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    simplifit mixer problem

    hi anyone had any experience with simplifit mixer taps and do they work and do i have to glue strange looking support spacer to underneath the sink thanks for any help
  2. A

    simplifit mixer problem

    hi i have just bought a simplifit mixer kitchen tap from b and q i was bit surprised to see a new fitting from ones i have fittd in past we now have an assembly which goes thru hole and the tap just sits in once everything is connected and there is also a plastic spacer which am not sure...
  3. M

    Kitchen Sink - Smells From Sink

    From time to time I get a 'drain' smell from my kitchen sink (1 and a half bowl) when the washing machine is running. It seems that when the washing machine is discharging vacuum occurs and sucks all the water out of the kitchen trap. When we run water into the sink to reseal the trap the smell...
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    Instant hot water

    Hi I have been asked by a customer to install 2 hot water heaters for kitchen sink and bathroom with a view to removing vented cylinder. My question is what appliance do you recommend? Also I have not looked at their electrical supply yet but I'm guessing they don't have much spare so low KW...
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    Water gushing from washing machine outflow: Advice please!

    Hiya, Just hoping for some advice on things to look for before deciding whether I need a plumber/dynarod or whether I canfix myself... Basically the title says it all - when my washing machine drains the water from the drum midin the cycle, the pipe that the outflow hose fits into overflows...
  6. M

    Condensate drain adaptor is leaking at soil pipe

    We recently had a new combi boiler fitted in our kitchen. The installer used a rubber adapter to fit the condensate pipe directly into a 40mm boss on an adjacent soil pipe (the adaptor is a rubber ring with ridges around the outside and inside). Now, before putting drywall over this area...
  7. J

    advice on new boiler and cylinder

    please can anyone offer me some advice or recommendation on a new boiler and cylinder I am being quoted for.. Quick summary - detached 4-bed house, 3 showers, very old gas boiler and cylinder which may well have a pitted coil. So, I am looking for a new cylinder (preferably pressurised to...
  8. P

    Oil Tank Main Valve

    Hi all, Customer has main valve on oil tank I have never seen before. Small screw to isolate oil flow, just like mains water isolation, going to filter with clear plastic bowl and gauge and oil pipeline connections. The plastic bowl is strarting to craze and could crack anytime. tried the...
  9. G

    Water pressure

    Hi, I have just joined the forum, and hope you can help me with a problem. I am a DIYer but have done a bit of plumbing over the years! I am plumbing in a new downstairs kitchen sink. I have connected 15mm pipework for the new hot tap supply from the existing 22mm hot supply upstairs in the...
  10. T

    Brass tap screw giving problems

    Hi all, I've got to replace a washer on a leaking sink tap but the screw I need to remove is stuck fast and I'm going to wreck the head if I'm not careful. Any ideas on how to get it out without taking the tap out? Ar there screw removal tools you can buy for such small screws? Many thanks.
  11. B


    I recently came across a worktop type I have never seen before. They are about 60mm thick but they are not solid. They are hollow core with two pieces of thin chipboard separated by cardboard egg crate (okay I know its probably got a proper name, but I can't think what it is) and then its...
  12. M

    How would you change a bathroom?

    I have a bathroom to change for a customer. The changing of the bathroom fittings should not be a problem, however all of the plaster has to be removed and the walls re-plastered, at the end of each day he wants a working bathroom as it is the only one and he has small children. The only choice...
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    chat box

    there isnt one?
  14. A

    Is This Up To Scratch?

    Hi Folks. I've just popped over from the Electricians' Forum to get your opinion on this. The link to my original post is here: Scarey 'Plumber'. If you can't link to that, the question I have is: how much inspection/checking of the electrical system/circuit do you as plumbers have to do...
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    monobloc tails, flexi, copper..?

    hi, we have a monobloc tap that is getting old, few years ago had the heads changed to ones with a leaver (for elderly person with artheritis) however now it has started leaking/ dripping, 1. tiny leak from the grub screw on back of the tap and 2. constant drip from tap itself, if we have the...
  16. B

    Noisy vibration in hot tap

    I hope no-one minds me starting a new thread here - the one I hijacked earlier is maybe a bit misleading by now. My problem: Had same kitchen sink and mixer tap for all the time we've lived here - 10 years, and probably 20 years since installation. Just recently the kitchen hot tap has...
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    foul smell

    I have a foul smell coming from my kitchen sink waste. I understand you can have an antivac for bathroom sinks. Is it possible to have similar for kitchen sinks
  18. P

    Saniflo, 21.5mm or 32mm?

    If a Saniflo has a 21.5mm outlet does it have to have a continous run of 21.5mm to the stack or can it have 32mm solvent weld all the way?

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