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  1. N

    URGENT Leaking lpg continental rf6030 4 cylinder manifold

    Hi all, I have an lpg setup that was fitted November 2018. We have 4 x 47kg cylinders connected to a continental rf6030 auto changeover manifold. This evening I swapped over a pigtail on one of our reserve cylinders that had been damaged by a rat having a midnight feast on it. When I undid...
  2. R

    unvented cylinder thermostat

    does any one know the difference between an ordinary immersion thermostat and one for an unvented cylinder, they look identical (both have overheat cut outs) but paperwork says not suitable for unvented cylinder, cannot get through to manafacture for advice, even one i got from online supplier...
  3. S

    Vented Hot Water Cylinder Without Vent Pipe!

    After calling a plumber to look at our leaking power shower he discovered that there is no vent pipe coming off the hot water cylinder . The cylinder is an old indirect vented cylinder heated from the central heating boiler and has a secondary electric immersion heater that is disconnected...
  4. gmartine

    Unvented cylinder in loft - terminating tundish

    What would folks usually opt for easiest route to soil stack?
  5. M

    Hot radiators remain when heating goes off - maybe from hot water storage cylinder ?

    Hot water coming out of the hot water storage cylinder into upstairs radiators after heating/HW turns off and running out of hot water in the mornings. I have a Glow Worm 24HX Condensing boiler on the ground floor with a pump in the same cupboard, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing...
  6. L

    Question on upgrading hot water cylinder

    Hello, I am looking into upgrading various parts of my residential block's heating and hot water system, which serves 12 flats that resulted from the conversion of two adjacent terraced houses. Our current hot water cylinder has 1000 lts capacity, is vented, is heated indirectly through a gas...
  7. M

    Unvented cylinder in loft with open vented heatinf

    I have a job putting an unvented cylinder in loft, (I’m G3) but they have open vented heating. I’m wondering if this will be possible as flow into cylinder will be higher than f and e tank. Worries about pumping over, any thoughts? Convert heating to close system first?
  8. gmartine

    Telford Tempest cylinders

    Anybody have anything good to say about them? Client wants to use one as he says "someone recommended them". Spec looks ok with lifetime warranty but a few on trust pilot say they don't honour it so who really knows...
  9. S

    can un-vented cylinder can be used in a vented set up

    Hi i currently have an very old un insulated vented hot water cylinder that i need replacing. Water in the cylinder is heated indirectly via gas boiler with an immersion as backup. Gravity system in place for hotwater tank feed and Water pressure is ok in the house. I have been offered an...
  10. J


    Hi all, Over the last month we noticed water coming out of all the hot taps and shower would only come lukewarm. The puzzling thing is control unit states that the temperature in the unvented cylinder is at 69-70 degrees celsius. When I’ve I released water directly from the cylinder and felt...
  11. C

    Recommendations for unvented 300L cylinder?

    Situation House has oil fired boiler. Plan to fit a 300L vertical hot water cylinder to replace current standard vented cylinder. Please assume that current boiler is suitable to supply heat to the cylinder. One plumber has said it is, will take advice from others. Intend to fit a twin coil...
  12. D

    Why is my Vitocell 200 boiler and Joules cyclone cylinder making whining noise?

    I’ve had a Viessmann ASHP fitted. Fan noise outside is v low- we do not notice it. Inside though, the joules cyclone unvented cylinder seems to be making a constant whine. At first I thought it was the Vitocal 200 boiler beside it but I am pretty sure it is the tank? It is all new ( April) and...
  13. T

    Can't free 1/4 turn ceramic cylinder

    Dripping hot tap on 1/4 turn ceramic mixer so replaced the cylinder. No problem until I decided to replace the cold too. I'm assuming one is clockwise and the other is anti?? No joy either way and now I have gnarled the nut by using a wrench instead of the dedicated spanner. I've soaked with...
  14. T

    Pipes left from cylinder removal

    So I’ve had my hot water cylinder removed as I’ve changed over to combi and this has opened up a lot of space which I can make part of the bathroom. But I need to hide these pipes shown in the picture. Are they important? Could I just hind them under the floor. Or do they need to be accessible...
  15. siricosm

    Cylinder for DIY thermal store

    I am looking to install a thermal store to replace my current vented cylinder. I plan to use an external plate exchanger for DHW and heat the store directly from my existing vented boiler. So what I am looking for is a plain stainless steel tank (no internal coils) with a variety of connections...
  16. C

    Issues with Megaflo cylinder

    I am using a megaflo cylinder at my flat, and as lately I am using more of the heating it is starting to act odd, to start with the hot water is getting less hot day by day, and as of today my floor heating stopped working. Meanwhile, the pump outside the cylinder (picture attached) just keep...
  17. M

    Combined feed and vent with unvented cylinder

    Got a job today to take out vented cylinder and replace with unvented indirect cylinder (i’m G3 qualified). Only problem is the system has a strange set up. It’s combined feed and vent S plan system. Heating zone valve is on the flow and pump and hot water zone valve on return. My issue is that...
  18. A

    Servicing Megaflo Unvented Cylinder - G3 Qualified

    Hi, I have recently had my Megaflo Unvented Cylinder serviced but didn’t check if the plumbing and heating engineer was G3 qualified before they carried out the work. I understand that it is a legal requirement to be G3 qualified to install an unvented system but is this also true to be able...
  19. S

    RM cylinder coil 1 and soil 1 hot water storage

    I’ve got advantage invented hot water storage RM cylinder. I have got coil1 soil 1 Both are connected with copper pipe. Looks like one for heating and one for hot water but the soil 1 for hot water pipe has a stop cock What is the difference between coil1 and soil 1
  20. M

    Albion Mercury Gold Unvented Cylinder

    Hi, I need some advice on an Albion Mercury Gold Unvented Cylinder. I have been told that the internal air expansion has failed and that the cylinder cannot be repaired, only replaced. Is this true? Also, there has been an external expansion valve fitted at some point. Is this correct...