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  1. A

    Please help. When Heating on no hot water and vice-versa

    We have a Drayton 27101 - 3 port motorised valve 22mm compression Issue: when heating switches on there is no hot water, when you switch heating off you get hot water. I replaced the motor in the motorised valve, everything started to work like it should. But an hour later and the same...
  2. J

    Megaflow 170dd help please

    WMegaflow 170dd cylinder Hi, moved in to a new build and this system direct cylinder has 2 immersion heaters in it, there is a boost button in the cupboard, so I presume one immersion works at a time and the switch turns the other one on, does anybody know how this works ? Is the top or the...
  3. G

    Help please! Issues with CH & HW

    I will start by saying I am not a plumber but I have learnt loads thanks to people on here. I am currently having an issue with heating & Hot Water. It is working but I have to do certain things to make it work each day. The question is about the 2 gate valves in the picture. Valve number 1 and...
  4. B

    Drayton smart heating controller/programmer help

    Hi. I'm new to this forum and just looking for some advice if someone could please help. I'm trying to fit a Drayton smart heating system and I'm unsure how to wire one of the components which I believe is known as the programmer or controller. There is one that was originally fitted with the...
  5. D

    Radiator off - Advice needed.

    Hi all, please could anyone help me with the following issue im having. I will start off with listing the scenario in case it helps. Boiler - Ideal Icos. Property - 4 bed System age - around 16 yrs. I have a problem in my en-suite, whereby i am unable to get the towel rail to heat up - this...
  6. rome0488

    Help with faucet not turning off

    Turned handle too hard I guess and broke the gold part now the water won't turn off even with pliers turning gold piece it's like no matter where u turn it it never fully turns off. How do I get that broken piece out? Thanks!
  7. D

    Vaillant SensoCOMFORT help!

    Hi, I recently had the Vaillant weather comp VRC720f and VR71 fitted to my hot water tank, radiator circuit and UFH downstairs (run via heatmiser). My aim is to run the boiler on modulation at a low temperature. I've figured out I can heat the home well on a minus temp day at a flow temp of 45...
  8. J

    Replacing kitchen tap with a new one - Need help

    Hello The existing tap is leaking in the kitchen. Few days back, it randomly let out more water than what it was leaking before and it created a mess. Need some help on replacing a old kitchen tap. Here are some pictures for the old tap and new tap that we have in kitchen. I have also...
  9. M

    Help - Engineer caused boiler to fail after 'repair' liability?

    Hello there, I have quite a story and a looking for some advice here. On Thursday during the cold snap our hot water stopped working (in the sense of not water at all coming out of the taps). The central heating was working fine. As I have two newborns and having encountered this for the very...
  10. J

    HELP need to up boiler pressure!

    hi thanks for coming. I really need to know if this red tap and pipe is to up the pressure on my boiler as its getting low. Ive lived in my house 3 years and never done it. Please help!
  11. P

    Boiler Benchmark help please

    Last year my boiler broke down prior to which a few radiators were stone cold. Paid large company who used their contracted installer to fit the boiler after which the radiators still haven’t worked. On booking the annual service I noticed that the system wasn’t flushed and the hard water...
  12. F

    Help fitting a dual fuel towel radiator

    Hi everyone, I have an Eastbrook Hurley towel radiator and fitting it as a dual fuel, with pipes coming out of the wall. I've been advised to get a T-Piece which the electrical element then fits underneath it, and then a manual valve fits into the side of the T-piece. On the other side...
  13. C

    Need e-mail or telephone assistance to help diagnose a heating issue

    Hi, I'm English and live in the Czech Republic and I'm having difficulty with my heating system. Unfortunately, I cant find any heating engineer that speaks English! Both the engineer that built the fireplace and the heating engineer that service the system dont agree with each other on system...
  14. L

    Help with bathroom with no windows

    I currently rent a flat but the bathroom does not have a window. Weirdly last year we had no issues but this year we have noticed mould spores on the ceiling and shower curtain. This has been removed by mould cleaner. We have an extractor fan but it’s small and only works for around four minutes...
  15. S

    Help identifying type of pipe connection.

    Hi, Could someone help me with that this is please? I noticed we have several of these types of connections in the bathroom and also on the loft. One in particular in the loft I will need to alter pipe work as it’s in the way for making a bigger loft hatch. Many thanks.
  16. V

    New house, 1 cold radiator, I've run out of ideas, help!

    Moved in to bungalow recently and 1 radiator is cold. All the others get really hot when turned on. Gas system boiler, header tank in loft. I tried balancing, turning off other radiators, increasing pump speed, but best I could get at high pump speed is a tiny bit of heat in radiator, barely...
  17. M

    Help with leaking boiler flue?

    Hi, I've been having trouble with my boiler leaking for months. We thought we'd fixed it last winter as haven't had any trouble throughout the summer but in the last week or 2 it's leaked again, we had several people out to look at it but no one fixed it. Tonight we've had someone else look and...
  18. MichaelGo

    Replacement for danfoss 057h202d photcell

    Looking for help identifying a photocell for an old Myson Velaire oil boiler. The current photocell is a danfoss 057h202d type D photocell, which I can’t find listed anywhere. So I would be very grateful if someone might know which current photocells might be compatible. Regards Michael
  19. southernlead

    Help with choosing smart thermostat

    Hello, I am trying to identify components in my central heating setup as a precursor to installing a smart thermostat and TRVs (looking at Tado, but open to other suggestions). My issue is I don't really understand what I'm looking at in terms of the components around my boiler and thermostat...
  20. S

    Help diagnosing bubbling originating in hot water cylinder

    Hi there, I recently replaced a dead central heating pump in my home, so drained down the system completely, fitted new pump and filled up. What I'm experiencing now is a periodic bubbling noise, it starts in the hot water cylinder on the 1st floor and makes its way to the boiler on the ground...
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