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  1. A

    Shower Cold, plumbers clueless

    shower cold unless hot sink or bath tap turned on for a few seconds. shower then remains hot for about a minute then goes cold. Original shower Mira minilite evs, replaced with an Aqalissa bar type.. still same problem. Using a megaflow unvented system with mains cold direct to shower, spoke...
  2. N

    New kitchen sink taps brushed copper/gold?

    Hi guys I like the look of the antique gold/copper taps but not sure of the practicality/durability/maintenance etc - have you had any problems with these taps- are they just aesthetics only? I will be having a black quartz worktop and maybe black granite sink.Also any brands in particular I...
  3. D

    Leaf from replacing outside tap fitting under sink

    Hi there, In an effort to improve the flow rate to our outside tap, we've sprung a leak . From the beginning, the flow rate from the outside tap has always been, so I replaced the tap, no improvement. The flow was still poor without the tap on. I checked for a blockage, there was none. I...
  4. N

    Sink for new kitchen suggestions

    Hi Guys Are the Franke composite granite sinks any good (Undermount sink) or shall i just stick with the standard sunless steel sinks? If so any suggestions? I dont want sibk that's not very deep as I have a lot of large pans.
  5. Bettyboo

    Leaking kitchen sink

    Hi All I have a white 1 1/2 plastic sink that is leaking where is appears to have corroded at the bottom. Is there anything I can do to fill it?It leaking from the half sink outlet, so unsure why it would have degraded more as is not used as much Cheers Betty
  6. G

    What tool is needed? Removing tap from kitchen sink

    Hi, can anyone let me know what is needed to remove this very stubborn tap from the kitchen sink.
  7. K

    Hello all - please help - dishwasher inlet into sink tap

    Hi, All I am a DIY enthusiastic kind of guy and in a bit of pickle. I live in a rented place and have no plumbing for a dishwasher. Need to know if I can connect inlet of a dishwasher into tap of my sink I saw some item on eBay like below Washing Machine Faucet Quick Brass Water Tap Hose...
  8. P

    Grohe Sink Trap doesn’t fit pipe

    Hi All, We recently purchased a Grohe sink and sink trap. However the Grohe pipe is smaller than the standard fitting. Have tried local plumbers merchants and supplier to get an adaptor but no one seems to be able to supply one. looking for a 32mm - 34mm adaptor. Any suggestions?
  9. I

    Cross joist waste for bathroom sink

    hi guys, I have a client that wants their sink moving to opposite side of the bathroom. After getting through the tiles, 1/2” of adhesive 10 mm ply with about a Million nails in I find the ropey old floorboards and realise that joists run typically 90deg to pipe plan I cannot drill and run a...
  10. A

    Advice please. Overpowering cigarette smell coming from pipes underneath kitchen sink.

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some advice please. I have just moved into a property that has an overpowering smell of cigarettes coming from underneath the kitchen sink. It is really strong and making me fill unwell. There was a leak previously apparently and the neighbour below is a heavy...
  11. K

    Looking for 4+ metres of 40mm flexible waste pipe to attach to a sink in my shed

    Hi all, can anyone assist me with locating somewhere from which to purchase a long length (at least 4 metres) of 40mm diameter standard flexible sink waste pipe? I have been searching all over the place and nowhere seems to sell it in long lengths, only the standard lengths. I just need it to...
  12. J

    Totally Confused - Sink plumbing fixtures

    Hi everyone, I have been having quite a lot of blockage issues with the sink waste pipe and so decided to take the waste pipe to the drain outside. So i got my DIY hat on and purchased a core drill to make the whole in the wall to feed the waste pipe out. It was a learning curve but finally...
  13. P

    dripping tap on bathroom sink i

    The gotcha is that it is a tap and sink is in China, though it was bought at B&Q there. B&Q closed in China a few years ago. I thought I might be able to replace the 'cartridge' (is that what it's called?) with one bought here in the UK, and take it with me on my next trip. I had someone send...
  14. L

    Blocked kitchen sink

    The kitchen sink in my second floor flat has always been problematic. It's finally given up the ghost. The setup is the main sink, rinsing sink and dishwasher. I'm guessing the grey flexipipe is the actual waste pipe? I can't see as it disappears down the back. I've tried plunging both...
  15. B

    10mm plastic to feed kitchen sink

    I concentrate on boiler and heating repair but I'm doing a first fix on a kitchen to keep a landlord sweet. The kitchen is a total rip-out and is back to bare bricks. I'm fitting a new combi boiler. Just want someone to confirm if it's ok to run the hot & cold in 10mm plastic to the kitchen...
  16. W

    Please help - connecting water pipe to sink tap

    Hi, complete beginner requiring some advice please! Would like to connect water from pipe to the sink (cold water only at this stage) - was going to remove the tap and then use something like a flexi pipe to connect them? I've attached images below. Would something like this work...
  17. W

    Can I use a Franke tap with a Carron sink?

    Hello there! I have a Carron sink and tap in my kitchen and I'm wondering if I can replace the Carron tap with a Franke tap? Many thanks!
  18. C

    external condensate pipe to sink or not?

    I have had some helpful comments elsewhere on how to minimise the chances of the condensate freezing in an external pipe so thanks to all. Trace heating is probably going to be too expensive but I am considering a pump though it doesn't help get to a point internally because of layout. Because...
  19. J murton

    Can a bath trap be used on a sink

    Hello We are fitting a grease trap into our restaurant kitchen. If we use the current trap from the sink to the inlet of the grease trap then the fall on the pipework will be next to nothing. I was wondering if a bath trap could be used to get some extra height like this one so that I can...
  20. S

    Strange sewage smell coming from behind kitchen sink cupboard

    any help would be gratefully accepted. We’ve had a single storey extension to the rear with toilet. Now we have a strange sewage like odour coming from behind the kitchen sink but not this side of the trap. The sink waste along with the new bathroom waste all now go into the soil pipe which in...

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