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  1. J

    Drainage problems

    Hello, I am a new member and glad to be on board. I don't know anything about plumbing, but know how to a plunger. As a member I hope to some gain knowledge and advice. My sink water drains into my washing machine. When I drain the washing machine it goes back into sink. This has been going...
  2. M

    Question about bath, sink, toilet distances

    Hello all, I have a question about the distances between and around sanitary appliances, namely bath, toilet and sink I am replacing a bathroom with the position of the appliances not changing. I have been looking at BS 6465-2:2017 and cannot understand the distances between appliances and...
  3. BodgerBill

    Bathroom sink unit: is this a bodge or the norm?

    As a newbie to PF.net, I think I should start by saying that I am a mere DIYer, so can't profess that I know much at all. However, friend of mine asked me to drop round and have a look at his bathroom sink, which has been dripping quite a bit (he places a bowl under the trap to catch the leaking...
  4. T

    Is it possible to put a dishwasher on the other side of the kitchen, opposite the sink?

    Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to put a dishwasher on the side of the kitchen opposite to the sink? I know that the waste pipe needs to run down before doing a high loop when joining the drain pipe, however looking at advice from other forums, would this be possible to fit...
  5. J

    Looking for FISC Dual Sink Drain Adaptor T Piece

    I have a double sink in my kitchen which connects to the trap via a FISC Italiana adaptor which is much narrower than 3 normal 40mm fittings. The adaptor consists of a T piece with a connector for the pipe from the washer at one end and just a 90 degree bend at the other end I have been trying...
  6. chucka

    So .. I bought this new kitchen sink mixer tap..

    Don't laugh... (too much) We have a white mixer tap (20yrs old now) it needs replacing and I bought a very similar one yesterday.. it came with the flexible hoses as you'd expect but most don't seem to like.. anyway looking at it I couldn't see how it was piped in the first place. .all soldered...
  7. K

    Quietest lifting station for shower and sink

    A drain pipe was installed many years ago with the incorrect slope so it was recommended that I install a Saniflo Sanishower Flat. The specs say 45dB so I found the Sololift2 Grundfos D-2 which comes in at 40dB and also allows hotter water though, 50C, and seems to perhaps require less...
  8. J

    Advice needed! Sink flowing into washing machine and vice versa.

    Hi, We live in a rented property and have recently started having an issue with the kitchen sink. When we using the sink the water drains straight into the washing machine, when the washing machine is on the water bubbles up into the sink. We have tried various unblockers, a drain blaster and a...
  9. P

    Ceramic sink tap knockout

    I fitted my first white ceramic sink the other day or it may have been porcelain and it required me to use a 10mm centre punch and chip my way through for tap hole, the hole came out jagged and not in one round piece like the knockout. I didn't fancy drilling it as if the cutter slipped when...
  10. r1k1n

    Advice need about a decent Under-the-sink Water Filter system

    Hello there, Our water has been found out to be extremely hard and we were advised to perhaps install a decent under-the-sink water filter system. I've done some research and found many on eBay and have also found the Brita MyPure 1 system (but that one is a wee bit pricey) but would like to...
  11. J

    Dishwasher, Sink, Washing Machine to the same waste outlet?

    Currently the Dishwasher has it's own waste outlet to the outside, the sink and Washing Machine share one. Designing a new kitchen we will have all of them sharing one waste outlet - is this do-able or full of problems?
  12. D

    Washing machine waste comes up kitchen sink?!

    Looking for some opinions on whether something is wrong with our plumbing under the kitchen sink plumbing. Basically, whenever the washing machine drains we get a flow up into the kitchen sink of the waste water along with dirt from inside the pipe. We've had Homeserve plumbers out and they...
  13. Suzan

    Bathroom sink help with tap?

    Hey guys Switched off boiler + water. Somehow almost broke my ass trying to undo the old sink and drilled holes for the new one... I looked at the tap and I was like... ? I'm not used to this connection. Any ideas before I have a breakdown? Thanks :(
  14. A

    Help with moving kitchen to new wall within a flat - can it be done?

    I live in a flat and wish to move the kitchen from one wall to another to make far better use of the space (essentially 90 degrees and up a bit - phot attached). Assuming of course that this is allowed within the lease, I was wondering if this sounds physically possible and a likely idea of the...
  15. RobG

    Kitchen sink pipe work - plastic nut sheared

    Hi, still very new to this forum - this is my 2nd posting. Please help if you can. I am replacing round head taps with lever taps (am recently retired and have too much time on my hands!) and have fitted a new hot tap no probs. The cold tap has slightly different pipework - a white plastic...
  16. A

    Sink basin repair

    Dear community, I need some option recommendations on how to fix a hole in my sink basin. The hole was created by a cosmetic item that fell from the cupboard above, less than a meter fall, hitting the corner of the sink which I believe is one of the thinner parts of the ceramic. It is a Laufen...
  17. S

    Identifying a sink please

    Evening everyone, was hoping for some help identifying my in-laws bathroom sink, to see if anyone has ever came across it before. They’re thinking about getting a new one so looking for anything on how to take it apart without smashing it. Father inlaw mentioned it had really big springs in...
  18. B

    Durgo/AAV under sink question

    Hi there We moved our kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washing machine during a renovation and as a result have a much longer wastewater pipe now. I have been advised to fit an AAV before I will be issued with a building cert. I am a bit confused reading about AAVs and I am new to this, but...
  19. S

    Advice on moving sink and toilet

    I’ll soon be refitting downstairs bathroom and want to make some changes to the layout as per this pic: Move the new toilet over to the left. Fit the new sink and under sink cabinet on the same wall in the area in blue. The two problems I’ve got to work around are as follows: 1. The...
  20. D

    Kitchen sink backing up and no cold water in bath

    Hi guys, I returned from holiday yesterday to find that my kitchen sink started filling up with water when we put the washing machine on a spin and drain cycle. I had to manually drain the sink and pipes and took all the pipes apart to check for a blockage but there wasn't one. I tried the...

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