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Discuss Worcester 24cdi problems, advice please!! in the Central Heating Forum area at PlumbersForums.net

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Hi all. Brief introduction. I'm a fully trained engineer at Rolls Royce so have a good idea how things work.
Most parts have been replaced over the years and it has been a good work horse over the years. I recently fitted an external expansion vessel on the CH return as the one in boiler was causing high pressure and had water in it. This has been capped off at both ends with pipe removed. Pressure all fine now so happy with that. Since then here are the symptoms of my problem and I believe just a coincidence??
Sorry it's long but it gives you all I can see.. From cold hot water works ok and you demand a few times with no problems. Once heat is in boiler and you demand hot water again popping and banging occurs and it boils. At this point I've turned heating on and pump kicks in and heating fires after a mo (seams to be getting rid of heat first)
Heating all warms up fine and hot water all fine when CH on.
Once CH turned off and you demand hot water whilst boiler still warm again it bangs and boils. If you then put CH on again, pump runs and cools system down and if you turn off before it fires I can then run HW with no probs. It's defo heat / circulation related... any ideas as it's doing my head in!! thanks


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Please please dont be like the rest ..
It is a gas boiler , you are not qualified to touch it .
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