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  1. T

    Stopcock turned tight but water still running upstairs. Help!

    Hi all, thank you so much in advance for any help. I’m always really grateful for the advice and support from experts when I have been on here a few years ago. There’s a dripping coming from my bathroom and I can hear it coming from behind the toilet and I’m worried it’s causing a buildup which...
  2. J

    Please help! What have I done?!

    My water stinks. Smells musty. I installed a Whirlpool water softener mid February of this year ('23) and it's smelled ever since. So here's the story: we live on a farm in southeast PA. Our well is 60' deep with the water table around 10'. Two houses supplied from the same well. One day I...
  3. Sunnee

    Need help IDing broken concealed shower Thermo Cartridge

    Hi - I'm a rank amateur DIY'er with plumbing, with practically 0 skills & I know next to nothing about it, but a few weeks ago our concealed shower's thermo cartridge finally seized completely solid. With little time or skill to try to fix the issue, I then made a rooky mistake and accidentally...
  4. C

    Plumbing help with outside tap

    Hi I have an outside tap that has suddenly stopped working. Tap has been taken off and there is no water flow and has not been turned off under the sink it’s all on as it should be. Has t been used over the winter but now wanting to use ready for spring/summer. Any ideas?
  5. N

    Please Help Identify Shower Thermostat Control Cartridge Brass Screw

    Hello, The brass "screw" that connects the shower handle to the cartridge broke. I have asked numerous plumbers and supply stores, but no one is able to identify the company, part, or model number. I thought I found the part from Rohl, but after speaking with their customer service, they said...
  6. M

    Help! Replace kohler diverter valve

    Hello. I have a Kohler Rite-Temp® 1/2 in. Pressure Balancing Valve with Stops. The diverter needs to replaced and I got the replacement part already. Opened the trim easily. But don’t seem to be able to unscrew the silver trim off the stem (red arrow in the photo). Can’t see why it doesn’t...
  7. L

    Need help with modifying stack for HE washer & Utility sink.

    Hi All, Could use some valued help redoing a stack to accommodate a washer and utility sink. The plan is to have the washer, then the dryer , then the utility sink all to the left of the stack. I believe the previous owner move the builder intended spot to make a bedroom, which I am...
  8. B

    Small washing machine drainpipe, help please!

    My husband is trying to install a Cat Genie, a self-flushing litter box. The box liquifies the cat poop and drains it into the washing machine drain. Our problem is our current drainpipe is only 1.5 inches wide and also made of copper. He is worried about backflow. Do you have any advice for...
  9. L

    Thermal store question/query please

    Hi, I am getting my old hot water cylinder tank replaced (my property has no boiler as it is a full electric property). My plumber suggested changing to a thermal store. He is a competent plumber but are there any certificates that I need to ask for, is this notifiable work and would you...
  10. J

    Need (simple) help with boiler

    Hi we moved into our house last summer and it wasn’t until winter we started having problems. We couldn’t get the radiators to work until my dad came around and fiddled with loads of stuff on the boiler and the radiators. To his credit it worked but now we can’t get the radiators to go off and...
  11. J

    Gloworm combi boiler help!!!

    Some advice would be very much appreciated. Our Gloworm Ultracom 38CXI combi boiler recently developed a few issues. Recently some our taps/shower but not all of them will run hot initially and then run cold after around 2 minutes of running hot. The heat exchanger was replaced by our...
  12. J

    Help with my not broken boiler!

    I’ve recently moved into a new house and I’ve had some boiler issues. Nothing broken or bad but I’m just struggling to work it out. Going by the booklet I have the settings correct for permanent hot water and no central heating yet my downstairs radiator comes on and off numerous times through...
  13. H

    Help with a relay box rewire

    Hi there thanks for your time to look at this. I've got a multi pump / circuit system which is connected via a relay box to the boiler and Honeywell timer programmers. Picture attached. Right now any single circuit can turn the boiler on an off at any time (assuming the programmers allow it)...
  14. 1

    Help please! Dan Foss TP4000 series thermostat

    Hi. I'm hoping for some advice. We have a very ancient thermostat for our radiators in a very old building. This morning there was no heat and the display was blank, so I've changed the batteries and reset, but I can't change the time to allow the program buttons to work. After the reset...
  15. L

    Help pipes touching radiator

    Hi. Can anyone tell me if it's ok for plastic water pipes to actually touch the radiator? Thanks
  16. D

    Need help identifying shower control and cartridge?

    Single handle no markings any where. The seat rides on a cylinder and is concaved or valley shaped instead of flat. Been too every pro plumbing supply store and box store in town no help.
  17. S

    Help from web administrator

    I am trying to reply to a thread "Auto Bypass Valve OR Proportional Pressure pump mode – how to choose?" but have an error "Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If...
  18. nmlyons31

    Hive Installation help

    I'm replacing my multi-zone Danfoss controllers with Hive, so far the downstairs Hive receiver is wired in and working well. I'm having a problem wiring in the Hive Single Channel receiver to replace a Danfoss TP 4000 for the upstairs zone. The TP 4000 is battery powered and has 2 connected...
  19. L

    Need help finding a particular toilet/ vanity unit

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying the fittings for my new bathroom and I'm trying to find a combo toilet/ vanity unit. The one i'm looking for is the darky navy one the second image on the gallery on mabathrooms .co.uk . I spoke to the guy who owns ma bathrooms and he said that the customer...
  20. N

    Cylinder question any help

    i was called out to a fault on a cylinder coil had failed that’s fine But from pics some one has put a 3 port and zone valve on both wired up so a bit confusing
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