1. P

    UK Worcester Bosch Greenstar Regular Boiler - Always ON

    Morning all, I've noticed very recently that our Worcester Bosch Boiler is constantly ON and making a fair bit of noise. The flame is not on, but certainly sounds like the pump is running, AND the water temperature does seem high considering we've not had any demand for it for a good 48hrs or...
  2. C

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave 26/32 (Oil boiler 2007) Flue perished

    Oily smell from boiler recently before failed. Great plumber sorted though when opened external baffle at front of sealed flue the internal spring like tube lining outer insulation had all perished. Barn conversion with thick walls (763mm). Worcester Bosch say Flue Kits are obsolete and...
  3. M

    Worcester Greenstar 24RI - Burner Seal Replacment

    Got some quotes for a service, one person has said if I haven't had the burner seal replaced for past 5 years, it should be done (& service price goes up by £55). Boiler installed in 2015 - never had the 'seal' replaced? Is it a necessary requirement just as a matter of course?
  4. L

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave Boiler pressure issue... any thoughts...?

    Greetings. I have an external Worcester Bosch Heatslave boiler and have a question about pressure. The boiler pressure was set to 1.5 during a recent visit by a plumber (as it seemed to have dropped and was hovering between the green and red zone) . A few days later I turned the thermostat down...
  5. L

    Worcester Bosch Heatslave Boiler pressure issue...

    Greetings. I have an external Worcester Bosch Heatslave boiler and have a question about pressure. The boiler pressure was set to 1.5 during a recent visit by a plumber (as it seemed to have dropped and was hovering between the green and red zone) . A few days later I turned the thermostat down...
  6. A

    Worcester Bosch help

    I have a greenstar 35cdi combi boiler that when the thermostat calls for heat. It will fire up heat to temp and then drop down to 41* on the boiler display and then kick back in again. I have checked all wiring and the zone valves. What else could it be? anyone seen this before
  7. M

    Worcester 28i expansion vessel hose??

    Hi guys. Can this hose be removed without taking the vessel out? Is there a specific tool that makes it doable?? Cheers
  8. A

    Worcester Greenstar Ri Boiler Knocking

    Hi there, My boiler (Worcester Greenstar Ri) has started making a soft knocking noise when it turns on, and again a few times when it turns off. I've attached a short video of the sound. It isn't constant, it seems to happen within the first 10 mins of the boiler starting up, then you won't...
  9. T

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar knocking noise

    Hello, I have just moved in to a new flat this week and have a problem with noise coming from somewhere around the top of the boiler. It's a loud clicking/knocking sound that lasts about a minute, stops for 20-30 seconds and starts again. It seems to happen at night, starting in the evening...
  10. S

    Down-founded what to do

    Hey guys in the know. I have paid for a heating and plumbing contract and had to pay my excess 3 times for the same thing still not fixed. The issue is quite simple to repair not sure why any one of the 2 plumbers could not fix it. Why am I paying for cover. The auto air vents in part of the...
  11. C

    Worcester boiler noise

    Our boiler has started making a noise on start up and when it kicks in and out engineer says it’s an ignition coil bracket and nothing to worry about but it sometimes gets worse and it went on for few seconds todays (5) like it was stuck and then freed itself and might have been coincidence but...
  12. pufferfish91

    Smart Thermostat Install - Worcester Highflow 440

    We have recently moved into a property which has a Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440 Standalone Combi gas boiler. This appears to be a relatively old unit however, it is still in great working condition and has been serviced on a regular basis. I'd like to add a Nest Thermostat to control the...
  13. B

    Boiler decision - Worcester v Baxi

    Hi. I’m new here and due to have a new boiler fitted. Does anyone have recommendations or thoughts on either the Worcester 8000 40KW Combi or the Baxi 40kw Platinum or the Valliant EcoTec Plus 838. The Worcester is the most costly but I’m happy to pay more if it means a better boiler (long term...
  14. M

    Worcester 30i ionisation fault

    Hi all. I hope you are well. Need some advice on this boiler and fault. E229. Went there and condensate was totally blocked so cleaned it and still not fixed. Then serviced it and still got the fault. Called up worcester and one says its the gas valve as it is making a 3 whoosing noises while...
  15. RedYellowLorry

    Worcester Keyless Filling Lever Not Moving

    Hello, I'm trying to top up the pressure on my Greenstar 30i ERP but the blue keyless filling lever won't move. It doesn't feel stiff, it feels as if it has been locked some how. Do I have to do something to get it to move? If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful. Thanks...
  16. D

    Worcester Bosch Magnetic Filter Running Water Noise

    Just had a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30Ri fitted with the magnetic filter. When the system is running the boiler is so quiet but there is a sound of trickling water through the filter, loud enough to hear quite clearly and is pretty annoying. I wouldn't of thought trapped air would sound...
  17. G

    Worcester 230 going to o/h lock out oin DHW

    Morning Guys, I have a Worcester 230 Combi in a rental property that is going to overheat lockout after a couple of minutes on DHW, no issue when on CH but if DHW is called for when heating is on same fault occurs. System is clean as always had inhibitor so unlikely to be a blocked heat...
  18. J

    Worcester Boiler - GREENSTAR 8000 Life - Heating anomaly

    Worcester Boiler - GREENSTAR 8000 Life - Heating anomaly I have recently noticed when I have lost power to my boiler and power is then reinstated that the Central Heating comes on. Is this the norm?…ALL CH controls are off.
  19. Jrtyson95

    worcester Green star 4000 f-1019 & f2965

    Hi Fitted a new out the box’s boiler today. It worked for 30 minutes. Then stoped and went to fault codes 2965 B Flow temperature too high ▶ System is not filled with water. ▶ No water flow,because CH system is closed. ▶No water flow, because pump is not operating correctly. ▶ Check flow...
  20. T

    Worcester boiler CH temp issue?

    Experiencing an issue with a Worcester Greenstar 21i conventional boiler if anyone could help! I have previously installed a Tado smart controls system and is all working correctly with my 3 zone s plan system (CH x2, & HW). Boiler fires from the LR (signal) when the Tado calls for heat but...

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