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Please is a word used in the English language to indicate politeness and respect while making a request. Derived from shortening the phrase "if you please" or "if it please(s) you", the term has taken on substantial nuance based on its intonation and the relationship between the persons between whom it is used. In much of the Western world, use of the word is considered proper etiquette, and parents and authority figures often imprint upon children the importance of saying "please" when asking for something from an early age, leading to the description of the term as "the magic word".

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  1. E

    Shower Pipework advice needed please

    Hi All I found this forum quite by chance this afternoon whilst looking for an answer to a plumbing question that I have following a rebuild of an annexe at our house. The annexe has a small ensuite containing a shower, washand basin and WC. The builder completed the work just prior to...
  2. J

    Megaflow 170dd help please

    WMegaflow 170dd cylinder Hi, moved in to a new build and this system direct cylinder has 2 immersion heaters in it, there is a boost button in the cupboard, so I presume one immersion works at a time and the switch turns the other one on, does anybody know how this works ? Is the top or the...
  3. C

    Marley 95 degree Branch question please

    Hi folks, Attached photo of Marley 95 degree branch. Could anyone in the know let me know if the collar at the bottom where it enters the concrete floor of my bathroom is a separate piece please? Directly below the branch is a Salt glaze pipe, am I right in thinking that collar at bottom of...
  4. S

    Opinions on this quote please.

    Hi all, I've been getting some plumbing quotes for an en suite project for my home (based in the east of England), and wanted to find out opinions of whether anyone thinks they're decent quotes of not? I've already ripped out the existing vanity/loo/shower tray/screen/tiles. I've also lifted...
  5. G

    Help please! Issues with CH & HW

    I will start by saying I am not a plumber but I have learnt loads thanks to people on here. I am currently having an issue with heating & Hot Water. It is working but I have to do certain things to make it work each day. The question is about the 2 gate valves in the picture. Valve number 1 and...
  6. IMRS250

    Returning to the Gas after 5 years.. advice please

    Hi all, I was previously a member of this forum about 7 years back but lost my login details so started again! I moved abroad and packed in the gas for a couple of years and then returned to the UK and went to Uni to be a teacher. After realising teaching is a massive headache I want to get...
  7. D

    Radiator off - Advice needed.

    Hi all, please could anyone help me with the following issue im having. I will start off with listing the scenario in case it helps. Boiler - Ideal Icos. Property - 4 bed System age - around 16 yrs. I have a problem in my en-suite, whereby i am unable to get the towel rail to heat up - this...
  8. S

    Drayton LWC1 wiring centre advice please

    Good morning all I hope you are all well? I am after a bit of advice please, I am looking to fit a Drayton LWC1 wiring centre into my boiler circuit as the wiring is incorrect, someone has linked the Neutral and HW off wires in the programmer circuit for some reason. Looking at the wiring...
  9. P

    Boiler Benchmark help please

    Last year my boiler broke down prior to which a few radiators were stone cold. Paid large company who used their contracted installer to fit the boiler after which the radiators still haven’t worked. On booking the annual service I noticed that the system wasn’t flushed and the hard water...
  10. T

    Can anyone identify this tap please?

    Hello everyone, One of the hexagonal pieces on the head of one of these bathroom basin mixer taps (Heritage Watersmith) has been lost and I am looking for a spare. Does anyone recognise the model? Many thanks!
  11. P

    Radiator problems, please help

    Hi everyone please could you help me work out what's wrong with my Central heating, my radiators were cold at the bottom so I had them flushed through, since then the heating engineer got them all lovely and hot, but after being off for the night only the upstairs ones were working ??? He came...
  12. M

    Scalemaster suggestions? Please

    Hi guys. I’ve just fitted a new Quooker tap for a family member and they would like some scale protection fitting but the don’t want to pay for the Quooker version. Any suggestions would be welcome
  13. M

    URGENT Water backing up in shower - please advise

    Hello everyone. Please could you give me any advice? I am a student in a building with other rooms and studios. I have a room and en-suite shower. I use have to use a friend’s shower at the moment. Since I moved in to my room the water in shower has now and then been slow to drain, or...
  14. M

    Bathroom tap handle help please

    Hi please can anyone advise where I can get 6 spline(nut) handle from . All I see is ones with multiple splines I have no idea of make of taps dirty I know but we just need handles:)
  15. W

    What radiator size please?

    The recommended radiator size for my bathroom is 2500BTU. The rad. I have chosen is available in 2258 BTU and 2741 BTU. The smaller one will fit better but I would not want to compromise the heat output by choosing it just because it looks better in place. Bathroom size is 7' x10' x8' high with...
  16. HeatonDan

    Can you identify this toilet, please?

    Just moved house. Need to change the seat on this toilet, but after buying 3 (that did not fit), and spending around 6 hours trawling the web, I can't find a seat that matches the dimensions I need. I am stumped, and hoping one of you just recognises this by sight! Info / clues: Neither the...
  17. T

    Can you please identify a shower mixer ?

    The thermostatic cartridge in this shower has failed and I have no idea who the manufacturer is. It is in the shower room of an Arab Prince's London House and he is ranting that he want's a shower and it is stuck on Hot ! Any suggestions ?
  18. P

    Drainage advice please BOS/diversion

    Hi we had an agreement with Welsh water to divert some surface water pipes-also a BOS but not relevant. There is a small amount of water left in the drain invert for a few hours after rain. Is there a tolerance for water in bottom of pipe? I have already dug it all out once and re-levelled...
  19. J

    URGENT Advice please if possible

    Advice please, I have payed for a boiler to be fitted by a gas safe family member and he took an age to fit it, then came back a week later to fit the 28mm pipe required from the boiler to the meter, since then he has been fobbing me off about a sparky (his friend ) who needs to come and fit the...
  20. B

    New boiler in remodelled property - advice please

    At the start of COVID we started increasing the size of a small bungalow to create first floor. All electrics and plumbing removed. Electrics done with exception of connecting boiler. Mid COVID needed hot water so bought a pre plumbed Gledhill pressurised tank and connected not and cold pipes...
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