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pilot light

  1. S

    Boiler pilot light won't stay lit after meter change

    We just had our meters changed from prepayment to smart meters. The boiler was lit after with no leaks, but has subsequently gone out and won't stay lit anymore. There is still a good gas supply to the cooker so I don't think it's a supply issue. Any ideas???
  2. A

    Pilot light in boiler keeps going out, but only when boiler is warm

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice really. I have a Glowworm Ultimate boiler which looks like this: I have a very strange problem with it in that if the boiler is cold and I switch it on, the pilot light comes on, stays on and the boiler kicks in fine. However, after around 20 minutes, the...
  3. S

    Glowworm Hideaway 80B pilot light will not stay on

    The pilot light will not stay on my Glowworm Hideaway 80B. I have replaced the valve, the thermocouple, ensured all gas pipes are clear of blockages. I have electrics to all plugs. I can't see anything further I can do to solve this issue. Can anyone help?
  4. P

    Strange Pilot Light Problem - Will Light Outside of the Boiler But Not Inside

    Hi, I have a problem with my Baxi Boston 2 50 RS boiler. Nearly always I am unable to light my pilot light within the boiler itself. On the few occasion I am able to light up the pilot light then I can have the gas button pressed in for an hour and upon release the light goes out immediately...
  5. A

    Potterton 80 NG intermittant problems - Plea for help !!!

    Hi, Thanks for taking your time to read my plea for help (it’s a bit long)! My boiler a 12 year old Potterton Profile 80 NG seems to be playing around. Just to put you in the picture here is my current set up (a novice description) Boiler Potterton 80 NG Santon PremierPlus PP170E...
  6. D

    Lukewarm water being produced by boiler

    Hi, im looking for some advice in relation to my boiler!! Weve been in our current home for 5 years. The house had a brand new boiler fitted and wd have never had any issues until recently. A few weeks ago we noticed the temp of our baths was getting cooler, to the point where the majority of...
  7. D

    Baxi Bermuda SP3 Fire not Lighting

    Hello all. Tonight i tried to light my gas fire place for first time this year and its not operating. I can get the pilot light to come on, but its not igniting the rest of the fire. I took the front off and the fake coals to see if anythings coming from the gas pipes under the coals and it...
  8. M

    combi double feed tank/cylinder rads hot but water cold!!!

    was wondering if anyone could offer any advice, the system was recently drained for a radiator to be changed. After refilling all rads were bled, as well as a bleed valve situated near the cyclinder. The radiators are working fine if anything they appear to be a little hotter than normal but...
  9. C

    chaffoteaux water heater

    I have a chaffoteaux corvec britony 2A water heater. The pilot light is lit, but when the hot tap at the sink is turned on there is no hot water. The water pressure is low, and the burner will not fire up. I have checked the water govener and the diaphragm, everyone seems to say change the...
  10. M

    Gas combi boiler increasing pressure & switching off

    Hi all - the original problem was a combination of the water pressure decreasing sometimes and increasing other times, both resulting in the boiler making a 'click' sound & the pilot light going out within an hour or so. We have bled all radiators and cannot see any visible signs of leaking...
  11. GQuigley67

    high inlet pressure at meter

    my girlfriend just moved into a new house and today i was removing the fire, and when i done my usual checks i thought I'd check the inlet pressure as the Boiler kept on cutting off, think it was the pilot light going out. The Pressure at the Meter is 25mbar, is this 2 high?
  12. P

    central heating problems ideal elan 2

    can anyone help. I have an ideal elan2 boiler and it has just started not firing up when it should. When its selected to water only or water and heating the boiler will not fire up, the pilot light is on but nothing happens, when i switch the boiler off turn the pilot off and re light the...
  13. L

    Worcester Green pilot on & off, pressure up and down...

    Hi My damn Worcester combi condensing boiler has gone wrong AGAIN!! Last year it was a scaled up heat exchanger that was replaced by British Gas and in the last few weeks it's been going wrong again (different problem though I think). What's been happening is the green pilot light goes off...
  14. M

    potterton profile 100e

    Can someone help please .ive just came back from hols and my boiler pilot light is out .However when i switch the hot water to con it fires up and lights.However it then turns off after 2 mins .i'm not sure this is right .theirs always a pilot light on ?
  15. D

    Baxi Bermuda

    Hi All Wife got a call from a customer today who i had been to 3 weeks ago. problem was the pilot light going out on the back boiler and when relit would only stay on a few minutes. checked it out (tip corroded) fitted new Baxi thermocouple unit and all was fine until now where she says the...
  16. I

    procombi 85 he

    hi i have one of these boilers and it used to work fine but now there seems to be an airflow problem the pilot light will not ignite unless the cover is unclipped and so that leads me to belive that the air flow is blocked but i have no boiler knowledge so i just need to know if there is a...
  17. T

    Not hot water, not water from hot water tap, boiler not firing

    Hi everyone. Figured this would be worth a shot. Ill explain it like im 5 years old. I have cold water, it runs and runs no problem what so ever. The hot water tap runs (and hot water will eventually come out as normal) but it only runs for 30 seconds. Begins running on normal pressure, 10...
  18. E

    gas leak!

    hello folks renovating a house at the moment and suspect a gas leak with good reason but can't find where. with pilot light out at the back boiler and the only other gas item the oven in the house switched off, the gas meter will click around a single unit over 24hrs. to give a feeling as to...
  19. R

    Puma 80 Boiler Heating Troubles

    Hi Everyone and apologies if this has been dealt with in the past. I have searched but can't find anything relevant. Problem....daughter's Puma 80 combi boiler. It's been in the house before she moved in about 6 years ago and has generally been OK. (Leak on the pressure relief valve - replaced).
  20. P

    your advice please

    hello all,i have a mains mersey super which has given me 15 years of good service(with regular inspections) it has now developed a fault whereby after using hot water for a prolonged time(eg bath) the pilot light goes out and is a bugger to get going again,the thermocoupling has been replaced to...