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  1. S

    Badly routed waste water pipe, slow draining sink

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice on how to tackle this... We have a slow draining sink in our utility room. When the washing machine pumps out water, it comes up into the sink before slowly draining away. I think some of the water may drain back to the washing machine. This has been a problem...
  2. S

    Sink Pooling Water

    Hello I recently had a brand new bathroom put in - but the sink pools water at the back against the tiles, (not in the basin - but behind the taps) - it is a pedestal sink - water accumulates and does not flow into the sink - I think it has been put in at the wrong angle?? Is there any quick...
  3. D

    Loud noise Hot tap sink

    Hi, I replaced a washer on the hot tap sink ( mixer), since then when you turn hot tap on it makes a loud rattling noise( it's LOUD) but you turn the tap a little bit more and noise stops. Done a bit of internet searching, so I'll give this info if it helps . The boilers pressure gauge is right...
  4. H

    Sink filling up then draining out slowly - please help

    Hi everyone, I would like some help with an issue I have. I had a extension done last year with building control all certified. Over the past 3 weeks the water in the sink has not been draining quickly after taking off the kitchen cabinet plinth, I can see the problem the builder used 40mm...
  5. M

    Kitchen sink waste queries

    I am re-doing my outside drainage (see separate thread). It is an ideal time to re-jig my kitchen sink waste as it is taking up too much of my cupboard space. I had an idea of what I wanted and found that in fact McAlpine already make a product with the correct configuration which sets the...
  6. quality

    Help identifying a sink

    I have a customer with a granite appearance sink that needs new taps and a remote type stopper operator I will post a picture when I work out how to do it but the sink is probably 15 + years old and all want replacing to be fair but Ive never supplied a sink other than a stainless one any help...
  7. A

    Changing a sink plug - some basic questions

    Hi - this maybe a bit basic, but I have a clickable sink plug that is broken and needs replacing. The part is a BRISTAN, part number W BSN CLICK C. See attached Image. I found out this is now discontinued, and the new part needs the waste pipe to be changed as well. The new BRISTAN part code...
  8. L

    is it dangerous to turn off your water mains(due to a dripping tap in kitchen) and :

    keep the boiler on? I have a biasi combi boiler! Not sure whether i have done the right thing. My plumber wants too much and cant afford too pay it yet so have turned off the dripping tap for now from the mains under the sink...but it is still dripping!(even though i have turned open all the...
  9. K

    Evening....need advice...please

    Evening all... I have just purchased an old property in London E7 and I am completely renovating it. I have told the plumber to use 22mm pipes as I have been told this would be advantageous. I am concerned by the pressure, as the water has to flow to the dormer level where I have a new shower...
  10. R

    weird customers and requests.

    everyone gets some right weirdoes at times dont they?. i had a call to go and give a quote (well i opted to call around as i couldnt understand the broken english of the indian gent). when i arrived the customer wanted to know how much to change his basin taps to a monotap?. i told him that...
  11. J

    My first Mistake what was yours

    I started working for myself few months ago and been getting in work although not to regular yet. Done a couple of full bathroom replacment leaking taps and non flushing toilets. So yesterday I was called to replace a couple of basin taps. Picked up the taps the customer wanted and started...
  12. Y

    Ideal Logic 30 combi-boiler: Any good?

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting my boiler changed soon and have been recommended this boiler. live in 1 3 bed semi. Has anyone got it/used it/ got any feedback etc? Thanks
  13. H

    Concertina Piping?

    The discharge pipes from my kitchen sink pass horizontally through the wall into my bathroom and are T'd into the vertical discharge pipe from my neighbours bathroom which is above mine. So basically there is a discharge pipe passing through my bathroom from the ceiling straight down through the...
  14. D

    Hot water from every hot tap in the house except the one in the kitchen

    Hi, Hopefully somebody can shed some light on my problem...? Yesterday, I turned the hot tap on in the kitchen and there was no water - not a drop. The cold water (it's a mixer tap) comes out perfectly normally - with what appears to be the usual pressure. Every other hot tap in the...
  15. C

    Mains frozen - in a panic

    Hi, After discovering there was no mains water this morning, I've traced the problem part of the way. Looks like the blue plastic mains is frozen somewhere between the street mains and the stopcock under my sink. I've tried gently warming the 6 inches or so of the blue mains that I have access...
  16. C

    Calling Viessmann Experts: Flow Switch

    The situation: One of the first versions of Viessmann Vitoden 100 18kW regular boiler, powering ten rads in a two down, three up home. The boiler struggles to heat the home (when it's working) and the rads appear appropriately sized. Three times in the last nine months our engineers have had...
  17. P

    pipe diamiter

    what is the minimum pipe diamiter i can use for a durgo for a down stairs toilet and basin
  18. E

    freezing pipes

    hi thought my wash basin was blocked, i uncoupled the waste behind the pedestal and the water emptied fine , im wondering can plastic waste pipe freeze outside
  19. W

    bailey drain rods

    wheres the best place to buy a set of these and which set are the best,all input appreciated:cool:
  20. M

    Chrome Waste on sink

    I need to fit a chrome waste on a sink, it needs to go straight in to the wall with a collar around so it looks nice and neat. How do I connect it in to the existing waste? If I need any kind of fitting then it would be outside of the wall and not hidden, or should the hole in the wall be big...

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