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Please is a word used in the English language to indicate politeness and respect while making a request. Derived from shortening the phrase "if you please" or "if it please(s) you", the term has taken on substantial nuance based on its intonation and the relationship between the persons between whom it is used. In much of the Western world, use of the word is considered proper etiquette, and parents and authority figures often imprint upon children the importance of saying "please" when asking for something from an early age, leading to the description of the term as "the magic word".

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  1. L

    My son has an Apprentice interview- please help.

    My son has an apprenticeship interview for to become a plumber and heating engineer. The have said there will be a multiple choice exam for this for suitability. The thing is my son panics during tests/exams. Is there any book I can buy him to practice the multiple choice test for the exam? What...
  2. W

    Can someone provide advice please

    I have recently moved appears the shower drain has become blocked and there is no inner cup to remove and clean. I believe the waste is a Coral shower part E6704 as in my pictures. My question is does this part unscrew to enable me to pull it out to gain access to clean the waste and...
  3. E

    Slow draining toilets and gurgling, help please

    Hello, would greatly appreciate some pointers Toilet downstairs drains slowly. First floor toilet causes bath to reflux water and make noise. Second floor toilet causes shower to gurgle. Tried Mr Muscle drain unblocker almost everywhere. Tried plunging the toilets, shower and bath. Tried a...
  4. B

    Toilet fill valve ID please

    Hello, as the title, the cistern keeps filling. The fill valve is passing, think it’s a viva skylo bottom entry with a plastic shank but there’s not markings or identification on it. Just wondering if anyone knows what type it is? I’d rather just replace the diaphragm inside if it’s one that’s...
  5. Dan

    Just testing posting an image in a thread, please feel free to do the same

    Just testing posting an image in a thread, please feel free to do the same
  6. S

    Possible Leaking Gravity Fed Hot Water Cylinder Valve

    Hi all. This ‘valve’ is at the bottom of our domestic hot water cylinder. Anyone have any idea what it is please? It must’ve been there for many years and seems to be leaking.
  7. B

    PLEASE HELP Hot Water Combi Boiler Advice

    PLUMBING ADVICE NEEDED Combi boiler in our house, downstairs water seems to be piping hot. Upstairs basin, bath and shower only ever seems to be lukewarm - so much so that no one even wants to bath as it never gets hot enough! Open to suggestions as to what it might be and if anyone can...
  8. M

    URGENT Firebird Envirogreen Condensing Combi Oil Boiler spare part needed

    I have a "Firebird Envirogreen Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 26kW" a part has went and I can't find it anywhere, I was at every plumbers merchant near me but they all need to ring Firebird who are closed till next week. I wonder if anyone can help me find this part please? It's a pressure sensor...
  9. P

    Replace basin sink tap head covers please

    Have a sink basin tap photo attached and need to replace the heads as behind they have cracked. Any idea where I can get replacement tap head covers only need to change the tap head covers really Problem is the old tap head covers wont turn! Any ideas please? Thanks
  10. P

    stopcock won't turn help please thanks

    Hi All Haven't tried my stopcock for a while and it won't turn by hand, tried a cloth over it Any tips to get it moving please Many thanks Phil.
  11. D

    Can anyone help me identify this valve please

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help me identify this type of valve please. Thanks
  12. L

    Please can anybody identify this bath?

    I need to replace the bath panel on my P bath, but it came with the house and I don't know what type it is. It has a fairly small bulge for the shower end of the bath, so a lot of p bath panels wouldn't fit. I've checked the most popular bathroom places with no luck. Thanks
  13. B

    stopcock issue advise please

    Morning everyone, if anyone could please offer advice on this issue it would help me with a massive issue regarding the water supply in my flat. My flat kitchen and bathroom was always on mains supply (no tank supply at all) and the rest of the 5 flats were mains supply to kitchen and water...
  14. Boom7#5times

    Be warned / Scam / Boiler Repair boiler-breakdown dot net

    Had a call to a 82 Old man, he paid these £300 up front for a years cover, and I find out on arrival he's been waiting for 3 weeks, no heating or HW.. ( I had to dig backwards from the customers phone number he had) . Turns out the email for invoice i asked for is fake, dont reply to my text...
  15. C

    Concealed shower advive please.

    We had a plumber come to fit our concealed shower. He plumbed it in, then we fit the plasterboard and tiles. However he soon realised that he had set the shower valve body too far back into the wall so that he physically could not fit the valve handles onto the spindles because they do not...
  16. W


    I own an ArmitageShanks fairly compact cistern pictured. Does anyone know the model and make? 1, Is it close-coupled only or can it be converted to free standing above bowl? 2, Which close-coupled toilet bowls is this compatible with? A wide selection or just one bowl? 3, Modern cisterns like...
  17. Zoe100

    Help Please, Salamander Accubust Water Pump

    Help pls, I’ve got a Salamander Accubust water main pump it has an in & out & third port for an accumulator can I blank off the accumulator port & use it as a mains water pump without an accumulator? TIA
  18. B

    Santon Unvented Direct PP120E - Help Please

    Hi everyone, I have a Santon Premier Plus PP120E (unvented direct immersion heater) fitted with two thermostats, which provides hot water to taps and shower. The central heating runs from a separate system. On the PP120E: Bottom thermostat is set it to 4 out of 5 (approx. 60C), and connected...
  19. D

    Choice of thermostat advice please

    Hi I'm having issues with my wireless Honeywell thermostat. It's sat in the living room, set at 18C currently. It makes my Worcester Greenstar 18Ri to short cycle. So, the moment it gets cold outside my boiler works for about a minute, then stops, and starts again in about 5 minutes, then...
  20. A

    Kitchen tap advice please

    Hi, basic question. I have a leaking kitchen tap. I'm a bit confused on the part I need to get. On Screwfix I can see "Flomasta 1/2 inch BSP quarter turn ceramic tap glands" - are these the right parts? But I can also see 8x8mm 20-tooth spines, 9x9mm 20-Tooth Spines and others - which of these...
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