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A sink – also known by other names including sinker, washbowl, hand basin, wash basin, and simply basin – is a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture used for washing hands, dishwashing, and other purposes. Sinks have taps (faucets) that supply hot and cold water and may include a spray feature to be used for faster rinsing. They also include a drain to remove used water; this drain may itself include a strainer and/or shut-off device and an overflow-prevention device. Sinks may also have an integrated soap dispenser. Many sinks, especially in kitchens, are installed adjacent to or inside a counter.
When a sink becomes clogged, a person will often resort to using a chemical drain cleaner or a plunger, though most professional plumbers will remove the clog with a drain auger (often called a "plumber's snake").

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  1. Muskopia

    Sink waste routing issue

    Hi! (Please see the attached terribly technical drawing of my layout!) I'd like to know how I may route the waste pipe from my vanity. The waste pipe from the bath runs along the back wall of my bathroom, above the floorboards to an outside exit point (also above floorboard level). The old...
  2. Wellss

    Replace / repair bodged sink waste

    Morning All After some advise on repairing a sink waste that goes into the toilet pan, which goes straight into soil stack. Had bathroom done 2 years ago, and then needed a new basin waste fitted recently. Plumber who fitted basin waste discovered a bodge from previous bathroom fitter, where...
  3. D

    looking for: Armitage shanks sink knob

    hi guys, i hope you're all ok and safe. im in need of a. Armitage shanks sink knob from the 70s if anyone has one or know who, please DM me thanks, stay safe
  4. S

    Sink waste pipe unable to get water tight

    Hi, Noticed a leak in my sink and the pipe collapsed down for the P trap. So I was going to replace it all. However, i've been stuck because this starting part from the sink isn't forming a good water tight seal. The rest of the pipes kind of insert into each other nicel and have a grove in the...
  5. Golden

    URGENT Can I install a reversed P-trap in a run of pipe to sink? raise w-pipe

    Hi, I would appreciate any help on the below please. Can I install a reversed P-trap in a run of pipe from my sink to raise pipe? I have an existing waste pipe that disposes the washing machine waste, I am adding a sink to the configuration by connecting a T to the existing waste pipe and...
  6. Bronwyn04

    New Kitchen sink when can I use it

    I have just had a new kitchen sink installed, and the plumber filled it to the top and told me not to use it for 48 hours to ensure the sealant sets. Told if we use it beforehand, it could move. Is this correct sounds like a long time for the sealant to set.
  7. M

    Sink in bedroom not draining

    I have a sink in the bedroom the waste pipe is connected directly to the bath waste on the other side of the wall. Sink does not drain. I have removed the trap and the pipe down to below the floorboard. There is no clogs and if I pour water directly down at any stage of the connections it drains...
  8. F

    Issue with removing Kitchen tap from ceramic sink

    I’m looking to get some advice on how to remove a stubborn kitchen tap. The sink is ceramic and I’m very reluctant to take a grinder or any power tool to the tap. The fixing plate is secured by a plastic nut. Not a brass nut. You can fit a box spanner over the plastic nut, but it doesn’t...
  9. J

    Durgo(AAV) Vertical Stack - Where would a blockage have to be?

    Hi all, The short version of my question is: Where in a 4 story vertical stack would a blockage have to be for sewage gases to come back out of a sink on the 4th floor? See below: The Durgo valve is brand new but bad smells are coming out of the kitchen sink (1m away) and the cavity wall itself...
  10. D

    Sewer smells from loft conversion sink

    Hi all, diy homeowner here, we have a loft conversion (installed pre our occupation) there is an ensuite toilet and sink, the sink however seems to let through sewer gases and in not a small amount either! The soil stack vent terminates at the original roof height of the house so quite some...
  11. T

    Kitchen sink airlocked

    Hello, My one and half bowl kitchen sink drain seems to be airlocked or blocked, not sure. I've P traps installed, I've to constantly open air vent valve to let water drain. When I open the air valve water drain freely so may be it's not blocked but air locked? I'm attaching image. Any...
  12. P

    Can’t get drain assembly out of sink.

    Hi, I cannot get the sink assembly out of the sink. There is no nut underneath, it seems the top and bottom of the assembly screw together. It has been in there about 15years I reckon. Any help on how to unscrew it? There looks to be 4 small recesses inside that you could a tool into and try...
  13. E

    Bathroom drains smell

    Is it acceptable practice to connect a bathroom sink drain above the ubend of a floor drain that’s about 2m away?
  14. B

    Filter fit kitchen sink query

    Hi everyone, I want to purchase the following filter to put under my kitchen sink but am not sure if it will be able to fit the copper pipes as they may be too narrow for the fit. Any advice would be appreciated...
  15. A

    Issue with sink and washing machine

    Hi all, so we've had to have our washer moved and a plumber installed it next to the sink. Since then the sink has made a gurgling noise whenever the washer is running, and I don't mean once or twice while it's draining, it's quite often and even when the bowl is actually spinning. The plughole...
  16. S

    Fitting a shower in place of sink

    Bathroom is downstairs, combi boiler upstairs, in the bathroom their used to be a bidet, we are toying with the idea of moving the sink to where the bidet was as the piping is still there and then using the piping from the sink to fit a combi shower. Is this feasible?
  17. M

    Kitchen sink minefield

    Hello I'm going around in circles trying to find a new kitchen sink. We want a white one, ideally a more modern look like granite or composite than ceramic. When reading about Franke and peers composite sinks I read a lot of reviews suggesting they feel cheap and plasticky. So... 1) What...
  18. O

    Box behind loo. What lurks inside?

    Hi. There is a boxed off section behind my sink toilet and an even larger one behind my shower. What is likely to be behind this? I could use the additional space, so could it be removed? Would it be complicated to move everything back towards the wall? Thanks for your answer
  19. R

    How to remove semi pedestal to repair plumbing below sink

    Hi, bathroom sink with a semi-pedestal, has two screw covers on the side of the semi-pedestal unit, which I am having trouble removing but do not want to force. How to remove and put it back without damaging it? i.e. this -> https://www.idealstandard.lt/product-details/semi-pedestal/E0748.html
  20. T

    Need to install utility sink drain in this corner

    Really need help with this. This is my neighbor's Michigan basement. He is a WW2 vet and a great guy and I want to help him. Washing machine has been dumping into the cleanout for many years. Need to add a utility sink for washing machine discharge. How and where do I tie into the 4" main shown...