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  1. R

    Removal of sink pop-up drain

    Hi, I moved into a newish build home (just over 10 years old) last year and have just had the downpipe of the main bathroom sink shear off with what appears to be heavy corrosion - not sure why this is so badly affected, as the other sinks and their parts look almost new in comparison. I'm...
  2. P

    Stainless steel undermounted sink coming away

    I've fitted loads of normal sinks but have been asked to fix one that's dropped about an inch, haven't seen it yet but god knows whats supporting it at the moment. My question is what is the bonder that glues it to the underside of the worktop?
  3. I

    Help identifying sink connections & availability for appliance install

    Hi everyone I am looking to purchase a Compact tabletop dishwasher from currys as shown in the link below http://i66.tinypic.com/qrisyv.png I am not sure if under my sink the connections/valves are there and free/available. I have two colour coded valves, I think the first one is connected...
  4. F

    What is this part called?

    Does anyone know what this is called? I need a new one and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks
  5. C

    Help with leaky valve under sink

    Hi there, The pipes beneath my kitchen sink started leaking - lots of water was streaming down. Have used colours in the pic attached: - The red box is where it's leaking from - The green box is the valve that we turned off to stop the water leaking. I think the main tap (i.e. the silver thing...
  6. R

    Running a cold feed for sink behind the back of a freestanding oven in a domestic kitchen?

    Is this ok, as long as run in 15mm copper, an inch away from the rear of the oven? OR are there some regs that say no? Not much choice with current layout of kitchen.
  7. K

    Sticky gunk under bathroom sink

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I recently moved into a flat and while I was cleaning, I found some a dirty, sticky substance underneath a bathroom sink (in the joint between the sink basin and the stand). As I just moved in, I have no idea what it is. I have uploaded...
  8. D

    Plumbing an island sink

    Hi all, I am in the process of planning my single storey extensions plumbing and drainage. Our kitchen plan has an island with a sink in it and im trying to work out how to get waste in and hot cold supply. I am having a solid floor construction of 150mm gravel, sand, dpm, concrete. Then in prep...
  9. ColdEagle

    identify back nut size please? (bathroom sink waste)

    hello, my basin pedestal sink has been leaking finally managed to edge the stand forward and have identified that the black back nut is split into two. this holds the 'top' of the waste pipework to the bottom of the sink? across the middle its roughly 2 3/4 inch and from outside edge of nut (the...
  10. DripsnDropsBognor

    I need a old style sink with flat upstand on back that slots into iron frame

    Had a tap washer job go from bad to worse today. Managed to snap a basin trying to free off a stuck tap worst part is the customer wants what they had which is not very easy to come by... 550mm twyfords. Any ideas? Williams sell a 560mm that looks great but unsure if it will sit on brackets as...
  11. Bogart

    Belfast sink jig angle

    Might be off target posting here buy here goes. All the jigs I see to route out the worktop for a Belfast/Butler type sink have an internal radius of 25mm. I find this odd as the internal radius of the one have I removed and the replacement have an internal radius of half this, as do all those I...
  12. G

    Clipping pipes under kitchen sink

    Afternoon, First post here so please go easy.. I'm fitting a kithen (DIYer) and wondering if it is ok to clip 15mm copper pipe to the hardboard backing under the kitchen sink. I'd like to bring the pipes up through the bottom of the unit and have a nice layout on the backing board to serve...
  13. tmm

    Looking for advice regarding a sink waste pipe behind toilet waste pipe.

    Hi My sink waste pipe is behind the toilet waste pipe and i need to somehow get my sink waste over the top or under my toilet waste pipe. My sink is going to be fitted other side of bath approx 8 foot from main waste outlet. If i fit a 90 degree bend up and over and back down to the floor and...
  14. A

    Shower works only when sink tap turned on

    Hi there, We have a mixer shower in our bathroom. In order to make the shower work we have to turn it onto full (at which no water comes out) and then turn the hot tap in our bathroom sink immediately on and off, at which point water then comes from the shower. Does anyone have any ideas what...
  15. A

    Cost of fitting a new kitchen sink.

    Hi guys, Hope this post is appropriate, if not I will remove immediately. Just had a new kitchen fitted by the Housing Association. Unfortunately, the sink that was fitted isn't very good. It's stainless steel, but the basin side seems to be untreated and dull, and after a few days has marked...
  16. GrumpyGrampa

    Sink unblocker - second last resort!

    Not a plumber but helping my elderly neighbour (82). Before I go completely nuts....kitchen (double sink) and toilet wash hand basin wastes are joined under the floor (which I've been under - a real mess of pipes and joins) and eventually to the outside world (see image 1) but all blocked and...
  17. Daniel Cook

    Wachine Machine vs Sink problems

    Grey flexible tubing on the left is the washer/dryer waste. We've noticed waste from the sink has ended up in washer/dryer. Also whilst it's running now I hear a noisy squelch coming out of the sink drain, like it's sucking in. It's a new washer/dryer, can't remember if it happened with the...
  18. M

    Overflow pipe from Franke sink to...

    Hi all. Had a call from customer who flooded her kitchen after having an insinkerator fitted. Turns out the plumber didn't connect the overflow to the insinkerator waste. Now it is a Franke sink that doesn't come with a flexi overflow. It is rigid. Now I need to run a bit of pipe from this to...
  19. M

    Mixing Hot and Cold Water; also a Sink Bypass

    Hello, I'm an American working in the UK for about another two years and I've moved into a rental property. There are a few quality of life upgrades I'd like to make but as it is a rental I'm not trying to spend a lot of money. Hopefully some experts or more experience individuals can point me...
  20. A

    Stopcock leaking under sink unit

    Hi all, Just replaced my thermostatic shower, Having turned the stopcock off when I have turned it back on it is leaking out of the top. Outside there is another in the ground but it is full of water and I am having trouble to turn this one off with a long key, any help appreciated. Thanks.

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