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  1. M

    Chrome Waste on sink

    I need to fit a chrome waste on a sink, it needs to go straight in to the wall with a collar around so it looks nice and neat. How do I connect it in to the existing waste? If I need any kind of fitting then it would be outside of the wall and not hidden, or should the hole in the wall be big...
  2. D

    flood level of new bathroom?

    Hi Intend to install an AAV for soil vent pipe in new bathroom. This must be above flood level, so above sink overflow. What's the point in that if the shower outlet is at floor level? Surely if the system gets blocked somewhere, then the waste water from the sink or toilet will come out the...
  3. B

    Salamander pumps

    We have a salamander pump ESP CV on negative head as it feeds a an upstairs shower washbasin and toilet that are higher than the two water tanks from mains. Recently the toilet keeps stopping and starting the pump ie it is hutning - not necessarily at the end of the cistern filling cycle. The...
  4. B

    Help please!

    Hi guys. A bit of guidance if you please. Yesterday the upstairs bathroom sink and bath started draining exceptionally slow. When draining the sink it backs up into the bath a bit. Toilet flushes fine and the donstairs sink appears fine. It would appear I have a blockage somewhere within the...
  5. I

    No Hot Water Upstairs (Bathroom)

    Hi All, I could really do with some help! Woke up this morning and there is no hot water in the bathroom, first thing I thought it's probably a frozen pipe somewhere. Cold water is available without any problem. Downstairs however the hot water is working. :confused: So this is what...
  6. C

    frozen pipe

    looking for some advice before I decide how to get this resolved. We had an extension added to our house last year, and one of the main things we requested up front was a garden tap. Towards the end of the job, we noticed it wasn't there, so asked again for it to be put in. The result is, we...
  7. M

    advice please

    hi all , new to forum and need a bit of advice , had a new flavel misermatic fire installed yesterday , by a reg gas fitter , he said we needed to take the pepper pot off the chimney stack as it should not be on there , but this has been there for over 20 odd years and the stack has...
  8. P

    Frozen Condensate!

    First one since winter! New boiler aswell....Installer has put condensate pipe through cavity (upstairs) to outside then put it up to 1 1/4" on the elbow, down, then another elbow, reduced to overflow pipe again.BACK INTO THE HOUSE (kitchen) and run the condensate into the sink trap. Dogs dinner...
  9. V


    Overpayment To whom it may concern, I accidently cracked my basin in my flat and made contact with my agent to let them know. i asked if the insurance covered this and was told no. She said she would let me know the pricing, she never did. the next thing the plumber comes into the flat...
  10. I

    Soil Pipe / Vent / Durgo

    Hi, This is my first post so go easy. Upstairs in my house I currently have a main bathroom, with soil pipe that is in the bathroom (boxed in) and goes up through the ceiling/roof and into the sky, and an en-suite with a soil pipe that goes out through the wall and up the side of the house...
  11. G

    Installation check.

    I recently had a new extension built with full plumbing, central heating etc. After 3 months the mains fitment (plastic to metal) came away and the kitchen/diner was flooded with the new £2000 floor ruined. The plumber blaimed the Plasson fitment but Plasson blamed the plumber. To cut a long...
  12. S

    Radiators not warm as they were

    Hi I have a baxi 105e boiler and for the past year the radiators haven't been heating up the way they wear. The upstairs radiator are much colder than downstairs and one upstairs one is not getting heat like the rest of them. Have balanced the system and still nothing. Heard that it could...
  13. K

    Water coming in from outside but none flowing through the house??

    Hello there, woke up this morning to no water in the bathroom sink taps, was enough in the loo to flush it but none now and no hot water in bath taps. downstairs in the kitchen sink i have cold water but no hot water. can anybody help or offer some advice? many thanks. central heating is...
  14. J

    Snapped stop tap owes

    Hope someone can help. I recently changed some taps and closed the stop taps under the sink. On completion I have turned the tap back on and it would apprear that one has sheared in the closed position. I know this because the handle is turning and my diswhaser is not receiving any water...
  15. M

    Hot Water Tank Feed

    I am about to move the water tanks in the loft in preparation for a loft conversion. They are in the middle of the loft at the moment & I'm moving them to one end. My question is about the cold water feed to the hot water tank. At the moment my hot water tank is fed from the cold water...
  16. J

    inline instantaneous water heaters

    My wife is setting up a hair salon but premises as no hot water. Premises is fitted with a small electric boiler so we need to install an inline instantaneous water heater to supply 2 wash basin for shampooing. We have looked at various heaters which say can serve to basins but one shower. On...
  17. B

    Saniflo sanicompact - motor running continously and not flushing

    Hi The motor on the sanicompact I have started running after I used it today and now the motor won't stop running but the water is not going anywhere. I also have a cloakroom sink which drains into the sanicompact and I have run the water in this and the water is just collecting in the sani...
  18. M

    advice re: mixer tap

    Hi folks, Newbie on the forum so please help.. I have a two bedroom flat with an Electric Immersion Boiler/Water heater which is only used for hot water. No Central heating etc.. I have replaced a mixer tap in the bathroom since, previously I had two separate taps hot and cold. After I...
  19. C

    chaffoteaux water heater

    I have a chaffoteaux corvec britony 2A water heater. The pilot light is lit, but when the hot tap at the sink is turned on there is no hot water. The water pressure is low, and the burner will not fire up. I have checked the water govener and the diaphragm, everyone seems to say change the...
  20. A

    Avatar's Avatar!

    Hey boys , do you like me new avatar? Yep, I get all the plumbing jobs on Pandora - I dont mind blue loos anymore, cause of the new skin pigmentation! The only drawback is having a 10ft tall body, I canne get under the kitchen sink so easy anymore . . .

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