1. J

    How do I fit pipes under kitchen sink?

    I took Apart pipes under 1 and 1/2 sink, and now I can't put it back together. Can anyone help please
  2. J

    Purpose of vent under sink?

    There are bad smells that come from my sink drain when I run water. On inspecting (undoing) the U-bend trap, there is no debris or anything in there. It is a clean run. And I don't think the water is being siphoned out of the U-bend (though I can't be certain) because the sink is used a lot and...
  3. N

    Water in both sinks are going down slow

    Hi All, I just had a question about something I noticed. Since last week my dishwasher is not working and beeping three time. According to internet this means that it means theres water in the base of the dishwasher activating the flood switch. Funny enough water my sinks both in the kitchen...
  4. L

    Can someone please identify what this hose is?

    Hi I have a kitchen mixer tap which allows the top part to pull out as a hose (like american sinks). It has frayed and I need t replace it, can you please identify what type of hose this is please and thanks I've uploaded 3No. photos
  5. N

    Oversize kitchen sink top/drainer buying one.

    Hi guys....we have an old Astracast sink top....I think its a composite sink....has a big single bowl. My wife thinks it looks scruffy....looks ok to me.....sound but the bowl has seen a lot of work. So she wants a new one...Astracast it seems are no more. The problem is its size.....looked...
  6. C

    Is it necessary to earth bond a Kitchen Sink?

    I am in process of replacing an existing sink with a new stainless steel one. The existing tap is plumbed directly to copper which means that it is earthed. The new tap will use flexible tails and so will not be earth bonded. My initial search for information suggests that there is no legal...
  7. W

    Plastic bathroom sink?

    I removed the old vanity unit in my bathroom, intending to do a makeover. Finished the shower cubicle, and starting on the vanity. I bought a 2nd hand basin with taps, but I find it's far too heavy to mount on the new counter I made. What I'd like is a plastic basin. I see a few on eeb ay, but...
  8. F

    Toilet, sink plungers

    Can anyone recommend a toilet, sink plunger. It’s not something I do a lot of, but it will be handy to carry on the van, for when needed. Don’t want to spend a fortune, yet I don’t want something that breaks after a few uses. Thanks in advamce Paul
  9. R

    sink waste

    can i buy a rod for moving the plug up and down on a pop up stopper on its own or do i need to buy the whole thing ? , i mean the rod with the ball swivel fitting thing that conects from the stopper to the rod for moving the plug up and down , if so were can i get one ta .
  10. A

    Should I Join sink waste to existing washing machine waste?

    I am installing a sink in utility room. Washing machine waste already exists and is the verical pipe with the flexib pipe from the machine poked down the top and a with a u bend at the bottow going directly to outside drain. Is it OK to put a tee joint into the verical pipe and join the sink...
  11. P

    Gasket/O-ring kitchen sink waste trap

    My parents have a leak from kitchen sink. My dad removed waste trap and since refitted it leaks, but there wasn’t any kind of seal on it, I got a rubber/plastic gasket that seems To fit the trap but with it, I can’t get it to screw and lock back on (has lugs so locks after quarter turn. But...
  12. F

    Help with Sink. basin waste kit in use

    Hi all, Desperately in need of help. Getting very annoyed with myself Replaced the click plug in my bathroom for a new Basin Slotted one along with the Thomas Dudley Basin Waste kit All relatively straightforward to put together but why is it still dripping I'm using the preexisting metal...
  13. E

    Sink drainage

    Hello all! I'm a first time DIY-er and I am taking out a new build crappy vanity unit to replace with a wooden vanity with countertop basin. I'm at the demolition stage! I've managed to remove the old vanity and I've got a waste pipe in front of me going straight into the ground. I always...
  14. S

    Moving pipe work for sink

    I want to remove my downstairs toilet sink and put a new more compact one on the adjacent wall. However there are two ring drain cocks at the bottom. I want to check that I should replicate the layout rather than just using elbow joints?
  15. C

    Sink pipe blockage issue

    Had the plumber replace the pipes less than 2 month from the sink that lead into a cast iron pipe. They also unblocked gunk from the start of the cast iron pipe. The gunk is in the photo I've attached. The pipe work is also attached(it's disconnected as we cleared the u bend to clear it out)...
  16. magnumpl

    Macerator pump for a toilet & sink using existing shower pipe

    Hello. I am planning to build a small half bath in my garage, next to a washing machine, using old showers plumbing. There was a stand-alone shower in the garage which has been removed. Unfortunately the pipes are only 1.5" on that side of the house since there's no bathroom and the house is...
  17. A

    Kitchen sink pipes underneath leaking

    I removed three of these sections to clean and when I put them back together I noticed leaking. Please can you advise on how to attach them correctly. Thank you.
  18. P

    Replace basin sink tap head covers please

    Have a sink basin tap photo attached and need to replace the heads as behind they have cracked. Any idea where I can get replacement tap head covers only need to change the tap head covers really Problem is the old tap head covers wont turn! Any ideas please? Thanks
  19. baffey

    Need help identifying sink with no brand

    my bathroom sink (installed 2017) was broken recently and needs replacing. on inspection there is no brand name and only a few markings so I'm guessing its a trade sink that plumbers would buy. The sink has 1708 indented in the china which i guess is a model number but doesnt show up on google...
  20. S

    Sink gurgles when washer discharges

    Kitchen sink gurgles when washer in basement discharges

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