Problem solving consists of using generic or ad hoc methods in an orderly manner to find solutions to difficulties.
Some of the problem-solving techniques developed and used in philosophy, medicine, societies, mathematics, engineering, computer science, and artificial intelligence in general are related to mental problem-solving techniques studied in psychology and cognitive sciences.

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  1. J

    Pump problems

    Hi there, I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem please. I’ve searched for similar posts but not found anything helpful! My mum’s house has a pump which pulses on and off every time a tap is opened. Even filling the bath (pressure is strong) the pump won’t come on and stay on but...
  2. G

    Problems with shower pressure

    I have just had a boiler, hot water tank and power shower pump replaced on advice by my plumber. I have two separate boilers, heat/hotwater systems in the house. This boiler was replaced by a combi boiler as it only heats the lounge and master bed and provides hot water to en-suite bathroom and...
  3. P

    Problems with polybutylene pipes?

    There's been an issue with poly pipes (Pro-fit brand) in WA. Loads of leaks occurring, the main house builder in WA says it is a problem with the product, the manufacturer blames installation - over-bending, insufficient room for movement. I'm wondering why we haven't heard of this anywhere else...
  4. H

    Zone Problems with Boiler

    I have an older gas boiler HW heating system with a taco circulator pump for each zone that worked fine last season. When turning it on for the 1st time this season I found a problem with the boiler not running on one of the zones. If I turn on the heat to zone 1 I hear the system...
  5. D

    Heating problems, radiators fluctuating.

    Hi, My step daughter was ripped off by a cowboy builder so I’ve been helping her out and fittted her two radiator. I’ve no idea what is under some of the floors or in the walls but since flushing it all out and starting the combi up she’s been having problems with her heating. She reckons the...
  6. S

    Various problems with bathroom - please help!

    So I bought my first flat recently (am in UK) and in a bit of a pickle as the bathroom has turned up lots of problems that weren't picked up by the survey. I have had loads of plumbers over, and have always carefully checked their reviews/tried to vet them as much as possible. However, I've had...
  7. N

    Boiler report problems?

    Hi I am potentially buying a house but the below has been written on an inspection carried out on the boiler. "Boiler not fitted to manufacturers instructions. Open vent boiler installed on a pressurised system. Flue twisted and allowing rainwater ingress and pump not wired to boiler...
  8. B

    Problems with Worcester Greenstar HE Plus

    Started getting a random F7 fault on our gas boiler, called out a gas engineer to have a look at it. He gave it a good look over and checked and it was working while he was there. A few hours later the problem started up again, called the gas engineer who fitted a new main board, boiler was...
  9. S

    Problems with mdf mermaid board

    Has anyone else had a problem with the new mdf backed mermaid board. Had the board professionally fitted although the fitted questioned the use of mdf backed board Not even a week in and it is blowing on the joint Wondering if the new style board is not fit for purpose
  10. B

    Vaillant TURBOMax Plus 828E - Partial Load Setting d.00 problems

    Hi, I have a TURBOMax Plus 828E in a small Annex that only has 3 Rads. The boiler Cycles but is only ignited for about 30-40 seconds before reaching target Temp and then goes on pump overrun. Given that there are only 3 Rads and are 'designer' with a total combined KW spec of about 2.5kw, the...
  11. R

    Waterless urinals problems

    Hi all, I’ve just installed 2 waterless urinals, with brand new cartridges, however, they are draining extremely slowly, it’s takes around 10 minutes for 500ml to drain through the cartridge. Any advice? I’m sure I’ve done everything correctly
  12. Hashtag246

    URGENT Thermostatic valve replacement problems

    Got a porcelanosa shower mixer and i need to change the thermostatic valve. It shows that a special tool might be required to remove it. Can u advise? Thanks
  13. N

    Two new open vent boilers, problems ever since.

    Hi all, So I re done my house 2/3 years ago and had all my radiators taken out on the lower floor, changed to wet underfloor instead. 2 zones. 2 manifolds. As I was doing quite a bit, I’d decided to exchange the two 15 year old boilers with a pair of new ones. Vitodens 100w 35kw open vent...
  14. P

    Radiator problems, please help

    Hi everyone please could you help me work out what's wrong with my Central heating, my radiators were cold at the bottom so I had them flushed through, since then the heating engineer got them all lovely and hot, but after being off for the night only the upstairs ones were working ??? He came...
  15. V

    Problems with shower mixer valve

    I removed a bath from my sister in law’s bathroom about eight years ago. I cut back the hot and cold to the bath and branched off these to a new shower bar mixer. It worked fine until about two years ago when I fitted a new valve which has been fine until about two weeks ago when she said it...
  16. P

    Problems with tap's cold water cartridge

    Hi, my 2-handle kitchen mixer tap started dripping cold water. I've got it apart and am waiting for a new cold water, ceramic disc, 1/4 turn, cartridge to be delivered. Meanwhile I can't completely turn off the isolating (or service) valve, whose screwdriver slot is now knackered. So, with tap...
  17. M

    URGENT Boiler Problems re New Rads

    I have had three radiators changed and two thermastats fitted to existing radiators and now find my boiler is not firing. Please help.
  18. D

    Plumber problems - need advice please

    Hi Everyone This is my first post here and I hope to hear from some of the experienced plumbers or anyone else in general that has had an issue with plumbing. In October 2018 a plumber came to install full central heating and a unventes cylinder which was zoned to two floors (Basement and...
  19. J

    Problems with digital shower, general advice needed

    Firstly , apologies if this is inappropriate. I'm really not sure what questions I should be asking. I had a bathroom refit done around 7.5 years ago, including a digital shower. It's been great, but recently has really started playing up - the controls to raise or lower the temp seem to make...
  20. D

    Greywater Gravity Drain Problems

    Hey guys, I live in Arizona where it is hot as blazes and water is scarce. I made a DIY gravity drain system to reuse water from my washing machine to water my trees. Below is a really well-drawn sketch (haha) of the setup. My problem is that little to no water comes out at the tree! I already...
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