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Potterton is a village north of Aberdeen, Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, west of Balmedie. Population in 1991 was 1159, falling by 2001 to 886.

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  1. Baxter76

    Potterton Promax 18 - Fault

    Hello Wondering if anyone can offer any clues please // Potterton Promax 18 // Had an E1 error code, repressurised via with filling loop // Boiler fires but now the pressure runs up from 1.5 mark in the green up to 2.5 in the red then flicks off. // Error code again // Once held in reset for...
  2. abc_plumb

    E133 Error Potterton Titanium 24

    Hiya fellow gas engineer. Need some help on this boiler fault. Went out to this E133 Error on a Potterton Titanium 24 (GC: 47-393-39) I checked the inlet standing pressure which was at 25mb. Boiler attempts to fire and the pressure drops by 1mb but the gas valve doesn't open. Checked the black...
  3. S

    Boiler overpressure with Potterton Precision

    Dear All New member here, coming looking for help. A few weeks ago I had work carried out by a British Gas Homecare service technician. It required a drain and refill of the system, and as he left, he advised my I would need to bleed all the radiators, at some point, given a few days, when...
  4. M

    Potterton promax 40erp HW issue

    We have this boiler installed and it's started to give issues. The service was done and passed ok. But only as there was no noise for the guy to hear. Radiators are fine. When hot water is being used it generally seems OK, but sometimes there's a large rumble noise 10-15 secs then it stops. I...
  5. N

    3 way valve not working got hot water no heating help

    I have an old Potterton suprima boiler with a hot water tank and pump. We have hot water but no heating, the light on the boiler is showing amber (no call to heat) I have been told that this is likely due to the 3 way valve or motor on it (Myson Power Extra). I am wondering whether to try and...
  6. J

    Help with potterton combi boiler bangs when cooling down

    My boiler constantly bangs after its been shutdown for an hour or so..sometimes it's 5 or 6 getting shallower other times it's a few more 10 to 12.Its always after I've Ean the hot water on my potterton combi boiler. I live in uk and would love some help with this annoying issue. Thanks.. Jon
  7. S

    Hive on Potterton Boiler

    Hi all. So I have just moved into a new house with a Potterton boiler in it. Great big thing!! lol. I want to fit a Hive to it but it obviously doesn't have a separate standard control box to just switch over like my last one owing to the internal timer etc. Inside the main unit is the...
  8. D

    Potterton Prime Overheat Stat

    Evening all. Can anyone help me with a bit of advice. We “inherited“ a Potterton Prima 60F boiler (which we were told in 2013 was 3/4 years old). It turns out after checking Serial number with Potterton that it was manufactured in 2003. Had it regularly serviced but a few weeks ago it failed...
  9. D

    Internal fuse potterton assure 30 boiler

    Hi, My boiler, which is 3 years old, has stopped working and it turns out it was the fuse. I had an engineer resolve the issue, but when I turned the boiler off then back on it stopped working. The fuse that was used was anF2AL250V, that's .2A Should it have been an F2AH....? Also, is it 2A...
  10. K

    Potterton 28 odd behaviour?

    Hi All. As this is quite an old boiler ‐ I'm hoping there are many people familiar with this issue. The boiler works normally for hours (hot water and/or radiators). Then, it appears to be resetting itself every few seconds. This may only be a problem for radiators? Hot Water and radiator...
  11. W

    Potterton Prima turning on and off

    Hi everyone I have an issue with my potterton prima boiler and would love some help. It works fine when either CH or HW are on but when they are off the boiler will fire up briefly and cut out again, it appears to be random and for 1\2 sec or severely seconds, it will continue doing this. I am...
  12. M

    Potterton Suprima 100L running 24/7

    We have a 20 year old Potterton Suprima 100L system boiler. It’s running 24/7 and only way we can turn off CH is at boiler mains! Engineer replaced PCB and believes it will be the frost stat kicking in but it just doesn’t seem right (this hasnt happened before). As I say, even in milder temps...
  13. J

    E28 message to clearing and boiler not turning back on

    Have a potterton boiler that's displaying e28 message. We have had this before and know it a frozen flue. We have defrosted the flue but the e28 is not clearing despite defrosting flue. We have tried turning boiler on and off but this is not clearing the e28 message We pay for boiler cover...
  14. Hkphooey

    Potterton boiler reset issue

    Hi guys I'm having a nightmare at the moment with lazy Homecare BG engineers but that's another story. I'm pretty competent, so looking for a bit of guidance. I have a fsb 30, yes Ive heard all the stuff about these being rubbish. it kind of works ok BUT lately (after a so called BG fix)...
  15. R

    Fully pumped CH systems? Potterton Profile 80e conventional boiler.

    AFAIK the boiler is set to fully pumped. (The switch inside is on fully pumped), however the pump is only running while the boiler burner is actually lit. My understanding is that a fully pumped system should have the pump running for a while after the burner goes off to circulate the heated...
  16. C

    Potterton E 10 outdoor sensor error

    Hi I have been ringing round trying to have someone call out but it appears all heating engineers are booked up until after xmas so trying to find a solution if possible, any advice is much appreciated. We have an external Calor 1000litre gas tank in the garden and a Potterton boiler, we let...
  17. iCannon

    Flow issues with a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE

    Hi I have a Potterton Heatmax Combi 28 HE that was installed in 2014. Over the past year or so it has slowly had more trouble heating distant radiators. It was serviced in February 2022 and given a clean bill of health, however since then it now only heats the two nearest radiators and at a...
  18. B

    Potterton EP2002 wiring with a Y system

    Hi, I'm brand new to plumbing, heating systems, wiring etc and only started to read about it because I wanted to know why our CH would only work when HW was also on. I think we have a Y system based on the Honeywell 3 position diverter valve above the boiler. We have a Potterton EP2002...
  19. S

    Can a potterton proforma 30he take pre heated water from a sunamp?

    Can a potterton performa 30he take pre heated water?
  20. K

    Error E119 Potterton Combi Gold 24E

    I'm getting an e119 error which I assume is low water pressure. I'm turning the 2 valves that I think should increase pressure but I'm not getting anything. Any ideas?
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