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  1. D

    URGENT Help with aqualisa shower

    I have an aqualisa shower that has developed an issue, doesn't have the usual flow and 'grumbles'. Help please?
  2. B

    URGENT A few questions about NVQ level 2

    I want to start off by saying that I have never worked in a construction environment in my entire life, so I am very unknowledge in this area. I have only worked at a coffee shop for 5 years of my life. I am currently doing a Plumbing L2 and next year will start an NVQ L2. For the NVQ I will...
  3. K

    Going mad about system boiler efficiency - HELP!

    I'm a Worcester man. Hello! Anyone still there?.... I tried viessmann to up the efficiency and altho the boiler was nice, I couldn't live with their stupid vicare stat and lack of control and I'm a big believer in matched controls. I like the Worcester easycontrol (in essence) and the ability to...
  4. C

    Help please needed regards kitchen mixer tap !

    Hi all, I'm having problems with an old kitchen mixer tap.......the cold side is dripping from spout so I attempted to remove the brass cartridge to change rubber washers but for some reason after fully unscrewing it doesn't want to come out. Maybe something simple stopping it but I didn't...
  5. G

    shower help - what is this?

    Hi, thanks for reading. Im trying to do a DIY repair on a shower. I need to replace this unit, because one of the valves leaks. The unit has 3 valves (on/off, temperature and selection of jets/shower head etc). I cannot find what it is i need to buy, can you help? There are no brand marks or...
  6. C

    Bath/ shower mixer diverter

    Hi, I'm at a loss and need your help. I have the attached mixer. Water is leaking from the seal (yellow arrow) I figured this is a washer replacement. I've opened the screw cap (blue arrow) The screw inside is completely rusted and the head on it damaged. The screw also turns with the handle...
  7. I

    URGENT No hot water - please help

    Hello everyone, I have a glow-worm 24ci which was working fine and has now decided that it doesn't want to heat the water. By this I mean that when the heating is turned on everything kicks in fine but when the tap is turned on nothing happens. Water pressure is fine but doesn't get hot at...
  8. dilligaf

    Condition Of Flue For Gas Boiler Help?

    I decided to inspect the inside of my Glow Worm Micron 30FF Flue by using an endoscope. Can anyone tell me how this looks to them, is the condition reasonable on the inner flue piece? Oh and what is that funny shape inside the flue going out towards the outside? Also the last two photo's are...
  9. K

    help identifying bath mixer taps

    Hi all, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find replacement cartridges for this set of mixer taps. They were purchased approx 10 years ago. I have been told they are from ultra finishing, but they having looked at the pics state it's not one of theirs. Any help identifying them would be...
  10. M

    Saying Hello from Durham

    I used to use the forum many years ago and so pleased it is still going strong.
  11. K

    Awkward ideal classic boiler replacement - help pls

    Hi, I'ts been a while but its time to call on you guys for some help and payback with a peppering of advice across the forum. I've got your typical ideal classic replacement: side exit flue small high cupboard Etc. I'm looking at regular boiler replacement and would normaly go for a baxi 600...
  12. P

    Vokera Boiler - Help

    Hi First time posting, so any advice appreciated. Not long moved into house with Vokera Easi Heat Plus C boiler and it's not firing up properly. The orange light is staying on and green light is flashing every 5 seconds. I called Vokera and they told me to reset it, but that doesn't seem to...
  13. P

    Help removing the square handle on a Smeg MDQ5-CSP tap

    I have a Smeg MDQ5-CSP tap that needs a new cartridge (part number 68503). The MDQ5-CSP tap is in a difficult place to remove, so I am planning on replacing the cartridge in situ. To replace the cartridge I need to remove the square handle (part number 113453). I have removed the cap which...
  14. P

    Showroom isn't paying

    Hi everyone, I have been working for myself for around 2 years now and I have started doing work for bathroom shower in Glasgow. It worked great at the start they supply materials and customer and I supply trades with an invoice sent on completion. It's gotten to the point where he owes me for 3...
  15. A

    Can anyone help? We have a dangerously corrupt landlord

    Have any engineers on here purchased their gas certificate booklets from screwfix? Our landlord has been trying to evict us throughout the pandemic as we eventually had to report him to the local council for disrepair as well as lack of gas safety check throughout our tenancy. They initiated...
  16. C

    Need help with NVQ2 need help with the pre NVQ site assessment

    I have decided on a career change after driving for 27 years. I live near Northampton and I have been trying to find a qualified plumber (at least 5 years) to assess my ability so I can go on to do my NVQ 2 site assessment. I have completed all my modules. All work I do will be for free...
  17. H

    [HELP] My BAXI boiler won't turn on

    Hello all My BAXI boiler suddenly turned off, it has a small screen that is now completely blackout, i have tried switching it off and back on but it doesn't do anything. When the switch is switched on, I can hear the boiler fan noise going but the screen still doesn't show anything. Here are...
  18. philw67

    Help connecting to ATAG controller

    We have moved house and the new one has an ATAG boiler and controller. The other day the heating came on and we don't need it on, I looked and turned it down but for the life in me, I cannot see how to change the programme for CH or Water from the controller and I have followed the guide to...
  19. Luke1985

    Help with gas portfolio placement experience South Wales RCT area?

    I'm looking for a placement to complete my gas portfolio currently have some evidence but only managing to get the odd day from one moth to the next. Currently working a 4 on 4 off shift pattern so looking to work with someone for free on my days off to gain experience. I'm 36 switched on and I...
  20. Muskopia

    What to do with my CH pipes in this scenario? *Help*!

    Hi. This is part of a narrow L-section of an upstairs bathroom in a house I'm renovating. The toilet sits here. I forgot to take a pic whilst up there, so I've drawn a diagram. Black = walls Brown = joists Blue = CH pipes (hopefully) - they're already notched in this location but unused. I...