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  1. N

    Two new open vent boilers, problems ever since.

    Hi all, So I re done my house 2/3 years ago and had all my radiators taken out on the lower floor, changed to wet underfloor instead. 2 zones. 2 manifolds. As I was doing quite a bit, I’d decided to exchange the two 15 year old boilers with a pair of new ones. Vitodens 100w 35kw open vent...
  2. P

    Radiator problems, please help

    Hi everyone please could you help me work out what's wrong with my Central heating, my radiators were cold at the bottom so I had them flushed through, since then the heating engineer got them all lovely and hot, but after being off for the night only the upstairs ones were working ??? He came...
  3. V

    Problems with shower mixer valve

    I removed a bath from my sister in law’s bathroom about eight years ago. I cut back the hot and cold to the bath and branched off these to a new shower bar mixer. It worked fine until about two years ago when I fitted a new valve which has been fine until about two weeks ago when she said it...
  4. P

    Problems with tap's cold water cartridge

    Hi, my 2-handle kitchen mixer tap started dripping cold water. I've got it apart and am waiting for a new cold water, ceramic disc, 1/4 turn, cartridge to be delivered. Meanwhile I can't completely turn off the isolating (or service) valve, whose screwdriver slot is now knackered. So, with tap...
  5. M

    URGENT Boiler Problems re New Rads

    I have had three radiators changed and two thermastats fitted to existing radiators and now find my boiler is not firing. Please help.
  6. D

    Plumber problems - need advice please

    Hi Everyone This is my first post here and I hope to hear from some of the experienced plumbers or anyone else in general that has had an issue with plumbing. In October 2018 a plumber came to install full central heating and a unventes cylinder which was zoned to two floors (Basement and...
  7. J

    Problems with digital shower, general advice needed

    Firstly , apologies if this is inappropriate. I'm really not sure what questions I should be asking. I had a bathroom refit done around 7.5 years ago, including a digital shower. It's been great, but recently has really started playing up - the controls to raise or lower the temp seem to make...
  8. D

    Greywater Gravity Drain Problems

    Hey guys, I live in Arizona where it is hot as blazes and water is scarce. I made a DIY gravity drain system to reuse water from my washing machine to water my trees. Below is a really well-drawn sketch (haha) of the setup. My problem is that little to no water comes out at the tree! I already...
  9. S

    Can you re-use a new boiler?

    Hi folks, Another thought... The new Ideal Logic Max boiler did not meet the requirements of the job. However during this installation process, the installer realised the problem. Can you tell me, whether the boiler could be un-installed, taken down from the wall (although some of the gas...
  10. Nicklm

    URGENT Loft room shower problems

    Hi everyone Hoping someone has an idea what's going on with my loft conversion shower. It runs ice cold after 5 mins and cant be the thermostatic bar as we've now changed it 3 times. The hot water in the tap also runs cold after 5 mins. The water us fed from a combi boiler on the ground floor...
  11. D

    British gas 330+ problems

    Hi folks bit of a dillema here an could do with picking your brains, I've an s plan 330+ british gas boiler system that's not firing when the heatings being called for, it fires fine for the hot water zone valve for the hot water moves fine but the heating won't kick over when it's being called...
  12. R

    TRV problems high pitch squealing

    Good evening - I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this. Squealing high pitch TRV's when reaching the required shut-off temp. I understand its probably the pressure in the system making the pin in the TRV vibrate. Or pump turned up too high - which I guess would cause the same effect of...
  13. I

    Problems with hot water in a pressure system

    Hi, We recently had the pressure tank replaced in our system as the old one started leaking. Since the replacement, I've seen two problems. The first is that there is a loud knock when the tap is turned on. I believe this is because there is air in the system? Secondly, when the heating is on...
  14. R

    23 year old Vaillant Thermocompact needs replacing - flue problems?

    We built our detached house 23 yrs ago, having a Vaillant Thermocompact boiler with a Megaflo tank, and it's been excellent. The boiler sits in a room under the stairs, with the flue discharging out of the side wall (no windows or doors) at a height of around 2.5m from the ground. The...
  15. A

    New gas boiler problems

    Hi all Just installed a new baxi platinum on a new gas installation and everything is fine and the gas standing pressure is at 24mb when switching on the new boiler and trying to commission the boiler it draws gas and goes from 24mb down to 3mb and locks out. It is a medium pressure...
  16. Imdesperatenow

    I need some sort of confirmation

    TIA I have removed the info I now have someone coming to check it
  17. B

    URGENT Pulsar specialists wanted.

    Our pulsar infloor was installed in 2006 and worked well until a total heating failure in 2020. Following its repair and a new bolier the infloor has not worked properly. Several different plumbers have attended but still no improvement .Are there pulsar specialists out there in the plumbing world?
  18. M

    Unvented cylinder problems - over pressure or faulty expansion tank?

    Hi, New to this forum and also complete novice who knows pretty much nothing about plumbing. However I have done quite some google searching trying to find some answers. I live in a 1st floor flat which uses an electric duel element direct unvented water heater cylinder (150 litres). Recently I...
  19. B

    Pressure problems

    Have 7 yr Vailliant ecotec plus 937, serviced yearly. Boiler after 45 mins reaching 2.7 bar I then turn it off! It then takes 3 hrs to return to 1.2. Any ideas what’s going on?
  20. S

    URGENT Boiler Problems, spiking pressure

    I have a 'Vokera Unica HE High efficiency combi boiler' which was working fine until this morning. When I got back home this evening, the boiler pressure was at 0 bar, and the hot water wouldn't work. I switched off the boiler, and managed to get the pressure back to 1 bar with the filling...
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