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Potterton is a village north of Aberdeen, Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, west of Balmedie. Population in 1991 was 1159, falling by 2001 to 886.

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  1. W

    Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher (Pilot not lit)

    Hello, This post is a continuation of my post of yesterday entitled Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher, BUT with an important change in information. In my previous post, I gave the sequence of events as follows: a) Fan starts running b) A few seconds later the green Flame LED lights up c) A...
  2. W

    Short cycling in Potterton Kingfisher

    Hello, Our boiler is an old (installed in 2005), Potterton Kingfisher (MF 40-100), using a pressurised system. It recently started short cycling, where the pump runs for a few seconds and then the green LED Flame indicator lights and a couple of seconds later both the pump and the LED stop. This...
  3. S

    Potterton Powermax with mains water problem

    I’ve been called out to a problem with a Potterton Powermax involved. The water pressure coming out of every tap dies off after around 30-50 secs. I took the multi-block off & pressure tested the mains where I have over 4 bar coming in. I changed the multi-block & although I have a slight...
  4. D

    Potterton kingfisher MF replacing boiler in situ?

    Hi there! I moved house a few months ago, and our boiler has packed it in (great timing eh?) It's an old thing (potterton kingfisher MF),but was installed in a room in the center of the house with the flue extending out the side wall onto an alley that actually belongs to our neighbour. We had...
  5. S

    Potterton 80el Overheat stat keeps tripping

    Hi Guys, Have a customer who has a Potterton 80el and when running heating after a few hours the red overheat stat button at the bottom of the boiler pushes out and boiler wont fire up. Customer has said if they reset the button they heating could work for a few hours or for the whole day...
  6. G

    Difference between Potterton Promax FSB 30 HE and GOLD FSB 30 HE

    We have been given two part numbers for the electrode kit for our Promax boiler but the reference is for the Gold. Will we be ok to use the electrode kit 5132366
  7. rpm

    Dead Potterton 80 combi

    Had a plumber out and he quickly (maybe too quickly) said PCB and quoted £300-400, before spending out on a new board what else might it be guys/ gals? Thanks.
  8. R

    anyone have a front cover for potterton profile 60E for sale

    Hi - Long shot, but I need a new or good condition front cover for a potterton profile 60E (41 605 42) boiler. Anyone have one for sale?? Not available at the usual spares outlets.
  9. T

    Potterton Losing Pressure, Please Help!

    Hoping someone can help. Moved in to our new house a week ago. The boiler is a Potterton Promax Combi 28 HE. Discovered it was losing pressure overnight and we'd get the E119 message and no heating or hot water until we repressurised. Checked all radiators and discovered a few small leaks which...
  10. moonlight

    New customer called about a Potterton flamingo making popping sound

    I have had a call from a customer to say her boiler is making a popping sound and it turns out, she has not been able to hear it but her friend said its being doing it for a while. I was sent a video of the boiler, showing the flame through the window. Main flame looks good but it looks like the...
  11. T

    Potterton kingfisher cf150 solenoid

    Hi All Issue with kingfisher potterton cf150. Seems to be issue with solenoid on gas valve. Ignition lit and staying on Stat working as should Pumps motorised valves etc working Just seems although clicking solenoid not opening something. But definitely getting an electro charge as a...
  12. Z

    Potterton Powermax HE: Only generates one showers worth of hotwater at a time

    I've just moved into a property with a Powermax HE boiler, and it only seems to produce one showers worth of hot water at a time. I then have to boost it for an hour before we can get another shower. The hot water is set to come on from 13:00 to 17:00 every day. Its controlled by a Hive system...
  13. B

    Potterton Boiler Not Igniting

    I have a Potterton FF60 model boiler which has just decided it doesn't want to ignite anymore. There is not 'click' 'click' 'click' sound that you should hear when you turn the water or heating on and is no pilot light what so ever all that can be heard is what i believe is the fan. There...
  14. C

    Leaky Potterton diverter

    Hi, I've just noticed my diverter valve is leaking where the front part meets the rear part. The heating hasn't been on, only been using boiler for hot water lately The leak can be anything from a few drips to a few ml of water. Doesn't seem to leak all the time though. I replaced the diverter...
  15. W

    Unusual condensation in boiler

    I have a boiler (Potterton Promax 15SL) and after it has been heating the house for a while, when it turns off, warm air gently comes out of the fan unit (which is now off) and the air hits the metal housing of the boiler and condenses, causing it to pool in the bottom of the boiler and...
  16. S

    URGENT Hi have a potterton performa 24he hot water flow is very slow. Have changed plate heat exchanger and made no difference any ideas?

    Hi have a potterton performa 24 he hot water flow is very slow. Have changed plate heat exchanger and made no difference heating is fine any ideas?
  17. B

    Potterton Performa 30HE hot water goes off - power cycling restores

    Hi I have a Potterton Performa 30HE in a one bedroom apartment. For a few months I have noticed that it takes several minutes before the taps to run hot. But last week they stopped running hot altogether. I have found that if I switch the electrical power to the boiler off and on again normal...
  18. S

    Potterton Gold H blowing spur fuse

    Hi Guys, Need some help. Potterton Gold H keeps blowing the spur fuse when running ether hot water or heating. System is a Y plan and 3 port valve has recently been replaced however issue has been ongoing customer has said for past 2 years. Fuse blows within few minutes of running hw or ch...
  19. C

    Pressure too high on Potterton Titanium Boiler

    Last night I noticed the Boiler on E1. After a few times in the past having this issue and being advised on how to re-pressure the boiler, I pressured it to just under 2 - Boiler working again! This morning I came down to find out the under floor heating hadn't heated up the kitchen as much it...
  20. E

    Potterton Suprima Lockout

    Hello - I have a weird issue with a potterton suprima 60 with the old type of PCB with the round reset button (not Siemens). I just replaced the pcb a few weeks ago. I started getting a continuous red light when starting the boiler yesterday. Turning the boiler on/off or resetting it does not...
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