off for an exp vessel before a balanced tee off or after? Or does it not really matter?
  16. J

    Can't get UV cylinder to drain - any advice?

    Hi, My first post. Can't get an old Ariston uv cylinder to drain. Attached drain hose, isolated cold, opened hot tap until it stopped running, opened drain valve, opened temp relief. No water. Swung off temp relief and prv for an hour - won't drain. Opened cold to see if I get a siphon going...
  17. M

    Rf cylinder stat? Has anyone used one are they good?

    I have a job at a b&b that the water is apparently getting scalding. It has an old oil boiler and the hot water is on gravity. I've been out before and the cylinder has been changed not too long ago and has not been installed brilliantly. My only thought is to convert it to fully pumped but...
  18. Rakesh

    Gledhill light unvented cylinder imploded

    Hi everyone, Hope someone can shed light on this problem. I’ve been and changed bath taps For a client by first isolating the cold mains. I then opened the kitchen mixer tap to drain both hot and cold water and while that was draining, I went into the bathroom and opened the separate hot and...
  19. T

    Re-using existing connection to a replacement Cylinder

    I'm renewing my old indirect cylinder with a like for like replacement (albeit with an additional shower take off point). I intend replacing the cold feed and boiler connections with new pipe as they are pretty easy to replace. My question is about reusing the existing hot water take off point...
  20. A

    Megaflo unvented cylinder drip

    Hi there. I have noticed a drip on the primary flow pipe going into the tank. Not sure what could be causing it. It seems to happen when the heating and hot water are off. Have attached a photo. It comes from the top and runs down the pipe. No dripping in the tundish and we replenished the air...
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