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  1. K

    fix the connector leak to water pump - emersion heater

    hi all, i need help to fix the leak from a pipe connected to the water pump via flexi pipe and it is feed from the immersion heater. I have emptied the water tank in the loft and also closed the main stopcock. still the leak is on - hoping it will eventually stop. I have not idea how the...
  2. M

    URGENT Looking for advice or help

    I am repiping my radiators with pex al pex, manifolds. 2 zones one 4 rads and one 2 rads. I will have the circulator pumps on the return. The picture is sorta what I am going for My questions are: where should I install my expansion tank? what else should I have/add into the piping? if...
  3. Zoe100

    Help Please, Water Pump

    Help pls, I’ve got a Salamander Accubust water main pump it has an in & out & third port for an accumulator can I blank off the accumulator port & use it as a mains water pump without an accumulator? TIA
  4. D


    Hi Everyone, I hope someone might be able to help please. I hope this isn't a daft question. I am trying to remove the side panels on my radiator to get in to clean it, but they seem to be secured by a small screw underneath (on the valve housing). Can someone please advise me if I can just...
  5. E

    Any help wanted in the Liverpool area

    Hello All, I`m currently on my level two plumbing course at college and I`m looking for some part time work if anyone could offer me some advice. I`ve been trying to get on an apprenticeship but I`ve had no joy so far, so I`m hoping to gain some experience by working alongside an experienced...
  6. P

    Conservatory rad help

    Hi All, would appreciate some advice on next steps with conservatory rad. Single conservatory rad not heating up at all, neither pipe getting warm. All other rads in house working fine. So far I have checked the TRV which is not seized and also adjusted the lockshield which is also not seized...
  7. M

    Please help identify this part

    Hello, Have had a leak on my UFH manifold. Originally incorrectly diagnosed as being the nuts/washer to the pump, it now looks like it's coming from this thermostatic valve. Have tried googling "ufh thermostatic valve" and none of them look like this or have connectors like this (guessing part...
  8. M

    Failed boss connection please help?

    Desperate to sort this chaps. I’ve installed a boss strap today and the bloody thing is leaking. I glued it as normal and cleaned it up so I’m unsure what the issue is. Any advice for the easiest fix please?
  9. Clarky3225

    Can a gas leak detector help me?

    Hi sorry im a newbie, pls help if u can. I had a new bathroom installed about a yr ago and since then when i flush the toilet the room stinks of sewer gas. Not only does the b/room stink it also smells in the kitchen too, which is directly below the toilet/b-room. It doesnt do it everytime...
  10. Uheat - Jacob

    Uheat are here to help you comply with Part L and BS 7593:2019

    Our Adey product range includes an assortment of award-winning filters, chemicals, and water testing solutions. These products, trusted by heating engineers worldwide, are designed to shield your heating system from boiler breakdown, decrease carbon emissions, and ultimately, reduce energy...
  11. D

    Immersion Element help

    Hi. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Bit general. We have solar boosting our hot water using iboost. My question, the current immersion element hasn’t been changed for 14 years. Should I upgrade/change it to increase efficiency? Current I haven’t seen any degradation in...
  12. S

    Need Help Troubleshooting Wall Hung SaniCompact Comfort

    Hello, I'm a homeowner, not a DIYer. I have an almost 1 year old SaniCompact Comfort wall-hung toilet which has worked flawlessly until about a month ago. The last couple of times it was used, it made a loud noise and acted like it didn't want to flush. I guessed that it might be time to...
  13. T

    Non-Standard pipe connection - please help!

    Hi, I have an opening on the 'manifold' (I think that's what its called) on my soil pipe. It appears to be a non-standard size - about 51mm internally. I'm trying to connect a 40mm floplast solvent weld pipe, and can't find a boss adaptor that even nearly fits. I can't cut a new hole above...
  14. T

    Is my plumbing layout okay? Please help

    Hello, I am fitting a new bathroom, and changing the layout. I've fitted one bathroom before, but I did have issues with smells occasionally, that makes me think I might be fitting the waste system wrong. Does anyone with experience know, does the below look okay? I've read on some places...
  15. M

    old waterpipes and new toilet installation help needed

  16. S

    URGENT Desperate need shower help

    Hi All - Apologies for what is probably a very sill question but I am trying to get a shower that attaches to my existing bath taps. I want one with an over head shower head and a hand held one but they all seem to come with thermostatic taps that involve drilling into the wall to plumb in. I...
  17. M

    Help with new drain position

    Hi all I'm new to the forum, hope you are all well and enjoying this lovely weather. I am on the hope I could get some answers to my question if you can help me out please. I am moving my washing machine to the bottom of my garage and I'm after for advice on the best arrangement for the waste...
  18. D

    Tap starts flowing - Help

    Morning folks, I am staying with my son and something strange happened. My wife was washing her hands in the downstairs toilet and the tap in the kitchen started running water for about a minute then stopped. It's happened 3 or 4 times but not every time. Any alive welcome.
  19. S

    Various problems with bathroom - please help!

    So I bought my first flat recently (am in UK) and in a bit of a pickle as the bathroom has turned up lots of problems that weren't picked up by the survey. I have had loads of plumbers over, and have always carefully checked their reviews/tried to vet them as much as possible. However, I've had...
  20. Marky22

    Old waste pope size help

    Hi, came across this old push fit waste pipe. Stripped out the old shower and it was a 40mm waste pipe siliconed in the fitting. The fittings at floor level so I’d be looking to bend (90 degrees) straight away so I can get the lowest possible shower tray. Could someone advise what I could...
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