1. A

    GMS Hot Water Storage Tank Sacrificial Anode

    Hi all - I need to replace the sacrificial anode on a small apartment block UFH buffer storage tank. Unfortunately there is no documentation for the tank and the manufacturer no longer exists. I am therefore hoping one of you will have come across and worked on a GMS Thermal Products Ltd Model...
  2. G

    Help sourcing imperial fittings/adaptors

    I have a 27mm OD semi-flexible black pipe (PE?) feeding mains water to an annexe. I am struggling to source compression fittings to adapt this to metric pipe so that I can use standard modern components downstream. I belive the installation is about 50 years old. Is this what used to be 3/4"...
  3. R

    UK garage shower installation drainage help

    is it feasible to connect a flo force or saniflo shower pump drain to a washing machine standpipe
  4. L

    My son has an Apprentice interview- please help.

    My son has an apprenticeship interview for to become a plumber and heating engineer. The have said there will be a multiple choice exam for this for suitability. The thing is my son panics during tests/exams. Is there any book I can buy him to practice the multiple choice test for the exam? What...
  5. iphone11s

    I need help finding toilet seat (URGENT)

    hi, as the title suggests i need help finding this type of toilet seat, i ordered one but completely forgot to check distance between fittings and it didn't fit. The distance between the fittings for the toilet is 260mm and its for a wall hung toilet. i can't seem to find anything similiar.
  6. E

    Slow draining toilets and gurgling, help please

    Hello, would greatly appreciate some pointers Toilet downstairs drains slowly. First floor toilet causes bath to reflux water and make noise. Second floor toilet causes shower to gurgle. Tried Mr Muscle drain unblocker almost everywhere. Tried plunging the toilets, shower and bath. Tried a...
  7. P

    Confusing leak, trying to find the source! pls help if you can

    I have a leak from my shower, it's coming down into my kitchen. I've had the sealant, waste pipe and tray all checked. I've also had the shower controls checked. Weird thing is the shower leak only happens when there's weight on the shower tray. The shower tray doesn't flex in any way, which is...
  8. B

    Help with Franke Planar tap

    Hello I have a Franke Planar Kitchen tap and it’s got a leak. One drop per minute. I’ve been on YouTube and seen that there are grub screws to remove, first for the handle, then once that is off the square piece between the handle and the tap body to get the cartridge for replacement. I have...
  9. S

    Help identifying a Bristan Shower

    Hi All As you can see from the attached pix, the flow control knob on my Bristan shower has broken. It was installed before I bought the house (possibly between 2015 and 2017) but I've no idea what model it is. Firstly, can anyone help me to identify it to see if I can get a replacement knob...
  10. W

    Help - advice on installing shut off valves for basin

    Looking for advice please, our plumber has left us in it and I think I may know why. So they where supposed to be fitting a cloakroom sink putting the pipe work in the wall then fitting these black shut off valves and black trap but can’t see how this is possible the way the work has been...
  11. F

    Help with Sink. basin waste kit in use

    Hi all, Desperately in need of help. Getting very annoyed with myself Replaced the click plug in my bathroom for a new Basin Slotted one along with the Thomas Dudley Basin Waste kit All relatively straightforward to put together but why is it still dripping I'm using the preexisting metal...
  12. P

    Need Help on Shower Drain

    Hi, I need some help on this shower drain installation. I’m about to install a corner shower kit in my basement bathroom. But I just found out the shower drain is actually extruded from the bottom of the shower base and I have concrete floor with the drain pipe rough in. I have the drain pipe...
  13. B

    Help with Drayton Wiser hub and TRVs

    Would like some help please as my Drayton Wiser system is a mess. I had 2 TRVs in the lounge, one in the main bedroom, the rest of the house - 6 other radiators and 2 bathroom towel radiators are just normal valve s. We live in a 4-bed, 3 storey house, as converted loft. Common problems were...
  14. benj987345

    Can anyone help an idiot diyer with a shower tray?

    I've got an issue with the shower tray not being totally flat. As you can see from the photos, it is about 7mm out at one side. It's leaning towards the waste end though. The shower tray is pushed underneath the tiles. My mate did the tiling and I now realise that we should have put the shower...
  15. B

    PLEASE HELP Hot Water Combi Boiler Advice

    PLUMBING ADVICE NEEDED Combi boiler in our house, downstairs water seems to be piping hot. Upstairs basin, bath and shower only ever seems to be lukewarm - so much so that no one even wants to bath as it never gets hot enough! Open to suggestions as to what it might be and if anyone can...
  16. G

    Help understanding a leak issue

    I recently had a plumber come over to look at a badly leaking shower head. As best I can recall, he described the problem as a crack in the bridge of the cold water pipe and explained that there were two options: 1. Get into the wall with a jackhammer to fix the problem; or 2. Install one of...
  17. C

    Need help to find sealing washer for this flush valve.

    Hi all, can anyone identify this flush valve, there are no manufacturers marks on it, the seal needs replacing, thanks.
  18. M

    URGENT Firebird Envirogreen Condensing Combi Oil Boiler spare part needed

    I have a "Firebird Envirogreen Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 26kW" a part has went and I can't find it anywhere, I was at every plumbers merchant near me but they all need to ring Firebird who are closed till next week. I wonder if anyone can help me find this part please? It's a pressure sensor...
  19. P

    stopcock won't turn help please thanks

    Hi All Haven't tried my stopcock for a while and it won't turn by hand, tried a cloth over it Any tips to get it moving please Many thanks Phil.
  20. J

    Banging noises in central heating - Help!!!

    Desperate for some help! Be a life saver of someone can help as suffer from a high intolerance to noise. Moved into new house 1940s (copper pipes) and having serious issues with banging pipes only when central heating is on. Not when running taps We have a wall in living room that has stop tap...
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