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  1. V

    Help needed. Toilet tank flash valve access/flapper replacement.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows it this kind of flush valve can be opened to access the flapper to replace it? The water from the tank is leaking into the bowl one drop at a time and i thonk the rubber flapper os not sealing properly. Can this be ooened in anyway to access the flapper...
  2. C

    Facebook group for plumbers

    Hi fellas, I have created a facebook group "Plumbing help UK". The purpose of the group is to offer professional plumbing advice to tenants and homeowners. As the group is growing fast I'm struggling to keep up answering questions. I would like to invite you to join the group to keep people...
  3. R

    How to stop toilet seat sliding side to side?

    Hi, My toilet seat is sliding side to side and I cannot figure out how to tighten it, there is no release button or visible fixture. I think it is an ideal standard Ravenna toilet seat hinge fixed on a Jacuzzi brand toilet. I have attached a photo of below of how the toilet seat is fixed to...
  4. K

    Help!? Replacing Old Sunvic stat w Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen - Heat only system

    Evening all, Apologies if this has been covered in another thread - I've never called upon a forum before! 😬 We're in the process of upgrading our old heat only boiler with a new Ideal Logic heat only boiler. So, feels like an opportune time to upgrade our ancient (albeit reliable) Sunvic...
  5. P

    Shower installation help

    i have a client looking to have a pumped shower of some sort, open to options that will work , basically they have 25 gallons cold water storage cistern and 114litres 900 x 450 hot water water cylinder . its an older property with a weird lay out which would mean the shower head is pretty much...
  6. R

    Pipe leaking please help

    Hi. I’m a real idiot when it comes to diy stuff. Just a young kid who bought first house so trying to figure things out on my own. My plastic white pipe is leaking that comes from the boiler. Do I just buy some new pipe to replace?
  7. P

    Water damaged ceiling

    Hi everyone I am a self employed plumber working in Scotland, around 2 months ago I had disconnected a water tank up a loft. When I was draining the tank through the standing drain pipe a bit of water spilled because of the previous plumber who converted the heating side had disconnected the...
  8. L

    Toilet Seat Issue With New Fittings - Seat No Longer Flat

    Hi I have recently replaced my old toilet seat hinges (old ones originally fitted by whoever previously owned the house) as one had effectively broken/rusted and so could not be tightened or loosened (had to be forcibly removed). The toilet seat is a quick release fairly standard soft close...
  9. milleniumaire

    Help on getting a water tight fitting

    Forgive my ignorance. I was performing a test of a new manifold today, using mains water pressure to the 22mm flow pipe and back through the return. Unfortunately it failed as one of the joints where the 22mm copper pipe connects to the manifold failed and water leaked out. I'm now wondering...
  10. C

    NEST + OpenTherm/eBUS interface

    Hi there folks! I'm wondering to buy the eBUS/OpenTherm Interface to allow my Saunier Duval boiler (Bulex, Valliant,...) to modulate with Nest Thermostat v3. As much of you can guess, my boiler is not compatible with OpenTherm but eBUS.... 😖 So I have many options: Buy another boiler....(💸)...
  11. A

    Help identify this radiator TRV adaptor

    Hello, First post, and looking for some advice. I had bought some Hive Radiator Valves (maybe a mistake...), but in principle the idea is excellent - control temperature of individual rooms for specific times without having to keep adjusting the valves - great when working from home. Hive...
  12. Z

    How to take out mixer cartridge - urgent help needed!

    How can I take out this cartridge: Please, please, nobody knows and system is really unusual. What tool should I use and what to do??? Please! Thanks!
  13. D

    Shower waste help - shower not draining

    Hi all, long time lurker on these forums I have a problem with my shower not draining properly - I had a new bathroom fitted 2 years ago, during lockdown I’ve been cutting my own hair in the shower; I’ve been clearing most of the hair away, but can only assume whatever has gone down the drain...
  14. M

    Hot water from cold tap help

    Hi I am getting hot water through the cold tap, could this be a TMV problem? TIA
  15. J

    Need help with gas portfolio

    Looking for a gas safe engineer that would be willing to help me getting my portfolio finished, I work on new builds and struggle to get some of the work needed for the portfolio. I need to get 10x servicing/maintenance jobs with photos, analyser readings, serial numbers and I’d also need them...
  16. J

    Help for a carpenter friend to get an NVQ in plumbing.

    Hi all, I have a carpenter friend who is very keen to learn and obtain an NVQ in plumbing. What would you suggest is the best route for him please? Cheers Jim
  17. JakLaddy

    URGENT Need help identifiying flue faults acs exam coming up

    im going in for my ACS exams shortly and hoping sombody could help me, could anybody tell me what to look for when inspecting a flue, help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  18. C

    Could someone please help me with this?

    Could you explain what natural draught r/s means? Fanned draught r/s? Natural draught o/f? Fanned draught o/f? Ps. Flues are my weak point so any relevant information would be helpful.
  19. C

    Help me please- gas rate

    If gas rate fails would this be done to burner pressure? If not what would be cause?
  20. Milan5baros

    HELP - Back to back WC's issue with cross flow

    Morning all, Struggling to resolve a problem. Back to back WC's in a fourth floor flat and the waste from toilet A(main bathroom) transfers into toilet B (ensuite) we have installed the McAlpine ARB 1 anti-cross flow valve on each side but it has only stopped solids and there is still some...