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  1. S

    Help and advice with regard to possible airlock in hot water system.

    Good evening everyone. I am after some advice with regard to our hot water system before I call out a plumber if necessary. So about 3 times since Easter we have had what looks an airlock. I have done the trick with a mixer tap which seems to fix it eventually, usually left overnight. I am...
  2. Bigvic2000

    Help finding the right pipe.

    I am trying to replace existing outside ball valve, but I am having trouble figuring out if the existing pipe is pvc or cpvc. The existing pipe is 27 years old and is labeled ASTM D 2846 Flowguard Gold. Any help would be very appreciated.
  3. B

    Bathroom wall panel help

    Hi everyone, today while in the shower I managed to whack my elbow off my bathroom wall panel and made a small dent. I cracked a deep cut in my elbow and don't even know how it happened. My question is can I fix the dent at all any advice would be much appreciated thank you.
  4. G

    Help, Leaking flush pipe

    I’ve discovered a slow leak behind my toilet that’s maybe been slowly leaking for a few years before we have moved in. I’ve replaced chipboard as it was soaked through. Seems to be coming from the flush pipe attached to cistern. The rubber washer seemed in ok condition, the hard plastic washer...
  5. Z

    Help with LPG Question

    Could anyone please tell me if I can transfer the LPG supply to the boiler & stove from a large outdoor tank onto a bottled LPG ? We’ve had to remove the large Flo Gas tank in the garden because we’re having a garage built in that area, so we purchased large glass bottles the kind that run...
  6. B

    24i rsf-L help with room stat

    Hi I have a worcester 24i rsf-L combi It has got a mechanical timer on it with no room stat I want to put on a programmable room stat Which one would be okay to go on this boiler? Also I have looked at the boiler where the connection is and it says take the link out BUT I cannot see any link...
  7. A

    Need help with a leaking diverter.

    Hi all. My first post. I am renovating an '80s condo and the diverter is leaking. I tried to unscrew the outer cover but it seems stuck. I don't want to damage anything and hope to fix my self. I did get a qout to change out the three handel system to a one handel with a remodlers plate, but...
  8. P

    Outdoor tap help please

    Hi all, I would appreciate some help - I have an outdoor tap that leaks around the spindle. However there isn’t anywhere to tighten it/take apart and renew PTFE tape. Decided on a new tap but it won’t line up correctly despite adding lots of PTFE. Any suggestions?! TIA
  9. S

    Help with unusual tap with non-standard cylinder

    I have a leaky tap, so I thought I could fix this with replacing the washer, however, when I took the cap off, I could not get the wrench in there to grab hold of the nut to turn! This is because the nut part of the cylinder is sunk into the casing (please see photo in the attached links)! I...
  10. L

    Any Help Appreciated To Identify This Gas Fire

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and am looking for any assistance to identify the gas fire in the photo's. Unfortunately the data plate is not present and we have no manual so unable to obtain a CP12 certificate. Can anyone advise what make/ model it is or point us in the direction of a...
  11. cotswoldmark

    Help to identify shower controller

    Hi Forum - our shower for some reason is not providing a lot of hot water. Other taps are fine, so I think it's the valve or the hot/cold water adjustment ring; the challenge is getting to it though, there is no obvious way to remove the handle, covers etc. Anyone able to identify this and have...
  12. L

    help to identify a shower trap

    HI i am trying to identify a new shower trap that was installed and the pot was not put in, if anyone can identify it. i can order new one or I could get one 3d printed. i will attach a pic thanks john
  13. F

    Balancing rads - help

    I have recently had a new bathroom done because of this the builder has blocked the radiators on the second floor whilst doing the bathroom and when he had completed he has open the lock shield valves fully. I have tried to balance them, but I have few questions if someone could help me to fine...
  14. F

    Help on pipework from boiler to manifold.

    Hello, I need some advice. Can anyone tell me if this installation is done correctly? We had a plumber who installed the UFH. Then couple of weeks later different plumber came to do boiler service. Straight away said that the pipe work is wrong. I don't have any knowledge on this so I would...
  15. GabeBury

    Help with square thermostatic cartridge removal.

    Hello, I am trying to replace the cartridge but I can not see where is the grub screw, please find the picture and kindly advise how I can remove the cartridge. Regards
  16. M

    Help kitchen lever knob tap

    Hey my kitchen tap has lever knobs on both sides and the left one is leaking. Is there an easy way of fixing it?
  17. N

    Help a girl out!??? Please...

    Hi, I had a new radiator fitted today and whilst re filling the system the plumber said a big leak occurred from the boiler, he thinks from the plastic manifold? He said I am lucky this happened to him as it was obviously on the way out and could have happened anytime and flooded my garage...
  18. maxmmn

    Help Installing a Mono Tap

    Would appreciate advice on how to install this mono tap. The instructions with it are little more than "Shut off the water and screw it in". Unlike all the mono tap install videos I can find online, this tap has different fittings as pictured. Am guessing the threaded pipe screws into the tap...
  19. P

    help desperately needed

    Hi please forgive my ignorance ( Im a nurse not a plumber or DIY expert) about ten days ago my boiler was condemmed and replaced with a bosch boiler (4000) and the system was chemically flushed for the first two days everything was fine -except the radiator in the attic bedroom wasnt getting...
  20. A

    Help with connection for Grohe Basin Tap

    Purchased a Grohe Basin Tap with has 3/8" flexi tails., but i notice the flexi's have no internal washer. I have purchased 2 Compression 15mm x 3/8" tap connectors from screwfix.... Part No.: 6089R and will fit these into two 15mm isolating valves. The question i have is that will i need to...