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I had not seen your system diagram before I wrote my earlier post - my posts are delayed / moderated.

No point experimenting with anthracite or air settings.

You need to get your installer back - or engage with Stovax direct who will give you the correct schematic for your scheme and thermal store specification ( albeit you don’t really need a thermal store for a single source installation).

As you will note from the above, assuming your sketch is correct, the installation is wrong (and probably not correctly sized).

Not really what you want to hear I am afraid.
Thank you
Does it look way off the mark? You have gotten me worried!
Having a look on the stovax info, non of the examples have a separate hot water and heating circuit? Is that an issue.
We decided on a thermal store for various reasons. Mains pressure hot water. Hot water supplied to our third floor en suite planned in the future. We are also hopeful to get some solar panels or perhaps gas/oil boiler (we are off grid) who knows when but thought best to future proof. Starting to regret it now


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If you talk to Stovax and send them the sketches you have posted here, they will send you a schematic of how it should be laid out and the correct specification for the thermal store. The 15mm pipe restrictions (on the primary), if I have read that correctly in your post, are also not acceptable for your stove.

On the positive side, the stove can be configured for hot water only. When properly installed (with a correctly sized thermal store) if you need it ( the store) for the addition of a future heat source the stove will deliver copious quantities of hot water when fuelled with coal or kiln dried logs
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