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  1. macker1971

    Want to move sink into an island

    I'm considering moving my sink into an island.The sink is currently on the window wall.I have a concrete floor and the drains are 400mm higher outside.I would need to make a channel in the floor for pipework.Is it possible to get rid of the waste if the drains are higher outside my property?If...
  2. I

    Standard size for the cut out on a kitchen sink

    I was wondering if anybody could possibly confirm if 35mm is the standard size for the cut out hole for a kitchen sink tap? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. S

    Leaky sink in London, Chrome trap

    Hi all, Gonna tackle a leaking sink (appears to drip from porcelain seal / top trap collar). Reading previous replies to similar issues. will strip & clean everything. Question is: Can I use a 'descaled' to help remove any stubborn limescale on threads & washers? Thanks in advance ScruffyStu.
  4. A

    Slow dripping L connection under sink

    Hi, I have a leak under the sink and have found the source, that being a L shape pipe connection which is behind some plaster board. To the right of the sink there is a dishwasher and to the left there is a washing machine. The damp plasterboard is due to my genius idea of putting a rag around...
  5. C

    Kitchen Sink Gurgling

    We moved into a 1st floor flat, about six months ago, in which the sink gurgles about 3-4 times a day. Sometimes a sickening sulphur / egg smells joins the noise, to the extent that we want to leave the room. Sometimes it happens just after we've had the washing machine or sink running, but just...
  6. B

    Second opinions desired before I throw even more money (literally) down the drain...?

    Since our building work 3 years ago we've had to call out plumbers at least five times to clear the pipework running from the sink to the drain (level run on the ground floor). Over time the pipes, which are 1.5 inches wide, repeatedly clog up and water ends up backing up into the sink and...
  7. M

    installing a new sink unit with a new tap position

    Hi, My mam needs a new stand alone sink unit installing. The new unit is bigger than the old one and the new mixer tap needs to be a foot or so further to the right than it presently is. Can the tap location be easily changed ? I'll be getting a plumber in to do it anyway. Also because of the...
  8. A

    How to repair crack with dirt in bathroom sink?

    Hello, There is a crack in my bathroom sink but also in the middle there is a deeper bit with dirt trapped dirt that cannot be removed manually. What would be the best way of repairing the crack and getting rid of the dirt before repair? Thank you
  9. rossross

    Just fitted a new sink...

    Good morning, I found your forum via Google after searching for some plumbing advice. We have recently installed a new sink however struggled with the plumbing part of it. I called out a plumber who managed to sort it for us however I was under the sink last night and noticed that he has left...
  10. S

    Washing machine / kitchen sink onion smell

    Hi, Would be so grateful for any advice offered. I have an onion-like smell coming from the washing machine and the kitchen sink. The smell doesn't seem to be coming from inside the drum just around the machine. When I run a 90 degree wash and put drain cleaner down the sink the smell...
  11. 1

    AAV below sink flood level.

    OK, I understand the "reasons" for a AAV/Durgo required to be fitted above the highest flood level on a stack. In the case of - say - an upstairs WC flushing that all makes sense, no point in fitting AAV below if there's a fat heavy plug of water falling down the pipe. ..But in the case where...
  12. D


    Hi Some advice please. My kitchen mixer tap is leaking from the very bottom where the base connects to the sink (NOT at the swivel base). The leak only happens when the water is running. When I run the water and look over the very back of the base I can see a needle thin stream of water coming...
  13. S

    Should I use washer or putty under sink strainer?

    Looking for a bit of help please. I have a kitchen sink strainer to put in. It came with a rubber washer that goes below the sink line and with a cardboard washer that goes above the sink under the strainer. Is it better to use putty instead of the cardboard? Or do I use both?
  14. L

    Replacement part for push/pull lever sink plug.

    Hi there, My nephew pulled off an already slightly coroded under sink connection rendering our pull/push lever sink plug useless and leaving us with a hole under the sink which leaks if water is run in to the basin. I've got several photos showing the mechanism and i'm hoping someone might be...
  15. L

    Toilet seat replacement - my sink drawer blocks access to back of toilet

    Hi, I am an not so handy pregnant mother of 2 with a problem. Being heavily pregnant, I have gained some weight and last weekend when going to the toilet I broke the cheap toilet seat that has been there since we moved in. I called the agency that deals with my repairs and they said it would...
  16. D

    Heat sink radiator problem - Advice please

    I have recently had a Stratford EB12 eco boiler fitted in my living room and a house full of radiators. The heat sink radiator has been installed in my sons box room in an airing cupboard. The room is unbearably hot when the system is on even with the window open. I have requested that the...
  17. R

    Fitting a low second sink (seperate), in dining area for medical condition is it possible?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me if this leftfield idea, would be possible please? It's a bit crazy so please bear with me. I have a medical condition where I have poor circulation in my feet which is painful. I have to soak my feet in warm / hot water on a daily basis. So I came up with...
  18. Russel

    Simple q - which isolation valve is best for a bathroom sink / toilet?

    Hi guys, I'm just in the middle of a DIY refurb and wanted somebody to sense check my choice of equipment. In the bathroom, I have a loo and a sink. Obviously it would be a good idea to have the ability to cut the water off should I ever need to and hence I will be fitting some 15mm isolation...
  19. S

    Reworking kitchen sink piping

    Looking to rework undersink pipes to eventually replace kitchen tap and add a separate water filter system. The current piping is mostly done with solder joints including the kitchen tap tail, is it ok to remove all of this and replace with compression tees? The cold water line is feeding the...
  20. F

    Found Washer Next to Sink tap

    Hello everyone. I was hoping someone could be kind enough to help me with a minor issue. A few months ago, I found a torn washer next to the tap but had no idea where it came from. A few months later, the pop up waste rod has become very stiff to operate but is still functional. I now suspect...

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